Sephora Birthday Gift

Since my birthday had just gone by (Sagittarius, baby!) and I was at the Avenues anyway (picking up a birthday gift for my sister-in-law), I figured I might as well stop by Sephora and pick up my free “Birthday Gift” (Sephora Loyalty Program).

If you skim through my blog, you’ll know that I’ve already spent thousands on makeup and makeup-related items (some people go crazy for shoes or clothes or handbags, others, on cars or electronics, others still on food, while others spend all their money on traveling during their spare time, and so on, but for me I skimp out on all the other stuff – including gas for my car lawl – to spend my money on makeup-y bits) so it’s not like I needed a “free gift”. In fact, for my birthday, I received a steady stream of birthday gifts that started trickling in weeks before my actual birthday (including a God-forsaken Alexa already connected to our at-home wifi, ready to listen in on me and report back to the Illuminati). Still, I was mighty curious and what with the allure of a possible Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (a girl can hope) and the chance to blog about the whole thing to boot (as promised here), I made my way to Sephora. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, especially not after the whole 200-point-perk business (full deets here). The lady behind the cash register took my phone off me, pulled up the Sephora app, messed with it a little before handing me the Marc Jacobs Mini Kit (shown above). The Marc Jacobs Mini Kit contained a teeny-tiny lipstick and a mini eyeliner (or highliner as they call it, over at Marc Jacobs).

Highliner Gel Crayon in the shade Blacquer

Blacquer: deepest shiniest black

For the record, you actually get a free FULL size Highliner with any $50 purchase (about KD 15) from the official Marc Jacobs website (just sayin’). Personally, I don’t like shiny black eyeliner on myself (looks odd). However, I’m hoping this’ll be good for use in the waterline. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, you actually get a relatively generous amount of product in this thing, regardless of how tiny it looks. Plus, it’s retractable (which I like). A decent black liner never goes amiss ^_~

Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: baked rose

I’m guessing this was named after the 80’s song by Specimen and not the more recent Robert Downey Jr. mystery/crime movie. Regardless, I’m glad to see this pink-y shade properly described as a rose (as opposed to MAC and ColourPop incorrectly describing deep dark purples as rose and throwing me for a loop). As you can see (I’ve twisted the thing all the way up), there’s very little product, but still Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a sweet shade!

On one hand, these things are ti~ny. On the other hand, they are from the Marc Jacobs brand (foncy foncy).

Verdict: I’m not mad at it.

10 thoughts on “Sephora Birthday Gift

  1. haha neither am i. I went twice to Sephora avenues and they did not have this in stock. So when i went to Dubai, i did some shopping there and got my bday gift as well.


  2. Oooh! Taurus have the prettiest eyes!

    Wow! Thanks! I genuinely enjoy blogging so I’m very happy that you enjoy reading it!

    Unfortunately, I’m not on Instagram. Heck, I don’t even have Snapchat and my only Tweets are automatic (every newly published post from this blog). My friends and family (people who actually know me in real life) think I’m a freak for not having Insta/Snap LOL


  3. haha i don’t know if i do but thank you :)

    Yes i have always loved reading blogs and if i keep coming back that means i def do enjoy reading yours.

    Lol yeah i feel you. Instagram can be a bit pretentious i feel. So to each her own. Eid Mubarak to you :)


  4. No, it’s true, I’ve never met a Taurus that didn’t have pretty eyes! My mom is a Taurus and she has beautiful huge green eyes that she practically looks like an Anime character!

    Thanks for coming back and I hope you keep doing so in the future!

    Honestly, a friend of mine was so fed up with me for not having Instagram that he created and account for me and I used it for about all 2 days before I lost interest LOL and before that (years and years ago) I created my own Instagram account for my blog but I quickly abandoned that one too. It’s just not for me. I’ve already got my hands full with only running this blog lol

    Many people utilize Instagram differently but the majority seem… like you said – a bit pretentious – and that’s just not my thing. Then again, many people view makeup and candles and such as pretentious and superficial too so who am I to talk? lawl

    Eid Mubarak to you too ♥


  5. haha i liked the way you put ur thoughts about Instagram. And yes, i will keep coming back to read your blogs. Started work today after the long weekend and was happy to see 2 new posts for me to read :)


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