Bath and Body Works Big Sale (Part 3)

Unhappy with my Big Sale haulage (Part 1) (Part 2), I went back to the Avenues branch of Bath & Body Works on the hunt for something other than Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps. It took some searching, but I managed to find every single one of the Shower Gels from the Tutti Dolci Collection! I was kinda’ sad that I’d missed out on the Tutti Dolci Collection when it was first released towards the beginning of 2017 (main reason for the post-sale haulage, here) so this was a very pleasant surprise! I kinda’ wanted to get the rest of the products in the Tutti Dolci Collection but I knew that the Creamy Body Wash was going to leave some sort of annoying “hydrating” residue, and that the Fine Fragrance Mist would last about all 5 minutes on my skin before completely disappearing, and that due to its packaging the Body Cream would turn (start smelling funky) in a little under a month. Plus, it was enough of a challenge to find undamaged Shower Gels from the collection, let alone any of the other stuff. I did manage to grab 2 more random PocketBacs (not from the the Tutti Dolci Collection) while I was there so I’m pleased about that too.

This was my final haul from the Bath & Body WorksBig Sale“.

Slay PocketBac (sugar)
Copacabana Coconut PocketBac (coconut)

These are the 2 PocketBacs that I picked up; Slay and Copacabana Coconut. Obviously, I got Slay for its name. Also, it was supposed to smell like Sugar. I’m happy to report that it does in fact smell like Warm Vanilla Sugar (yet another well-loved scent from B&BW). Plus, it looks pretty cute! I liked Slay so much, that out of all my newer PocketBacs, I decided to use it up first. Just the other day, I was at Solo Pizza Napulitana having lunch when Slay came in pretty handy, and got passed around the table. As for Copacabana Coconut, I figured I’d just go ahead and purchase it for use during the summer. Also, it’s been a minute since I last bought anything coconut-y. As per usual, there were no testers for either scent. It’s a miracle I managed to find these 2 in perfect condition (unopened and with the cellophane wrap still intact)! Normally, PocketBacs retail for KD 1/250 each but I got these on sale for KD /500 each.

Sweet Lemon Buttercup Shower Gel

A sweet treat of Juicy Meyer Lemon, Creamy Buttercup Petals and Fluffy Meringue sprinkled with Sugar.

Sweet Lemon Buttercup is pretty much Lemon Meringue Cheer (reviewed here)! As such, Sweet Lemon Buttercup is hands down my favorite, out of the bunch! Can’t wait to use this!

Pink Peony Crème Shower Gel

Our prettiest blend of Blushing Peony Blossom, Pink Currant and White Amber dipped in Nectar.

I’m not one for floral scents (understatement of the year) but I was surprisingly quite charmed by Pink Peony Crème. It smelled… familiar. It was a floral scent but it was also very, very sweet. Don’t quote me on this but I wanna’ say Pink Peony Crème could be a dupe for… Pink Chiffon (reviewed here). Such a lovely feminine scent!

Golden Honey Praline Shower Gel

Cozy up to Creamy Caramel & Praline Musk drizzled in Golden Honey.

Golden Honey Praline smells like either Cashmere Glow Body Lotion (hauled here) or Sensual Amber Shower Gel (hauled here) or maybe both? Despite my first impressions, I really, really loved those first 2 scents (Cashmere Glow and Sensual Amber) so it goes without saying that I’m obsessed with Golden Honey Praline! All 3 scents are quite warm and sweet (they’ve all got that Warm Vanilla Sugar vibe), except they’re also tempered with sandalwood and musk. Oddly enough, something about the scent of Golden Honey Praline reminds me of the pool or beach, for some reason.

White Mocha Kiss Shower Gel

Fall in love with Rich Vanilla Mocha & Coconut Orchid wrapped in Marshmallow Crème.

I was so sure that White Mocha Kiss was going to be my favorite. As it turns out, it’s least my favorite, as this pretty much smells like Bug Spray. It’s safe to assume that the one I got has already turned (gone funky).

The packing on these Shower Gels isn’t my favorite, but the scents are great (aside from White Mocha Kiss) which is why I’m so stoked that I managed snag them!

Can you believe that these Shower Gels normally retail for KD 5/000 each and I got them for KD 1/500 each? Instead of paying KD 20/000 for all 4 Shower Gels, I only had to pay KD 6/000 !!!! Also, instead of paying KD 2/500 for 2 PocketBacs, I only had to pay KD 1/000 for both!

Instead of plunking down KD 22/500, all of the above was only KD 7/000, saving me KD 15/500 in total !!!!

I’m half-way there to getting my Hayabusa (but not really)!

The Big Sale seriously sucked this year. That said, I still got to replenish my stock (with necessities, obvi) and managed to get a few good deals to boot!

Coupled with my previous Big Sale haulage (Part 1) (Part 2), now I can claim that I’m fully stocked up Shower Gels, as well as PocketBacs and Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, for the next year or so!

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