Shaolin Shuffle

Hair Accessory: Boots Black Velvet Scrunchie (haulage here)
Sunglasses: Red Aviators (purchased at a random store abroad in 2015)
Outerwear: Zara Floral Embroidered Shirt (haulage here)
Top: Zara Black TRF Polo Shirt (purchased in 2006 – not 2016 – 2006)
Trousers: H&M Burgundy Overdyed Twill Trousers (haulage here)
Shoes: Studded Black Wedge Sneakers (purchased online from either PLNDR or Karmaloop in 2012)

Shaolin Shuffle is actually one of the DLC maps in COD (if you didn’t understand any part of that sentence, don’t worry about it). The Zara Floral Embroidered Shirt (haulage here) – which as I said, looks like a cross between a Kung Fu Master’s Outfit and a Cheongsam (Traditional Chinese Dress) – was the inspiration behind the title of this post. I love this thing! It’s all long and flowy and just so cool!

Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to see (in detail), due to the horrible lighting in my bedroom. Everything looks much darker than it actually is. In reality, the Aviators have a bright red frame, whereas the Trousers are actually burgundy. I insisted on having dimmers and this (insufficient lighting) was the end result. At this point, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty much hopeless when it comes to this whole “Outfit of the Day” thing lol

Yeah, so this is what I was wearing underneath the Zara Floral Embroidered Shirt. The top also happens to be from Zara and is part of the TRF line and I’ve had it since college (super attached to this thing) because it has a collar, and y’all know how I feel about collars. The Burgundy Trousers are a newer addition to my wardrobe, but are quickly becoming one of my go-to’s! They add a nice, subtle, pop of color! Finally, the shoes are my one and only pair of Wedge Sneakers. These things are hands down my favorite shoes, ever! Other than looking ridiculously cool, they make me look like a giant, while also being super comfy (I can walk and even run in them, for days)! Plus, several of my friends have informed me that my Wedge Sneakers could pass for a dupe of the Givenchy Embellished Boots!

It looks like I’ve got a towel sticking out of my back-pocket, but I actually don’t work at an Auto Repair Shop on the side. Promise! I threw my hair up into a bun because everyone associates buns with Dim Sum (but not really) and Dim Sum is quintessentially Chinese (maybe?), but also so I can show my clothes better lol

Kung Fu Master Pose! The Aviators were purchased abroad. I love ’em because my hair never gets stuck in ’em! Also, I think they flatter my face… structure (facial features? I dunno).

Shrimp (or tummy-ache) Pose! When I used to watch ANTM, Tyra had them doing all kinds of silly poses and kept calling them “high fashion”. This is my take on one of the more common ones, so you can sorta’ see the Zara Floral Embroidered Shirt from a different angle.

Finally, here’s my Zara Floral Embroidered Shirt from the back! Dontcha’ just love it? (The correct answer is, yes) Seriously ob-sessed with this thing!

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