Over Jar – Chocolate Cake

After seeing the post about the Chocolate Cake from Over Jar on a well-known local blog (linkage here) I figured it would be the perfect way to end Ramadan this year! So I decided to pre-order it via Carriage for Futoor/Iftar (when Muslims break their fast). There were more than a few hiccups along the way. As I’ve stated before, I prefer to pay cash upon delivery (I always carry cash rather than plastic ‘cuz I’m “G” or at least in my mind I am). The cash upon delivery option was blanked out. I could only pay either using a Credit Card or Debit Card (K-net). That in and of itself was one of the many minor inconveniences.

After I filled out all my info and everything, my order still didn’t go through. So I refreshed the page (I was doing all this on my computer) and filled everything out again, only to receive an error message again. I had to call up customer support and although very sweet and kind, their advice was useless (refresh the page and try again). I did this again several times and even tried switching back and forth between paying using my Debit Card (K-net) and Credit Card but still kept getting the error message, so I called up Customer Support again. Their suggestion was to update the app, except I never downloaded the app in the first place and I was actually placing my order from my computer. I thanked the kind lady who kept taking my calls and trying to be helpful and ended the conversation.

In the end, I had my younger brother (who actually had the app on his phone) order the Chocolate Cake instead. The Chocolate Cake was supposed to arrive before 6:00pm. It arrived more than an hour later. It also somehow ended up in a completely different location, which made it take even longer to arrive. In the end, the Chocolate Cake from Over Jar finally found it’s way to me. It was a bit too rich for my taste, but the Chocolate Cake was a huge hit with the fam!

Normally, I don’t do chocolate. However, it’s that time of the month and I was craving something chocolate-y. Based on the photos I saw, I was expecting the Chocolate Cake to have a generous amount of cream/condensed milk/white chocolate, basically, whatever that white stuff coming out of the Cake – in the photos – was (that’s some proper grammar realness for ya’). When the time came to cut the Cake, the white stuff was mostly concentrated in the center of the Cake itself and sides were relatively white-stuff-free, which made the Chocolate Cake taste super chocolate-y. As I said, everyone else enjoyed the Chocolate Cake, but I found it to be disappointing because it was just too rich for my taste. As you can see from the photos, it came with 3 small jars of White Chocolate Sauce (a little goes a long way) to be drizzled over the Chocolate Cake. Personally, I didn’t think the White Chocolate Sauce improved the taste that much, but once again, everyone else who had come over for the final Ramadan meal absolutely loved it! To end this on a more positive note, I did enjoy the frosted flakes or caramel or whatever that was, in the Chocolate Cake.

Over Jar Chocolate Cake retails for KD 18/500 (+ KD 1/000 for delivery)

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