H&M Buy 3 Get 1 Free Accessories Haul

Once again, I found myself at the Avenues branch of H&M. Once again, they were having some sort of deal. Once again, I couldn’t resist picking up a few items to take advantage of said deal. I picked up a pack of pretty falsies (3x per pack), another one of those sleek hair brushes, and 2 aviators (I’ve always had a thing for aviators, they just look so cool!) and managed to get one of the aviators for free (as part of the deal). Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I got and haven’t experienced any buyer’s remorse since these are all quite practical (for a change)!

Classic Pilot Glasses retail for KD 2/990

Since these Green Aviators are the lowest priced item, they ended up being free. I used to strut around highschool wearing a similar pair, so I just had to get these for nostalgic reasons. Plus, I’m having a moment with all things green (as evident by my previous haulage). The Green Aviators are by far my favorite item from this entire haul! Lapdance by N.E.R.D. (baby Pharell!) legit starts playing in my head, as soon as I put these on!

Bling Pilot Glasses retail for KD 4/990

Despite the fact that I hate the “bling” on this thing (blech!) and the fact that it’s Gold (ugh!), I didn’t have the heart to skip the Bling Aviators because I absolutely adore the fact that the lenses are clear! To me, the only thing cooler than Aviators is Aviators with clear lenses! Heck, I’d wear almost any style of sunglasses if the lenses were clear. In fact, I used to sport a pair during art class back in highschool… just because. In the interested of full disclosure, I’ve always had perfect vision (and still do) so glasses were never a necessity. I’ve just always adored the geek-chic aesthetic!

Large Paddle Brush retails for KD 4/990

I was so impressed by the H&M Large Round Hair Brush (hauled here) that I just had to get another Hair Brush from the same line. Surprisingly, these are really well-made (they survived my unruly hair)! Plus, they look so shiny and sleek! Ladies, do not sleep on these! Go getchu’ some, before they discontinue them!

Eyelashes Set (3 piece) retails for KD 4/990

Honestly, I only purchased this set of Falsies because the first pair (top) strongly reminded me of my Holy Grail False Lashes, Sonia Kashuk – Full Glam (which I can only get off of e-bay). That said, the other two pairs looked really pretty too! Plus, I don’t recall H&M ever selling False Eyelashes in a set before and didn’t wanna’ miss out since these were most definitely Limited Edition.

Almost KD 15/000 but it was spent on “practical” stuff, not makeup-y stuff, ok? I can definitely get more than a few good uses out of each pair of False Lashes (it’s all about maintenance, people). The Aviators will last up until I forget them at the pool or beach or wherever (which won’t matter because they weren’t that expensive to begin with) and the Large Paddle Hair Brush will last forever!

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