Glass Animals – Gooey


You just wanna’ know those Peanut Butter Vibes

The weather is absolutely delightful today! I passed out yesterday and forgot the window open… only to wake up to a veritable Dust Storm. I was actually planning on getting some color at the pool today, but the weather was like “Nah, screw your dreams, lol”. Anyhoozles, I’ve got a pretty high threshold for disturbing images. That whole eyeball scene in the movie Hostel, certain episodes of The Walking Dead, and every other Japanese Movie (I watched Dead or Alive and Audition when I was pretty much a kid…thanks fam!) and no-thing seems to phase me. I’m like “ewww”, but that’s pretty much it. However, for whatever reason, there’s a certain scene in this Music Video (when the wrestler spits) that just triggers my gag reflex… every. single. time.

I could never understand why my female friends would always look away in anticipation of blood being spilled on-screen, let alone the more gory scenes. I’m like “it’s just acting. It’s not actually real”, but now I get it. I’m totally fine with blood and gore, but spit is where I draw the line lol

Despite all that, it’s actually a sweet song with pretty innocuous lyrics!

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