Aldo Sunglasses Haul

On April 4th I found myself at Souk Sharq, again. While there, I decided to check out Aldo. I’ve always loved Aldo (both the shoe store and accessories store that are wall-to-wall to each other at Souk Sharq, which is just super convenient)! Before Aldo was available in Kuwait, my favorite cousin and I used to fly to Dubai and stockpile Aldo Accessories and Aldo Shoes for ourselves all the time. More recently though, I’ve become absolutely besotted with their Handbags! As such, I wanted to check out their recent Handbags Collection but ended up getting 3 pairs of Sunglasses instead. Also, I got to pick out a Choker Necklace for free (for purchasing over KD 15/000)!

One of the Sunglasses I got was yet another pair of Clear Aviators (so cool!) while the other two were Cat Eyes (current trend) including one of those Matrix-Inspired Tiny Black Sunglasses (also currently trending). Cat-Eye Sunglasses aren’t really my style (I’m an Aviators girl, through and through) but it’s nice to switch things up, from time to time.

White Bohney Sunglasses retail for KD 7/000

Cool frames aren’t relegated to sunnies. Stay on-point with these wire framed readers.

I love Aviators! I love Clear Glasses! A mash-up of both resulting in Clear Aviators in my eyes, is just… perfection! I’m not quite sure why they’re described as readers though, because the lenses aren’t prescription. Whatevs, these are cool and I love ’em! They make a wonderful new addition to my endless Aviator Collection!

Pink Dwerrallan Cat-Eye Sunglasses retail for KD 4/000

Retro colored lenses are the season’s rage. Sport them everywhere you go and turn heads.

This particular style was available in a whole bunch of colors and frames (silver, purple, black, etc…), but I went with this one because I liked the how the Black Frame made the Pink Lenses really pop! Also, the other variations had darker tints (your eyes barely showed) whereas the Pink Lenses were semi-transparent. Honestly, I picked these up because I got a romantic notion (once again) of wearing these sunnies, while driving a convertible (which I don’t even own, mind you), wearing a collared tea-dress, some delicate gloves and a pretty scarf loosely tied around my head. Meanwhile, back on Earth, when I wore these Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses to one of the many family gatherings at my uncle’s house, my younger cousin kindly informed me that I look like that one guy from the the anime One Piece -_-

Black Meacham Cat-Eye Sunglasses retail for KD 7/000

Throw some shade (the good kind) in these classic cat-eye sunglasses.

These were available in Black and White and Red and in Kid Sizes too (for mothers who enjoy twinning with their toddlers)! They’re so tiny that they kinda’ look like toy sunglasses lawl Initially, I was gonna’ for the White (seems lovely for tanning by the pool), but Black is always my go-to and it’s definitely way more wearable (you can pair it with literally anything and everything). Kinda’ like the Red and Blue Pill Conundrum, no? Okay, fine, no. Although very small, these are quite sturdy! I love how plain yet sleek they look, and best of all, they don’t have any of those tiny hindrances (wire rims, itty-bitty screws, etc..), that my hair keeps getting caught in! The whole Matrix Inspired Micro Sunglasses Trend thing aside, these were actually worth picking up on their own merit!

Aldo Agrosa Choker Necklace retails for KD 5/000 but I got it for free (as part of the promo)

– Pack of 3 Choker Necklaces
– Semi-precious Stone Pendent
– Movable Heart and Lightning Pendent

For purchasing more than KD 15/000 I got to pick out a Choker Necklace (for free)! Out of the pitiful selection – the racks looked like they’d been positively ravaged – I ended up picking this Agrosa Choker because the semi-precious stone looked kinda’ cute! Regardless of the fact that Chokers were actually trending awhile back, I never actually went out and purchased some of my own (not even one) so this is literally my first! The Lightning Charm (makes me think of Harry Potter!) and the Heart Charm are cute, but a bit too juvenile for my taste. I have yet to open this baby up and start wearing it out and about though (which just goes to show you how much of a non-choker-wearing person I am lawl). I might just pass it along to whomever is willing to take it off my hands.

I’m pretty happy with the sunnies I got! With that being said, none of them are any good at actually shielding your eyes from the sun (lawl), but that’s totally fine because I only purchased them for aesthetic reasons (they looked cool to me) anyway.

The total was KD 18/000 which is why I qualified for a free Choker Necklace. The Clear Aviators are so cool! The Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses are quite fun! The Black Micro Cat-Eye Sunglasses were surprisingly very wearable!

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