Safari Style

Hair Clip: Scünci
Aviators: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Call It Spring
Bracelet: Call It Spring
Watch: Aldo
Shirt Dress: H&M (haulage here)
Thong Sandals: H&M

Another Outfit of the Day post, except it was in the same day as my last Outfit of the Day post (I really am terrible at this) and I only switched out the Kaftan for a Dress and my Heels for Flats, so I could go out in the evening. I’m wearing the Shirt Dress (hauled here) that I got for my imaginary Safari Trip. Look at how cool it looks on the model in the photo and then compare it to how it looks on me and my 5’1 frame lawl That said, I like the H&M Olive Green Shirt Dress and that’s all that matters, right? (Right!) It took me a beat to find appropriate footwear, but in the end I settled on the H&M Thong Sandals. Now all I need is a Topless (convertible?) Jeep, to complete the look ^_~

Please excuse the mess in the background! Every time I get ready, that whole area looks like the aftermath of some sort of natural disaster (hurricane/earthquake). I just felt like sharing this photo too, is all.

It looked too dressy with Heels (Kenneth Cole Reaction Black Clay’n Around Sandals), kinda’ like I was tryin’ too hard and I’d rather die than look like a try-hard.

Once again, dunno’ what’s up with the weird poses (all I’m missing is a spear in that first photo), but with Flip Flops (Havaiana Brasil Flip Flops my favorite, in fact, this is my 3rd time repurchasing the exact same design) it looked to casual. I mean if I was abroad, I’d totally walk out of the house in Flip Flops but in Kuwait and during Ramadan as well, it might be considered a bit too cazh.

However, my H&M Tan Thong Sandals were juuust right! I actually got them ages ago from H&M (Avenues) in the Beach-Wear section so I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long! They’re not the most comfortable as it feels like I’m walking barefoot (I can literally feel every bit of gravel and every pebble I step on), but I’ve grown attached to them because of their laid-back beach-y vibe (very me!) and I still get a lot of use out of them.

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