The Sultan Center Haul #1

My first (hence #1) Sultan Center Haulage of the year 2018 (I think I’m just going to title them by number from now on, much easier that way). Honestly, I just needed some Makeup Remover because mine was about to run out. I ended up getting a few personal care items, drinks, savory snacks and sweet snacks too. Unfortunately, not everything was a win.

Presha Fruit Apple & Raspberry Juice
(x2) Presha Fruit Granny Smith Apple Juice

These were a repurchase (review here). From time to time, I do crave something a little more “healthy”.

Campino Fruit Candies

These were a repurchase (previously hauled here). Ever since the 4th grade when my homeroom teacher used to invent new reasons to hand out candy to us (his students), I’ve always associated hard candy with him. That and they taste so good too! It’s neither here nor there but these were made in Germany.

Not my usual haulage but I picked these up on a whim.

Cadbury Crunchy Melts (Soft Cookie Centre) Chocolate Chip Cookies

I actually wanted more of those insanely delicious Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Brownie Filled Cookies (reviewed here) but couldn’t find any (it’s been months, Sultan Center, C’mon guys and restock already). These seemed new and based on the fact that they had a soft cookie centre, I figured they’d be somewhat similar (they’re really not). Sadly, these were just too hard on the outside and disproportionately soft and chewy on the inside. Plus, they tasted like milk chocolate or butter cookies, which threw me off. That said, I totally forgot to microwave them (as suggested on the packaging) because they might taste marginally better after you nuke them. Oh well. Too late now. Never gonna’ repurchase.

Mardel Alfajor De Dulce De Leche Blanco (white chocolate)
Mardel Alfajor De Dulce De Leche Negro (black chocolate)

So these were made in Spain, which should explain all the Dulces and Leches in their names. I was seriously jonesing for some Moon Cakes (preferably soft) and these seemed like they’d do. Back home, my brother took Blanco (white chocolate) and I kept the other (black chocolate) for myself. Once I opened the thing, the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It smelled so rank and slightly boozy that I just couldn’t bring myself to put the thing in my mouth. No bueno!

Savory Snacks is more my thing. I love me some Potato Chips!

Lay’s Honey Barbecue Potato Chips

I think I’ve had these before from Pringles but I might be wrong. At first crunch, these weren’t that great. They had a weird after-taste too. However, when you’re starving, anything will do. So in that specific scenario, with my stomach growling from hunger, these Honey Barbecue Chips were aight.

Smiles Chilli & Lime Potato Chips

I was super excited when I spotted these! They seemed very similar to the Lay’s Forno Lemon & Black Pepper Baked Potato Chips (reviewed here) which were so so good! As such, I couldn’t wait to try these out! Sadly, they were hard as rocks and had just about as much flavor. I believe Smiles is a local brand, which should explain everything (sub-par quality, etc…).

Personal Care Stuff

(x2) Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Hydrating Mask

These were a repurchase too (previously hauled here). loved the one I originally purchase so much that I used it all up in no time! Unfortunately, with Sultan Center, you never know if you’re going to see a certain product again. Thankfully, I noticed that they’d restocked the shelves with about 8 or so of these babies. At first, I started stockpiling them into my shopping cart, but then I chastised myself for being so selfish (because what if others were just as obsessed with these as I am, but never got the chance to repurchase either? Or what if the shoe was on the other foot, and someone else came across these and bought each and every one? I’d be fuming) and only grabbed 2 instead. The texture is lovely! The scent is delightful! The packaging is cute! Best of all, apparently my hair loves this stuff! I’m super stoked I managed to find this stuff… again, and will definitely repurchase more, if I ever come across them… again.

Anti-Perspirants / Deodorant

I couldn’t decide between these 2 so I just got them both (I enjoy having a variety of scent to choose from, okay?)

Secret Outlast XTEND Invisible Solid Deodorant in the scent Completely Clean

Gotta’ be honest, the packaging did nothing for me. The name however, made me think of the tagline (Outwit, Outplay and Outlast) from my favorite reality tv show since 2000, Survivor. Plus, the name of the scent “Completely Clean” really appealed to me.

Nivea Fresh Comfort Anti-Perspirant

I’ve already purchased this before (haulage here) but could never find it. Instead of humming and hawing, I just went ahead and picked up another one. Naturally, as soon as I got home, the missing one magically turned up -_- I simply adore these little Nivea Anti-Perspirants! The packaging is quite cute! Also, most of their scents are pretty good, all zesty and uplifting! I liked the scent on this thing as well, but it was a bit too faint.

Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk

This was a repurchase as well (full love letter here) and the main catalyst for this entire haul! I love this stuff! It removes my makeup like no other! It’s budget-friendly too! It doesn’t stink but it can sting (if it gets in your eyes, which for me is a regular occurrence lawl). Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk is my be all end all ♥

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