H&M Beauty Haul

I popped into H&M for a quick peek (since I was at the Avenues anyways) and noticed that they were having a Buy Two Get One Free Deal going on. Plus, with every KD 10 purchase you got an entry into the KD 10,000 raffle. I didn’t feel like trying on any clothes or even swatching stuff (so I wasn’t planning on getting anything) but then I spotted the Face Mask Collection (x3 Face Masks) and one thing led to another… and here we are.

Face Mask Collection retails for KD 4/950

Moisture Overnight Mask with Aloe Vera – Gentle Scrub Mask with Jojoba Beads – Purifying Mud Mask removes excess oil

I thought this was a really cute set! It came with a Scrub (live for those!) a Mud Mask (at-home Spa Day!) and an Overnight Moisture Mask (buh-bye dry skin)!

Moisture Overnight Mask with Aloe Vera

Even H&M is getting in on the “Sleeping Cream” action! lol My skin has been supah dry lately. So, I’m hoping I can slather this stuff on before going to bed and wake up to glow-y (not dry) skin. Plus, it’s got Aloe Vera! Win, win, win!

Gentle Scrub Mask with Jojoba Beads

I live for Scrubs! I’m on a mission to try each and every Scrub (Hair – Face – Lip – Hand – Foot – Body) in the world! It might sound pretty ambitious (or just… insane) but there’s no rush, meaning I can do it at my own pace. Despite the fact that this stuff is classified as “gentle”, it’s got Jojoba Beads which are pretty decent exfoliators (based on my personal experience) so I’m stoked about that!

Purifying Mud Mask removes excess oil

Honestly, at this point, Mud Masks don’t excite me as much (you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all). However, they’re still pretty fun to play around with. As someone who is currently dealing with dry skin, I should avoid using this stuff but nah, I’m totally gonna’ use this stuff soon (‘cuz I’m a rebel lawl)!

Recraft Lip Gloss in the shade Oslo retails for KD 1/500

I’ve been dying to get my hands on Buxom “White Russian” Full-On Lip Cream… for years (practically a decade, at this point)! It’s not the same thing (at all, because White Russian actually plumps your lips), but I figured Oslo was at least sparkly enough. As I said earlier, a certain ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip has rekindled my affection for Lip Gloss (particularly the more sparkly ones). Plus, I’ve been wearing a lot of Nude Lipsticks and feel like they’re just missing a certain something. That’s why I was quite smitten with the shade Oslo (which would look gorgeous as a topper over some of my Nude Lipsticks)! I got it for free (it was one of the lower priced items) as part of the Buy Two Get One Free Deal.

Nail Polish in Space Race retails for KD 2/900

Just from eyeballing it, I could tell that Space Race was the kind of Nail Polish that would streak (you could probably see the the brush strokes, once it was fully dry). However, it also had a gorgeous holographic quality that I just couldn’t turn my back on! That said, the holographic effect is only be visible in certain lighting, whereas the majority of the time, Space Race looks like your average, run-of-the-mill metallic silver. I got Space Race specifically because I thought it would pair nicely with my Eid Outfit (white-on-white), but decided against it at the last minute (also, no time lol). Not quite sure how much this cost either, but I got it for free (as part of the deal) as well.

Edit: How cute would this pair with the an actual Holographic H&M Nail Polish in the shade Yolo Holo (haulage here)!

Contour Brush retails for KD 3/500

I need another Contouring Brush like I need hole in the head. However, this thing looked quite cute and the price point… was on point! lawl I’m thinking I might reserve this for use with my Cream Contours and Cream Bronzers, because it’s got synthetic bristles, meaning it can probably handle being washed after every use (OCD, bebe). Plus, since it’s huge it’ll be kinda’ hard to miss, wherever I end up storing it. Also, I really like the simple packaging (kinda’ wish it wasn’t wasn’t reflective but other than that, I’m diggin it)! Best of all, it’s not Gold (thank goodness)!

Surreal Mini Duo Mini Sponges retail for KD 1/975

I’ve really been enjoying using my micro BeautyBlenders (haulage here), with Concealers in particular. So, since those were such a success (but needed constant washing, as in after every use, because… OCD, making it a good thing that they came in a pack of 4) I figured I might as well pick up some more. I mean these things aren’t the same thing, but they kinda’ are. I dunno’. We’ll see if and how they work out.

Gently Does It Coconut Cleansing Wipes retail for KD 1/975

Last but certainly not least, Coconut Wipes! How Summer-y is that? Basically, this stuff contains 25 Wipes infused with Coconut Extract. I tend to enjoy all things Coconut so this was a delightful surprise! Yes, H&M, yes!

Cute haulage, right? Shopping at H&M is just so… fun!

Even without all the deals and promos and whatnot, the prices at H&M are extremely budget-friendly (read: dirt cheap) therefore encouraging you to purchase even more stuff and in turn spend even more money lawl

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