Smoked Cashews

I was leaving the Avenues with my younger brother and his wife when they stopped by the International Mill to pick up some snacks. While waiting for them, I spotted Smoked Cashews! I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but I straight up love Cashews! I love Honey Cashews, Salted Cashews, Roasted Cashews, basically any and every kind of Cashew Nuts!

So I asked the guy manning the counter to fill up a quarter of a kilo for me, which is more than enough… to last through a handful of sitting… with several people. That said, the Smoked Cashews I got didn’t even last me all the way home (I pretty much inhaled them while our car was still in the parking lot lawl) and I didn’t even share (well I offered but those two didn’t want any). Those Smoked Cashews were so good! So, I went back the next day (for other things, not just for Smoked Cashews… I’m not crazy, well, not that crazy) and stopped by the International Mill as I was leaving and picked up a new batch. I tried to make it last (two days lawl) but those things are just so yummy, especially if like me, you crave savory snacks! The idea of driving to an fro the Avenues every other day just for Smoked Cashews wasn’t exactly practical (or sane) so I tried to wean myself off them (read: totally forgot about them).

Up until during my latest trip to Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) I saw something that I’d previously been blind to for years (it was always there, I just tended to look right through it)… the Al Rifai Roastery! I approached the woman behind the counter tentatively and asked her if they sold Smoked Cashews, to which she replied they did! Success!

I know it’s already past the expiry date but I took the photo ages ago, but just never got around to posting it until now (I am nothing if not consistent). I’ve actually gone back to repurchase the Smoked Cashews several times already, but I’m not about to post a pic every single time I purchase a pack, because I buy these pretty regularly.

I love that the packaging has got a resealable or “reclosable seal” as they call it, to keep the Cashews (or whatever else you normally go for) fresh for longer. Who wants stale Cashews, amirite or amirite? They had some pretty gnarly flavors like Jalapeno Cashews and Biryani Cashews (wuuuuut) for those who are more adventurous, but I’m sticking with my Smoked Cashews (honestly, I’ll put anything that’s smoked in my mouth, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Cashews, anything Smoked)!

I’ve been visiting Al Rifai Roastery on and off to replenish my stock of Smoked Cashews ever since!

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