Bath and Body Works Big Sale (Part 2)

Since the Big Sale was still on-going, and I was at Marina Mall anyway, I decided to check out their Bath & Body Works, hoping to find the place in a much better state than the Avenues branch (which as I said earlier, here, was a complete mess). No such luck. The place was just as messy and chaotic, if not more so, than the other branch. I couldn’t find anything I was interested in, other than 2 cutesy PocketBacs and 4 lemon-y Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps. I haven’t used any of the stuff yet, because I’m currently working my through the other stuff from my previous haul (here). Still, I’m pretty excited to try them out, when I finally do get around to it!

Sea Salt Citrus Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Be captivated by this fresh coastal blend of Seaside Lemon, Sea Salt and Olive Blossom.

I know it’s not the “proper” way to test out these Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, but I carefully twisted the soap-dispensing-cap off and inhaled a wonderfully sweet lemon scent or Sea Salt Citrus, as they call it. I was pretty much sold, after that! I mean, I tend to enjoy most versions of lemon scents in general, but this was something else! Not only was Sea Salt Citrus delicate (as opposed to sharp), but it was also a bit sweet (as opposed to tangy). Naturally, I grabbed 2 to purchase.

Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps retail for KD 3/500 each but they were on sale for KD 1/000 per pop.

Lovely Lemon Meringue Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

The perfect blend of sweet and tart with Meyer Lemon, Fluffy Marshmallow and Vanilla Extract

As soon as I spotted Lovely Lemon Meringue, I grabbed 2 and tossed them in my shopping bag. I didn’t even have to give them a sniff. I just knew the scent on these babies was going to be everything! Yes, this was a blind buy. However, in the past, I used up Lemon Meringue Cheer (in PocketBac form, reviewed here) and was so completely smitten with the delicious scent that I made sure I had the PocketBacs with me on my vacation abroad! As such, I’ll pretty much purchase anything from Bath & Body Works that has the words Lemon Meringue in its name. Can’t wait to use these babies, once the weather warms up!

Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps retail for KD 3/500 each but they were on sale for KD 1/000 per pop.

I couldn’t resist picking up these 2 PocketBac (mini hand sanitizers) as well! The updated look of the circular packaging is really growing on me and now I find it pretty cute! Plus, I’d just ran out of my Vanilla Bean Noel PocketBacs (hauled here) so I needed at least 1 or 2 more PocketBacs. These little PocketBacs are just so handy, especially when you’re in your car (with no access to a bathroom to wash your hands after a greasy meal) or at the movies (who’d wanna’ get up and miss a potentially pivotal part of the movie?) or after a little run-in with germ-y people (friends, co-workers, etc…) who insist on shaking your hand despite the fact that they’re sick with the flu or whatever else. From time to time, I’ll even run a little bit over my nail tools (nail file, nail clipper, etc…) to sanitize them. All that’s just off the top of my head. There’s practically a million other uses for these babies! Plus, to top it all off, they smell so goo~ood!

New Phone, Who Dis? PocketBac (fresh air)

I had to get this one, in particular, because the blather on the packaging made me LOL I mean, I’m always changing my phone number so that’s pretty much me! Also, I thought the fact that it was clear was pretty cool! Not sure what Fresh Air is supposed to smell like but who’d say no to that? For the record, Fresh Air smells like a lemon-y cologne (pretty much Chanel Allure Homme Sport) apparently. I’m not complaining because I love that scent!

Purple Rain PocketBac (blackberries)

Aww RIP Prince :( I purchased Purple Rain because based on the graphic (which vaguely reminds me of either my sticker collection from when I was a kid, or my dollar-store Anime coloring books… also from when I was a kid, so basically something nostalgic) I thought this stuff would smell like Grapes. Apparently, they’re meant to be Blackberries but whatevs because I love those too! That said, Purple Rain actually smell like grape-flavored Murukawa Bubble Gum (keep wanting to refer to it as Lotte Bubble Gum for some reason). Funny enough, even the scent is quite nostalgic for me, as it reminds me of weekends at the chalet (where we bought said gum) during my childhood. Didn’t realize that everything about this particular PocketBac was such a throwback!

PocketBacs normally retail for KD 1/250 each but I got them for KD /500 (500 Fils) each, during the Big Sale. Which means instead of KD 2/500 for both, I only spent KD 1/000 for both.

Also, instead of paying KD 14/000 for all 4 Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps I only spent KD 4/000 for er, 4.

So instead of paying a total of KD 16/500 for everything in this haul, due to the Big Sale, I only spent KD 5/000.

Bruh, I so got this math thing down.

Anyways, the Marina Mall branch of Bath & Body Works was a mess and the offerings (on sale) were disappointing. However, coupled with my previous haulage (here) I’m pretty much set on my beloved Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps for the next… year!

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