Harvey Nichols Haulage

I was only passing through Harvey Nichols to get to the rest of the Avenues) (I still don’t know my way around the underground parking lot) but ended up getting a few bits along the way from Givenchy and Nars and Laura Mercier and Chanel (despite the Sales Assistants being snooty and quite frankly, unhelpful). I spent KD 92/250 (exactly $307.91 US Dollars) at Harvey Nichols and all I got as a gift with purchase (gwp) was a makeup bag (that I’ll probably never use). For that much money, you’d think I’d get a handful of samples (at least), but I didn’t get a single sample (not even one those ubiquitous single-use perfume samples). That would’ve been fine if the service was great, or at least decent, but all the Sales Assistants were pretty much… a nightmare (they acted as if they were doing me a favor). To add insult to injury, one of the items I got was a dried up mascara (from the Givenchy counter) but they gave me such a hard time about returning it (the very next day) even though I had the receipt with me and everything. Over all, I had such a horrible experience at Harvey Nichols (so very different from the wonderful experiences I’ve had at Jo Malone Boutiques here and here and here) that I don’t think I’ll be returning to Harvey Nichols any time soon, if ever.

At the Givenchy counter, I picked up a Mascara (not shown because I returned it the very next day), a tinted Brow Gel, and a color-changing Lip Balm. I was browsing around for certain items (stuff that I actually use), meanwhile the Sales Assistant kept trying to push other products (that I had absolutely no interest in) on me. I only wanted the Lip Balm but picked up the other two items just to get her off my back. When I asked her about any samples or gifts with purchase, she immediately replied, “Oh, I’m so sorry! We just ran out of samples”, which I’m starting to believe is their go-to answer. Also, I’m starting to suspect that the Sales Assistants hoard the samples for themselves (plus their friends and family). She did give me a Pink Makeup Bag, though. Once I got back home, I tried using the mascara but it was all dried up! I was extra annoyed because I’d made sure to ask the Sales Assistant for a mascara from their newly replenished stock (not something that had been sitting out forever) and she assured me that it was new. Obviously, that was not the case. I returned it the very next day and exchanged it for a Chanel Hair Mist, but not before they gave me such a hard time at the check-out counter. At first they wouldn’t take it back, even though I had the receipt (which clearly showed that I bought it only a day before), but relented when I suggested that they apply the mascara to the back of their hands, which they did, and saw for themselves that literally nothing came out (the mascara was so dry that it didn’t even transfer to skin).

Givenchy Mister Brow Filler in the shade 03 Granite retails for KD 9/500

Mister Brow Filler: a filler to naturally and evenly structure your brows.

Mister Brow Filler fills in any sparse areas and flawlessly shapes the brows. Its fluid, quick-drying formula instantly dries down to a powder finish on application. The curved brush follows the eyebrow’s natural shape, for an intuitive application even for beginners!

I’ve learned (the hard way) how a mismatched shade can make your brows look terrible. Seeing as how the Sales Assistant wouldn’t give me enough room to breathe (I’d be looking at something and she’d literally shove a random product in my face obstructing my vision from whatever I was looking at) let alone swatch the available shades (Blonde and Brunette and Granite) I figured I’d err on the side of caution and go with Granite, since there was less of a chance that Granite would pull reddish on me (which was very much a possibility with Brunette). I’ll be honest, the beautiful packaging played a big part too, as each of the shades came in color coordinated packaging (Blonde came in pale packaging with reflective silver accents, Brunette came in brown packaging with reflective silver accents, and Granite came in black packaging with reflective silver accents). I tend to enjoy playing around with brow products (when I’ve got time) so I’m pretty excited to see how Mister Brow Filler performs!

Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto (Beautifying Lip Balm) in the shade 01 Perfect Pink retails for KD 14/250

Better than nude, Givenchy reinvents the lip balm: a moisturizer, plumper and color enhancer, it is the new couture lip care for naturally sublime lips.

Givenchy’s new balm enhancer promises to give you lovely, glowy lips. The 3-in-1 expert formula combines plumping and moisturizing ingredients along with a sheer wash of natural color. Its innovative « Lip replumper » complex provides an incredible instant-plump effect. A melting texture with shea extract leaves lips highly moisturized. And, a magic ingredient reacts to your lips pH for a natural made-to-measure result: a rosy color unique to you!

As delicate as lace lingerie, this universal balm, with its rose-colored, genuine leather case, is the new Couture care for a fresh & natural look.

Next, I got this Beautifying Lip Balm also from Givenchy, because I’d completely finished up my Dior Addict Lip Glow (hauled here). The Beautifying Lip Balm only comes in the shade 01 Perfect Pink, unlike Dior Addict Lip Glow which is now available in several different shades, in addition to a squeezy-tube version. I prefer the packaging on the Dior one (it’s just so darn cute!) but the packaging on the Givenchy one is pretty girly too. According to the description, the Givenchy one comes in a rose-colored, genuine leather case. First of all, thank you to Givenchy for properly categorizing the shade “rose”, because the light pink packaging is exactly what I understand anything rose-colored to be (not those horrid mauves, purples, and browns that ColourPop keeps describing as “rose”). Second, my camera really isn’t doing the packaging any justice, because the genuine leather is much prettier in real life. Also, how cute are those Valentino-esque Rockstuds (on either side of the tube)? Best of all (and the main reason why I think I prefer the Givenchy one over the Dior one, now) is how sleek and slim everything is, as opposed to the bulkiness of the Dior one.

Don’t get me wrong. I still prefer the ultra adorable packaging on the Dior one, but the Givenchy one is far more practical and just straight up better, in every other aspect. The Givenchy one really makes it easier to get a more precise application (for those with lips on the smaller side) since the mouth of the tube is much slimmer, especially in comparison to the mouth on the Dior one, which is extra wide. Both the Givenchy and the Dior apply clear, but tint your lips a cute pink shortly after, except you have to keep going over the same area with the Dior one, for the same result you get from going over the area just once with the Givenchy one. Also, the Givenchy one smells less minty, despite the fun, tingling effect it has on the lips (for lip plumping, I presume). This might just be my imagination, but I feel that the Givenchy one is slightly more emollient than the Dior one as well. That said, both the Givenchy Beautifying Lip Balm and Dior Addict Lip Glow are effectively the same (the differences are minute). However, packaging-wise I still prefer the Dior one because it’s prettier, but in every other aspect I believe the Givenchy one is more superior. Recently, I’ve been loving tossing the Givenchy Beautifying Lip Balm in any of my micro-bags (because it’s just so slim that it barely takes up any space) and applying it on the go (without the use of a mirror because it’s quite sheer) for that “no-makeup” makeup look!

I got the Givenchy Big Raspberry Pink Audrey Pouch as a free gift with purchase (gwp) from the Sales Assistant at the Givenchy counter after purchasing three items from Givenchy. The Pouch is quite large and comes in a nice, punchy Raspberry. I don’t mind the gold hardware as much (is that another “rockstud” I spy on the zipper?) and in this instance, actually think it looks quite fitting. Best of all, the whole thing is extremely glossy (the glossier the better) and seems easy to maintain and keep clean.

I’ve been on the hunt for the ever elusive Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush for as long as I can remember. I tried ordering it online, years and years ago, everywhere from Sephora (via Amazon) to the actual Laura Mercier website, but just couldn’t seem to get my hands on the thing. Even more recently when Laura Mercier finally made it to Kuwait and I first spotted them at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition at Mishref Fair Grounds (years ago, before they got counters everywhere else in the country), the Sales Assistants had no clue what I was talking about. When they first opened up at Harvey Nichols, I stalked the Laura Mercier counter pretty relentlessly (and ended up getting the gorgeously scented Creme de Pistache Body Scrub complete with its own scooper and Creme de Pistache Body Wash), but still couldn’t find the ever elusive Fan Powder Brush. After that, I begrudgingly came to terms with the fact that I’d probably never get my hands on the Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush. However, there was no harm in asking, any time I happened to stop by a Laura Mercier counter.

As such, on my way to purchase my Givenchy and Nars items, I made a quick stop at the Laura Mercier counter and patiently waited (for anyone to show up at the unmanned counter so I could ask them)… and waited… and waited… and waited. While waiting, I started playing around with the Highlighters on display and fell in love with one of them in particular! Finally, when someone from the neighboring counter took pity on me (the Sales Assistant who was supposed to be at the Laura Mercier counter never showed) and asked me if she could help, I asked her about the Fan Powder Brush. I truly wasn’t expecting anything (especially since it wasn’t even her station) but figured there was no harm in asking. So, imagine my surprise when she pulled out the Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush seemingly out of thin air! I was beyond delighted!

Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush retails for KD 11/750

A fan brush made to pick up and softly apply product onto the skin for a flawless application.

Expertly applies colour, pressed powder and loose powder evenly onto the skin. Its unique tapered bristles allow for a lightweight distribution of powder.

As you can see, it’s just a regular Fan Brush, nothing special, but I’ve been lusting after it for years, so I’m extremely pleased that I finally got my hands on one! The newer Fan Powder Brush is actually Brown at the bottom and Black on top, as opposed to the older version I got, which is Black at the bottom and White on top. However, in this case, I’m pretty stoked about getting the older version because that’s the one I’ve been wanting since… forever. Finally finding the Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush made the whole harrowing experience at Harvey Nichols worth it! I can’t wait to use this Brush with my Highlighters!

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in the shade Indiscretion retails for KD 16/750

Multi-use, multidimensional highlighting powder brings customizable light to face, eyes, and decolletage. Prismatic pigments deliver long-wearing illumination that won’t fade or shift. Using different brushes, you can sweep on the level of illumination you want, where you want it. Modern, compact powder has a soft, creamy texture that applies smoothly and evenly and won’t ever flake or crumble.

Finishing Effect: Builds to High Illumination
High-pearl powder starts out subtle and builds to deliver our most intense illumination

Match Your Glow
There’s a Face Illuminator right for every skin tone. Devotion and Indiscretion create a cooler toned highlight, while Addiction and Seduction are warmer.

Indiscretion – Warm Rose Gold
Addiction – Gold
Devotion – Cool Silver
Seduction – Copper Bronze

As you can see, Seduction was too dark (I’d never be able to use it as a highlighter on my face) and Devotion was definitely too light (and too pink) for my skin, whereas Addiction looked perfect, except it was too similar to something I already owned, MAC Whisper of Gilt (hauled here), so I went with Indiscretion, a lovely peachy shade. I honestly wasn’t planning on getting yet another Highlighter, except I spotted all four of these lovelies at the unmanned Laura Mercier counter and while waiting for someone (anyone, really) to show up and assist me, I started playing around with them, and consequentially fell in love! I mean, can you blame me? First of all, how gorg do these look? Just look at that at the beautiful raised texture and design! Ugh, so stinkin’ pretty! The packaging is slightly bulky but that’s because it houses a huge mirror inside and honestly, the whole thing looks quite sleek, regardless. Second, I’m obsessed with gel-to-powder formulas and this is no different. I just can’t resist their siren song! Third, Indiscretion which is described as a warm rose gold would look lovely as a topper over Blush or Bronzer, or even by itself!

These babies are the ones that got the ball rolling. I took the elevator up from the car park (which opened up to Harvey Nichols) and was only passing through (to get to the rest of the Avenues) when I spotted Rigel at the Nars counter and stopped dead in my tracks. There was no hope for me, after that. As if on cue, the Sales Assistant appeared out of nowhere and started rattling off the pros and cons of the matte lip… something or other, unprompted. I kept trying to veer her attention back to the Eyeshadows but she was adamant -_-

When I asked her about any samples, she mentioned that there was a 3-piece Nars Deluxe Sample Kit that I would get if I purchased any 2 items. So I picked out 2 Nars Eyeshadows, visited the other counters picking up a few more items along the way, payed for everything and went back to the Nars counter for the 3-piece Nars Deluxe Sample Kit. At first, she acted like she didn’t recognize me. Then, she pretended that she did remember me, but was so sad to inform me that the 3-piece Nars Deluxe Sample Kit was out of stock, and assured me that if I came back tomorrow, she’d definitely set one aside for me. As it turns out, I did make it back there, the very next day (to return the Givenchy Mascara), and found the same Sales Assistant at the same counter. She told me that they didn’t have them in stock just yet, but I should return during the weekend and they’d get them by then for sure :/

Normally, I purchase my Nars stuff online, directly from the US Nars website because it’s just… better. That way, I can get my hands on Limited Edition items, as opposed to the wild goose chase that would take place in Kuwait and usually end up fruitless. Also, when you order online, you always get your pick of free samples. Even better, if you spend a certain amount on products, you get to choose deluxe samples, in addition to the single-use samples. Plus, they’re always giving out a free Lip Product (in a shade that you would actually wear) or a Mascara or Eyeliner, and sometimes even a mini Skincare Trio or Makeup Duo, etc… as a gift with purchase (gwp). In addition to all that, sometimes the prices on certain items are actually reduced. If for nothing else, ordering online at any given time is significantly cheaper. The Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows retail for $29.00 (US Dollars) which should be about KD 8/690 or thereabouts, not KD 11/000 (that’s $36.70 US Dollars).

Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow retails for KD 11/000 each

My first Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow was in the shade Cassiopeia (iridescent electric pink) purchased from the Nars website when these Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows were first released, but I’ve been lusting after Dione (metallic chapagne beige) and Himalia (shimmering topaz) and Callisto (icy pink silver) for a minute now. Pasiphae (burgundy With opalescent peacock) and Tarvis (icy mint) seem pretty lust-worthy as well. Heck, I want them all! Once again, they’ve got that lovely gel-to-powder formula and the token raised texture design that accompanies it (the design varies from brand to brand but the end-result is usually pure gorgeousness, as shown)! Even the names sound glorious! My ears practically bleed whenever “beauty gurus” on youtube mangle those beautiful, beautiful names. As you can see, these babies are tiny (slightly larger than a KD 0/100 or 100 Fils Coin) and yet they also come with a mirror! Over all, the packaging is simple and elegant.

Nars Rigel Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (shimmering rose gold)

Why was I obsessed with Rigel, you ask? Prepare to face-palm. Are you ready? Okay, brace yourselves. Phonetically, Rigel sounds very similar to Rhaegar, as in Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, as in son of King Aerys II Targaryen, as in elder brother to Daenerys Targaryen, as in husband of Elia Martell, as in abductor of… well on the off-chance that you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet (in which case, what is wrong with you?), I’ll stop. In reality, Rigel is actually named after the brightest star in the constellation Orion (The Hunter). Fun Fact (or maybe not) Rigel comes from a corruption of the Arabic word for “the left leg of the giant”. Anyways, since Rhaegar Rigel is described as a shimmering rose gold, I figured it would match with the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in the shade Indiscretion which is also described as a warm rose gold.

Nars Dione Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (metallic champagne beige)

Like I said, I’d been wanting to get my hands on Dione and Himalia and Callisto for a minute now. Himalia happened to be out of stock and I couldn’t even find Callisto (meanwhile the Sales Assistant was effectively useless and had no clue what I was talking about, when I asked for her help in finding it), but luckily Dione was in stock so I snatched it up. It looked like a nice taupe-y neutral, that going by the swatches online, looked silvery on some people and pulled more brown on others. Also, the name makes me think of Stacey Dash who plays Dionne (named after the singer) in the movie Clueless. Judging by the rest of the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow shade names, Dione could probably be named after the Goddess from Greek Mythology but based on the color (metallic champagne beige) I’m gonna’ go out on a limb here and say that Dione is definitely named after one of Saturn’s Moons.

Rigel and Dione side by side

Looking at them side-by-side, I almost wanna’ serenade them with my rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” because they both truly are lovely… except I’m pretty sure Rigel is a “he”, and Dione is a “she”, but in the age of “zims” and “zers” does it really matter? As you can tell from my tangents, I’m getting loopier and loopier by the second, as it’s getting quite late over here so I really gotta’ end this post soon.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist retails for KD 18/000

A hair mist that scents the hair with the fresh and modern notes of the fragrance. Easy to slip into your purse, for women on the go. The ideal way to revive the scent trail of the oriental-fresh fragrance throughout the day.

Olfactory atmosphere
A hair mist with the fresh and modern notes of the COCO MADEMOISELLE fragrance, exuding the vibrant notes of Orange, the transparency of Rose and the elegance of Patchouli.

I exchanged the dried up Givenchy Mascara for the Chanel Hair Mist (which was slightly more expensive, so I had to pay the difference, obvi) but I’m kinda’ glad that things worked out that way, because I didn’t even know that they sold it at Harvey Nichols. I’ve owned this specific Hair Mist once before (when I was 19) as part of a Chanel Gift Set that included a Perfume, possibly a Deo, and the Hair Mist, all in the same scent. I distinctly remember loving the scent, because even I was somewhat surprised at myself, since it wasn’t a fruity concoction nor a gourmand (which were my perfumes of choice, at the time). That said, I’d forgotten all about the whole thing, up until I spotted this Hair Mist sitting all by its lonesome, at the check-out counter (apparently someone had decided against buying it at the last second and left it there), at Harvey Nichols, which was where I was returning the dried up Givenchy Mascara. They wouldn’t give me my money back, but they said I could pick out something else instead, so I pointed at the Hair Mist and payed the difference. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with things that smell pleasant. I want to constantly be surrounded by pleasant scents be it at work or at home, in my car, in my shower, in my bed, on my body, in my hair, 24/7. As such, I’m definitely going to get a lot of usage out of the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist, year-round. I’m especially looking forward to using this stuff on my extra-long hair when there’s a light breeze, so when my friends and family ooh and aah over the scent (which they will, because it smells divine… from what I remember) I can act all nonchalant as if I wake up to my hair smelling like Coco Mademoiselle naturally (LOL). Seriously though, I’m more excited about the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist because I enjoy being surrounded by pleasant scents (like, all the time). Ladies, I urge you to give this stuff a sniff and I dare you not to fall in love!

I had to give back the receipt when I exchanged the dried up Givenchy Mascara for the Chanel Hair Mist but the price for everything else are as follows:

Givenchy Mister Brow Filler in the shade 03 Granite retails for KD 9/500
Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto (Beautifying Lip Balm) in the shade 01 Perfect Pink retails for KD 14/250
Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush retails for KD 11/750
Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in the shade Indiscretion retails for KD 16/750
Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in the shade Rigel (shimmering rose gold) retails for KD 11/000
Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in the shade Dione (metallic champagne beige) retails for KD 11/000
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist retails for KD 18/000

For a total of KD 92/250 (in US Dollars that’s $307.91).

That’s precisely why I tend to avoid Harvey Nichols. I spent about $300 bucks and all I got as a gift with purchase… was a makeup bag that I’ll probably never use and end up giving away. For that much money, you’d think they’d give me a handful of samples, at least, but I didn’t even get a single sample, not one! Also, the service was terrible. The Sales Assistants were a nightmare! The one at Nars was a liar. The one at Givenchy was lazy. Both of them kept trying to get me to buy the most expensive items at their counters and tried convincing me by continually insulting me (your skin is so dry/dull/etc… you HAVE to buy this, that, and the other, to make your skin appear more radiant). I was so tempted to ask them that if their products were so effective, why did their skin look so horrible? I really had to bite my tongue (water off a duck’s back). That said, at least they “assisted”. The one at Laura Mercier didn’t even show up (someone from the neighboring counter had to actually leave her station just to help me). Honestly, I wasn’t expecting any special treatment, I truly wasn’t, but Good God, some professionalism would’ve been greatly appreciated. Despite the fact that I spent a tidy sum at Harvey Nichols, these people acted as if they were doing me a favor! Ugh, the whole ordeal was awful! I just wanted to go straight back home after all that unpleasantness.

Never again.

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