Spotted at Boots

Sometimes when I’m out and about, I’d come across a new display being set up or a really cool new product, etc… and I’d wanna’ share it with you guys. So, I’ll just start posting them under the “Spotted” category. Sound good? Hope you enjoy!

I was attracted to this Umberto Giannini display at Boots, literally located in one of the local co-ops (Faiha). Everything sounded so awesome and the packaging was on point!

Curl Wash Enhancing Vegan Shampoo – Curl Jelly Vegan Scrunching Jelly – 60 Second Curls 1 Minute Vegan Moisture Mask

60 Second Curls 1 Minute Vegan Moisture Mask – No More Frizz Vegan Curl Serum – Weather Proof Curls Vegan Finishing Cream

No More Frizz Vegan Curl Serum – Weather Proof Curls Vegan Finishing Cream – Crème De Curl Vegan Control Cream – Curl Whip Curl Activating Vegan Mousse

Smooth Wash Moisturizing Shampoo – Smooth Care Moisturising Conditioner – Miracle Worker Smooth Serum – Blow Dry in a Bottle A Big Shiny Blow Out

Miracle Worker Smooth Serum – Blow Dry in a Bottle A Big Shiny Blow Out – Indulge Wash Nourishing Shampoo – Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask

Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask – Pick Me Up Moisturising Nutrient Spray – Spoil Me Hair Oil

I kinda’ wanted everything, but I’m still working my way through all the other Hair Care stuff that I already own, which is why even though they had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo going on, I didn’t get anything. Still, this display is what inspired me to get my hair chopped ^_^

Mark Hill XL Radial Brush with Moroccan Argan Oil

I thought this was pretty interesting! The photo does not do this thing any justice because basically this XL Radial Brush is pretty much the size of my head, if not bigger. For a brush, this thing is ginormous!!!!

Energie Fruit Lemon & Chamomile Water Dry Shampoo – Energie Fruit Orange Blossom & Monoï Dry Shampoo

This is the french brand Energie Fruit that I’ve been complaining about. For some reason, the only Dry Shampoo in the country is from Energie Fruit. Everything is written in French! This stuff is also available in the scent Mint (not shown). As it stands, I’m not a fan of any of the 3 Dry Shampoo scents.

Boots, please bring back Batiste already!

Johnny’s Chop Shop Born Lucky Shampoo with a Shot of Conditioner

Johnny’s Chop Shop seemed to be a brand that was new to Boots (spotted in the Avenues branch actually) and although I’d rather die first than apply conditioner to my scalp, this stuff caught my eye. Truth be told, it was the name “Born Lucky‘ (as a Sagittarian, I can totally relate) and the packaging (fun and cheerful)! With that being said, the brand is actually a barbershop and male grooming brand. I mean… they’ve even got a Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil lol which I thought was pretty cool! It’s about time men got grooming products of their own, as opposed to borrowing from their female counterparts (and totally denying it)!

Johnny’s Chop Shop Trigger Happy Texturising Salt Spray

Also from the same brand, I spotted this stuff. It’s a Sea Salt Spray, but the name Trigger Happy is what killed me! The packaging looked pretty cool too! Even cooler is the fact that this stuff actually contains caffeine! I just might go ahead and purchase this stuff, at some point.

Hope you enjoyed this post, because I feel like I’m going to post a lot more under the category “Spotted” (products or displays that look interesting and new, while I’m out and about)!

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