Boots Haulage (The Promenade Mall)

After Aldo (haulage here), I spotted a teeny tiny Boots store (ground floor) and decided to pop in for a quick peek. I ended up getting a Hair BB Powder (wuuuuuut) and some Lash Glue (to master putting on False Lashes in a jiffy) and a pair of False Lashes (for practice).

Brelil Hair BB Powder Spray (Multi Purpose Dry Volumizer) retails for KD 4/000

Multi-purpose spray for all hair types that performs 10 actions in one.

1. Revives the style
2. Adds volume to the roots
3. Gives body to the lengths
4. Refreshes the scalp
5. Brightens the hair colour
6. Texturizes the style
7. Mattifies
8. Removes excess sebum
9. Prolongs the style
10. Holds the style without weighing hair down

I had to get this solely based on the fact that it was a BB Powder for Hair! It’s all Italian in the the front, but it does have some English on the back. Also, I know it lists 10 actions, but to me they all sound pretty much the same; the powder soaks up the oil on the scalp, therefore making the hair both look and feel less greasy, ergo Dry Shampoo. In my case, I use Dry Shampoo on freshly washed hair to add volume to it. Somehow, my hair goes flat if I blow-dry it too soon out of the shower. If I wait too long however, before blow-drying my hair after a shower, I’ll get the volume, but I’ll also end up with frizz. I gotta’ time it juuust right for that sweet spot where I blow-dry my freshly washed hair and end up with all the volume I want, minus the frizz. More often than not, I can’t wait that long and it ends up being flat. In comes Dry Shampoo to the rescue. A spritz here and there, and presto, full volume! In all honesty, I only picked up this BB Powder in lieu of Dry Shampoo. For some reason, I just can’t find Dry Shampoo anywhere in the entire country of Kuwait! It’s been forever now! Seriously, what is going on?

Boots, please bring back Batiste – Hint of Color – Medium & Brunette – Dry Shampoo already!

Kiss i-Envy Super Flex Brush-On Black Eyelash Adhesive retails for KD 3/300

For some reason, I’ve really been wanting to revisit this whole False Lashes thing and to do that, I needed a decent Lash Glue. I’ve used Kiss Lash Glue before (purchased multiple times from back before it closed down) and got on pretty well with this stuff, in no small thanks to the Brush-On Applicator (so handy)! This particular one dries Black, which I enjoy because it’s easier to blend in with my liner. I definitely recommend you give this stuff a try!

Kiss i-Envy Demi Wispies retail for KD 2/500

Lastly, I picked up yet another pair of Falsies. This particular style are called Demi Wispies and also happen to be by the brand Kiss. Notice how the band is so thin that it’s practically invisible! I’m not big on False Lashes and yet I hoard them anyway (unlike the Glue, these don’t expire) for that “special event” that never happens. Whenever a special occasion actually comes up, I’m always in too much of a rush (short on time) to bother with Falsies lawl. I figure if I start wearing False Lashes a bit more regularly, then hopefully I’ll be a pro at popping on some Falsies lickety-split! Also, for whatever reason, I’ve been having terrible, terrible luck with my Mascara purchases recently (all the ones I’ve purchased so far, seem like they’re missing… something). I figure, now might be a good time to switch things up and opt for Falsies every now and again.

Less than a tenner for all of the above ^_^

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