Sultan Center Haul #5

Towards the end of Ramadan, I decided to check out the Salmiya branch of Sultan Center, for a change. Unfortunately, I got a lot of unwanted attention from the younger set (so thirsty!) which just reminded me why I so rarely visit the Salmiya branch. I mean at Souk Sharq, I pretty much shop in peace (bar one or two minor incidents). However, at the Salmiya branch, I’d end up with a few stragglers trailing behind me the whole time I’d be there and they’d be mumbling the most random things at me! Despite getting absolutely ZERO encouragement from me, they’d even feel the need to give me their input! When I grabbed the KitKat Peanut Butter Bar, one guy was like “No, no, you don’t want that. Trust me, go with the Original“, which despite my best efforts, actually made me laugh (because no one had even asked him for his opinion)!

In my efforts to, y’know, live to see another day (full deets here), I managed to snag a few of the more “healthy” snacks (lawl) as you can clearly see. They’ve actually got a ton of cool items over at the Salmiya branch of Sultan Center, but I avoid the place because whenever I do go, it always happens to be crowded, and I personally prefer to hoard shop in peace.

Al Rifai Roastery Smoked Cashews + Smoked Almonds

At the Al Rifai Roastery counter, I picked up another batch of Smoked Cashews (previously hauled here) and decided to try the Smoked Almonds as well. You pretty much name anything Smoked, and I’m definitely gonna’ give it a try! That said, the Smoked Almonds were nice, but I still prefer the Smoked Cashews.

Americana Mini Oregano Croissant

Oregano is somewhat healthy, right? I think I much prefer the Mini Oregano Croissant to the Mini Oregano Pate (previously hauled here), even though my bestie swears that the two are interchangeable (no different from each other).

Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips

These things are huge and they last me forever! I saw this “hack” on an episode of An Idiot Abroad (so, so, so funny!) and now I use it all the time. Basically, to keep your Potato Chips from going stale, you just roll it down and clip it in place with a Hair Clip or Clothes Hanger (both of which are sold at Sultan Center… in the Potato Chips Aisle as well). Previous to that, I used to just fold it all the way down then fold the sides in to “reseal” the pack (how-to video, here).

That said, I keep buying these Lime Potato Chips for myself and my older brother keeps stealing them from me ;(

Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Royale Cake

The crosshatch design (on the icing) was what caught my eye, initially. However, back home, I used the wrong container and messed the whole thing up. Also, it didn’t taste that great, but thankfully, I’d also made Brownies as well (just in case) which were a huge hit (obvi) with the fam!

Caker’s Dreamcake + Caker’s Cloudcake

I’ve been craving some Mooncakes for a minute now, and my previous purchase (Mardel Alfajor De Dulce De Leche) was a total fail. With that being said, I only purchased these because their names sounded so cuuute! I mean, c’mon! Dreamcake and Cloudcake! How could I resist? Also, they were actually pretty yummy! I really hope the Souk Sharq branch of Sultan Center starts stocking these babies!

Nature Valley Peanut Sweet & Salty Chewy Granola Bars

I picked up these Granola Bars on a whim and I’m super stoked that I did! They taste so good! Plus, they seem sorta’ healthy (yes? no? maybe?)! At the very least, they taste infinitely better than any of those horrid Protein Bars (haulage here and here)! These things are extremely chewy, to the extent that I can only work my way through half before actually getting tired (they are XL after all), but somehow not overly sweet! They’re just… perfect!

KitKat Peanut Butter

These looked new (to me). They weren’t mind-blowing good, but they weren’t bad, either. They were… alright. Plus, Peanut Butter is made from Peanuts ergo “healthy” (just go with it).

Jif Creamy Peanut Butter

Another Mandela Effect?! Dun-Dun-Duuuuun! Like I said earlier, the Pick Apples & Peanut Butter Pot (review here) have actually rekindled my affection for Peanut Butter in general. There were too many to choose from so I went with this particular one because it had Protein (which I kinda’ need) and Omega 3 (also a plus) and most important of all, was creamy (as opposed to crunchy, blech) which is just my personal preference. I’ve been slathering this stuff on pretty much everything from Green Apple Slices to Brown Toast! So, so yummy!

Jell-O Pistachio

Awhile ago, I purchased a set of Apple-Shaped Dessert Bowls (supah cute!) so when I spotted this stuff, I couldn’t help but imagine how adorable the Green Jell-O would look served in those cute li’l Bowls (and as always, fell in love with that idea). As expected, they looked stupid cute (to the extent that literally everyone wanted to try some)! Unfortunately, the taste was pretty polarizing (half loved it, while the other half hated it). Personally, I hated it. To me, this stuff actually tasted… medicinal.

Heinz Baked Beans (Tomato Sauce)

I love Tomatoes, which consequentially means I love everything and anything made using Tomatoes! I love Tomato Soup and Daqoos and Ketchup and Pesto and any other Tomato-based Sauce or Tomato-based Condiment or Tomato-Based Dish! I always ask for extra Sun-Dried Tomatoes on my Pizza. I love munching on fresh and juicy Cherry Tomatoes (whether in my Salads or on their own)! I even love those really, really Sweet Tomatoes (slightly orange-y as opposed to red, and has a custard-like consistency)! Since I never learned how to cook (in the past), Heinz Baked Beans was one my go-to’s. I’d especially stock up on this stuff for breakfast at the Chalet (since I’m an insomniac, I’d be the last one to fall asleep and first one to wake up) with whichever kind of bread was on hand. I picked this up for nostalgic reasons but also because it’s “healthy-ish”.


These are fruit-flavored and fruits are healthy so… yeah.

Hikari Organic White & Red Grape Juice

I couldn’t believe my luck, when I stumbled upon these authentic Japanese Drinks! They were chilling all nonchalant on one of the shelves in one of the many, many Drink Refrigerators, as you please. Personally, I’m quite partial to White Grapes (Green Grapes, rather), but I’ll have Red Grape (Purple Grapes, rather) on occasion. As such, I was ecstatic that this stuff consisted of White & Red Grapes (nothing too out there or overly exotic, thankfully)! I immediately snagged two! ♥

Septona Double-Ended Cotton Q-Tips

These were another repurchase (review here). Nothing too exciting but I love ’em because you’ve got a regular cotton-bud at the bottom and then the more pointy-tipped edge (for fixing any makeup boo-boos) at the top. Pretty handy, if I do say so myself (which I do)!

Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume Shampoo

Lastly, I picked up some Clear Shampoo… because it was Clear. I just thought it looked pretty cool! I know, I know, I’ve got issues (lawl)! Truth be told, in my mind, I’ve come to associate Clear Shampoo (from any and every brand) with Clarifying Shampoo (residue-removal, etc…), for whatever reason. Also, they had me at the word “Volume” (when it comes to Volume, I believe more is more)! Plus, the scent seemed pretty quite pleasant! It was either this stuff or OGX (which is now sold at every Sultan Center branch in the country, Yay!), but I went with this stuff instead. With that being said, I have yet to use this stuff, because I’m currently working my way through another Shampoo at the mo’.

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