I am Haulage

I am the one
don’t weigh a ton
don’t need a gun
to get respect up on the street

Jokes, Jokes! I am is actually the name of my favorite accessories store! I am has a much nicer and way better selection than Claire’s! Their products are more durable (last longer) and they’re substantially less expensive (read: dirt cheap) too! For whatever reason, both accessories stores I am and Claire’s are wall-to-wall with each other (I wonder if it was by design, because if so, someone has a great sense of humor. I am Claire’s. Geddit?) I believe I am originated in Germany (hence the superior quality). In fact, my first time shopping at I am was actually while I was in Germany! They sold everything from Handbags and Scarves to Sunglasses and of course Jewelry. Here’s the thing though, everything they sold looked insanely awesome (granted they didn’t cater to tweens lawl)! That’s why I was super excited when they opened up shop in Kuwait and I’ve been shopping there quite frequently ever since! Sadly, for whatever reason, they don’t seem to get much traction over here (which is a shame). C’mon guys, go support I am by buying their stuff!

My niece spotted some Christmas-y Accessories (glasses with reindeer antlers poking out of them, to name one) so she went in. Apparently, my niece – just like her mom (my older and only sister) – is allergic to faux gold/silver/etc… earrings, and can only wear the real stuff (that’s what she inherits?) so didn’t end up getting any earrings. She didn’t end up getting the Reindeer Glasses either (because according to her, her younger sister – who happens to be a 7-year-old – would’ve ended up destroying them) but she did pick up a handful of frou-frou rings and some bracelets instead. While waiting for her to pick out her stuff, I snagged a few things for myself. I picked up yet another Black Headband (yup, the very same day I picked up the previous 2 Black Headbands from Claire’s… I know, I know, I’m insane) and yet another pair of Aviators (I like what I like, ok?) and a cute pair of Earrings and finally, the coolest Ring ever!

Glossy Black Headband retails for KD 2/000

Unlike the previous Black Headbands that I purchased earlier that day from Claire’s, this one was not as wide. Also it had tiny little ridges on the inner rim (that not only sorta’ combs your hair back for a more polished look, but also helps hold the Headband in place). That said, I actually picked this up because it looked nice and glossy! In fact, I’ve got about 2 or 3 other Headbands (very possibly also from I am during my stay in Germany) that are quite similar to this one (all of them are Black and all of them are Glossy) except I kinda’ lost them. Again, I don’t wear Headbands (like, at all) but apparently I felt the need to pick this one up.

They might look similar but they’re totally different, honest! The first one is Satin. The one in the middle is Faux Leather. The last one is Glossy. Why I felt the need to purchase 3 Black Headbands in one day, even I don’t know.

Brown Bling Aviators retail for KD ? (lost the receipt)

I picked these up because I like that they’ve got that whole Ombre thing going on (kinda’ making them look more Olive than Brown actually). I could do without the top bar and I really don’t like the rhinestones (read: bling) on the sides, but I’m loving the Tortoise Shell on the temple tips. Side Note – Tortoise Shell accents are currently having a moment in fashion (micro-trend). Also, unlike most budget-friendly brands, Sunglasses from I am actually offer full UV protection. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt so I’m not quite sure how much these cost (or what they’re actually called) but based on the other items, I can assure you it wasn’t much. When it comes to Aviators, I believe that there’s no such thing as having too many, obvi.

Gold Triangle Stud Earrings retail for KD 2/500

My favorite pair of earrings (that also happen to be from I am) look similar to these, except they’re much bigger (these things are tiny), don’t have the cut-outs in the middle, and they’re actually Silver, as opposed to Gold. Generally, I’m not big on Gold, but I picked up a pack of stud earrings that included a pair Gold Studs (from the brand Call it Spring earlier in the year) and I’ve slowly been warming up to Gold Earrings ever since. Also, I like jewelry that has either sharp clean lines or a rounded shape. Basically, I find most geometric designs aesthetically appealing and these Triangle Studs were no exception. That said, I picked these up mainly because they were so tiny which made them look stupid cute!

Silver Geometric Ring retails for KD 2/500

I know adjustable rings or non-connecting rings (or whatever you wanna’ call them) are nothing new, except I only seem to find reiterations on a handful of the same designs (usually a star or moon or heart or flower or snake or arrow or leaf on one side, and a jewel-encrusted circle on the other). The Geometric design on this one is totally new to me (doesn’t the rectangle with a circle in it sorta’ look like a camera? lawl) and I’ve never owned let alone seen anything like it before! I absolutely love the aesthetic of Geometric Jewelry in general, but this Ring is the coolest! Plus, it’s in Silver (my fave)! Best of all, it doesn’t have any bling on it! I love simple “jewelry”!

My niece picked up a handful of bling-y rings and a few bracelets as well, but the stuff that I got was all less than a tenner! Whether you prefer novel and quirky pieces (me!) or delicate feminine pieces, or dramatic statement pieces, or jewel-encrusted blingy pieces (frou-frou), or plain and simple pieces (also me!), or costume jewelry pieces, etc… I am caters to all accessory needs (with an extremely low price point)! Also, unlike most budget-friendly accessories, these things tend to last and last (very durable). Mi gusta!

Now go support I am by buying their stuff, rapido!

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