H&M Buy 3 Get 1 Free Eyeshadow Haul

Towards the end of September, I picked up 4 Eyeshadows or Infinite Impact Eye Colours from H&M (Avenues). I’d just finished having an early dinner with some friends, and had some time to kill (after we parted ways). So, I managed to swatch all the eyeshadow singles, at H&M (in that little “beauty section area” that used to have kid’s clothes before they renovated the place). Worthy of note, the Avenues branch had a much wider selection than the Salmiya branch. However, I did notice that the “makeup-stuff area” was already looking pretty ratchet (as evident by the state of the eyeshadow boxes, as shown). Also, the “mattes” and “glitters” were a bit chalky and less pigmented than the rest. I fell in love with 2 eyeshadows, but they were having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free Deal (as stated in the title of this post), which is why, I picked out 2 more (clearly can’t resist a “deal”). That said, these retail for only KD 3/500 each, making them super affordable, even without said “deal”. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much, since these were so cheap wallet-friendly, but I was veritably blown away! The application was a dream (went on like buttah)! Wear-time was pretty great too! The shades I chose were stun-ning! Excellent quality over all!

I’m so in love with each and every single shade that I’d picked out!

Most of the shadows I’d purchased came in plain white packaging, except for the shade A Pretty Penny, which had the image of a smoky eye on the packaging. Not quite sure which outer packaging (plain white or smoky eye image) is newer. Regardless, they’re pretty much the same.

The one I’d purchased earlier from Salmiya (hauled here) called Sensorium Eye Colour in the shade Deeply Mauved actually has a black base on the packaging itself, as opposed to the Infinite Impact Eye Colour which as you can see came in a white base. Also, the Sensorium Eye Colour retails for KD 4/990 whereas each Infinite Impact Eye Colour retails for KD 3/500. I like that they’re circular and the gold lids (blech, gold) have a transparent section (for you to see the eyeshadow, without having to open up the whole thing). I flipped the shadows upside down in the photo so the reflective gold wouldn’t blind you but you can sorta’ see what I mean (yes? no? maybe?), hopefully.

I couldn’t decide between Mojave and Shiitake (ended up falling in love with both) because they were gorgeous, subtle, glow-y neutrals (my fave)! I picked out another two shadows, to take advantage of the “deal”. I chose A Copper Penny (different packaging) because I’m still on the hunt for a good Nina Ricci Copper Raffia Eyeshadow dupe. Award Season was so glittery and sparkly, and I’m quite partial to lilacs in general, so I figured, might as well.


I couldn’t find Mojave so I asked the sales assistant for some er, assistance. I pronounced it Mo-ha-vi and she gave me this look as if to say “oh you poor thing” and actually corrected me, pronouncing it Mo-jah-vi. It was all I could do not to giggle (it was less about the fact that she was incorrect, and more about the fact that she was being condescending about it). I was like, “Okay, sure. Thanks!” Hey, as long as she got me the thing, she could call it Hogwarts, for all I cared.

I’ll be honest, the only reason I swatched Mojave was because in the pan, it looked like a straight up taupe. That said, it actually went on much lighter than it looked in the pan. I’m not saying it’s not pigmented, so don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying Mojave was so subtle, it almost blended into my skin. However, it was also extremely buildable (you could totally deepen the color, if you wanted). In fact, I’m pretty sure this is going to show up as more plummy on fair-skinned beauties. On me, Mojave was a light pink-y beige with a satin finish. I love wearing glow-y yet subtle eyeshadows (read: neutrals) and Mojave definitely fit the bill! Best of all, Mojave seemed somewhat similar (different finish, though) to my all-time favorite eyeshadow Urban Decay Stray Dog!


Like I said, I was swatching everything (I had time to kill, no plans for what was left of the rest of the night) but when I swatched Shiitake I literally went “Oh, hello~!” (eliciting even more strange looks from the sales assistant, who was already wary of me), because Shittake was absolutely stun-ning! It looked pretty blah in the pan but applied much lighter, and was infinitely more beautiful on the skin! Shiitake had the most gorgeous sheen (so glow-y!), while also being quite subtle! It was a light golden brown, so I guess I’d call it a neutral bronze. Oh, oh, I know! It’s kinda’ similar to MAC Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow (reviewed here)… except the MAC one, is slightly darker, more pigmented, more glow-y, and all around just better. It’s an unfair comparison, because Enchanted Forest is a Foiled Shadow which is far superior to anything else I’ve tried, like, ever. However, shade-wise, Shiitake and Enchanted Forest are kinda’ similar, one being a budget-friendly alternative of the other. All in all, Shiitake is pretty good too, in its own right! It goes without saying but I got this solely to wear on its own, as a light wash of color, all over the lid, topped off with some liner and a whole lotta’ mascara!

A Pretty Penny

I’m still on the hunt for a good Nina Ricci Copper Raffia Eyeshadow dupe, so I’m kinda’ on a copper-eyeshadow kick, at the moment. As such, I swatched A Pretty Penny and proceeded to fall in love! It’s a bright tangerine copper with a soft metallic finish that somehow looks oh-so-subtle, therefore making it everyday wearable! In fact, it reminds me of ColourPop KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow (hauled here), shade-wise. A Pretty Penny looks gorge on its own as a light wash of color on the lid (what can I say? I’m a creature of habit) but I imagine it would look just as lovely paired with some browns in the crease… or maybe even a matte blackened green if you’re adventurous. As an added bonus, it doesn’t make me look sickly, which is what most coppers tend to do! Plus, A Pretty Penny pulls green from my eyes! Basically, this shade is an all around win!

Award Season

I couldn’t find anything else that I liked, so I went with this glittery icy lilac called Award Season. It’s quite frosty but I’ll forgive that, since I enjoy the way it sparkles. I’m not brave enough to wear this on it’s own, but I believe it would pair beautifully with something darker in the crease, maybe a matte navy. Another way I might be able to wear this is either in the inner corners (because why not?) or the inner third of my lower lash line. I could even use Award Season as a topper over other eyeshadows! Truthfully, the reason why I keep purchasing shades like this, is because they seriously compliment my colored contacts by the brand FreshKon in the shade Baby Aqua (which is a mixture of blue and green). Award Season as you can tell by the name is a bit too “extra” for everyday use so I guess I’ll be reserving it for more festive occasions.

Award Season (lilac with silver glitter) – Mojave (pink-y beige with a pink-y sheen) – Shiitake (neutral bronze with a soft gold sheen) – A Pretty Penny (metallic soft copper)

Swatches of Award Season (lilac with silver glitter) – Mojave (pink-y beige with a pink-y sheen) – Shiitake (neutral bronze with a soft gold sheen) – A Pretty Penny (metallic soft copper) in sunlight.

Notice how beautifully sheen-y Mojave and Shiitake are, making them perfect for that “subtle glow-y look”!

Swatches of Award Season (lilac with silver glitter) – Mojave (pink-y beige with a pink-y sheen) – Shiitake (neutral bronze with a soft gold sheen) – A Pretty Penny (metallic soft copper) in the shade.

You can really tell how sparkly Award Season is and how metallic-y A Pretty Penny is, from these swatches!

Swatches of Award Season (lilac with silver glitter) – Mojave (pink-y beige with a pink-y sheen) – Shiitake (neutral bronze with a soft gold sheen) – A Pretty Penny (metallic soft copper) in fluorescent lighting.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to notice all the different finishes (Glitter, Satin, Satin, Metallic) above.

Shiitake (neutral bronze with a soft gold sheen) – Mojave (pink-y beige with a pink-y sheen) – A Pretty Penny (metallic soft copper) – Award Season (lilac with silver glitter) –

I’m seriously impressed by these H&M Eyeshadows and at KD 3/500 per pop, you really can’t go wrong! I just wish H&M had descriptions for each shade, like ColourPop or any other makeup brand. Also, why is the “beauty section” in each H&M store such a mess? Other than that, I have no complaints and these Infinite Impact Eye Colours are swell!

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