ColourPop Halloween Haul

So ColourPop came out out with a bunch of new stuff, including newer additions to their; Makeup Brush line (smaller brushes for more detailed work), Pressed Powder Shadows (new shades + compacts) and collaboration with iluvsarahii (Arriba! Ulta Matte Lip). They even restocked DGAF Super Shock Shadow which I’ve just been dying to try (everyone won’t stop raving about it)! I wanted to get the Brow Boss Pencils the first time around (when they were actually new), except I accidentally ordered the Precision Brow Pencils instead (haulage here). I figured since I was going to be placing an order with ColourPop anyway, now was my chance to rectify the situation and order the Brow Boss Pencils that I’d originally wanted.

Best of all, ColourPop came out with a My Little Pony Collection, arguably the most adorable collection of life (packaging-wise)! I was literally counting the days up until its release and even went home extra early from a dinner with my favorite cousin (time just flies when we’re together and hours feel like seconds) just to make sure I got home in time to place my order before everything was out of stock. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with my credit card (darn autofill) and by the time that got sorted out, everything I’d wanted from the My Little Pony Collection was already out of stock. As soon as they restocked the My Little Pony Collection, I placed my order immediately (October 28) so I wouldn’t miss out again and here we are. The total for this order was $101.00

The note reads,

“Did you know… We have so mushroom in our heart for you!”

Accompanied with a picture of a mushroom, funny and cute!

Isn’t it strange when you learn a new word or learn more about a certain word and suddenly start noticing that same word everywhere? I’m pretty sure that phenomenon has a German name, but it’s not coming to me at the moment. Anyways, I was watching/listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast (Joe Rogan Experience) when one of the guests happened to be a Mycologist (person who studies mushrooms) and he had some really interesting things to say about Mushrooms (which shed a whole new light on Mario lawl), particularly Psilocybin Mushrooms. After that particular podcast, mushrooms have sorta’ been popping up (like mushrooms lawl) literally everywhere in my normal day-to-day life, including in this Note from ColourPop! I mean, I watched/listened to the podcast on November 7 and and my ColourPop order (including the Note with the mushroom drawing) was in my hands by November 9. What a strange coincidence, no?

Anyways, so I got:

4 Makeup Brushes (2 of the newer additions and 2 from the regular line)
2 Brow Boss Pencils (notice the newer stripe-y packaging)
2 Lip Products (1 from iluvsarahii collab and 1 from the My Little Pony collab)
5 Super Shock Shadows (3 from the My Little Pony Collection and 2 from the regular line)
1 Super Shock Pigment
1 Pressed Powder Compact (new)
6 Pressed Powder Shadows (4 of the new shades and 2 from the regular line)

Fan Brush (regular line) – Small Tapered Brush (new) – Small Pencil Brush (new) – Angled Eye Brush (regular line)

Fan Brush retails for $7.00

Make your highlight pop! The fan shape provides a super soft application, perfect for powder, cream or liquid highlighters.

This Fan Brush is part of the original 12 piece Brush Set. I wanted the Fan Brush mainly to use with my many, many highlighters. I know I just got the Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush (hauled here) except I wanna’ reserve that one for the more subtle and glow-y highlighters, and this ColourPop Fan Brush could be used with more glitter-y and inexpensive highlighters. I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to wash my Makeup Brushes ever single day. If I use the same Fan Brush with a particularly glittery highlighter one day, and then wanna’ go with a more subtle and glow-y (less glitter-y) highlight the very next day, I’d still end up with glitter all over my face from the Fan Brush I used with the glitter-y highlight the day before… unless I wash the Fan Brush after every use (which is just not going to happen). As expected, it doesn’t work as well the Super Shock Highlighters. However, it’s actually pretty great with Powder Highlighters! I find that it picks up just the right amount of product. At the moment, I’m loving this Fan Brush with my Mary-Lou Manizer!

Angled Eye Brush retails for $5.00

Precision eye lining and brow shaping. The firm, angled brush can be used with powder or cream formulas. Clean cat eyes and feathery brows are in your future.

This Angled Eye Brush is part of the original 12 piece Brush Set. I’ve already got a Holy Grail Angled Eye Brush (purchased from The Body Shop circa early 2000’s) which I’ve reserved mainly for use with my brows, but I’ve been obsessed with finding a better alternative ever since, just in case they redesigned my beloved Angled Eye Brush (which they did, shortly after). I prefer using any Angled Eye Brush with MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow (muted mid-tone grey in matte squared finish) to fill in my brows. It’s just much faster and easier than anything else. That’s why I got this Angled Eye Brush. However, if it turns out to be too flimsy, I could use it for a number of things, for example with a brow-gel to define my brows, or gel-liner or even powder eyeshadow to line my eyes, or even with a little concealer for some clean-up work.

E9 Small Tapered Brush retails for $6.00

The smaller sister of the Tapered Blending Brush, this one is perfect for more precise blending and defining the crease.

This Small Tapered Brush is part of the newer additions to the ColourPop Makeup Brush range. As they’ve mentioned in the description, ColourPop also offer a regular-sized Tapered Blending Brush. However, I’ve got hooded eyes (which means, not enough lid space to go crazy with eyeshadows). That’s why I got the Small Tapered Brush. I wanna’ be able to blend out any harsh line in my crease or diffuse color on my lids, without having the color spread all the way up to my brows (which is usually the case with most blending brushes that are on the larger and fluffier side). If you don’t have large eyes but you wanna’ do more detailed work, smaller makeup brushes are the way to go!

E10 Small Pencil Brush retails for $6.00

Smaller and more precise than the Pencil Brush, this one covers all the details. Great for smoking out eyeliner or shadow across the lashline.

This Small Pencil Brush is part of the newer additions to the ColourPop Makeup Brush range. I’ve really been enjoying smoking out my lower lashline recently! I feel that smoking out the lower lashline can bump up your look from cute to sultry! I’ve been alternating between MAC Handwritten Eyeshadow (rich chocolate brown with a matte squared finish), MAC Brown Script Eyeshadow (warm chestnut brown in a matte squared finish) and MAC Swiss Chocolate Eyeshadow (soft cocoa brown with a matte finish), to smoke out my lower lashline, because they make my brown eyes almost look green! I’ve been using a MAC 219 Pencil Brush for that, and sometimes end up with the shadow being dragged down way too low for my liking. That’s why I got this Small Pencil Brush. Like I said, if you don’t happen to have large eyes but you wanna’ do some more detailed work, smaller makeup brushes are the way to go!

2 old + 2 new

Fan Brush + Angled Eye Brush (regular line)

Small Pencil Brush + Small Tapered Brush (new additions)

Fan Brush (regular line) – Small Tapered Brush (new) – Small Pencil Brush (new) – Angled Eye Brush (regular line)

These makeup brushes, coupled with the makeup brushes from my previous ColourPop haulage (here) have left me pretty impressed with ColourPop! I can’t wait for ColourPop to come out with even more makeup brushes! Can you imagine ColourPop coming out with a dupe for the Nars Ita Brush? Whatever they come out with next, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! My only complaint is that for a brand named ColourPop, the plain all white packaging of their makeup brushes isn’t all that colorful or poppin’. I wish they would’ve gone with something more exciting, something worthy of the name ColourPop, but that’s just me.

That said, ColourPop did release a Mini Makeup Brush Kit (5 pc) as part of the My Little Pony Collection. However, as adorable and colorful as the whole thing looked, I felt the Kit was a bit over-priced, especially when you consider the fact that these were Mini Makeup Brushes (and kinda’ had that kiddy-makeup vibe). That’s why I didn’t bother purchasing the 5pc Mini Makeup Brush Kit from the My Litte Pony Collection.

Brow Boss Pencils retail for $5.00 per pencil

Buildable colour in a mistake-proof pencil ..that’s all you need for perfectly feathered brows.

Dark Brown: Recommended for Medium Brown to Black hair.
Soft Black: Recommend for Black hair.

Yeah, so I thought that I’d gotten the new Brow Boss Pencils in my previous ColourPop haul (here) but when my package arrived, realized that I’d accidentally ordered the Precision Brow Pencils (from the regular line) instead. With this order, I triple checked everything, just to make sure that I’d actually ordered the Brow Boss Pencils correctly this time. Again, I couldn’t decide on which shade to go for (so many shades) so I got the Dark Brown and Soft Black (pretty interchangeable, if you ask me). As you can see, these come with a Brow Pencil (more like a crayon actually but whatever) on one end and a scratchy Spoolie on the other. With the cap on, you can only see a tiny bit of color on the rim, but once you remove the cap, you get to see more of the color, unlike the Precision Brow Pencils where the cap actually matches the shade of the product housed inside. After using both the Precision Brow Pencils and Brow Boss Pencils… I can honestly say that I much prefer the Brow Boss Pencils.

Actually, I don’t just prefer the Brow Boss Pencils, I straight up love them! It’s like they’re an all-in-one sorta’ deal for your brows! It’s as if you’ve brushed them with a spoolie, defined them with some brow pomade, cleaned up the edges with some concealer, brushed them again with a spoolie, and finally set them with a brow gel. That’s the effect that you get from the Brow Boss Pencils and with only a few swipes too! So, these babies are pretty much… magic. For real, the Brow Boss Pencils beautifully fill in your brows, somehow making and keeping them perfectly feathered! In fact, it’s impossible to overdo it with these Brow Boss Pencils. You could legit go crazy with these Brow Boss Pencils and your brows would still end up looking “natural”, unlike the Precision Brow Pencils where you gotta’ a lot more careful, if you don’t wanna’ end up with Scouse Brow. Also, because these Brow Boss Pencils are so easy-breezy, they’re actually much faster to apply, unlike the Precision Brow Pencils which take up a little bit more time, because you have to be careful with how you apply them.

My only issue with the Brow Boss Pencils is that the cap on one end got stuck (won’t open) so I can’t get at the spoolie. That’s something I’d expect from E.L.F. not ColourPop. Other than that, I’ve really been enjoying using these Brow Boss Pencils because I love how fast and easy they are to apply, but even more than that, I’m living for the feathered look they give to my normally pitiful and shapeless brows! With this stuff, my brows look so lush and full and dare I say it, beautiful!

It might be a bit premature to start throwing around words like Holy Grail but these Brow Boss Pencils are well on their way to becoming my most favorite brow product… ever!

Arriba! Ultra Matte Lip (iluvesarahii Collection) retails for $6.00

¡Vamos! This warm true red is fiesta ready for @iluvsarahii’s birthday!

Apparently, Ribbon Ultra Matte Lip from the Hello Kitty Collection (hauled here) and all the reds in the Blues Baby Ultra Matte Lip Set (hauled here) and the reds in The Good Times Mini Ultra Matte Lip Set (hauled here) and Saigon Ultra Matte Lip from the Karrueche collab (hauled here), and Extra Toppings Ultra Matte Lip and Circles Ultra Matte Lip (both hauled here) just weren’t enough reds for me. As any self-respecting… sick, sick person, I had to get uno mas (pretty sure that means one more), which turned out to be this festive warm red named Arriba! and happened to be one of the newer additions (in honor of her birthday) to the pre-existing iluvsarahii collab.

Just like any normal person, I go through these phases… that tend to last for what seems like ages. I used to be just as obsessed with Lip Gloss (literally had every single shade of Lancome Juicy Tubes ever made) up until I ventured into Lipstick territory. I stuck with Nudes for a good long while, collecting Nude Lipsticks from every single brand up until I moved on to Corals and so on. Somehow, I regressed and really got into only wearing clear or slightly tinted Lip Balms. More recently, I find that I just can’t seem to stay away from Reds.

In my defense, Arriba! was part of the iluvsarahii collection (I was one of the probably many, many people who actually suggested her name to ColourPop requesting a collab with her). As such, I just had to support my girl! Also, ColourPop tend to discontinue their shades all willy-nilly, and I didn’t know if this was a Limited Edition product or was gonna’ be up on their site for long, but I knew that either way, I didn’t wanna’ miss out. I’m not a fan of the reflective gold cap (blech, gold) on the limited edition packaging (the regular ones from the permanent range come with a much nicer reflective silver cap) but regardless, this shade is muy caliente!

I got Arriba! for $6.00 but the price went down to $5.20 and now it’s up to $6.50 (it seems that ColourPop have increased the prices on their Liquid Lips which doesn’t bode well for us makeup junkies, because that means they’re probably going to gradually jack up the prices on all their products).

Ponyland Ultra Glossy Lip (My Little Pony Collection) retails for $6.00 (discontinued)

Lilac slightly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter

Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of glittery Lip Gloss since I’m… y’know… not a tween. That said, most of the lip products in the My Little Pony Collection were either unwearable or unappealing to me. I was actually going for Pin Wheel Ultra Matte Lip, but changed my mind (since I had way too many similar shades, all from ColourPop no less) and went for Ponyland Ultra Glossy Lip, at the last minute. It’s not so much about the shade itself, as much as it is the fact that I just had to get at least 1 Lip Product from the My Little Pony Collection. Just look at that packaging! I mean… how stinkin’ cuuute! Even the cap is a reflective lilac (love!) and the rim is purple with stars all over it, and that outer packaging with adorable little ponies just gives me all kinds of feels (nostalgia wave)! In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve never actually watched a single episode of My Little Pony (because I’m… you know… not a child, no offense bronies), but I grew up watching the 1986 version of My Little Pony: The Movie (over and over again because… VHS) which is way cuter than the remake and consequentially can still sing “Nothing Can Stop the Smooze” by heart.

Cuteness aside, I figured I could use Ponyland to lighten up some of my darker Ultra Matte Liquid Lips (in the same color family). At the very least, I could pop Ponyland Ultra Glossy Lip over Marshmallow Ultra Satin Lip (hauled here) to make Marshmallow seem less… crazy. However, I was just playing around with Monster Super Shock Highlight (hauled here) and decided to finish off the “look” with Ponyland and was actually very pleasantly surprised with the end result! I’d kinda’ forgotten just how much I really, really enjoy the look of Lip Gloss on bare lips! They make your lips look all glossy (well, derr) and shiny and juicy and just so pretty! Plus, glossy lips photograph really well too! As for glittery glosses, well they sparkle so beautifully (especially in sunlight) and make your lips look plumper! I was only messing around when I put it on, but Ponyland has actually rekindled my affection for Lip Gloss!

Ponyland has been discontinued but if you’re still interested, ColourPop has a wide variety of Glosses ranging from sheer to pigmented, in all kinds of different finishes (creme, glitter, metallic, holographic)!

Cherries Jubilee Super Shock Shadow (opalescent white) – Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow (lavender) – Posey Super Shock Shadow (soft pink) – Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment (red) – DGAF Super Shock Shadow (brown) – Roulette Super Shock Shadow (black)

Next up are the 5 Super Shock Shadows and 1 Super Shock Pigment (red one). As you can tell, the 3 Super Shock Shadows in the top row are all from the Limited Edition My Little Pony Collection and the sole reason why I placed this order. I’d missed out on getting them when they were first released (went out of stock pretty quick) which is why I pounced on them, as soon as ColourPop restocked the collection. Unfortunately, It seems that all 3 have been discontinued since, as I keep getting an error message, whenever I search for any of them, up on the ColourPop site. Even though the ones on the bottom row all read Super Shock Shadow, the first one (red) is actually a Super Shock Pigment and has since been discontinued as well. The other 2 in bottom row are Super Shock Shadows and are part of the permanent line, meaning you can buy them whenever (except I wouldn’t sleep on them, because ColourPop tend to discontinue products all willy-nilly and bring back other long-discontinued products out of the blue, case in point, DGAF Super Shock Shadow).

All the Super Shock Shadows in this haul have an ultra-glitter finish, except for Roulette (black) which has a matte finish.

Super Shock Shadows retail for $5.00 each
Super Shock Pigments retail for $5.00 each

Cherries Jubilee Super Shock Shadow (opalescent white) – Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow (lavender) – Posey Super Shock Shadow (soft pink)

ColourPop’s My Little Pony Collection consisted of the 5pc Mini Makeup Brush Set (cute but juvenile and over-priced), 3 Ultra Glossy Lips (of which I got 1 just for the adorable packaging), 3 Ultra Matte Lips (too dark for my taste), 2 Pressed Powder Highlighters (probably too delicate to ship to Kuwait), Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette (12 significantly smaller shades) and these 3 Super Shock Shadows (all sparkly and pretty and honestly the only thing I actually wanted from the entire collection).

Two out of the three Super Shock Shadows from the My Little Pony Collection were out of stock the first time around, but once they were back in stock, I quickly placed my order so I wouldn’t risk missing out on them for good. Sadly, Cherries Jubilee (opalescent white) – the one I was looking forward to the most – arrived completely destroyed but whatevs, I can still make it work. Also, I get an error message whenever I search for any of them, which I’m guessing means they’ve now all been discontinued.

Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment (red) – DGAF Super Shock Shadow (brown) – Roulette Super Shock Shadow (black)

These are all from the regular line (not limited edition) but I keep getting an error message when I search for Fooling Around, so I’m guessing it’s been discontinued now (so thankful that I got it when I did). As for DGAF Super Shock Shadow, everyone seems to seriously love this shade, except I’d never actually seen it up on the website, which is why I thought it was one of those long-discontinued shades (that we’d never see again). Technically, it was discontinued, but then ColourPop brought it back right around the time I was placing this order, so I just had to see what the fuss was all about. As for Roulette I’d been eyeing it up for quite some time and didn’t wanna’ hold back anymore.

How adorable are these? Honestly, the ridiculously cute and nostalgic packaging played a big part in my reasoning for purchasing these Super Shock Shadows from the My Little Pony Collection. I mean, just look at that packaging! Ugh, so freakin’ cute, I can’t even!

Cherries Jubilee Super Shock Shadow (My Little Pony Collection)

Opalescent pink with hot pink glitter

If that wasn’t adorable enough, unlike the regular line where the Super Shock Shadow pots are white, these pots come in a lavender! Just take my money, ColourPop, just take it. Anyways, so Cherries Jubilee is gorgeous! It looks white in the pot, but when it catches the light, it’s pink! I love magical color-changing shades like this, that are all opalescent and duochrome-y, which is why I was looking forward to Cherries Jubilee the most! Unfortunately, it arrived completely destroyed (like, you can totally see the pan underneath), but I believe I can still make it work.

Cherries Jubilee can be used over other shadows to transform them, for an endless list of “Eye Makeup Looks”. For example, you could stick with shades that are in the same color family (matte pinks or matte lavenders or even blues) and apply Cherries Jubilee over top for that extra oomph! You could go the opposite route and apply something much darker as a base (matte black such as Roulette) which will really make Cherries Jubilee pop! You could always concentrate Cherries Jubilee just in the center of the lid (over other shadows, of course) for that “Halo Effect”. Due to the fact that Cherries Jubilee is more opalescent than opaque, you really can do so much with it! Like I said, endless!

Back in the day (year 2000 exactly) I used to own a Chubby Eye Crayon (The Body Shop) that was an opalescent lavender with a blue shift, that I used to use as an inner corner highlight, every, single, day. Once I ran out (which I did, pretty quickly), I went back to The Body Shop to pick up a new one, but they’d already been discontinued. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a dupe ever since (seriously, off the top of my head, Nyx, E.L.F., Milani, Sephora, Urban Decay, you name it, I’ve tried them all). Now I’m not saying Cherries Jubilee is anywhere near similar to that shade. However, they do share the same magical, color-changing qualities that I absolutely adore! That’s why I’m really looking forward to using Cherries Jubilee, mainly as an inner corner highlight!

Unfortunately, Cherries Jubilee has since been discontinued.

Here’s an up-close swatch of Cherries Jubilee on my pinky. See? Magical! Which makes it deliciously appropos that Cherries Jubilee was released as part of the My Little Pony Collection!

Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow (My Little Pony Collection)

Pastel lavender drenched with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter

Despite the fact that this looks more blue than lavender in the photo above (my camera couldn’t handle it), it’s actually more of a lavender in real life. Urban Decay Tonic Eyeshadow (lilac with blue shift) and Teeez Cosmetics Wisteria Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow (hauled here) seem similar in color to Sunbeam, except Tonic and Wisteria are more glow-y and sheen-y, whereas Sunbeam is straight up glittery. As for most of my Lavender Mineralize Eyeshadows from the MAC Tropical Taboo Collection (hauled here), they’re are all much lighter and way less pigmented. Ignition Super Shock Shadow from the Amanda Steele collab (hauled here) is much pinker than Sunbeam. I’d say MAC Hint of Sapphire Mineralize Eyeshadow (hauled here) when foiled (applied wet) is the closest to Sunbeam. However, H&M Award Season Infinite Impact Eye Colour (hauled here) could definitely pass for a dupe as well. I purchased Sunbeam for the super cute limited edition packaging and because lilacs and lavenders really compliment most of my green contacts lenses.

Unfortunately, Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow seems to have been discontinued, so I’d suggest grabbing H&M Award Season Eyeshadow (as the closest possible dupe).

Posey Super Shock Shadow (My Little Pony Collection)

Soft pinky beige with silver, gold and pink glitter

With my skintone, most beige eyeshadows can be quite tricky to pull off. That’s why every time I go to apply this, I change my mind and opt for something else instead. I can’t afford to be fussing with Posey (in my attempts to make it work) because I’m usually short on time. As such, I haven’t really gotten around to playing with Posey yet, so there’s really not much to say. Again, I got Posey mainly because it was part of the My Little Pony Collection but also for the ultra-cute limited edition packaging.

Posey has also been discontinued since.

Cherries Jubilee Super Shock Shadow (opalescent white) – Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow (lavender) – Posey Super Shock Shadow (soft pink)

As you may have already surmised, these 3 Super Shock Shadows from the My Little Pony Collection are meant to be used as toppers (over other shadows) due to the fact that they’re not that opaque and mostly consist of glitter. Aren’t they pretty, though? Also, the lavender pots are everything! Unfortunately, ss I said earlier, all 3 have since been discontinued.

Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment (discontinued)

Metallic red…Guaranteed to leave you swooning

I’ve already got Baby Talk Super Shock Pressed Pigment (hauled here) but that one had a matte finish whereas Fooling Around Super Shock Pressed Pigment has a metallic finish, so that’s my justification for getting both. I figure a little bit of Fooling Around would look gorge on top of Baby Talk (if you didn’t know we were talking about Eye Shadows, how ridiculous funny would that sentence sound?), maybe even pop a little bit of Roulette in the crease. I’m not sure where or when I’d ever be able to sport that “look”, but I’m sure it’d look great, regardless. I’m definitely going to pair Fooling Around with some oranges and browns and maybe even golds, for a “Sunset-Inspired Look”, at some point. You could always go with the more practical route and just use Fooling Around as an accent shade, or go the extra route and rim your entire eye (totally doable if you double up on mascara or just pop on some falsies). I’m most excited to pair Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment with some of my favorite Green Colored Contacts.

Unfortunately Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment has been discontinued. However, ColourPop tend to bring back some of their more popular discontinued items (sometimes, only months) down the line.

DGAF Super Shock Shadow

Everyone is definitely gonna give a f*ck when you wear this medium-toned rusty brown topped with multi-dimensional gold glitter

Everyone seems to love DGAF Super Shock Shadow. I’d never seen DGAF being sold on the ColourPop site so I figured it was one of those long-discontinued items that I’ll probably never get a chance to buy. However, when I was placing this particular order (to get my hands on the My Little Pony stuff), I noticed that DGAF was back in stock. Not gonna’ lie, I was pretty excited to try DGAF and see what the fuss was all about. After trying it on and of all things, pairing it with my Zara Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater (hauled here), I can honestly say that I still don’t understand what the fuss was all about. It’s just another orange-y brown and a poorly pigmented one, at that. So I’m guessing the hype has more to do with the product’s risque name (a la Nars Orgasm Blush), and less with the actual product itself. That said, I did only wear this just that one time. Maybe it’ll win me over after I experiment with it some more, in the future. I mean, this thing is literally SOLD OUT at the moment, up on the ColourPop website, so all those people just can’t be wrong.

Roulette Super Shock Shadow

This matte true black is always your best bet

Roulette, best bet, geddit? ColourPop never fail to make me giggle! Truthfully, I’d been eyeing up Roulette for quite some time now. I figured it’d be awesome as a base (to make my other shadows pop)! Once I added Cherries Jubilee (My Little Pony Collection) to my online shopping cart, that settled it for me. I just had to get Roulette as well, because I was so sure Cherries Jubilee would look amazing over Roulette! Now that I’ve actually got Roulette, it’s dawning on me that I can use it for so much more! I can use my ColourPop Angled Liner Brush to line my eyes with Roulette, or use it for a cut-crease look, or use it to deepen up my crease-work or deepen up anything really. I mean can you imagine one of those Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liquid Liners applied over Roulette? The possibilities are endless! Everyone needs to get it because Roulette is super practical!

Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment (red) – DGAF Super Shock Shadow (brown) – Roulette Super Shock Shadow (black)

Fooling Around has been discontinued and DGAF is currently SOLD OUT, but Roulette is still available for purchase.

You know what? Looking at them side-by-side, I feel like I can create a pretty cool look, using all three!

Cherries Jubilee Super Shock Shadow (opalescent white) – Sunbeam Super Shock Shadow (lavender) – Posey Super Shock Shadow (soft pink) – Fooling Around Super Shock Pigment (red) – DGAF Super Shock Shadow (brown) – Roulette Super Shock Shadow (black)

Here’s all the Super Shocks side-by-side. Notice the white pots of the regular packaging? Now compare those to the ridiculously adorable lavender pots of the My Little Pony Collection. Can you blame me for losing my mind over these things? Ugh, so stinkin’ cute!

This is Single Pressed Powder Shadow Compact I mentioned was new to ColourPop (in the first paragraph of this post). A single Pressed Powder Shadow retails for $4.00 but if you clicked on the $5.00 option, you’d get the Pressed Powder Shadow plus the Compact. I don’t believe you can purchase the Compact separately. In my case, I wanted to make sure that a certain Pressed Powder Shadow (Glass Bull) did not get damaged during shipping, so I went for the $5.00 option. I just assumed that the Pressed Powder Shadow would arrive safely nestled in the Compact. That didn’t happen. The Compact did arrive, but it had nothing in it. The Pressed Powder Shadow had arrived in its usual clear plastic encasing, negating the whole reason for my purchase of the Compact!

Despite all that, the Pressed Powder Compact was surprisingly well-made (and only a $1.00 extra!) and quite cute, actually! It was all clean lines and sharp edges. It had all-white packaging with reflective stars and the reflective print on it. It had a properly sized hole with a magnet in it, to safely lock the pan of Pressed Powder Eyeshadow in place. Best of all, it had a darling little mirror! You could open up the Compact all the way or leave it barely closed and it would actually remain at that angle! Honestly, these little Pressed Powder Shadow Compacts are darn-near perfect (and dirt cheap too)!

That said, I’ll still be sticking with storing my Pressed Powder Shadows in the regular clear plastic encasing (that the Pressed Powder Shadows arrive in) because since they’re clear, I can see which shadow I’m reaching for, which makes them more efficient. Also, they’re easy to maintain (just wipe down the sides with a tissue). Also, they take up very little space, and you can actually stack them on top of each other. Also, they’re free. So… yeah.

Glass Bull (1st) – Snake Eyes (2nd) – Ego (3rd) – Now and Zen (4th) – Tea Garden (5th) – Team Captain (6th)

I can’t get enough of the ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows! Be they in Palette-form or Single-form, as long as they keep churning out new shades, I’m going to keep snatching them up! These are the 6 Pressed Powder Shadows that I got in this haul. Ego (3rd) and Team Captain (6th and last) were part of the regular line (not new). Glass Bull (1st), Snake Eyes (2nd), Now and Zen (4th) and Tea Garden (5th), were all new to ColourPop. Out of all the newly released shades, I chose these ones in particular because they seemed to have that duochrome effect (which I’m obsessed with)!

Unfortunately, Ego (3rd) has since been discontinued.

Pressed Powder Shadows retail for $4.00 each
Pressed Powder Shadows + Compact retail for $5.00 each

Glass BullSnake Eyes

Snake EyesEgo

EgoNow and Zen

Now and ZenTea Garden

Tea GardenTeam Captain

Glass Bull Pressed Powder Shadow

Handle this duochrome lavender icy-blue with care

I was most excited for Glass Bull which is why I opted for $5.00 option (Pressed Powder Shadow + Compact) to make sure Glass Bull would arrive safely to me. Glass Bull seemed like the most beautiful shadow ever! Glass Bull was a lavender with icy blue reflects, practically looked like liquid on the skin, and seemed to shift color with your every move! It looked absolutely stunning! I love most duochromes in general, but Glass Bull was next level gorgeous!

I swatched it as soon as it got here and honestly, was a bit perplexed. First of all, it felt more creamy than powdery (almost like a Super Shock Shadow honestly). Second, it was actually quite thick and chunky (fall-out central). I tried using it with a brush (and then another brush, and another brush, and another brush) but barely managed to get any pigment to transfer onto my lids. I don’t know if the one I got was from a bad batch making it a dud or what, but only the blue shimmers showed up on my lids, and even then, just barely. Days after my initial attempt, I decided to give it another shot, this time using my fingers. Granted I had to pat it on (like a pigment), as opposed to swiping it on, but I didn’t care, as long as it finally showed up on me.

That said, since Glass Bull had more of an opalescent vibe, it wasn’t the most pigmented shadow out there. I guess I could use it as a topper over other shadows. Obviously, foiling it makes Glass Bull more pigmented. However, it also makes it more metallic, which serves to highlight every single crease and fold on my eyelids, and just makes me look odd, in general. If that wasn’t bad enough, the shade itself clashed so horribly with my Olive complexion! I. Was. Devastated. With that being said, due to its color-changing aspect, Glass Bull can vary from person to person (depending on their skintone, for example, on some people, it can tend to look more purple-y brown, as opposed to lavender).

Glass Bull was one of the newer releases that I was looking forward to the most, but sadly, it was an all around nightmare! It was extremely fussy to work with and the shade itself just clashed horribly with my skintone. I’m sure that with a lot of extra effort, I can probably make it work… but I’m not always in the mood to fuss with my makeup. I’m definitely going to have to try using it as a topper (over other shadows) instead.

I believe Glass Bull would look stunning on fair to light-medium skintones. Anyone darker (such as myself) might as well just go ahead and skip it Glass Bull is just too high maintenance!

You can purchase Glass Bull as a single ($4) or as part of The Yin to My Yang Set ($22)

Snake Eyes Pressed Powder Shadow

Caution: this pale pink taupe could be deadly

It’s not hard to see why they named this mesmerizing shade Snake Eyes really! Snake Eyes is an extremely reflective metallic pink-y bronze that changes color when it catches the light. It’s absolutely perfect for creating a “Halo” Eye Look! Maybe even a toned down “Smoky Eye”. That said, Snake Eyes looks much darker, less pink-y and more brown on some, and straight up bronze-y on others. I believe the darker you are, the lighter this’ll look on you. It’s also quite soft and smooth and creamy and very well-pigmented! Basically, Snake Eyes is an all around pleasure to work with and I whole-heartedly recommend it! Snake Eyes was also part of the newer release.

You can purchase Snake Eyes as a single ($4) or as part of The Yin to My Yang Set ($22)

Ego Pressed Powder Shadow (discontinued)

This metallic rosy taupe will go straight to your head

Ego is yet another one of those “everyday neutrals” that I so adore! On myself it’s more of a light metallic peach that’s so subtle, you can barely tell I’ve got anything on! That said, when I applied Ego all over the lid, and popped a little bit of Baby Talk Super Shock Pigment (hauled here) in the crease, Ego looked extremely light (almost invisible) in comparison. It also looked less peach-y and more golden. Honestly, it was between Sea Stars (matte medium yellow brown) and Ego for me. Both of them were part of the regular line (not new) but I’m so glad I went with Ego because it has been discontinued since.

Now and Zen Pressed Powder Shadow

Find your inner peace in this pale yellow gold …OHMMMM.

Now and Zen was part of the newly released Pressed Powder Shadows. Honestly, if any eyeshadow is a pale yellow gold (and not a dark orange gold, blech) I’m probably going to snap it up at some point. I just have a soft spot for pale yellows golds, in general. Now and Zen kinda’ looked duochrome-y too and I’m kinda’ obsessed with all things duochrome. Also, how cute is that name and description? Aside from using Now and Zen as an eyeshadow, I wanted it to use on my face (cheekbones rather) as a highlight. It looks absolutely gorgeous as a highlight! It might be a bit too yellow for some people but it just brightens up my olive complexion beautifully! It’s lovely during the night time but surprisingly discreet enough for day time! I was pretty excited for Now and Zen and I’m so glad that I picked it up! It’s currently out of stock, but once it’s back in stock, I urge you to get Now and Zen ASAP (don’t sleep on it)!

You can purchase Now and Zen as a single ($4) or as part of The Yin to My Yang Set ($22)

Tea Garden Pressed Powder Shadow

Come, take a seat, and sip on this duochrome red with a green gold flip

Personally, I was of two minds with Tea Garden. It’s not my most favorite shade ever, nor my most favorite name, or even favorite description. I’m not big on chartreuse, honestly. However, since Tea Garden is blatantly described as a duochrome in the description and most of the newly released shadows I got were duochromes anyway, I figured I might as well pick this one up too (in for a penny, in for a pound). Just like Glass Bull which was soft, creamy, and felt more like a Super Shock Shadow, Tea Garden applies better with your finger rather than a Makeup Brush. A lot of people compare ColourPop Tea Garden to MAC Club (which I also own) but to me, they’re not that similar at all. If anything Tea Garden is similar to Glass Bull as they both have that duochrome-y brown-red flip to it except Glass Bull is blue and Tea Garden is green. That said, it seems Tea Garden looks different on everyone (as is the case with certain duochromes) as it looks more brown (than red) on some, and more gold (than green) on others. On myself, Tea Garden looks like a green-y gold (so, pretty much chartreuse) but I just don’t know what to do with it. It’s way too sheer (despite being all duochrome-y) during night time, but way too shimmer-y and extra for day time. I guess I could use it as a topper and see how it fares. Tea Garden is nice, but it’s just not my cup of tea… garden.

You can purchase Tea Garden as a single ($4) or as part of The Yin to My Yang Set ($22)

Team Captain Pressed Powder Shadow

2, 4, 6, 8 ..You’re gonna appreciate this matte medium olive

I’m completely charmed by darker matte greens so I’ve had my eye on Team Captain for awhile now, which is why I just decided to just go for it when I placed this order. I figured I could use Team Captain for everything from popping it in the crease (to ground the over all look) to smoking it out on my lower lashline, possibly even lining my eyes with it. The main reason I got this was so I could use it to fill in my brows (even I don’t know why) regardless of the fact that my hair is actually more of a dark brown (almost black) at the moment (so, nowhere near this eyeshadow shade), but I can’t seem to give up and let go of that idea. Unfortunately, Team Captain was extremely dry and so stiff! In fact, it applied all patchy that it reminded me of another eyeshadow that’s pretty much known for being extremely fussy, MAC Carbon Eyeshadow. I knew I should’ve gotten High Rise Super Shock Shadow when I had the chance. To add insult to injury, Team Captain also stains the lids! It’s a beautiful shade that compliments my skintone and even my eye color quite beautifully, but it’s extremely fussy and so unpleasant to work with! O Captain! My Captain! I definitely do not appreciate your fussiness. I’ll probably be trying it on my brows in the near future, regardless.

Team Captain is part of the regular line (not new) and still available for purchase at $4.00

Top: Glass Bull (fussy) – Snake Eyes (excellent pigmentation) – Ego (discontinued)
Bottom: Now and Zen (pure love!) – Tea Garden (excellent pigmentation) – Team Captain (fussy)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Almost forgot to add that if you’re interested in getting anything from the My Little Pony Collection, the 5 piece My Little Pony Brush Set, all 3 Ultra Matte Lips, both the Pressed Powder Highlights, and the My Little Pony Palette (12 shades) are still available for purchase (while stocks last).

13 thoughts on “ColourPop Halloween Haul

  1. Such an amazing in depth review! I’m such a fan of colour pop, especially the Super Shock Shadows and this collection looks so pretty! It just kills me how much shipping and tax is to the UK!!x


  2. Wow!!! Nice review and haul! I need Glass Bull shadow in my life! I have the Sunbeam MLP shadow too and you’re right about the packaging being so darn cute and nostalgic!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. EllieMayTaylor – Thanks! The price of shipping etc is why I actually order in bulk (as opposed to the people in the U.S. who can just purchase 1 or 2 items). Still, ColourPop is awesome! #noregrets

    BeautyWellBlended – Thanks! If you do end up getting Glass Bull, be sure to use it with a primer otherwise it’s just a hot mess. Isn’t Sunbeam lovely? The packaging is everything!


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