Sephora Haulage + Engraving Service

My latest trip to Sephora was quite eventful! For starters, I lost my White Sephora Card, again. So, I had to sign up for a new one, all over again. I used the same e-mail and phone number, so I’m hoping that the points got transferred (forgot to check). If not, that’s still okay, because I purchased no less than 3 perfumes as birthday gifts (2 girls, 1 guy) which will definitely help me rack up the points to get upgraded from a White Sephora Card to a Black Sephora Card (deets here) that much faster. The perfumes are not shown because I already gifted them to the recipients. I did ask for some fragrance samples (because buying perfumes for others kinda’ made me wanna’ play around with some of my own) and surprise surprise, they’d “just ran out of samples“. However, I was promised that my perfume picks would get decanted into tiny little vials in lieu of fragrance samples (which made me happy)! Plus, I got everything shown in the photo above as a gift with purchase (unprompted) which put a hole in my samples theory (mentioned here) where I mistakenly thought that if you purchased skincare and makeup-y bits, you could only get skincare samples and makeup-y samples, and if you purchased perfumes then you could only get perfume samples. Apparently, the Sales Assistants just hand out whatever to whomever, whenever.

The wonderful Sales Assistant did let me take my pick of perfumes and filled up 3 tiny vials for me… and ended up bleeding all over the place in the process. I felt so bad for the poor guy! I did warn him though, that those little vials were very badly built (which I could tell by fidgeting with them for all of 2 seconds). I mean the stopper didn’t properly fit into the neck of the tiny tube, meaning you had to take your time and slowly ease it in, but he tried jamming it in by using excessive force and ended up breaking the glass and cutting himself. That’s when he disappeared into the back room and someone else took over for him. Turns out that someone was the same person I had walked away from earlier (she kept trying to force me to buy the new Gucci – Bloom perfume because she was manning the Gucci counter and annoyed me so much that I just thanked her and walked away). Once she was gone, I went back to the perfume area and was approached by the kind Egyptian Sales Assistant who helped me pick out all 3 perfumes and promised me I could come back to him (after paying) to get vials of perfume samples (he said I could pick out which ones I wanted) and even tossed in all of the gifts with purchase as shown above!

The reason why I decided to purchase perfumes as birthday gifts for my friends was because I noticed that Sephora now had a complimentary Engraving Service! You could choose to have either the full name or just the initials, etched on the perfume bottle, either in Arabic or English! Deciding on a font for each one (based on the tint of the glass, I had to be careful to pick a font and font size that would actually show) was very time-consuming. I ended up going with a different font for each one. I got all 3 full names (XYZ Al-XYZ) etched on all 3 perfumes! Watching the laser engrave the names on the glass bottles was pretty cool! The woman manning the Engraving Service counter kept urging me to take photos of it in action, but I’m just not the type of person that whips out their phone in public to take pics of things. Anyways, like I said, the whole engraving process was cool and all but it took forever and I sorta’ got bored after watching it being done to the first perfume, so I walked away to pick out the free perfume samples and that’s when the poor guy got injured.

I picked up Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium (Pure Illusion) 90ml because despite being relatively new, Black Opium has already become a cult-fave and this newer version includes notes of Coffee! I was so intrigued that I got the Sales Assistant fill one of the tiny vials (of which I got 3) with this version of Black Opium for myself as well. I had the girl’s name etched on the circular part of the glass bottle (because the rest of the bottle had a lot going on). It was a nightmare getting the proper spelling of her last name (all Arab last names sound alike to me… even though I’m an Arab too…) and her husband and I kept texting back and forth (he kept texting me the Arabic version and I’m like “Dude, work with me here. How do you spell Al-XYZ in english) while trying to be discreet, but it was worth it in the end because her reaction was everything!

I was planning on purchasing something from Gucci counter anyway, but the woman manning the Gucci counter was annoyingly aggressive and kept trying to get me to buy Gucci – Bloom (which was new at the time) until I got so annoyed that I just thanked her and moved on, only to return once she was gone. With a different Sales Assistant (who gave me enough space) I decided to go for Gucci – Oud 75ml because I knew the recipient adores Oud scents and is extremely fond of all things Gucci! I had the girl’s name etched on the side of the glass bottle. We threw her a surprise birthday brunch at one of the restaurants (not really open yet but someone knew someone and so on) at The Lake. Once she tore the gift wrapping, she seemed confused that the box was not sealed (which is the only thing that bugs me about the Engraving Service, you can’t seal them back up) until she noticed her name etched on the bottle which put a huge grin on her face!

The last perfume I got was Hugo Boss – Bottled Oud 100ml because I figured Oud would be a safe bet (when in doubt, go with Oud) since Arabs love their Oud! I had the guy’s name etched on the side of the glass bottle. This was the hardest one to figure out the font for because the bottle was circular so I couldn’t choose a large size for the font but because of the dark tint, if the font was too small, the name would barely show. Thankfully, the dude and his wife both got a kick out of it!

Rackin’ up dem Sephora points!

Yves Saint Laurent – Top Secrets – CC Cream Color Correcting Primer (Rose)

A CC Primer in three colors Rose (brightens dull and tired skin), Apricot (blends uneven skin tone) and Lavender (neutralizes yellow).

The pigmented lightweight primer targets color and skin imperfections. The primer color-corrects irregularities, diffuses light and improves skin texture: pores are minimized, imperfections reduced. Skin appears exceptionally radiant and flawless. Use under foundation or alone. To maximize radiance, use with YSL Touche Éclat Foundation.

Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat Glow Shot Highlighter

A liquid highlighter in shimmer tones to brighten the complexion for a radiant, dewy glow—from daylight to sunset.

The Touche Éclat Glow shots are infused with the award winning Touche Éclat formula, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E antioxidants, and golden pigments to eliminate signs of fatigue, plump your skin and give you a bright, flawless complexion. The ultra-fine illuminating micro pearls give your skin a beautiful glow without the glitter effect.

Yves Saint Laurent – Vinyl Cream Lip Stain (#401 Rouge Vinyle)

A high-coverage liquid lip color with ultimate shine, comfort, and all-day wear.

Vinyl Cream dresses lips in full coverage color and high-impact vinyl shine. The diamond shaped applicator allows for perfect lip contouring and color glides on evenly in just one stroke. The creamy formula provides 10 hour wear and all day comfort so lips look and feel beautiful.

I’m thinking I got the Yves Saint Laurent samples for purchasing the Yves Saint Laurent perfume, Black Opium.

Gucci – Travel Makeup Brush

It’s small, retractable, sleek and metallic!

Gucci – Beauty Blender

It’s a full sized Beauty Blender and it’s Black (so cool) and I got it for free! At this point, I feel like I owe that awesome Sales Assistant my first-born, or a kidney, or something (especially since he literally bled for me… well more like because of me, but same difference).

Gucci – Bloom Notebook

More proof that Gucci – Bloom was newly released. The whole thing came in a cardboard box with matching Red Floral Print (as shown) wrapped in cellophane. The Notebook itself is unlined (bummer) but it does come with a tab to bookmark stuff. The Notebook truly does have a lovely print that I feel like I’ve seen before (possibly on China Plates?) only in Blue, not Red.

I’m thinking I got all the Gucci GWP (gifts with purchase) for purchasing the Gucci perfume, Oud.

So to recap, they’ve got a really cool Engraving Service at Sephora now, that can add a nice personalized touch to perfumes, either for yourself or as a gift for others!

9 thoughts on “Sephora Haulage + Engraving Service

  1. Hiya MareBare! Thank you and here you go!

    Top Notes: Green Tangerine, Pear
    Middle Notes: Jasmine Tea Petal, Orange Flower Petal
    Base Notes: Green Coffee, White Woody

    There are several different variations of Black Opium though, so take note of the differences in each bottle (at least, that’s how I can tell them apart). Hope this was helpful!


  2. Oh wow! Thank you! I don’t like florals so this sounds right up my alley! If you have any suggestions for fruity summer scents, I’d love to know. And call me Mare! Not many know that so no worries! !


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  6. Hi! Did you get the gucci beauty blender for free? How was it? Do you think it’s comparable to the original beauty blender?



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