MAC Attack!

I know I’ve stated time and time again that I’m so over Lip Liners. In fact, I’m planning on getting rid of all of the Lip Liners I currently own. Every. Single. One. That’s still the plan. However, after the whole Driver’s License/Passport Photo fiasco (full deets here), I felt it was absolutely vital that I get my hands on the MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Spice! Something about this particular shade really compliments my sallow skintone! Plus, if you’re down for a little cheating (^_~) Spice is perfect for over-drawing lips (to make them look bigger). I mean, I distinctly remember Spice being incredibly flattering when paired with a wide range of Nude Lippies!

Also, for a photo meant to be used in an official document (that I was supposed to be hauling around for the next 10 years or so), Red seemed too show-y and dramatic (despite the fact that I actually ended up actually going with Red for the first round of photos lol), Orange seemed too playful, whereas Pink seemed too girly and I just don’t do Fuchsia nor Purple. Every single one of my Nude Lippies might’ve looked fine, face-to-face, but I was positive that without the help of a proper Lip Liner, they’d totally wash me out in photos. That’s precisely why I needed MAC Spice Lip Pencil. I actually already own Spice, but it seems to have gotten lost in the sea of makeup products that is my my bedroom. I’ve searched everywhere, but just can’t seem to find it. So after hitting up Sephora (haulage here) I decided to make a quick stop at MAC to repurchase Spice!

The Spice is life!

x2 Samples of the Waterweight Concealer (in the shades NC30 and NC35)

An ultra-fluid formula with medium-full buildable coverage and a natural finish. While it hydrates and gently diffuses the appearance of imperfections, it also helps reduce the appearance of of under eye circles, dark spots and discolouration.

You know when you have a burger and afterwards think to yourself, “Man, that was a really good burger!” Well, I had a really good conversation with a certain Sales Assistant at MAC! We mostly talked about Makeup (duh), but she was so well-informed (I referenced very specific limited edition products, and she not only knew what I was talking about, but also dropped just as many references of her own! I mean, we talked about stuff that never even made it to Kuwait!) and was clearly just as much of a fan (of Makeup) as I was! She was so easy to talk to, to the extent that before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed! In the end, I walked away from that conversation feeling quite… satisfied!

Oh, and she was nice enough to include 2 samples of the Waterweight Concealer for me (which I’d asked for, on account of my under-eye area giving me grief as of late).

They didn’t have any of those Spoolies (that I use for my Brows), but I got a handful of these, instead. If I was a more creative person, I’d totally use them to draw on some mad Henna designs or for some intricate Nail Art. Since, I’m not so creative (like, at all), I guess I could reserve 1 for drawing on faux-freckles (which’ll probably never happen). Not quite sure what to do with the other 5 though lol

Sea Worship Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (tarnished olive) retails for KD 7/000

I can’t believe I was lucky enough to stumble upon something from the Alluring Aquatic Collection (previewed here)! I skipped it the first time around (haulage here), but I’m so happy that I got a second chance to purchase Sea Worship Extra Dimension Eye Shadow! It’s described on the MAC website as a “tarnished olive” which is spot on (for a change)! Apparently, I quite enjoy shades like Sea Worship, provided that they’re more glowy as opposed to glittery. I mean, when I first started getting into MAC, I remember purchasing Sumptuous Olive which shade-wise is more or less similar to Sea Worship (except Sea Worship pulls slightly more green whereas Sumptuous Olive looked warmer, more gold in comparison) and being highly disappointed with the finish. Sumptuous Olive was pretty much a frosty mess on my lids! In fact, Sumptuous Olive was the main reason why I began avoiding Olive Eye Shadows all together! Sea Worship on the other hand, turned out to be insanely pigmented yet somehow, blended out so beautifully and best of all, had a gorgeous glowy finish (that’s an Extra Dimension Eye Shadow for ya’)! Basically, Sea Worship was an absolute dream to work with!

I picked up Sea Worship mainly because I was so sure that it would look lovely on the lids, paired with a dark matte green (ColourPop Team Captain Pressed Powder Shadow hauled here) in the crease and maybe even with a matte green liner (Urban Decay Street 24/7 Waterline Pencil hauled here) popped on to the erm… waterline. I did just that, the very next day, and as expected, it not only looked very pretty – if a bit too dramatic and sultry (which is usually the case when I darken the waterline) – but also made my brown eyes appear to be almost green! I can’t wait to play with Sea Worship some more, and experiment with all kinds of different color combinations! Most of all, I’m extremely impressed by the superior quality of the Extra Dimension Eye Shadows! Just WOW!

Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick (deep-tone beige) retails for KD 8/750

Velvet Teddy was another repurchase… because I couldn’t find my previous tube (noticing a theme here? lol) and I was started to get annoyed, because I tend to reach for Velvet Teddy a lot (and I mean a lot)! Regardless of whatever I’ve got going on (on my eyes) and whatever “look” I’m going for, more often that not, I’d finish off the “look” with Velvet Teddy on my lips.

On me, Velvet Teddy is so subtle that it’s barely discernible (you can barely tell that I’m wearing anything), yet still adds a little sum’in sum’in to my lips! It’s light, but doesn’t wash me out! Also, it’s so easy to apply! Unlike the more fussy shades (be they dark and vampy, or so bright they’re neon) or any of the Liquid Lipsticks, I don’t break out in a cold sweat at the thought of applying Velvet Teddy. Two quick swipes and I’m done! Heck, I can even apply Velvet Teddy in my car (tiny mirror, insufficient lighting) or anywhere else with problematic lighting, and still end up with a near perfect application! Basically, I just feel so comfortable with Velvet Teddy, application, wear, errythang! Since my previous tube had been missing for quite some time now, I decided to just go ahead and purchase a fresh tube of Velvet Teddy. I figured that if the the old one turned up, I’d end up with two tubes of a shade that I not only love, but pretty much wear regularly! Wouldn’t you know it? Of course my other tube of Velvet Teddy Lipstick magically appeared shortly after I purchased a new one lawl

Arab Girls, Indian Girls, Brown Girls, Olive Girls, Latinas, Filipinas, etc… pretty much anyone with a medium-to-dark skintone (like mine), if you haven’t already yet, you gotta’ give MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick a try! Obviously, that’s not to say that people with fairer/deeper skintones shouldn’t give it a try too. I’m guessing Velvet Teddy will look darker and closer to a rosy brown on people with fairer skin, and lighter and pinker on people with darker skin. Key-word: Guessing. Just so you know, swatching this beautiful shade on your hand won’t do it any justice. You need to see this on your actual lips so you can get the full effect. Also, for whatever reason, the sticker price says it cost KD 8/750 but the receipt says it cost KD 7/750 which I thought was odd.

Doe Liptensity Lipstick (creamy neutral brown) retails for KD 10/750 (got it for free)

The really cool Sales Assistant also informed me that MAC were having some sort of deal, where if you spent X amount of money (I wanna’ say KD 25-30), you got to pick out one of the Liptensity Lipsticks (of which there seemed to be many, many shades) for free!

At first, I just wanted Spice Lip Pencil, but then I spotted Velvet Teddy Lipstick and had to get it as well, which is when the Sales Assistant shared the fact that they were having a promo on all Liptensity Lipsticks. I figured why not? If I found anything that I didn’t already own (besides Spice Lip Pencil and Velvet Teddy Lipstick) that was worth purchasing, I’d just go ahead and get it, to qualify for the free Liptensity Lipstick. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be. Already bored with all the Lip Stuff, I browsed through the Eye Shadows up until I spotted Sea Worship Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (it was fate!) and snatched it up immediately! I was gonna’ go for one of the Waterweight Concealers, but didn’t wanna’ end up with a mismatched shade, so I just asked for samples (in the shades NC30 and NC35), and picked up the Fast Response Eye Cream instead (which bumped up the total of my order, making me qualify for the free Liptensity Lipstick).

There were so many shades to choose from, including a stunning lavender (that sadly would probably clash with my sallow skintone), a really cool bright blue, heck, even a black! They also had a whole bunch of reds, pinks and nudes! Seeing as how these Liptensity Lipsticks didn’t seem to come with a matte finish (they were somewhat shiny), I decided to avoid getting anything too dark or colorful. Instead, I quickly narrowed it down to Smoked Almond (bright rosebrown) and Toast and Butter (peachy cinnamon)… purely for their names (not even joking)! At the moment, I’m all about Smoked Cashews (haulage here) and by extension Smoked Almonds (haulage here), which is why I thought it was deliciously apropos that I stumbled upon a Lipstick actually called Smoked Almond. As for Toast and Butter… it just sounds nice! Honestly, name any shade Toast and it will definitely catch my interest. Unfortunately, both Smoked Almond and Toast and Butter were way too dark for my taste.

On my second try, I narrowed it down to Driftwood (soft lilac beige) and Doe (creamy neutral brown). After swatching both of them on the back of my hand, I went with the more wearable one (at least on my skintone). Although quite pretty, I knew Driftwood (lilac beige) would be slightly trickier to wear, as opposed to the equally pretty Doe (neutral brown), which I could just apply on the fly. With that being said, I have yet to actually wear Doe, because I’ve pretty much become inseparable from Velvet Teddy!

Spice Lip Pencil (pink cinnamon stick) retails for KD 6/250

The catalyst that led to this entire haul, Spice. Honestly, I had my heart set on Spice Lip Pencil even before entering the MAC store, but then I spotted a Liptensity Lip Pencil in the shade Toast and Butter and couldn’t help but get distracted (like I said, name a shade Toast and I’m there for it)! Where the Toast and Butter Liptensity Lipstick (peachy cinnamon) was too dark, it’s pencil counterpart, Toast and Butter Liptensity Lip Pencil (mid-tone caramel brown) was much too light… also, currently out of stock (What? No harm in just asking).

I already own a handful of some of the more Nude Lip Pencils from MAC such as Subculture (underground pink) and Soar (mid-tone pinkish brown) and Whirl (dirty rose), but Spice (pink cinnamon stick) is the most flattering of all (including ones from other brands)! My older one still hasn’t turned up yet, so I’m glad I’ve got a newer one on hand. As I said at the beginning of this post, I’m going to be getting rid of all of my Lip Pencils (kinda’ accumulated a lot). Frankly, I don’t have the time nor patience to carefully line my lips every other day (which is partially why I’m beginning to resent Liquid Lipsticks too). It’s just a bit of a faff really. However, everyone needs at least one exceptionally good Lip Pencil (I mean, you could obviously have more if you like) that compliments their skin-tone, and for me… Spice is the one!

Fast Response Eye Cream (a caffeinated cream that de-puffs, firms and erases dark circles and fine lines) retails for KD 11/750

I’ve always heard people rave about this stuff way back when (in magazines, and later, online). Considering how long this stuff has been around, you’d think I would’ve picked it up at some point, but I honestly don’t recall ever doing so. I was looking for anything remotely interesting, to bump up my total (so I could qualify for the “free” Liptensity Lipstick) when my eye landed on this stuff (the display directly across the cash register). I’ve been meaning to try out the Fast Response Eye Cream since forever and now was as good a time as any. Besides, my under-eye area had been giving me a lot of grief, more so recently. Even if this thing was mostly caffeinated (meaning the results, if any, were only temporary), I figured it would help with my “No-Makeup” Makeup Looks (that somehow, don’t look as nice when accompanied with dark circles, go figure) or at the very least, help me look less like someone who indulges in crack during their spare time.

Regardless of all the rave reviews and whatnot, I went into this with very low expectations, which is why, after only the first use… I was veritably blown away! I’d accidentally squeezed too much out onto my finger (for my blog), which looked kinda’ gross and also kept running down my finger. So I patted it underneath one eye (so I could later compare the two) and squeezed out a more reasonable amount on my finger (as shown in the photo above) to photograph, before smearing it underneath the same eye. Granted, I’d used way, way too much for just one or even both eyes, but eye er, I kid you not, it worked! I quickly applied an insanely generous amount (figuring if I used more, it’ll work faster lawl logic!) underneath the other eye, and started parading around the entire household (in front of anyone I could find really) to see if they’d notice and maybe mention something. Seeing as how I mostly ran into the men of the family, none of them noticed a thing. I was starting to think that I’d only imagined the results (placebo effect) up until my older brother’s wife popped in for a visit and immediately commented, on my under-eye area specifically. She along with one of my cousins were constantly telling me to sleep more, on account of my dark circles (as if insomnia was a choice lawl) and were always the first to comment if my dark circles seemed to be especially bad. That cemented that. The fact that she noticed meant that this stuff had worked!

The next time I used this stuff, I applied a tiny amount and nothing happened. Sorely disappointed, I started generously smearing it on my under-eye area… only to notice that this stuff starting to pill (ugh, so annoying)! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know how crazy I get when it comes to any sort of residue. That’s why I avoided this stuff for a week or so before using it again. The last time I used this stuff, I applied a generous amount of the cream to my ring fingers and rubbed them together (to warm it up…) before gingerly patting it onto my under-eye area. I’d already decided that trying to figure out if this stuff was working or not, wasn’t something worth losing my sanity over. I left the house bare-faced (wasn’t wearing any makeup that day) and ended up at a car wash. While the Gas Station Attendant was working on cleaning my car, I got down and headed towards the waiting area, where there happened to be a bathroom, that happened to have a mirror, that I happened to take a quick peek at, only to literally gasp in horror! The cream had started to pill… again! I had thousands upon thousands of teeny-tiny white blobs dotting my under-eye area all the way to my temples -_- I tried to wipe them off, but that only created even more of them!

After that whole incident, as far as I’m concerned, the First Response Eye Cream is on a time-out (so it can think about what it’s done)!

Swatches (L-R)

Sea Worship Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (olive) – Spice Lip Pencil (pink cinnamon) – Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick (beige) – Doe Liptensity Lipstick (brown)

Mah bebehs! ♥

I did some “research” (read: googled the shade names lawl) and apparently the Liptensity Lipsticks that were being given out for free as part of the promo, had actually been released way back, around 2016 (just sayin’).

So I walked into MAC with the intent of only purchasing Spice Lip Pencil for KD 6/250 but ended up dropping KD 32/500 on a bunch of other stuff (luv ’em all) which goes to show that just when you think you’re completely over MAC, it sucks you right back in (with a sneak attack)! To be honest, I truly did miss that gorgeous vanillary scent that all MAC Lipsticks seem to have!

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