Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown

The first time I saw this, I’ll be honest, I thought it was cheezy and didn’t even get through the whole video. After it had enough time to marinade (just roll with it), the song grew on me and now I think it’s tres adorable! I’ve always liked Chris Brown, ever since Usher first introduced him as this kid with mad dance skills at one of the MTV Awards Shows (years and years ago). Other than having a gorgeous smile (every time he flashes those pearly whites, I melt a little) and being a pretty talented dancer, his songs are always so good! Freaky Friday is no different. It’s nothing new, but still so fun and cute! I think I might’ve spotted him doing the Fortnite Dance at one point (-_-) but aside from that, I love the way he moves (also, that smile)! Perfect Summer-y Song!

Overall, I like the song, minus the Kendal Jenner part (towards the end) which just kills the vibe for me though. I mean she can’t sing (not that DJ Khaled can sing either… unless you count yelling) and she’s not funny, otherwise I have no qualms with her. The only Kardashian I can’t stand is that she-hulk Khloe because she’s always so self-righteous and just plain mean, while my favorite Kardashian has to be Kourtney, because she literally has no facial expressions… at all (she’d be like “OMG that’s so funny, I die”, except she’d have a totally expressionless face, not even a hint of a smile), which I find hilarious!

As for Lil Dicky, I was introduced to him years ago by an online buddy on Call of Duty who would not shut up about him and bullied all of us into listening to Lil Dicky until he sorta’ grew on us. Truth be told, I wasn’t feeling him that much until I randomly (YouTube played the next related-to video) heard Bruh, which for whatever reason, I really really like!

My all-time fave Chris Brown Song is Deuces! Love the beat! In fact, to this day, I’ll still play it while driving!

Enjoy the long weekend!

2 thoughts on “Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown

  1. I love Chris Brown too!! haha about DJ Khaled, i have thought the same. He practically just keeps yelling “DJ Khaled” and “Another one” in most of the collabs and kinda makes me wonder how is he so freaking successful. lol!!


  2. Hiya Sonia!

    Yeah Chris Brown is cool unlike he who shall not be named (*cough*Drake*cough*) whom I just can’t stand lol DJ Khaled cracks me up what with all the yelling and whatnot. I saw an interview of his on Conan and he actually explained the reason why he says “another one” all the time (because it’s gonna’ be another hit LOL) I mean the man comes across as so oblivious (he wants to make soap…) but then again, he must be doing something right since like you said he’s so successful. That said, an acquaintance of mine who is into the music scene (music producer, rather) casually mentioned that apparently DJ Khaled scams lesser known artists all the time in the sense that they do ALL the work and he just adds his yelling to it and reaps all the benefits, or something along those lines… I dunno’, I can’t pay attention when musicians talk to me because they all think they’re so deep and complex and nobody understands them (basically narcissists lol) so I tend to zone out. It’s actually why I love music but can’t stand musicians except for a few of the more humble ones. I mean these guys aren’t even all that well-known and only a handful of them have gotten a small taste of fame and already they’ve developed massive egos. I can’t imagine how they’d act if they actually achieved world-wide fame lol

    Anyways, I just finished up a new Spotted at Sephora post. Hope it’s helpful and you enjoy it! :D


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