London Blues

Hair Accessory: Boots Black Velvet Scrunchie (hauled here)
Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton Aviators
Top: H&M I♥H81 Dark Blue London Top
Jeans: H&M Dark Blue Denim Skinny Jeans (hauled here)
Bag: New Look Black Leather-Look Buckle Saddle Bag
Shoes: Karmaloop Studded Black Wedge Sneakers

So, I’m somewhat of an Anglophile. I love British Telly! In fact, one of my favorite movies of all time is Green Street Hooligans (based on football hooliganism). I also enjoy watching everything from Sherlock and Black Mirror to Outlander and The Inbetweeners. Honestly, everything just sounds better with an accent. I simply adore the London accent (Cockney Rhyming Slang) and literally everything the main lead said in the movie The Kingsman sounded ridiculously cool to me, but I’m quite partial to a Geordie accent as well. There was this one show (discontinued, I believe) called Aliens… My God, it had me in hysterics from the on-set and throughout! British humor just slays me! It’s so dry and witty and I love it!

With that being said, I’m completely, hopelessly and wholeheartedly obsessed with British Reality TV Shows! I recently became a huge fan of Big Brother (UK), but I’ve watched Geordie Shore and The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent and so on, from the very start. You name it, I’ve watched it. My current drug of choice is a reality show called Love Island. It’s like a train-wreck that I just can’t look away from, so… pretty much crack! I’ve got a handful of Brit friends (in Kuwait) who actually can’t stand that stuff. Another thing I find fascinating about the Brits is their attitude! I’ve come across several large groups of Brits while abroad, and they always seem to be in a jovial mood (granted they were three sheets to the wind), and they’d literally break out into song, out of nowhere! I come across a lot of Brits online (Xbox One) as well, and their sense of humor is the best! I’ve been to the UK about 4-5 times and I’ve enjoyed every single trip, so far! For all those reasons above and more (but I won’t go too much into it now) I classify myself as somewhat of an Anglophile.

So, when I came across this top at H&M I just had to have it! It’s got the Union Jack (British Flag) on one side and Big Ben underneath it. It’s got an illustration of a Football (what Americans refer to as a Soccer Ball) on the other side, and an illustration of Fish ‘N Chips underneath it, and a picture of a Double-Decker Bus underneath that, and an illustration of a Teapot pouring Tea into a Teacup with the words “Fancy A Cuppa’?” underneath that. In the middle, it’s got the London Underground logo, and underneath that is an illustration of a One Pound Coin, and underneath that is a Yorkshire Terrier decked out in Tartan Plaid (Burberry?), and underneath that is the word London, in print. I thought the whole thing was pretty cool! That’s why I just needed this top!

Like I said, I’m a Jeans and T-shirt kinda’ girl. This is the sorta’ thing I wear 99% of the time. Whether my hair is down (loose), or in a high ponytail, or even a low ponytail, it just works well with whatever. As far as I’m concerned, the Black Wedge Sneakers (that make me look like a giant ^_^) and Black Saddle Bag (to carry my business) are enough accessories for me. Heck, if my stuff happens to all fit into my pockets, I’ll forego the Handbag altogether, ‘cuz I like to keep it simple.

My camera hates me (we’ve agreed to disagree), but basically when it comes to my hair, I prefer a messy, undone look (I’ve only curled the ends, but that’s why my hair looks shorter than it actually is) and when it comes to sunglasses, I just love me some Aviators (‘cuz they’re just so cool)! As for clothes, I’ll wear whatever, as long as it looks laid-back (nothing overly frou-frou) and more importantly, feels comfy! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any better at this whole “Outfit of the Day” thing lawl Ah well!

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