Weiß Kreuz

Serving you some far out 80’s shoulder-padded Powersuit realness!

Contacts: Desio Wild Green
Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton Aviators
Earrings: Call It Spring Gunmetal Triangle Studs
Vest: Marks&Spencer Reversible White Vest
Jacket: H&M Light Beige Fitted Jacket (haulage here)
Top: H&M White Sleeveless Blouse (haulage here)
Pants: H&M Light Beige Suit Pants (haulage here)
Shoes: Aldo Stellaa White Peep-Toe Pumps (haulage here)

I cut my hair!!!! Well… technically, I was at the salon and the hairstylist cut my hair. I was taking my nieces to get their herr did at the salon for Eid and it was taking forever, so I plopped down in one of the chairs, and on a whim, asked the hairstylist to chop all my hair off! Incidentally, the woman who cut my hair didn’t speak a lick of English nor Arabic, only Turkish, and literally the only word I know in Turkish is tuz which means salt, so we had to basically communicate using over-exaggerated gestures and a lot of pointing, but we got there, eventually.

The hairstylist kept gesturing to halfway down my back (meaning she only wanted to shorten the length by half, at first) and I had to reassure her, over and over again, that I wanted it to be much shorter (chin-length). I actually had to pull up a random photo on my phone using Google, just to get my point across. That said, I wasn’t too happy about the end result (I thought that my hair looked uncomfortably similar to Aragon‘s from LOTR), but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna’ hurt her feelings, and honestly, once she dried it and styled it, I kinda’ warmed up to it. Regardless of how it looks, it feels much lighter now and it’s got a swing to it (granted I can’t help swinging my hair from side-to-side… like a kid)! It just feels more… fun!

You can totally see the Marks&Spencer Reversible White Vest in this photo and partially peeking out of the arm-hole in the photo below. I swear, I don’t know how I’ve survived for this long without this thing! It’s been a total life-saver! It’s perfect for lighter colored tops that can tend to be a bit see-through or transparent (such as the H&M White Sleeveless Blouse)! It’s great for when you’re wearing a low-cut top, but don’t want your cleavage to be on display! It’s also great for button-down shirts and dresses that bunch up around the chest area, inadvertently giving people a peek of your bra! It’s even cute on its own paired with some denim jeans! Plus, it’s just so light and breezy! I’ve already gotten so much use out of this thing and I’m totally going back to Marks&Spencer (spotted a large store at The View Mall) to pick up more, in every single color available!

I wasn’t too keen on the H&M White Sleeveless Blouse but after actually wearing it, I’m kinda’ digging the whole Victorian Era vibe it’s giving me! I mean, just look at the side-view of that collar! I kinda’ wish I hadn’t gotten all my hair chopped off now, because I totally would’ve put it up in messy chignon for an “undone look” to compliment this top. That said, I don’t have the longest neck in the world, so the collar really isn’t doing me any favors, especially when paired with a Jacket. However, on it’s own (minus the Jacket) it’s kinda’ cute! I could totally see this working with some Black Liquid-Look Leather Leggings or Skinny Jeans paired with Stilettos or Boots! It would look equally cute tucked into some Black Paperbag Shorts or an A-line Skirt paired with some high-heeled Mary Janes! I don’t like how it puffs out in the stomach-area, but that could totally be flattering on someone with a much larger chest. Also, it’s only got a single button in the back, but it’s super frustrating to get hooked and unhooked! Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, it’s quite see-through.

I actually like the H&M White Sleeveless Blouse and think it actually looks kinda’ cute… on it’s own. However, since Kuwait is a Muslim country and all, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable strutting around in public in a sleeveless top. The attention, the judgment, etc… is so unnecessary and would all easily be avoidable if I just threw on a Jacket. Unfortunately, when paired with a Jacket, I really do not like how it looks. Once the weather cools down, I’m gonna’ try popping a long-sleeve top underneath this thing to give it one last chance. If that doesn’t work, then I’m definitely gonna’ have to give it away.

As soon as I set foot in their home, my cousin felt the need to inform me that I looked like I was on my way to a Board Meeting. Literally, not one of the men noticed my haircut (I went from having really long hair to really short hair, but whatevs) and only commented after the women pointed it out (ugh, men) lol

Anyhow, I’m not loving the Jacket because I feel that my 5’1 frame can’t quite pull of shoulder-pads successfully (I feel like a linebacker, okay?) so even though I got both the Jacket and Pants together, I’m thinking of getting rid of the Jacket. As for the Pants, they might look baggy, but that’s because I actually bought 2 of the exact same style; 1 that’s very fitted and in my actual size, and 1 that’s a size up, to wear around more conservative people (I know, I know, sounds insane, but at the time, I thought it seemed quite practical). It never even occurred to me that the one that’s a size up (shown in the photo) would start sagging and I’d end up having to keep pulling it up the whole time. Still, I kinda’ like that they’re roomy, so I’m going to keep them and might just invest in a Belt to hold them up (problem solved). Lastly, those Aldo Stellaa White Peep-Toe Pumps seriously started hurting my feet after a little over a few hours, but I didn’t care because they’re fiyah (literally lawl my feet were in so much pain it felt like they were burning)!

I was already running late to our annual post-Ramadan late-afternoon gathering at my uncle’s house for Eid. Thankfully, they had a Froyo next to my salon so I grabbed a Lotus Cake on my way out (so I wouldn’t have to show up empty-handed, which honestly would make me opt out of going). Back home, I wore my earrings (so I wouldn’t forget them later) and quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth, popped on some Colored Contacts (because that meant I could get away with wearing less Mascara and therefore end up saving more time), dabbed a little of ColourPop Koosh Super Shock Shadow (haulage here) using my pinky, lined my eyes using my favorite Bourjois Contour Clubbing Pencil (haulage here), applied a coat of mascara, filled in my brows using MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow and should’ve just called it a day. However, I decided to go one step further and apply concealer (ColourPop No Filter Concealer in the shade Light 20) which sank into my fine lines, made my under-eye area look dry and basically just messed up the over-all makeup look. It doesn’t matter if nobody else can notice it. I notice it and I don’t like it. ColourPop, your concealer needs work. Anyways, I quickly got dressed and drove to my Uncle’s House (which was in Qusor and so far away from the city, about a 30 minute drive at least).

Sorry for the super creepy close-ups! As you can see, I only line the outer-third of my lower lid. I’ll rarely line the whole thing in Black, if ever. It’s just my personal preference. Lastly, the red bumps are because I got my brows threaded earlier at the salon. Every time I get my brows threaded at any salon, without fail, I’ll end up with a few red bumps for a week or so. I guess it has something to do with having someone else’s hands all over my face. The only other time I’ll ever break out and even then it’ll only be a single red bump is during “that time of the month” (aka Shark Week, which incidentally happened to take a place a day before Eid… pretty much as soon as I decided I was going to wear this light colored outfit). So that should explain all the red bumps in the close-ups. Honestly, if I attempt covering them up with concealer and whatnot, it just makes them more obvious, so I just sorta’ let them do their thing until they decide to leave.

This is what the complete look… looks like lol when we’re not so up close and personal.

My favorite Aviators (to conceal my identity from the Illuminati, derrr).

I think this looks really cool (without the Jacket), but sadly Kuwait is still sorta’ conservative, so I wouldn’t feel too comfortable walking out of the house like this. Also, I’d get cold in under .001 seconds because the AC is set to Arctic everywhere you go (car, houses, restaurants, movies, malls, everywhere) so I’d probably deflate, wither away and die (that’s exactly how it works) in that order. The lesson here is, a bespoke suit is the only way to go!

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