Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Haulage

So unbeknownst to me, the ban had been lifted, and apparently I could order from http://elfcosmetics.com/ again!

Back in the day, I used to order from ELF (Eyes Lips Face) pretty regularly. To the extent that I actually remember when they only had the Essentials line (everything from Makeup to Makeup Brushes and Tools, even an Eyelash Curler was only $1 and came in flimsy white packaging). Then, they branched out into the Studio line (slightly pricier trendy makeup with sleek black packaging). Then I believe they came out with a mineral range (around the $5 mark and above, with sturdy beige packaging) called Beautifully Bare. Looking at the photo (above) of the haulage, based on the packaging, you can sorta’ tell that a few items are from the Essentials line and a few are from the Beautifully Bare line, while the rest are mostly from the Studio line (black packaging). With that being said, it seems that ELF no longer categorizes them as such, because everything was merged together on their website. If not for the packaging and the price point, I wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

My first ELF purchase was actually from drugstore.com (around 2007 or so) and it was a bunch of their lip balms in little square tins, lipgloss in littly click-y pens, small circular blush and bronzers, tiny eyeshadow quads, white makeup brushes and even a body lotion, to name a few. Once I figured out I could order directly from the the ELF website, I went ham and ordered every new product they came out with (and they came out with new product pretty regularly!) to the extent that I’m still working my way through all my ELF stuff!

More often than not, some of the products would arrive damaged or literally break apart in my hands, but because of their low price point, I just brushed it off. Also, because twice a year, ELF would have a 50% discount on all their products! If I’d been eyeing up anything from the Studio Line or expensive Beautifully Bare line, I’d wait for the 50% discount because that would be the time when I’d purchase them (way more affordable). Heck, even the $1 line would only cost $0.50 per product! That said, it seems that ELF have increased the price point of their Essentials range by a dollar, which means everything in the Essentials range goes for $2 now. So, it’s safe to assume that they increased the prices for all the other lines as well. Regardless, their products are still extremely budget-friendly! In fact, the total for my entire order was only $109.96 (technically $140 with a $39 discount plus $8.96 for tax).

For whatever reason, I couldn’t order from the ELF website anymore, so I stopped. I’d still try my luck every few months or so, on the off-chance that my order would go through. I was dying to try out some of their newer stuff! I really wanted to get my hands on those stunning Makeup Brushes from the Beautifully Precise line, in particular. Thankfully, after about 2-4 years, my order finally went through!

Beautifully Precise Airbrush Blender retails for $10
Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush retails for $10
Beautifully Precise Airbrush Stipple retails for $10

I believe there are 12 Makeup Brushes in the Beautifully Precise line, but I just picked up these 3 for now. For starters, these things are gor~geous! I love the white bristles and the tranluscent handles! I love how the handles are triangular (tapered towards the bottom)! Best of all, I love how there’s nary a speck of horrid gold (ugh!) in sight! The whole thing just looks so aesthetically appealing! On the more practical side, the Beautifully Precise Brushes are really well-made! I’d even go so far as to say that they’re comparable to higher-end Makeup Brushes!

Beautifully Precise Airbrush Blender retails for $10

I picked this up for use with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes (namely, Give Me Sun). With that being said, the pictures up on the ELF website do not do this thing justice (neither do mine, if I’m being honest) because the cut on this thing is phenomenal for getting into all the nooks and crannies of the face! It’s somewhat angled (which I failed at showing in the photos) and a bit larger than what I was expecting. You can definitely use this thing to apply liquids or creams or powders. Personally, I can’t wait to use the Airbrush Blender with my extensive Bronzer Collection!

Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush retails for $10

It’s a bit smaller than I was expecting… but this brush is legit shaped like a Rose! How stinkin’ cuuute! Apparently, you’re supposed to apply the foundation (just a little bit) directly into the fluid reservoir (very middle of the rose) and then swirl it on to your face. However, I’ll be honest. I only picked up the Swirl Foundation Brush purely for the fact that it was shaped like a Rose. Also, as an added bonus, it’s a dupe of the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Full Coverage Foundation Brush (retails for $58) for a fraction of the price ($10)! It kinda’ seems similar to the those stunning Storybrook Cosmetics Rose Makeup Brushes too! Heck, I might even start wearing Foundation more often, just so I can get to play around this baby!

Beautifully Precise Airbrush Stipple retails for $10

My face slimmed down considerably (zero definition) after I lost a substantial amount of weight. As such, the product placement of my go-to brushes has been… off. I’d use the exact same brush I’d been using since forever, but end up with half my face covered in blush (no bueno). As such, I’ve been looking into getting smaller brushes for a more precise (Beautifully Precise lawl) application. I wanna’ be able to apply my blush to a certain area and only that area (not have it reaching down to my jawline). I figure this Airbush Stipple would be perfect for that! If that doesn’t pan out, I could always use it with my Bronzers or Highlighters or anything else that needs to be stippled on!

So stinkin’ pretty!

I also picked up a bunch of the new(er) Skincare Stuff. They had many, many, many new Skincare products, everything from all kinds of Sheet Masks to Booster Drops and even Skincare Tools, which is super exciting! However, I didn’t know if my order was going to go through or not, so I just stuck with the less liquid-y products (shipping restrictions) for now. Plus, I didn’t wanna’ go crazy and order too many things, because of the heat (they might end up going bad in storage, while waiting to be inspected by the MOI).

Pore Refining Primer Sheet Mask (new) retails for $2

I’ve used Primers before and I’ve used Sheet Masks before, but I’ve never used a Primer Sheet Mask before! The Pore Refining Primer Sheet Mask (light pink packaging) was also available as a 3 pack ($6) but I decided to just get a single ($2), for now. I’m saving this for a “special occasion” (which could mean anything from a legit special occasion to just the weekend lawl). I’m gonna’ use this mask to prep for a beat face (haven’t gone full-on “glam” in a minute), but the mood has to strike me. If I’m not in the mood to play around with my makeup, I go very, very minimal, regardless of the occasion (I always just sorta’ do my own thing, always have, always will). With that being said, I’ve noticed that my skin has been extra dry lately, which means whenever I apply any sorta’ powder (Blush, Bronzer, Highlight, etc…), it looks even drier! One of my cousins was the one who so kindly brought it to my attention. Hopefully, this Primer Sheet Mask will help my makeup go on more smoothly! If this stuff works, I’m definitely going to repurchasing it… in bulk!

Hydrating Water Sheet Mask retails for $3

I’ve always loved Face Masks! In reality, some of them might not actually even do anything beneficial to the skin, but they make me feel good (for trying to do something good, for my skin), regardless. Plus, it’s fun (if a bit pretentious) to imagine that you’re at some sort of fancy Spa! Truth be told, I feel that Face Masks are just part and parcel of being female. Sheet Masks in particular, are so effortless! Just pop one on and forget about it! ELF have come out with a plethora of Sheet Masks recently but I chose the Hydrating Water Sheet Mask… purely for the graphics (water ♥)! Also, since I’ve got dry skin, I figure with words like “Hydrating” and “Water“, this Sheet Mask will be perfect for me!

Worthy of note, they’ve got a whole bunch of other products in the Hydrating Water range (based on the name and light blue packaging and water graphics), everything from an Essence to a Serum to a Primer to a Bubble Mask to Cleansing Cloths to a potted Gel Cleanser and so on.

Hydrogel Under Eye Masks retails for $8

These are little patches you place on the under-eye area, not unlike the Purederm Gel Patches (haulage here). The Elf Under Eye Masks were also available in Charcoal, but I went with the Hydrogel because my under-eye area needs more moisture, not less. Each pack comes with a set of 3 (so that’s 6 patches in total). As you can hopefully tell from the graphics, these are also part of the Hydrating Water range, which is another reason they appealed to me. Mostly though, I got these because I’ve been wearing concealer a lot more now (I’m an insomniac ergo dark circles) and unlike most people who suffer from oily skin, I’ve got dry skin. As such, concealers that people rave about, just don’t work for me and it’s kinda’ bumming me out. That’s why, with this stuff, I’m hoping my concealer will… behave. *fingers crossed*

Prep & Hydrate Balm retails for $8

I own the Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm (which happens to be blue and have a cooling effect), but that one is only meant for the eyes, whereas the ELF Prep & Hydrate Balm could be used anywhere from the face to the body (elbows and knees and such). Most people use this stuff as a Primer. Apparently, this stuff blurs out your pores and any texture while giving you a dewy finish (yes, please)! Plus, it’s blue and has a cooling effect as well! To top it all off, the Prep & Hydrate Balm has gotten and is still getting rave reviews. I’m just a sucker for cute packaging (as we’ve already established) and to me, this thing looked stupid cute! I believe this was also part of the Hydrating Water range (based on the name and light blue packaging and water graphics). I’m definitely gonna’ try popping this li’l cutie in the fridge (for an extra-cooling effect) before applying it!

Loving all the water graphics! Reminds me of the packaging of my beloved, long-discontinued, Lancome Aqua Fusion Moisturizer.

Hydrating Under Eye Primer retails for $3

The name says it all. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve been having some serious issue with dryness, which consequentially has led to my concealer (regardless of brand) going on all weird and patchy, and just looking plain awful on me. So, I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of Under Eye Primers (already picked up the Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer, as well) to find one that’ll hopefully work for me. I took off the cap to show you the pump dispenser which is so handy, as opposed to other brands that went the squeezy-tube applicator route. Judging by the packaging, this could’ve been from the Elf Studio Line (they seem to have merged all their lines, Essentials and Studio and Beautifully Bare, together).

So these are the Primers I got; 1 for the Face and 1 for the Under Eye Area. If those don’t work, then I’m probably going to have to look into taking even more drastic measures *dun-dun-duuun* … like actually start drinking water (ugh)! I loathe water. I get my daily water intake from my psuedo-coffee drink (review here), fizzy drinks/pop/soda (which I quit for the past few months to lose some weight like Negan) and juice. I prefer my drinks extra-extra-extra sugary. I don’t do water. It’s tasteless. The way things are shaping up, it seems like I’m gonna’ have to start drinking actual water (le sigh), but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (lol I’m hopeless).

Lip ExfoliatorsClear (Coffee) and Coconut retail for $3 each

The Clear Lip Exfoliator is an OG ELF product from back in the day, when I used to purchase it pretty regularly in bulk (well, only 2 at a time, rather). I could’ve sworn it consisted of Coffee but now on the website it says Brown Sugar. In any case, the scrubby bits are awesome at exfoliating the lips! Plus, it smells so good! As I said earlier, I couldn’t order from ELF (for years) for some reason, but in the meantime, they came out with many, many different flavors/scents including Sweet Cherry (eww cherries), Mint Maniac (all blue, so cool!), Coconut (yaaaas!), Pink Grapefruit (interesting choice) and Rose (so. much. yes.), but for now, I decided to just pick up the OG in Clear (Coffee/Brown Sugar) and only one of the newer ones in Coconut. As you can see, the packaging clearly differs from Clear (OG) to Coconut (New). I wonder why they haven’t come out with Lemon or Orange though… it seems like a pretty obvious choice. My God, can you imagine if they came out with Green Apple! Better yet, something similar to the Nivea Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon (review here) because that stuff smelled divine! *hint hint* The Lip Exfoliator used to be sold under the ELF Studio Line, as you can tell from the all-black packaging.

Christian Siriano Tinted Lip Oil and Christian Siriano Liquid Matte Lipstick (ELF x Christian Siriano Collection) retails for $6 each

I wasn’t planning on purchasing anymore lip stuff, but the bright packaging caught my eye! Also, I was actually kinda’ intrigued by the Tinted Lip Oil. I figured since I was buying the Tinted Lip Oil anyway, might as well pick up the Liquid Matte Lipstick too (in for a penny, in for a pound). As far as I know, these are the only shades available. Looking at them now, the Tinted Lip Oil in the shade Polished Pink seems right up my alley. However, the Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Electric Fuchsia doesn’t seem like something I’d actually wear (I don’t do fuchsia). Nothing wrong with the shade, per say. I just don’t like it on myself (on my lips, rather). Very pretty packaging all around, though! If you’re interested, there’s also a Christian Siriano Cosmetics Bag ($8) and a Christian Siriano Eyeshadow Palette ($12) available for purchase up on the ELF website. I’d never thought I’d see the day when ELF would collab with Christian Siriano lol… interesting combo, to say the least.

Gotta Glow Lip Tint retails for $6

This baby right here was the main reason I was dying to purchase from ELF again! It’s just like the Dior Addict Lip Glow (haulage here) and Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto (Beautifying Lip Balm) (haulage here) for a fraction of the price! It’s supposed to go on Clear but then reacts with chemistry of your lips (sure, sure) to deliver a personalized, perfect shade of Pink! As the word “tint” in the name would suggest, also, just like the other 2 similar products mentioned earlier, this stuff is quite sheer (yet buildable), so don’t go expecting it to be all crazy pigmented. Judging by the packaging and price point, I believe this is from the more expensive Beautifully Bare line. I got it in the shade Perfect Pink, but it’s also available in Perfect Peach (orange) and Perfect Berry (purple). So cute!

Lip Kiss Balm retails for $2 (discontinued)

I needed a new Lip Balm (you can never have enough of those) so I added this Lip Kiss Balm to my online shopping cart. It was available in a bunch of shades (different finishes too, from what I could tell) but I chose the shade Bare Kiss, because I thought it was going to be a nude (based on the photos on the website). I was pleasantly surprised to find that shade-wise (but not finish-wise), on my lips, it was pretty much a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick! No joke, this stuff was super pigmented! It was beautifully glossy too (as opposed to Velvet Teddy which has a matte finish)! I was indifferent towards the strong minty scent though. I was definitely going to repurchase this stuff and stash a tube everywhere (car, desk at work, most used handbags, etc…)! Unfortunately, this has since been discontinued, because I can no longer find any of the Lip Kiss Balms up on the ELF website anymore -_- Based on the $2 price and the flimsy packaging, it’s safe to assume that this was part of the Essentials line (which used to cost $1 max).

Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover retails for $3

Taking off Liquid Lipsticks can be a struggle. The stuff refuses to budge! I’d scrub my face raw, using everything, from makeup remover down to a bar of soap, but nothing would work. My skin would be all red, raw and irritated… and yet, some residual Liquid Lipstick would still remain behind! I could afford to go through all that, if I was going to slap on moisturizer (to soothe my skin) and just hop into bed. However, I can’t afford to go through all that, when I’ve got somewhere to be and I’m already short on time. Forget removing the whole thing. Even trying to fix a tiny mistake (if some of it accidentally got on your chin or cheek, for example) can be so time-consuming! The whole process of taking off any Liquid Lipstick is infuriating! In comes this Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover to the rescue! It looks like it’s from the Studio Line as well. Ideally, you’re supposed to pop a little bit on your finger (…no) and apply it your lips, wait a bit, then wipe it off with a cotton pad. Personally, I’d rather apply this straight from the tube. I like that it comes in squeeze-y tube packaging (like a lipgloss) and that the packaging itself is clear (so you know when you’re about to run out). I believe I used to own something similar from Maybelline, way back when. Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover just might be my savior!

Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads retails for $2

I purchased the Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads for the same reason I purchased the Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover. I’m sick of my Liquid Lipsticks still hanging around when I so clearly want them gone. With that being said, I just can’t bring myself to use these Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads. They look so gross! Just click on the photo to enlarge it and you’ll see. It’s got some sort of white residue dotting the edges. It’s got some condensation action going on in the middle. It’s not even properly sealed shut! The whole thing looks like a DIY project… made by a 4 year old. Hard pass.

So these are the Lipstick Removers; 1 to keep and 1 to trash. They can’t all be winners.

Considering I wasn’t even planning on purchasing any Lip Stuff, I ended up with a handful. With that being said, most of them are “treatments” (note the justification lol). Regardless, I’m happy with the ones I got.

Technically, only the Christian Siriano Liquid Matte Lipstick should be considered cosmetic. The rest are an Oil and a Tint and Balm, which are all “beneficial” to lips.

These are the 2 Lip Exfoliators and 2 Lip Color Removers. Like I said, “treatments”.

Flyaway Tamers retail for $2

I stocked up on these babies when I was in Thailand! They sold them at their convenience stores and drugstores for dirt cheap! The ones I used to own were significantly larger square pieces (2 per pack, I believe) and mostly came in Hot Pink. I’d blow-dry my hair, then use 1 to keep my bangs/fringe off my face while I did my makeup. They were so handy! Unfortunately, they seemed to have disappeared… to wherever all hair accessories (bobby pins, hairbands, scrunchies, tiny clips) go to when they disappear. It’s pretty cool that ELF are sorta’ branching out into other stuff. However, looking at these now, they are quite cute (shaped like li’l bows and all), but they’re also quite small, meaning I’m not sure if they’ll actually be of any use. Also, they don’t seem well-made. Just sayin’. Judging by the price, I’m gonna’ go out on a limb and say that these are from the Essentials line. Another minor issue I’ve got with this thing is the name Flyaway Tamers. Couldn’t they have named it anything else? lol

Weylie x ELF Luxe Lash Kit retails for $4

Another pair of Falsies (you can never have too many)! I figure if these are a hit, I could purchase them in bulk next time around, since they’re so inexpensive. If not, it’s only $4 down the drain, no biggie. Judging by the way they look in the case, they look pretty decent though. I’ve purchased other lashes from ELF in the past and their $1 line Falsies (which they’re still selling… only now they go for $2) are absolutely horrible. In comparison, these look pretty sweet! They’ve added several different Lash Styles and even a Lash Holder since my previous purchase (years and years ago) but these appealed to me the most. I’m sure I’ve encountered at least 1 or 2 videos by ilikeweylie on Youtube as well.

Primer Infused Blush retails for $6 (new)

This product was new to ELF (not just new to me). Since my skin has been acting up (being all dry and whatnot), I figured a nice creamy blush would look more complimentary (as opposed to a pressed powder blush). Apparently this stuff is “primer infused”, so that’s something I guess. The Primer Infused Blush is available in 4 shades. I chose the shade Always Fiery because the name just spoke to me (Sagittarius, bebe!), but also because Always Spicy (brown) looked too dark for me, Always Cheeky (pink) looked too light for me and I’ve learned to avoid any shades described as Rosy (it’s never what I expect the shade to be) so I skipped Always Rosy.

Primer Infused Bronzer retails for $6 (new)

Also new (literally found under the “What’s New” tab), I spotted this Primer Infused Bronzer. It was available in 3 shades; Constantly Bronzed (seemed too dark) and Perpetually Tan (seemed too orange) and Forever Sunkissed (lightest of the bunch). I figured I’d err on the side of caution and go with the lightest one available for now, just to see how this stuff performs. I’m sure they’ll probably add more shades to the Primer Infused Blush and Primer Infused Bronzer down the line, depending on how well these do, sales-wise. So if none of the shades appeal to you right now, hang tight. As for myself, I picked up this Primer Infused Bronzer because my skin has been supah dry (I know, I know, I sound like a broken record at this point) so I wanted something that wouldn’t emphasize the dryness and possibly even compliment my skin.

Primer Infused Bronzer and Primer Infused Blush

Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick retails for $4

This was available in the shades Fresh Morning Dew (clear) and Pink Pearl Glow (icy pink) and Champagne Glow (shimmery gold). Quite frankly, I’m sick of Chubby Sticks at this point. Also, I don’t really need anymore Highlighters. However, Fresh Morning Dew is literally described as a “clear, shimmer-free balm for a dewy glow”! How could I say no to that? Based on the reviews, a lot of people complain that when they apply this stuff over their Foundation, it actually removes it. I don’t wear Foundation, so that’s a non-issue for me. Since my skin is so dry (powder highlighters tend to emphasize that fact), I figure this baby would be ideal for highlighting, especially when I’m going for subtle, minimal, barely noticeable, fresh-faced makeup! Also, it straight up just sounds pretty, Fresh Morning Dew! With that being said, the name of the of the actual product is Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick (so it’s safe to assume that this stuff is from the Beautifully Bare line).

Color Correcting Stick retails for $4

I tried ordering this Color Correcting Stick (in the darker peach shade) when it first came out, but my order never went through. It’s available in 4 shades, Green (to correct red), Purple (to correct yellow), Correct Dark Circles (light skin tones) and Correct Dark Circles (dark skin tones), the last 2 being a lighter peach and darker peach. As I’ve said, I get about 3-4 hours of sleep, if I’m lucky. As such, dark circles are a fun little bonus. I figure with this stuff, I could pop some on and apply my concealer over-top, so I can maybe, y’know, look less like a heroin addict. This reminds me of the days when I was lusting after the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer way back when. I could never get my hands on that stuff, so as a consolation prize I settled for the Nyx Full Coverage Concealer (orange). It goes without saying that I’m super stoked that I finally managed to snag this baby!

Tone Correcting Powder retails for $4

Awww, man! I love this stuff!!!! I used to repurchase the Tone Correcting Powder every single time I’d place an order with ELF. This is in the shade Cool, but I could’ve sworn they used to sell it in Warm as well. I’m positive it’s from the Studio Line. I know people swear up and down that the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is the best out on the market. However, Loose Powders are a disaster waiting to happen and I happen to be quite accident-prone. Speaking from personal experience with my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder which ended up spilling all over the place, more often than not, Loose Powders and I just don’t mix. That’s why I’ve turned to Pressed Powder instead. I’ve purchased all kinds, from high-end to drugstore, but for some reason, this particular one from ELF is my favorite! I love the compact packaging! I love that it’s dirt cheap (sorta’)! I love that it’s got several shades in it! Normally, I’ll swirl a large fluffy Powder Brush into the compact, mixing all the shades together and apply it to my face. However, on occasion, I’ll use a smaller brush and only pick up some of the yellow part, to set my under-eye concealer. Yes, I’ve been complaining about having dry skin for a minute, so using any sort of powder seems counter-intuitive, but when I go overboard with Bronzer or Blush or even Highlight, this Tone Correcting Powder takes it down a notch or two (effectively, toning it down lawl)!

Flawless Finish Foundation (oil-free) retails for $6

When I wore MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (fresh tube hauled here), my skin looked so yellow in comparison that I practically looked like I had jaundice! Same issue with some of my more opalescent ColourPop Super Shock Highlighters. A problem easily remedied by wearing Foundation. The thing is, I don’t like wearing Foundation, at all. However, it’s high time I revisit this whole Foundation business and give it another shot. Rather than splurge on an expensive one and letting it go to waste, I decided to test out the waters and ease myself into wearing Foundation by getting a cheap-y one first. ELF had several offerings, from Cream Foundations to Cream Foundation Palettes to Foundation Serums and Acne Fighting Foundation and even BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers. I just wanted a regular one, so I settled for the Flawless Finish Foundation. I couldn’t decide on which shade to get, so I figured since I live in a desert country, the shade Sand would be the most obvious choice. Isn’t that how people normally choose their shade in Foundation? Joke, jokes! The Flawless Finish Foundation is surprisingly small! With that being said, I’ve worn this out and about a handful of times already – including getting my driver’s license photo taken while wearing this stuff – and we seem to be getting along just fine (for the time being). In the interest of full disclosure, I did have the Farsali Unicorn Essence (haulage here) underneath, as a primer.

BlushBronzerHighlighting StickColor Correcting StickFoundationPowder

Basically, all the Face Stuff.

Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow retails for $3

I’ve purchased these back in the day when they first came out. I remember them having more shades, but at the moment, they’ve only got 4 shades available: Cruisin Chic (metallic taupe) and Brownie Points (metallic bronze) and Gotta Glow (metallic gold) and Back to Basics (metallic copper). I picked this up in the shade Back to Basics because I was misled by the photos (I thought it was gonna’ be lighter) up on the ELF website. Despite the negative reviews, I wanna’ try using this as a base underneath my more neutral powder shadows. I really don’t know why I bother with Smudge Pots and Paint Pots and such. It’s an extra step that I know for a fact, I don’t enjoy taking. I’m guessing it might possibly have something to do with how well I got along with the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, but alas not all cream products are created equally. To add insult to injury, these Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadows dry up and go bad super quick, so it’s a case of use ’em or lose ’em.

Cream Eyeliner retails for $3

Another constant repurchase! These used to be available in way more shades as well, but they’ve whittled them down to only 4: Coffee (Brown) and Black (… Black) and Teal Tease (Blue/Green so… Teal) and Punk Purple (erm… Purple). I remember these coming with a teeny-tiny angled Liner Brush. I see that ELF has decided to cut costs and do away with the brush all-together (not cool, guys). The square packaging although a bit wasteful (you only get a tiny amount, but a little goes a long way anyway) is quite cute! The shade Coffee can double up as a Brow Gel as well as an Eye Liner, as demonstrated by some of the more savvy girls. I went for Black because I’ve got brown eyes. I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel that only people with Green Eyes or Blue Eyes or really really light Hazel Eyes can pull off colorful eyeliners successfully. It’s just a personal preference, but I feel like unless I’m wearing colored contacts, my eyes look strange when lined with a lighter eyeliner. It’s totally fine if you’ve got dark eyes and use colorful eyeliners though. As I said, it’s just a preference of mine. To each their own.

Lock On Liner and Brow Cream retails for $4

This was new to me (never purchased it from ELF before). It was available in 4 shades: Taupe Blonde and Light Brown and Medium Brown and Espresso. I didn’t care which shade I got as long as it didn’t pull Red on me so I went for Medium Brown. Apparently, ELF wisened up to people using their Cream Eyeliners for their brows, and decided to come out with a whole new product marketed as both a Liner and Brow Cream. Smart!

Expert Liquid Liner retails for $2

Honestly, I only purchased this thing to see if they’d changed it (which they totally did). Back in the day, I used to purchase this stuff in bulk! It was only $1 back then and with the 50% discount, I usually got them for $0.50 a pop! I’d go through these babies like water! In fact, I distinctly remember taking 2 at a time with me to Lebanon on summer vacation (2-3 months) for several years, consecutively. That said, the OG ones were significantly smaller in size. The newer ones come with more product and seem to have a longer applicator. I actually preferred the previous version to this newer version, because it was nice and stiff, perfect for creating little flicks. Currently, this stuff is available in Coffee (Brown) and Jet Black (Black) and Midnight (Navy) and Charcoal (Gray). Obviously, I went with Jet Black. With that being said, ELF have included several new Eye Liner offerings and I’ve already got my eye on a few of them (for my next haul)!

Instant Lift Brow Pencil retails for $2

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I love playing around with Brow Products! This particular Brow Pencil was not new to ELF, only new to me, as I’ve never purchased this from them before. As far as I know, this stuff is only available in 3 shades: Taupe (for Blonde to Light Brown Hair) and Neutral Brown (for Medium Brown Hair) and Deep Brown (for Dark Brown to Black Hair). I went with the darkest shade, Deep Brown lest I end up with anything reddish. Since it’s priced at only $2 (and comes in cheap and flimsy packaging) I’m guessing it’s part of the Essentials line, which works out great for me because I can then repurchase this stuff in bulk (since it’s so inexpensive) and never have to worry about running out (I go through Brow Pencils crazy fast)! ELF also came out with a product called Ultra Precise Brow Pencil which I wanted to purchase along with the Instant Lift Brow Pencil ($5) but they were sold out of my shade.

Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Brow Gel retails for $5

As the name (and price… and packaging) would suggest, this stuff is clearly from the more expensive Beautifully Bare line. It’s available in 4 shades: Clear and Light and Medium and Dark. I kinda’ wanted them all (like I said, I LOVE playing around with Brow Stuff)! However, since they were priced at $5 a piece, I figured I’d better wait for some sort of sale and in the meantime just try 1 out for now. According to the reviews up on the Elf website, the one in Clear left some sort of white residue on people’s brows (paaaaaaaass) and I couldn’t tell if the Light and Medium had a reddish tint to them or not. That’s why I decided to go with the shade Dark.

Beautifully Precise Makeup Brushes

Beautifully Precise Airbrush Blender retails for $10
Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush retails for $10
Beautifully Precise Airbrush Stipple retails for $10

The Beautifully Precise Brushes are stunning and surprisingly well-made!

Skincare Stuff

Pore Refining Primer Sheet Mask retails for $2 (new)
Hydrating Water Sheet Mask retails for $3
Hydrogel Under Eye Masks retails for $8
Prep & Hydrate Balm retails for $8

Super excited about all the Skincare Stuff! Loving all the water graphics! More importantly, my skin is in dire need of the stuff!

Prep Stuff

Prep & Hydrate Balm retails for $8
Hydrating Under Eye Primer retails for $3
Color Correcting Stick (Light Skin Tones) retails for $4
Beautifully Bare Highlighting Stick (Fresh Morning Dew) retails for $4

Potential game-changers, each and every single one of them! The Highlighting Stick in particular, has my heart!

Face Stuff

Primer Infused Blush (Always Fiery) retails for $6 (new)
Primer Infused Bronzer (Forever Sunkissed) retails for $6 (new)
Flawless Finish Foundation (Sand) retails for $6
Tone Correcting Powder (Cool) retails for $4

Normally, my main focus is usually the Eyes. However, these are all a prerequisite for a beat face ^_~

Liners and Brow Stuff

Expert Liquid Liner (Jet Black) retails for $2
Cream Eyeliner (Black) retails for $3
Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow (Back to Basics) retails for $3
Lock On Liner and Brow Cream (Medium Brown) retails for $4
Instant Lift Brow Pencil (Deep Brown) retails for $2
Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Brow Gel (Dark) retails for $5

Nothing particularly exciting, just some basics to get reacquainted with the brand.

Lip Stuff

Christian Siriano Liquid Matte Lipstick (Electric Fuchsia) retails for $6
Christian Siriano Tinted Lip Oil (Polished Pink) retails for $6
Gotta Glow Lip Tint (Perfect Pink) retails for $6
Lip Kiss Balm (Bare Kiss) retails for $2 (discontinued)
Lip Exfoliator (Clear) retails for $3
Lip Exfoliator (Coconut) retails for $3
Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover retails for $3
Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads retails for $2

Finally, the fun stuff!!!! Can’t decide which on of them I love more! Obviously, the Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads (so gross) are not included in the equation (going straight into the trash after this post).

Other Stuff

Lip Exfoliator (Clear) retails for $3
Lip Exfoliator (Coconut) retails for $3
Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover retails for $3
Mouth Off Lipstick Remover Pads retails for $2
Flyaway Tamers retail for $2
Luxe Lash Kit (Weylie x ELF) retails for $4

Nothing much to say. I just liked the way the shot looked (all black and white) lol It’s an eclectic little collection but interesting nonetheless. Kudos to ELF for trying out new things. Those Flyaway Tamers, specifically (just can’t get past that name lol).

Here’s everything I got in this haul. It’s been a minute since my last ELF haul so I kinda’ overdid it. That said, I’m so glad that I can finally order stuff from ELF again!!!! Their price point is perfect for those who need a quick hit of budget-friendly makeup every now and again! I’m definitely, definitely going to be ordering a lot more from ELF, once the weather in Kuwait cools down (don’t want my stuff to melt)! As a matter of fact, they’ve already released a whole slew of new products since I last placed this order!

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