Sephora Brand Gift (200 Points) + Mini Haul

I’d finally managed to rack up 200 points on my White Sephora Card, meaning I could finally get upgraded to a Sephora Black Card (full deets here). According to the rules, I’d receive my new Black Sephora Card in the mail. I waited for a full month but nothing was ever delivered to me, not even through e-mail. I waited until I actually had to go to the Avenues for something, and made a quick stop at Sephora to pick up my new Black Sephora Card and “Prestigious Brand Gift“. Along the way to the check-out counter, I was quite charmed by two Sephora Eyeshadow Singles (shown below) so I snagged those two for myself and picked up yet another Dior Addict Lip Glow (previously hauled here) as a gift for my younger sister-in-law.

Once my turn came up, the woman behind the cash register informed me that I was not going to get a Black Sephora Card and that I should just go ahead and download the Sephora Loyalty Program app, instead. I thought that was unprofessional of Sephora. I mean… what if I didn’t happen to physically walk in there and ask for a Black Sephora Card? Would they have somehow contacted me anyway and told me about the app or just left me wondering to myself about the non-existent Black Sephora Card? Also, what if I didn’t happen to bring my phone with me (maybe just left it in the car) or had my phone but didn’t have access to the internet on my phone? As it turns out, I did have my phone and I do have internet on it, but a heads-up would’ve been nice.

Out of the pitiful, ratchet-looking selection I chose the Clarins Beauty Treats Pouch (shown above) as my “Prestigious Brand Gift” (for reaching 200 points). It was either a travel-sized Armani Fragrance… for men, or the Clarins Pouch (stocked with deluxe skincare samples). Not quite sure why it says Feb 16 (16 as in the day or 16 as in the year?) on the receipt, but I actually picked up the Clarins Pouch on Nov 11 2017.

As you can see, the set includes:

Pouch (with a an illustration of a girl in pink dress on a bicycle with the Eiffel Tower in the background)
BB Cream mini (shade #2)
Moisture Rich Body Lotion
One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (previously hauled here)
Supra Volume Mascara (previously hauled here)
Mission Perfection Serum (previously hauled here)
UV Plus Day Screen Translucent Shade

It’s not particularly exciting nor something I would actually covet. I would have liked to have seen a variety of options. Maybe even something that included, oh I dunno… actual makeup! At least I got a Mascara (one that I actually like) out of it, and I already know that I’ll enjoy using the One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser based on my previous experience. Plus, the rest are all skincare samples, so that’s handy too. This set wouldn’t have been my first choice, but like I said earlier, it was either this or the travel-sized Armani Fragrance for men (I wanna’ say Black Code, but don’t quote me on that). Basically, I pretty much didn’t have a choice. I can’t say this wasn’t expected (because… Kuwait) but I’m still disappointed in Sephora. If this is the kind of “Prestigious Brand Gift” that I get for acquiring all those points… then the Sephora Loyalty Program does not deserve my loyalty.

Sephora came out with the Colorful Eyeshadow range back in 2013. The range consisted of no less than 243 colorful shades in different finishes (matte, shimmer, glitter, mirror)! They have been discontinued since, but for whatever reason, they’re still available for purchase at Sephora (Kuwait). I just couldn’t resist picking up these two (the taupe is called Pop Idol and the brown is called Tiramisu) and as a result of my purchases, they ended up giving me (x2) Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Card Samples.

Sephora Pop Idol Colorful Eyeshadow (Glitter) retails for KD 5/500

The photo does not even begin to do this thing justice! Underneath the fluorescent lighting at Sephora, the tester for Pop Idol looked super sparkly! Aside from the tester (not for sale) I couldn’t find one to purchase. I raffled through the racks in a frenzy, but to no avail. Thankfully, the sweet Filipina Sales Assistant (with insanely cool BLUE hair) noticed me spiraling and gave me a hand, but even she couldn’t find one for me. While looking, she kept saying Pop Idol might be out of stock (and since the Colorful Eyeshadow range has been discontinued, that probably meant it was gone for good) while I kept urging her to keep looking, but eventually gave up. As I was walking away, she called out to me saying she’d found the last one! Success!

Pop Idol would look gorgeous as a topper over other eyeshadows (just a small dab in the center of the lid) or in the lower inner third of the eye or even as an all-over lid shade (on its own)! If you get a chance to purchase Pop Idol, I say go for it, because this thing is stun-ning!

Sephora Tiramisu Colorful Eyeshadow (Shimmer) retails for KD 5/500

Since I was going to be waiting in the long queue anyway, I figured I might as well make it worth my while by getting a few more things to purchase. That’s where this thing comes in. Truthfully, I didn’t notice that Tiramisu had a shimmer finish (which just makes it even better, in my opinion) until I got back home. I just picked it up because it looked like a nice cool-toned brown and I happen to love my neutrals!

Tiramisu would look lovely all over the lid (on its own) or paired with other stuff in the crease (Baby Talk Super Shock Pigment, for example). That said, I wonder how Tiramisu would fare as a crease-color. I mean it is a neutral, so you can pretty much pair it with whatever, wherever!

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Sample Card (x2)

This is Vice Liquid Lipstick—a waterproof formula so life-proof, it’s not going ANYWHERE until you take it off. Choose from a huge range of 40 shades and two finishes—comfort matte and metallized.

Crimson is described as rich red (comfort matte)
Purgatory is described as a deep berry with pink sparkle (metallized)
WSM is described as a rose-pink (comfort matte)
Big Bang is described as bright pink sparkle (metallized)

In the interest of full disclosure, not once have I ever actually torn open a Sample Card of lip stuff (no reasoning behind it, really) – but I’m glad they gave me these Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks to play around with because Crimson looks beautiful (I’m having a moment – a very long moment- with all things Red)! Heck, even WSM looks kinda’ cute (here’s hoping it’s a warmer pink when worn) and Big Bang looks like it could be pretty fun as well! If I ever actually use these Card Samples and fall in love, I’m definitely going back to purchase the full-sized product. That’s how you generate business, Sephora. Suck us in with them samples.

The points I’ve acquired from spending KD 24/500 at Sephora will go towards the next 200 Point “Prestigious Brand Gift” as well as getting upgraded from a Black Sephora Card to a Gold Sephora Card (in nothing but name only, because they had me download an app). If it wasn’t already obvious, my opinion of the 200 Point “Prestigious Brand Gift” is very, very poor. Honestly, if you are in Kuwait, you should find a way to just order from the U.S. Sephora website directly. You’ll get access to the newest of the new, more diverse brands, way cooler products, nicer gift sets, better deals, usable samples, and so much more! As for the Sephora in Kuwait, everything from the service in-store to the actual website to the loyalty program to the products themselves is shameful (shame, shame, shame *bell-ring*)!

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