Buh-Bye Ramadan!

Serving you some 5’1 Ramadan Realness (because nothing quite says Ramadan like throwing up some Buddha Hand Signs, obvi)!

Hair Clip: Scünci
Aviators: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Call It Spring
Bracelet: Call It Spring
Watch: Aldo
Vest: Marks & Spencer
Kaftan: Local Designer
Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction

So this year’s Ramadan went by pretty quick!

It was really nice seeing friends and family get together during the annual Ramadan Gatherings! Prepping for the annual Ramadan Gatherings, not so much. I hated the whole process of hunting down appropriate Ramadan Outfits (usually flow-y Kaftans)! I absolutely hated it!

For starters, it’s just not my aesthetic. The “Rainbow Vomit” prints that we’re bombarded with during Ramadan are a strain on my eyes. Even worse is the whole Gold-on-Gold everything. Then there’s the casual Kaftans and fancy-schmancy Kaftans issue to contend with. I honestly can’t tell the difference. I’m a Jeans & T-shirt kinda’ girl so all those Kaftans, pretty much look the same to me. Trying to find something simple enough for my taste, while also being appropriate for fancy-schmancy Ramadan Gatherings is a nightmare! Eventually, I’ll stumble upon something that’ll consolidate the two and hope that it fits me. I say hope, because most of those Kaftans tend to be “free size” so they can either be too loose or too tight (luck of the draw, basically). The one I’m wearing in the photos was mostly White (nice) with a little Black (nicer) and some Gold (blech!) and seemed appropriately Ramadan-esque while also being the least offensive to me (no rainbow vomit here). It was a bit too loose and cost KD 70 but I was desperate. I wasn’t as lucky each time and had to dress in something stripe-y and colorful (and hideous) at one point, but it is what it is lol Honestly, it’s just Clothes (not something serious… like Makeup! jokes, jokes) so who cares?

Also during this Ramadan, I even dabbled in some – and I use the term loosely – “cooking”. After my Awesome Blossom a.k.a. Blooming Onion was such a success (linkage here), I started preparing something new (well… different, at least) every day of Ramadan (everything from Jalapeno Poppers to Grilled Mexican Street Corn) up until my family straight up asked me, “How come all you can make is Bar Food?” LAWL I didn’t even realize it up until then, but they had a point. So, I started making all kinds of Casseroles and even a few of the trickier Desserts such as Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding and such. Not only is cooking fun but it’s so easy! It’s shocking (to me) to think I could’ve been doing this for years, rather than having to depend on restaurants or whatever was being served at home.

Even more mind-boggling is the fact that people (in general) still moan and groan about having to fast for a few hours a day. In Kuwait, we break our fast around 6:50pm. I personally know people who live in the UK (as in full-time) who have to break their fast at around 10:30pm. Restaurants stay open, non-fasting people eat and drink in front of them, life goes on as normal around them… and yet the fasting people don’t freak out. They don’t expect special consideration. They seem to have a pretty good handle on things over there. So why can’t we, over here, with all the extra considerations in place for us, stop acting like little snowflakes dustflakes? Besides, there are numerous studies that have proven that fasting can be quite beneficial to the human body.

In any case, Ramadan this year was swell, but I’m about ready for things to go back to their normal (read: non-chaotic) pace!

I’ve clipped my chin-length bangs to one side, away from my face, but due to the dim yellow lighting, you can barely see the definition and curl, let alone my actual hair color.

I wanna’ start incorporating “Outfit of the Day” posts (which initially was the whole reason for this post before I started rambling… as I tend to do) however, the whole thing makes me feel so pretentious (as if to say “Look at me! Look at me!) hence all the ridic posing (I’m either showcasing my sandals or trying to curtsy), so this might very well be my first and last “Outfit of the Day” post lol I dunno’… I just thought the non-Arab/non-Muslim visitors to my blog (as well as whomever else happens to stumble on my blog), might get a kick out of seeing what Arab/Muslim Women wear during Ramadan, is all.

*Kindly disregard (or don’t, and just totally focus on them, your choice lawl) the mirror in the background, red ottoman that I use as a chair and the hot tools on the floor (it’s where I get mah herr did). Also, the dim lighting because I insisted on having dimmers and now I’m stuck with insufficient lighting that casts all kinds of shadows where I need light. I literally have to tilt my head backwards to be able to see where I’m applying my eyeliner lawl (still… worth it)!

Eid Mubarek y’all!

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