Girl’s Not Grey

Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton Aviators (can you tell by now that these are my favorite? lol)
Earrings: Call It Spring Gunmetal Triangle Stud Earrings
Top: Zara Grey Muscle Tee
Jeans: H&M Dark Denim Blue Rugged Rinse Shaping Skinny Jeans
Bag: Milano Padlock Black Leather Cross-Body Micro Bag (purchased from Debenhams)
Shoes: Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals (purchased from one of the open-air vendors in Thailand)

I was supposed to get my picture taken so I could renew my passport and get issued a new driver’s license (‘cuz I lost my old one and kinda’ needed a new one asap because I’d gotten into a fender-bender). I didn’t wear any makeup except for the Givenchy Lip Balm (haulage here) and no jewelry apart from a pair of delicate stud earrings. When the guy took my photo, I was like “Who is this monster?” (kidding! The flash on the camera – or maybe it was just his camera settings – washed me out and I’ve already got sallow skintone, to begin with, so I looked pretty sickly). I told him to trash the photo and that I’d just come back later. The “plan” was to put a little bit of makeup on, for next time, but somehow, I ended up with a “beat face” (I blame RuPaul’s Drag Race)!

The next day, I used no less than 3 face scrubs (in addition to my usual OTT shower routine) in anticipation of my photo being taken. Afterwards, I wrapped my hair in a towel until it was about 70% dry (which took about an hour). Then I used my trusty National Hair Styler (review here) to completely dry (and tame) my hair, before curling it using my Rodeo Drive Beauty Curling Iron (purchased from a random stall smack-dab in the middle of The Dubai Mall). As a next to last touch, I spritzed some Hair BB Powder Spray (haulage here) to add even more volume to my roots. Lastly, I tied up a small section of my hair while leaving the rest down (for a high-low look) and opted for a lighter top (Zara Grey Muscle Tee) so my hair would kinda’ show up more (as opposed to disappearing against a darker top), in the photo.

On a whim, I decided to go for a “beat face”. It might not look like a lot, to some, but this is way more than I usually wear. I mean, I even put on some Foundation which is extremely rare for me. First, I used the Farsali Unicorn Essence (haulage here) to prep my skin. While waiting for it to dry, I swiped some FireFly Pressed Powder Shadow (matte pale beige that slightly pulls lavender on me) from ColourPop (haulage here) all over the lid, as a base. Then I buffed out a little of Take The Lead Pressed Powder Shadow (matte dusty medium grey) from ColourPop (haulage here) in the crease. Then using my ring finger, I patted down some Koosh Super Shock Shadow (icy silver taupe) from ColourPop (haulage here) as a topper (to give the whole look some extra “oomph”). Clearly, I was stuck on the whole Grey-on-Grey theme lol

I filled in my brows using the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil in the shade Soft Black (haulage here), lined my eyes using the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Ultra Black Waterproof Eye Pencil (haulage here), and mix-and-matched a whole bunch of awful Mascaras (been having a moment with those, nothing seems to work) on my lashes.

Notice how the Contour and Foundation have started to wear off on my nose (lawl). I hate it when it does that (which is pretty much always lawl)! Thankfully, I took the Passport/Driver’s License beforehand. The more I try not to focus on not rubbing my nose or dabbing at it with a tissue or blowing it, the more I end up doing it, which results in whatever I’ve got there wearing off -_-; So annoying, but ah well!

I dotted the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in the shade Sand (haulage here) all over my face and blended it in using my fingers. Then I wet one of those tiny BeautyBlender Micro Sponges (haulage here) under running water and used it to blend in my ColourPop No Filter Concealer in the shade Light 20 (haulage here), accidentally going over my carefully drawn winged liner. My favorite Contouring Powder is the ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in the shade Matte Bronze (from what used to be the $1 Essentials Line) so I used that stuff to contour my nose and cheeks. I accidentally overdid it with the Blush (since I lost weight, the placement is off, so I ended up with more than half my face covered in Blush), which happened to be L’Oreal Nectarine (haulage here) and Highlight, which happened to be ColourPop Super Shock Highlight in the shade Wisp which was a glitter-y mess (haulage here).

In the hopes that it would make everything blend in together, I doused my face with the CocoaShea Cucumber Really Refreshing All-Over Mist from Bath & Body Works (haulage here) which messed everything up! My makeup was streaming in little rivulets down my face lol So, to fix that, I just waited for everything to dry (patting it dry with some Napkins from some Cafe or other), then pretty much caked my face in the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Give Me Sun. My face ended up looking straight up orange (as opposed to the usual tan shade it used to give me… sun lawl When did I get so pale?) and so to fix that, I used my large fluffy Sephora Powder Brush and dusted my face with the ELF Tone Correcting Powder in the shade Cool (haulage here) which made everything look a bit more… “seamless”.

At this point, I was pretty much over it and just wanted to get my picture taken already. So I slapped on (I say slapped on but I actually had to apply it very, very meticulously because, well… liquid lipstick) something or other from ColourPop that would pop (obviously, I had to go with Red). I’m pretty sure it was the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in shade Creeper (haulage here). Finally, I was done! I quickly got dressed and rushed to local co-operative to get my picture taken.

This Grey Muscle Tee is from Zara. I’ve had it since forever. Light Grey. Dark Grey. Medium Grey. I just love all things Grey!

The Dark Denim Blue Rugged Rinse Shaping Skinny Jeans are from H&M. They’re meant to be Skinny Jeans, but they’re actually a bit loose (which just makes them pretty comfy), except around the waist area, where they’re kinda’ too loose, so I find myself having to tuck in my tops (which I hate doing) or end up with the waist area (belt-loop, top of the zipper, etc…) jutting out from beneath my tops. You can actually see their outline (showing through my top) in some of the photos.

I love these Multi-Color Bandage Wrap Sandals! They’re my most favorite pair of Flats, ever! They’re not quite Gladiator Sandals, but they’ve still got that same “Greco-Roman Vibe” going for them. I purchased mine in Thailand (Summer 2012), from one of the many open-air street vendors. It was pretty much love at first sight! They just look insanely cool to me! Also, they kinda’ remind me of a certain Herve Leger Bandage Dress (I’d rather die than wear something that tight and showy out in public, but on my feet? Not as much of an issue lol) These things are super comfy too! I could walk in them for days! I’ve actually taken them with me on several trips abroad (where every one of my friends magically turned half-goat and started power-walking everywhere like they were in some sort of marathon, as opposed to just taking a cab/bus/uber/tuk-tuk/anything on wheels like normal humans) and… I survived!

So not only do they look cool (to me) but they feel super comfy too! I love them so much and I’m so, so, so thankful that I managed to stumble upon that certain open-air vendor who happened to be selling them (in all kinds of different color combinations too, but I went with the most neutral one, because it looked cooler to me)! Funny enough, everyone is always complimenting me on them, and always assume that they’re from some luxury or high-end designer and are visibly shocked when I tell ’em “nah, actually got ’em from a street vendor”. One of my cousins keeps chastising me for sharing the fact that I got them from a street vendor and insists that I should just tell people that they are designer (since they could easily pass as such), but I don’t feel the need to lie to people and honestly, shocking people with the truth is just more fun!

How stinkin’ cute is this Milano Black Micro Cross-Body Bag? It’s got a little padlock and everything! Plus, Micro Bags are having a “moment”. In the interest of full disclosure, this thing can barely fit my new phone in it (S9+), meaning as a practical Handbag, it’s effectively useless. However, it’s just sooo cute! I love that it came in Black, otherwise I wouldn’t have even bothered with purchasing it. I believe I picked it up from Debenhams awhile ago (like 2 years ago, give or take), actually.

The males in my life think it’s particularly funny when I keep pulling out a seemingly endless supply of things (Civil ID Card – Driver’s License – Debit Card – Maalox Lemon-Flavored Antacid Oral Drink Sachets (x2) – Chewing Gum – Candy – MAC Candy Yum Yum Rollerball PerfumeColourPop Creeper Ultra Matte Lip (mini)Givenchy Lip BalmELF Bare Necessities Lip BalmInvisibobble (Black) – Scunci Hair Clips – Boots ScrunchieClaire’s Bobby Pins – MAC Eyebrow Spoolie – infinite supply of crumpled up Kleenex tissues (so I don’t have to waste time unfolding them and separating them whenever I need just one) – Apartment Key – Car Keys – all stuffed into this teeny-tiny Micro Bag!

I’ve purposely cropped the top half of my face because I wasn’t wearing sunglasses in this particular photo and I’d still like to remain (somewhat) anonymous. Also, the objective of these “Outfit of the Day” posts, is to feature my outfit (and sometimes Makeup or Hairstyle or Nail Polish… so basically, my style only).

As you can see, I like to keep it “simple”. My friends will go all out and try to outdo each other, dressing in the latest styles and trends, and from time to time, will even attempt to pressure me into doing the same, but it’s just not my thing. Regardless of how popular a certain trend might be (and it was all you could find, in every single store in the country), and I wasn’t feeling it? I wouldn’t judge you for wearing it, but I personally wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. Honestly, some of the things that have been trending in Kuwait recently, are straight up embarrassing! Like I’ve said multiple times before, I’m a “Jeans and T-shirt” kinda’ girl. I prefer my outfits to be simple and comfy but still look aesthetically appealing, to me (as in, what I deem to be “cool”). To “transition” this particular look into Winter, I’d just throw on a Jacket and switch out the Sandals for some Boots (with socks underneath, obvi). Easy-breezy!

In case you were wondering what happened with the popo, I went to them with my new brand-new Driver’s License, only to find out that my car’s insurance had already expired (lawl). Then, a few weeks later, my Passport Renewal appointment comes up (after months of waiting). I took my pictures with me and patiently waited for my name to be called, even though there didn’t seem to be any discernible order… to anything (I was assigned to Shamiya. The place was a mess lol). I was excited (to finally get it over with) when the woman behind the counter closest to the exit (the one with the post nose-job cast) called me up, until she asked for my expired passport. I was not aware that we were supposed to bring our old passports with us (even though my friends and family swear up and down that they’ve reminded me before, on numerous occasions… which they very well may have, except I have this nasty habit of tuning people out, when I’m bored).

She told me I should just come back the next day since her shift was ending soon, but I insisted that I could make it back in time. I sped back home, turned my apartment inside out, only to find my expired passport in my Sock Drawer (for safekeeping?) and sped back to Shamiya and waited (less patiently, this time) for my turn. Once the same lady called me over, I strode to her triumphantly and handed her my expired passport so she could issue a new one for me. Everything was going smoothly, up until she asked for the pictures. She took one look and deemed them unfit. I assured her that these were the same photos I’d used for my Driver’s License. However, according to what she told me, a Passport Photo is much more official than a Driver’s License photo. My high-low hairstyle was fine, save for the fact that the little ponytail was covering parts of the mandatory blue background in the photo, which was unacceptable. I had to go get yet another Passport Photo and return to Shamiya the next day (lawl).

I was much less enthusiastic about the whole thing (really, really over it) the next day, so I barely made an effort. With my new Passport Photo in hand, I headed back to Shamiya to the same woman. Everything went off without a hitch, but to finalize the process, I was supposed to go into this tiny office (crammed with so many people to the extent that there was a very long queue outside the office) and get the cop stationed there to sign something for me. While waiting in line, I could feel the energy of the crowd starting to shift. They were starting to get antsy.

After an hour, I’d finally made it into the tiny office (but was a long ways from my turn) when the crowed turned against the cops. Honestly, both sides were getting pretty aggressive. The men started insulting the cops, and the cops in turn, started arresting people. As ridiculous as it may sound, all I could think about was my exposed toes (since I was wearing those Bandage Wrap Sandals) and the fact that if a riot broke out, someone was most definitely going to accidentally step on my toes and end up crushing them (self absorbed much? lawl). Thankfully, my older cousin happened to be waiting his turn in the main area (it was his 3rd time returning to to pick up his new passport, except they kept telling him to come back the next day) and after I got my papers signed by the cop, my cousin walked me to the back exit (because the cops had locked the doors to the main entrance). I got my new Passport about two weeks later!

I guess I’m supposed to look like I got caught mid-process of slipping on my Bandage Wrap Sandals, or something… I dunno’. Just roll with it lawl Anyways, hope you enjoyed this (very ramble-y) post! +10 points if you recognize the song in the title!

6 thoughts on “Girl’s Not Grey

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  2. haha girl i really feel we both are so similar. I would def be thinking about my toes too, had i been in your situation. I didn’t know getting a passport was such a hassle. Lol neways am back at work today but am bored so am binge reading your blogs today.


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