Promod Clothing Haul

I was all the way on the other side of Marina Mall, the side I rarely frequent, the sea-side facing front of Marina Mall. It was the side that had Cinnabon and Decathlon located next to each other (lawl). I was actually there to purchase a Gift Certificate from Decathlon as a Birthday Gift for a friend (who was more than a little obsessed with fitness and exercise). Once I got what I’d came for, I figured I could hotfoot it all the way to the opposite end of Marina Mall (all the way to the back) to check out MAC and Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret (which were so very conveniently bunched together).

No sooner had I taken a step in that direction, when I spotted the most darling sweater of all time! It was all white (Ecru) with a sweet black ribbon at the back and everything! I just had to try it on. Once I set foot in the store, I noticed my beloved Red and Blue (Navy and Burgundy) Striped Print on a jumper and grabbed that to try on too. In fact, I found a multitude of truly lovely pieces at the french boutique, Promod. Unfortunately, as with most European Clothing Stores, most of the stuff dwarfed my 5’1 frame and just fit all weird on me. That said, I still managed to walk away with a Black Maxi Jersey Skirt (which had to be significantly shortened) and the softest Cable-Knit Jumpers of life!

The Ecru Ribbon-Detail Pullover in the window display caught my eye and made me go in the store. I was delighted to find it was also available in a festive Red, practical Navy Blue and interesting Green-Yellow (I wanna’ say Mustard). Don’t they look absolutely darling? I really had my heart set on the Ecru and the Red but sadly despite the fact that I was practically skin and bones now, I was still… short, so the proportions were all off. Everything was extra long on my short frame, which caused the sweater to bunch up all weird on me. I got the smallest size available but the sweaters still looked over-sized on me, not nearly as cute as they looked on the tall models in the photos above. It was with a very heavy heart that I returned those unbelievably adorable sweaters.

I couldn’t resist trying on this Cable-Knit Nautical Jumper as well. By now it’s common knowledge that I’m pretty much obsessed with the Navy and Burgundy color combination, especially when they come in stripes. That’s why I so wanted this to fit! Sadly, not only was the fit was all weird, but the whole thing made me look frumpy to boot. It looked like it belonged on someone at least a foot taller. Also, it was see-through. As such, I had to hand it over to the Sales Assistant who was roaming around the dressing room area. Such a shame because the Cable-Knit Nautical Jumper gave off this really strong Collegiate Vibe which really resonates with me, still (I’ve just always, always had a soft spot for that vibe). Plus, I simply adore all things Nautical! Then there’s the whole Navy and Burgundy Striped Print thing, which I’ve been obsessed with for a minute (it’s been a pretty long minute actually). Not to mention the fact that most of the stuff in my closet already matches this Cable-Knit Nautical Jumper. Such a shame…

As I was grabbing the Sweaters to try on, my hand brushed up against something ultra-soft which turned out to be this Cable-Knit Jumper in Red so I just had to try it on too, picking up the Dark Blue along the way. Surprisingly, they fit like a dream! The dimensions and proportions and whatever else, were just perfect for me! They were loose enough for me to pair them with something underneath (like a shirt) but fitted enough to where they hugged my body and accentuated my curves in a flattering way! Thankfully, they weren’t see-through, so I could wear them on their own (without the need for a shirt underneath). Best of all, it felt like I was being hugged by a cloud, they were insanely soft! I was so smitten, I purchased both of them immediately! They were also available in Ecru (off-white/beige) and Light Grey, which I was seriously considering getting (when I went back for my skirt), but they were long gone by then. Regardless, I’ve already gotten so much use out of these babies, especially the Dark Blue!

Personally, I loved pairing the Dark Blue Jumper with my Jeans and Black Wedge Sneakers (makes me feel like I’m six-feet-tall)! Plus, it gives off that whole Collegiate Vibe (which I adore)! My only issue with these Jumpers is that they’re not exactly ideal at keeping a person warm. I’d wear one during the day (mid-November) only to start violently shivering once the sun had set. It’s not a deal-breaker though, because you can obviously wear a shirt underneath or jacket over-top. As I said, I’ve gotten a lot (and I mean a lot) of wear out of the Dark Blue Jumper (cool, smart, effortless)! The Red Jumper is a bit more… show-y, so I’m not that comfortable wearing it as often. That said, I have worn it during Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and National Liberation Day. Funny enough, I’ve only ever paired the Red Jumper with my Forever 21 Olive Skinny Jeans (hauled here) because Red and Green aside from being Christmas-y colors are also part of the Kuwaiti Flag. I don’t usually do the whole matchy-matchy theme thing, but I felt like it last year (2017) so I went for it.

Anyways, these Cable-Knit Jumpers are by far the most flattering ones I own! The Forever 21 Light Blue Fisherman Sweater (hauled here) is quite bulky in comparison (but still cute), whereas the Zara Chenille Sweaters (hauled here) are so blatantly over-sized that they practically swallow me up whole (but that’s the way they’re meant to look and I actually really, really, really love them). In fact, out of all my sweaters and jumpers, my favorite is a tie between the Zara Navy Blue Chenille Sweater and the Promod Dark Blue Cable-Knit Jumper!

Cable-Knit Jumper retails for KD 14/900 each

Which brings me to the final item in this haul which on the website is actually called Long Jersey Skirt. I’ve always loved the look of any and every Maxi Skirt. The flow-y ones just had this romantic, laid-back bohemian vibe, while the more fitted ones struck me as the epitome of sexy-cool! At Promod, they had one of those circular racks stacked with Maxi Skirts in all kinds of colors. I figured I’d try on the Black because I’d get the most use out of it. If it wore well, I could always go back for more. Unfortunately, once I tried this on in the dressing room, it was literally trailing behind me… It’s slowly dawning on me that my height might be average for Kuwait but going by the clothes in the European stores, I might actually be… short. So I had to get the skirt shortened, which is why it stayed in the store for alterations (which cost an additional KD 0/500) and would be ready in 3 days. Once I got it back, it fit like a dream! That said, I still haven’t worn the Black Maxi Jersey Skirt out and about just yet (the weather wouldn’t allow) but definitely plan on doing so soon!

Long Jersey Skirt retails for KD 7/900

I’m definitely going to make it a point to visit Promod from now on!

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