Samsung Galaxy S9+

I got a new phone!

My current phone is a Samsaung Galaxy Note 3 which I’ve had since 2013 (when I first purchased my current phone number). Previous to the the Galaxy Note 3 I used to own an iPhone 4 and before that was another iPhone (1st generation) and before that was a Samsung (gift from the bank) and before that it was mostly Nokia Phones (never owned a Blackberry, blech). I don’t feel the need to get rid of my phone every single time a new one comes out. Instead, I’ll switch out my phone only when my current phone no longer starts working properly. For example, it’ll keep asking me to delete stuff because I’d be running low on memory space or it’ll constantly need to be recharged, etc… I’m well aware phone companies do that on purpose, but it is what it is. In any case, the Galaxy Note 3 had been with me forever, and it had been acting up for quite some time now, and I’d had enough, hence the upgrade

I’ve been meaning to switch over from Zain to Ooredoo for a minute now, and figured I might as well get a new phone out of it. I was gonna’ go for either the iPhone X or Galaxy S8+ but then my younger brother told me to wait for about a week, for the Galaxy S9+ to drop. Since I’ve waited this long, what was another week or so? On Tuesday May 8 2018 (around 10pm), I headed towards the airport, despite the fact that all hell seemed to breaking loose outside (it felt like something out of Silent Hill). There was zero visibility. Cars were parked on the side of the road with their blinking lights on. Trees were knocked over, blocking the way (which you could only see up close). Basically, your average Kuwaiti Dust Storm. I could’ve headed home, but apparently I felt that it was of the utmost importance and absolutely vital that I get my new phone before the day’s end. So, I turned up the volume on “Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult and trudged along at a slow and steady place. When I finally got to the airport, a lot of people had scarves (chmaaq) covering their nose and mouth (Mad Max Arab edition lawl) even though it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was outdoors.

I found the S9+ at the Ooredoo counter, but the dude kept trying to get me to pick the pink version even though I wanted the black version. He even insisted I walk across to the next counter (that sold phones and phone accessories) and check out the pink S9+, which I did. First of all, it wasn’t even pink. It was more of a metallic lavender or lilac. Second, it was too girly for me. It was nice and all, just not for me. I thought I conveyed this quite clearly (literally saying “too girly”) to the guy, but he kept insisting that I take it, since I according to him I was “girly” (umm, rewd) and that it was the last one, and that I’d miss out, until finally I suggested that if he liked it so much, he should just go ahead keep it for himself. He wasn’t being that bad, but I was annoyed because I’d missed work that day (twice in one week) to run some errands including taking a photo for the driver’s license and applying for a driver’s license (extremely chaotic process) applying for a debit card (K-net) because apparently you need to transfer only KD 1 to be legible for a contract with Ooredoo or probably any of the rest such as Zain and Viva (that’s some Illuminati ish right there), go to the Police Station (got into a fender-bender during the weekend hence the need for a non-expired driver’s license lawl), getting my car fixed up (KD 170 minimum, for the side-view mirror, thanks to this dude in a truck, who didn’t see me signaling left – for 5 minutes, at least – while we stopped at a red light, and rammed into my car, as soon as the light had turned green, completely destroying my side-view mirror. When we both got down from our cars to assess the damage – his monster truck was unscathed with nary a scratch, mind you – his first response was “Get in my truck and tell me if you can even see your car from up there”, on account of his truck being really high and my car being really low -_- I think not, sir.) and to top it all off, I had to make an appearance at the Weekly Family Gathering (which is mandatory, unless you’re on your death-bed, everyone is excepted to show) so I wasn’t exactly in the most patient nor pleasant of moods. Still, by the end of the day, I finally had my new phone (not pink) in hand, so I was pleased as punch!

This is my old phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which I’ve been using since 2013). As you can see, I’ve whittled my apps down to the necessities. My most used app is WhatsApp. My second most used is ColorNote which I love for making quick notes (meetings, appointments, to-do lists, ideas, etc…). Quran Pro was recommended to me by an acquaintance. I only know a handful of verses by heart (only the shortest of short ones) so Quran Pro is pretty handy. I’ll usually whip out my phone and run the SoundHound app to figure out the name of a song or the artist who sings it. I’ve actually referenced SoundHound quite a lot on my blog. YouTube is necessary for when I switch on Bluetooth to listen to music in my car, as is Google Maps (even though I’ve got location turned off most of the time because… Illuminati!). Priveleges is the AlShaya Loyalty Program app that I use whenever I shop at any AlShaya stores such as MACBootsH&M – etc… It’s effectively useless, but I use it anyway. The Sephora Loyalty Program app is on the next page. Lastly, I deleted most of my games but I just can’t do that to Castle Story and Treasure Diving. While the guy was messing with my phone (to switch over from Zain to Ooredoo) I told him not to look at my apps because they were mostly games, to which he replied “I noticed”. The phone itself is pretty banged up with cracks all over the screen, which should give you some clue as to how gentle I am with my phones (lawl).

I chose the Midnight Black version of the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

I like the way they packaged this thing (kinda’ reminds of of those foldable cases you use for a Kindle or iPad)!

I found the smart packaging very aesthetically appealing!

The pouch you’re looking at, comes with the Eject Pin on one side, a Quick Start Guide on the inside and a Clear View Cover.

I never ever read the Quick Start Guide (on anything)!
I always lose the Eject Pin (for any phone)!
The Clear View Cover looks pretty cool though (love the edges)!

Underneath the pouch (housing the Eject Pin and Guide Start Guide and Clear View Cover) is the actual Phone itself, but we’ll get to that later.

Underneath is the Phone itself, is the Power Adapter and the USB Connector.

A close-up of the Power Adapter and USB Connector.

Like I said, everything is extremely well-packaged (good job, marketing team)! I know it’s not makeup, but I just have a thing for smart packaging.

Another shot of the USB Connector and the Power Adapter.

I like that the USB Connector looks cool and more importantly, not white. This is gonna’ come in so handy for transferring photos (taken on the fly) from my new phone to my computer, and in turn, my blog!

As you can see, the Power Adapter is 3-pronged and is therefore compatible with both Kuwait and UK electric sockets. That said, I’m still using the white Power Adapter that came with the Samsung Note 3, for the moment.

You’ll find even more accessories for the S9+, once you lift up this little compartment.

There’s a USB Cable.

AKG Earbuds

Earbud Covers

Earbud Covers + AKG Earbuds

Power Adapter + USB Cable + USB Connector

These are all the accessories that you get with the S9+

This is the S9+ safely nestled in the cardboard sleeve that it came in with a cut-out in the back for the camera. Do you see the white square on the side, with the thing that looks like a car or robot underneath it? If you place your finger on it, it checks your pulse!

Again, I love the edges on the Clear View Cover! It just curves ever so slightly towards the corners. So sleek!

The large button is for decreasing/increasing the volume. The smaller button underneath it is for Bixby which is the Samsung’s answer to Siri, I guess. First of all, I think it’s so unnecessary to have an entire button with no purpose other than being solely dedicated to Bixby. Second of all, Bixby is super annoying! I keep accidentally hitting the Bixby button (which pulls up the Bixby screen) regardless of whichever app I’m using at the time. Once I figure out how, I’m definitely disabling Bixby, effectively making the Bixby button useless. On the other side of the phone (not shown) is the on/off button. Hopefully, you can notice how sleek the Clear View Cover looks on the S9+ (sooo sleek)!

I believe the learning curve is about 15-20 minutes. It took me a beat to adjust, but then again, I haven’t switched phones in years. Initially, I was gonna’ go for the iPhone X but everyone said the S8 had the best camera so I was gonna’ get that instead, but then the S9+ came out and here we are. Funny enough, I have yet to use the camera. The S9+ does have some really cool features (including an iris sensor) though! I’m still getting the hang of it.

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