L’Occitane Samplage

My younger brother’s wife found out that she was pregnant and so for her birthday I decided to pick up a Gift Set from L’Occitane that consisted of a few of their bestsellers including the cult-fave Almond Oil. I’m already an aunt (thrice over) to my sister’s kids, but the eldest (whom I took shopping in the previous posts here and here and here and here) just turned 11, and my nephew is 9 and their younger sister is 7, so it’s been a minute since we’ve had a baby in the family. That’s why I’m super excited for the new arrival! I’ve never been pregnant (and don’t plan on getting pregnant, ever, because some people are just not meant to be parents), but most of my friends have popped out several babies at this point, and the one thing they all complain about is stretch marks. As such, I figured this particular Gift Set might possibly help in that department. The Almond Gift Set came with the Almond Shower Oil (250ml) – Almond Supple Skin Oil (100ml) – Almond Hand Cream (30ml) – Almond Milk Concentrate (200ml) all beautifully packaged. I must admit, I gave the testers a sniff in-store and they all smelled lovely! Hopefully, they’ll help keep those pesky stretch marks at bay! The Sales Assistant even tossed in a few samples (as per usual, L’Occitane were very generous with their samples!) that included a Foaming CleanserFace CreamSerumEye Balm, and I can’t to play around with them!

Immortelle Divine Cream (x6)

Our best-selling, award-winning Immortelle Divine Cream helps fight visible signs of aging. Highly concentrated in Immortelle essential oil, which contains 2x more anti-oxidants than Vitamin E, Divine Cream is a complete face moisturizer that fights the visible signs of ageing. Its velvety texture melts into the skin, instantly nourishing and softening it. Used daily, wrinkles appear visibly reduced, the skin regains its firmness and elasticity. The skin’s texture feels smoother, the complexion looks brighter and more even toned.

Immortelle Divine Serum (x3)

Immortelle Divine Serum is an ultra-concentrated anti-aging skincare product that fight visible signs of aging. Its ultra-fine, gel-cream texture melts into the skin to help improve the benefits of our anti-aging Immortelle Divine Cream. Over time, the formula helps visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps the skin feel firmer and more elastic.”

Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream (x2)

The Immortelle Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream effectively removes makeup and impurities while enveloping the skin in comfort with its cream-in-foam texture. On contact with water, this rich cream transforms into a dense, generous foam. When applied to the face, it forms a “cushion” between the skin and the fingers, to cleanse the face without drying or damaging the skin.

Immortelle Precious Eye Balm (x4)

The Precious Eye Balm offers a velvety, soft formula to help smooth and firm, and visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness.

I purchased the Almond Gift Set for KD 41/750 and the Sales Assistant handed me x15 single-use samples of skincare that I’m actually interested in. L’Occitane is a bit expensive so it’s pretty nice that I get to try-before-I-buy. Plus, it seems that they’ve revamped the entire Immortelle range which is pretty cool, actually! The older packaging gave me strong Guerlain vibes (circa early 2000’s) which I detested. They also had a bunch of really cute, limited-edition, shea butter, potted lip balms (in all kinds of scents from Rose to Apricot) but I kinda’ ran out of money (I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to keeping track of that sorta’ thing) and had to drive back home with the gas tank running on empty lawl

I’m definitely going to be checking in even more frequently with L’Occitane because I’ve got my eye on a certain collection (I’ll give you a clue… it’s blue!) that has yet to reach our shores.

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