Zara Cashmere Rose Eau de Parfum

On April 6 I found myself at Zara (the Marina Mall branch). It was around closing time (literally no time to try anything on), but there was a long line of people at the cash register, so I figured I at least had enough time to give the perfume testers a sniff and possibly pick one or two up. In all honestly, I was hoping for something similar to the long-discontinued Zara Black Peony Eau de Toilette (reviewed here). Unfortunately, some of the perfume testers wouldn’t even spritz (the atomizer had been damaged after being manhandled, I presume) while other perfume testers were straight up empty! One of the Sales Assistants walked over to me and suggested I give Zara Cashmere Rose a try. He said that they’d knocked the price down because they were phasing it out (only in Kuwait, because as far as I know, Zara Cashmere Rose is still production abroad) and as such, he’d stocked up, for his wife. The tester was at the check-out counter so I followed him there. The scent was beautiful and I said so, to which he replied, “just like you” (which I thought was inappropriate). I didn’t know it at the time but apparently I’d snatched up the very last Zara Cashmere Rose and I’ve been showing it a lot of love ever since!

Oriental Eau de Parfum. The scent reveals notes of cherry, peony and vanilla. It’s an intense, feminine and elegant fragrance.

Top: Cherry
Heart: Peony
Base: Vanilla

I feel like even the box that Zara Cashmere Rose came in… could be re-purposed! You could toss out the cardboard cut-outs inside and start storing little knickknacks in there, like your rings or stud earrings or bobby pins and hair bobbles or even lipstick and lip gloss, or whatever else your little heart desires!

As for the perfume bottle itself, it looked like a standard perfume bottle, except it had light pink leather, largely covering most of the bottle. It wasn’t removable either (I tried). With that being said, it actually reminded me of a tea cozy, which I thought was quite cute!

Even the liquid inside was a light pink!

I liked the stitching detail it had going on at the bottom and on the sides, because it played up to the whole tea cozy aesthetic.

Finally, on to the scent! Generally, I can’t stand the scent of cherries, however my nose doesn’t even pick up on any Cherry notes (Thank. God.) in this perfume. I don’t even know what Peonies are supposed to smell like, so I’ve got nothing much to say about that either. The Vanilla comes into play only after the scent has sufficiently dried down (after half a minute or so). I walked in there looking for Zara Black Peony and ended up with something not only similar, but dare I say it, better! Honestly, Zara Cashmere Rose has got that whole Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (haulage here) vibe down pat. It’s sweet! It’s sexy! It’s got great sillage! I double spritzed this stuff on in the morning and could still smell it on my clothes while I was changing out of them (didn’t get a chance to go home until the very end of the day). All in all, the scent on this thing is gorgeous! Literally everyone is either constantly complimenting the scent or asking to be spritzed with it so Zara Cashmere Rose is a real crowd-pleaser!

Although short and stout (like a teapot! … clearly I’m quite set on this whole tea cozy comparison), the bottle is substantially heavy. It’s not ideal for carrying around in your handbag, but it’s doable. The design of the bottle (pink leather and all) is not the pretties thing in the world, but quite cute when you think of it as a perfume bottle cozy (like a tea cozy). The pink liquid inside is pretty cute too! Also, the name Cashmere Rose is quite pretentious lawl but I kinda’ like it (especially for this particular scent). All that aside, it’s the juice that matters, so I’m happy to report that the scent is gorgeous!

I purchased Zara Cashmere Rose Eau de Parfum (100ml/3.4 fl oz) for only KD 4/900. I know for sure that it’s no longer available locally, but it’s still in production abroad. I’m almost positive that Cashmere Rose is a budget-friendly dupe for some high-end alternative (as Zara are wont to do). If you get a chance to, definitely give Zara Cashmere Rose a try!

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