Bath and Body Works Holiday 2017 Haul

My niece turned 11 and had no less than 3 separate birthday parties (a small intimate one at her home, a bigger more festive one thrown by my uncle’s wife and favorite cousin at their home, and a final one where we invited all her school friends over to our home for some snacks, pizza, cake, and games including a local board game, Twister, Pie Face, Nintendo Wii, and such. I got my toes painfully stubbed by a random kid whizzing by on one of the hoverboards at pretty regular intervals lol). Afterwards, as part of her birthday celebrations, I wanted to treat her to a little shopping spree at the Avenues. We hit up Bath & Body Works (for some scented stuff), Claire’s Accessories (apparently a JoJo Bow is a must-have lol), I Am (my favorite accessories store), Boots (so I could get her an untinted Maybelline Baby Lips), Zara (for some really cute clothes, like, this one pair of jeans I got her that had iridescent purple/green patches on the knees which she referred to as “mermaid jeans”), and finally Starbucks (for some hot chocolate and cake). I’d already given her a birthday gift earlier, the Mermaid Blanket (which I’d originally purchased for myself, before it hit me that I’m, y’know, a grown woman and not an 11-year-old girl lol) but I wanted to get her a little something extra, and besides, little girls tend to like nice things. This was our first solo outing together (without her younger siblings in tow) and right before my very eyes, my adorable niece went from from being an angelic little girl into *dun-dun-duuun* a demonic tween (… and so it begins)!

Anyways, as luck would have it, Bath & Body Works were having a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deal on their Holiday Collection! I mean, we were gonna’ buy stuff anyway, but that was a nice little bonus. I helped her pick out a Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist in something or other that was berry-scented (which she seemed to particularly like), and then forced her into getting some Vanilla Bean Noel stuff (everyone has to join the cult of Vanilla Bean Noel)! I couldn’t find any of my beloved Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (the one with exfoliating beads in them). Instead, they had these extra large Hand Soaps (with Olive Oil and Shea Butter) in all kinds of Holiday Scents (Limited Edition) that came in really cute bell-shaped bottles with a festive print (snowflakes and everything)! I got one in Vanilla Bean Noel for my niece and picked one up in Snowflakes & Lemons for myself. I also got a Vanilla Bean Noel PocketBac for my niece. Finally, on our way to the cash register, I spotted a PocketBac called Savage and couldn’t resist getting it (for obvious reasons).

Snowflakes & Lemons Hand Soap with Olive Oil retails for KD 3/750

I’m all stocked up on Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps but the Island Marigarita ones (haulage here) smelled rank! I tried returning the other 3 (unopened) but they wouldn’t take them back. That’s why I was trying to use up all of the Island Margarita Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (to get them out of the way). I figured I could use 1 pump of Island Margarita to cleanse my hands, and 1 pump of Snowflakes & Lemons to scent them afterwards (and get rid of the Island Margarita stench).

There were no testers for the Snowflakes & Lemons Hand Soap, but I generally tend to get along well with most lemon scents, and honestly, after Island Margarita anything was a step up. It ‘aint no Lemon Meringue Cheer, but the scent on this thing is actually pretty good! It smells like lemons, but it’s neither sharp nor tangy, or sweet even. Snowflakes & Lemons is a pleasant scent that smells like lemons while also being quite subtle. Several months later, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally used up all of those horrid Island Margarita Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps! Meanwhile, the Snowflakes & Lemons Hand Soap is still half full (like I said, this thing is huge)! Personally, I absolutely adore the cute bell-shaped bottle! Also, how fun is the packaging? It’s all bronze-y and silver and reflective and just so Winter-esque (apparently, I seem to have developed a soft-spot for snowflakes)! My niece seems pretty happy with her Vanilla Bean Noel Hand Soap (looks the same as the one I got, except the liquid was more of a vivid green) too!

Savage (Ocean Air) PocketBac retails for KD 1/250

I picked up a Vanilla Bean Noel PocketBac for my cute lil niece (she solemnly vowed to keep it in her tiny purse at all times… it was all I could do to keep a straight face) and on our way to the check-out counter, I spotted the Savage PocketBac and just had to get it for myself. I have yet to use it though, because I’m kinda’ all stocked up on PocketBacs (and don’t feel the need to open them all up at once) but this comes in the scent Ocean Air which sounds right up my alley (oceanic and possibly masculine ergo perfect for summer)!

Since there was a BOGO deal going on at the time at Bath & Body Works, we only had to pay for 1 of the large bell-shaped Hand Soaps and got the other 1 for free, and only had to pay for 1 Body Lotion and got the Fragrance Mist for free, and only had to pay for 1 PocketBac and got the other 1 for free! Obviously, I can’t show you niece’s haulage because she already took her stuff home with her. In any case, this haul could’ve easily amounted to more than KD10 (at least) but due to the BOGO everything cost less than a tenner!

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