Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 Finale

This season of Celebrity Big Brother was… interesting. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the mix of people they chose to participate. The men in particular were quite dull. For the most part, the housemates got along pretty well with each other… which was boring. Thankfully, Ann livened things up with her constant disapproval (so funny). You can check out my first impressions of the ladies (here) and the men (here) as well as my predictions (a lot of which actually came true). I really adored several people, this season (Amanda, Rachel, Maggie, Jess, Wayne, Jonny, Shane L, Shane J / Courtney, and even Ann)! Equally, there were several people I could not stand, this season (India, Daniel, Ginuwine, Malika, Andrew, and John). Whereas Ashley, I was indifferent about. That said, I can’t wait for the civilian version of Big Brother (which starts in Summer) because it lasts longer and is way more entertaining since younger housemates equals more drama (especially after being cooped up in the CBB House for so long).

More photos inside…

India was by far, the most obnoxious housemate during this season (Season 21) of CBB! That said, Stacey (Season 19) still reigns as the most obnoxious person (of all time!) to have ever entered the CBB House, at least in my book.

Back to India, I could tell, straight away, that she was going to be incredibly annoying (and I actually said so, here) as well. Sure enough, India did not disappoint. She would constantly pick and pick and pick some more, at every little thing. First, she’d get confrontational with everyone. Then, she’d play the victim card and start whining and crying about it… over and over and over again. India veritably rubbed every single housemate the wrong way, as well as managing to seriously annoy the viewers (myself included), which eventually led to her being voted the first one out, this season.

Right from the start, I was in utter disbelief when India was sulking outside (in the smoking area) and darling Amanda came out to apologize (bearing in mind that Amanda is 80+ years old), practically prostrating herself, for calling India a “he” earlier on, and India absolutely refused to accept the apology. I mean, it was an honest mistake (a slip of the tongue, if you will), but India refused to just let it go. So petty!

Then, India buddied up with Malika (birds of a feather…) and started trashing the other housemates, behind their backs (very classy), but eventually even Malika ended up getting annoyed by India always playing the victim.

The main reason why I think India was a total headcase though, was because she complained that none of the housemates “tried to get to know her”. However, from Day 1 (as evident by the photo of India wearing the red dress in bed, which was what she wore when she first entered the CBB House) Maggie did try, over and over again. What did she get in return? India not only rebuffed her but also started badmouthing sweet Maggie to anyone who would listen (mostly Malika), insinuating that Maggie was stalking India.

In addition to all that, India was not a team player (not a good sport, at all). In fact, she was always trying to control every little thing, and the the way she talked to people was always so darn preach-y and condescending!

Just because you had surgery to change your gender from male to female, doesn’t automatically make you a saint. -_-

Then she’d start her “woe is me” act, complete with waterworks. Always with the victim card :/

India came across as being just so catty! You can’t be both the victim and the oppressor. Pick a lane. Seriously, I noticed India get in so many people’s faces and tell them off, that even I as a viewer felt incited.

I felt like India had this aura of negativity surrounding her, like the kind that would emotionally drain you, if you got too close to her. All I could think of whenever India came onscreen was, “no wonder nobody wants to be with you”.

Before y’all start calling me mean or whatever. Can you imagine coming back home from a looong day at work, to that? No smile. No warmth. Just an aura of negativity.

India dashed all hopes of ever winning me over once the boys joined them. She made such a fuss about Shane J / Courtney Act being a drag queen. I mean someone who was born as a male, transitions into a woman, and somehow has a phobia of drag queens (men dressed as women), is the dumbest things I’ve ever heard!

If anything, I would’ve expected India to be the most accepting, if not most understanding. Thankfully, Shane J / Courtney was so mature and such a sweetie about the whole thing.

I didn’t think it was funny when India was acting scared in anticipation of Andrew dressed in full-on drag (courtesy of Shane J / Courtney Act). Instead, I was incredibly annoyed. Even when Ashley was attempting to comfort India, I wanted to face-palm. It’s like, don’t give her the attention she so clearly craves. If she was truly scared, she could’ve gotten up (at any point, I mean this wasn’t mandatory) and gone to any other room in the house! They even warned her beforehand, so it’s not like they just sprung this on her.

Which made it a million times worse when India asked Ginuwine if he would kiss her or whatever, and attacked him when he answered honestly and said, “no”. She tried to turn it into this whole thing about how she’s a victim and people still don’t see her as a woman, just because she was born as a man, blah blah blah and proceeded to lecture them… again, in her usual condescending and preach-y way.

Funny enough, during Bit On The Side (BOTS) at the finale, Ginuwine was actually grinding up against Courtney Act / Shane J (dude in drag) so no, India, the guy isn’t the issue, it’s just you. People do not like you and as such, would not be interested in kissing you.

Thank God, India was the first housemate to be evicted out of the CBB House making the rest of the season that much more enjoyable to watch!

I love Rachel! Unfortunately, as I’d predicted, her big mouth got her into trouble, and she was the second to leave the CBB House this season. I thought it was hilarious when she’d ask Wayne a question, and then walk off while he was in the middle of answering her! However, I’d straight up strangle someone, if they actually did that to me. I could imagine her being annoying to live with, but as a viewer I found Rachel so entertaining.

She was quite energetic and fun! She’d actually work out with the younger girls, as opposed to just walking around in circles around the garden outside (which is pretty much what the older set did). At one point, she was even teaching the girls how to do a “sl*t-drop” in the kitchen.

She got along well with most of the boys (she could bro down) and her curious nature was very relate-able (she legit asked India if she could look at her fake boobs which is blurred out in the photo, I mean sure India was walking around topless most of the time but still LOL).

I loved the way she styled herself! A 50+ woman wearing a baseball cap backwards? I mean… c’mon! Her hair was pretty cute too, whether she wore it loose and let it go all wild and shaggy, or when she styled it up in an adorable tiny ponytail letting her bangs and longer side-bangs frame her face. It all just came across as so carefree!

Casual, Menswear-inspired, Work-appropriate, and effortlessly cool! I literally loved everything she wore!

So I was a bit sad to see her leave the house so soon (second housemate evicted this season), in a double elimination with Maggie, no less, because Rachel was my favorite housemate this season!

I don’t believe anyone had a single bad word to say about sweet Maggie… well, except for India who had plenty of bad things to say about everyone. Honestly, Maggie strongly reminded me of Carole, my favorite character on The Walking Dead.

She was always ready with a hug and a cuddle for anyone who needed it. Everyone (aside from India) was on good terms with Maggie.

Maggie had a mother-daughter relationship with Jess (granted they were bed-mates) which was just too cute! Maggie would always be the first to rush to Jess‘s side and console her.

Maggie had a playful side too, which we caught a glimpse of when she started grinding up on John Barnes LOL

Maggie was such a sweetie… which sadly translates to boring on reality tv shows. I was sad when she got evicted third.

So Rachel and Maggie got evicted in a double elimination (second and third housemates to leave the house).

Right off the bat, I could tell that John was not a nice person (and even said so, here). He might’ve come across as a sweetie to the people in the house, but it seemed insincere to me. I just knew he was going to show his true colors, if he stayed in the house long enough. John ended up getting evicted fourth (in a backdoor eviction) which wasn’t long enough for him to fully explode (get into a huge row with someone) but it was more than enough time for him to share his incredibly ignorant and outdated views on homosexuality (which turned the public against him), proving me correct.

About the most interesting thing he’d ever done during his stay in the house was flirt with Maggie. Other than that, he was pretty much boring… up until the incident (which had me grinning like a cat that swallowed the canary).

The moment I’d been waiting for; the moment of the incident, where he started spewing all kinds of ignorant, homophobic remarks, turning the public against him.

Called it!

His face says it all.

He tried doing some damage control, when they brought him back for his exit interview a week later, but it was too little, too late.

If I have to hear “Pony” by Ginuwine one more time, so help me God….

Despite the fact that everyone was fawning all over him from the second he set foot in the house, I sensed something more sinister (read: shady) about Ginuwine. I predicted that he was going to say or do something horrible (here) and sure enough, he did not disappoint.

I found Ginuwine boring (always lounging around the house, not really participating in much), up until he started something with Ashley.

People in the house kept calling it a “show-mance” (romance just for show) but to me, it seemed genuine from her side. His? Not so much.

On more than one occasion, Ginuwine struck me as straight up creepy but Ashley was crushing on him and couldn’t see it, up until…

Out of the blue, Ginuwine started repeating “tonight is the night” in a sing-song voice. When Ashley asked him, “tonight is the night for what?”, Ginuwine replied by saying “that” while pointing at her crotch area.

So offensive. So obnoxious. So vulgar.

Also, called it.

The rest of the housemates (particularly Rachel) were just as disgusted with his behavior, after Ashley told them. Understandably, the poor girl was mortified and avoided him for a few days. Instead of apologizing to her, Ginuwine started giving her the cold shoulder (even though she had every right to be upset with him), then flipping the script and making it seem like she was the one who was acting all “weird”. I believe she ended up apologizing to him :/

After that, things went back to the way they were (Rachel went back to throwing herself at him and the housemates went back to kowtowing to him) as if nothing had ever happened. The perks of being a “celebrity”…

My favorite scene out of the entire season was when Marcus Bentley (the guy who does the voice-overs) threw a subtle dig at Ginuwine. It was especially funny because, normally, Marcus is pretty neutral when narrating the going-ons in the Celebrity Big Brother House. For whatever reason, he chose to break tradition that day, and it. was. epic. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe!

Divorced dad-of-nine Ginuwine is giving Ashley and Jess some marriage advice.

Oh, the shade! I die!

I was glad to see Ginuwine go (fifth out of the house).

I was worried about Andrew being too vanilla (read: boring) but it seems I had nothing to worry about. In my opinion, he was the biggest “game-player” of the season. Everything he said or did, seemed to me like pandering, like he was playing up for the cameras, which was pretty ironic because he kept accusing people (behind their backs, of course) of being “game-players”, the very thing he himself was obviously guilty of doing.

From flirting with Ann during the early days…

To sucking on Rachel’s toe (like, why?)…

To volunteering himself for a “drag-over” at the hands of Shane J / Courtney, which incidentally, gave India (who was born a male and had undergone surgery to become female) the perfect opportunity, to demonstrate her fear of men dressed in drag.

To flirting with Shane J / Courtney (in boy-form) …

to more flirting with Courtney / Shane J (in girl-form aka drag) …

I mean, the friendship between Shane J / Courtney (in either form) and Andrew was pretty cute, at certain points (like when they took a bath together).

However, Andrew constantly trashing Ann, to Malika and Shane J / Courtney (eventually brainwashing the other two into disliking her, as much as he did) overshadowed every nice thing he ever did in the house.

Andrew lost hope of ever winning me over when he straight up called Ann (a much older woman, mind you) the C-word.

So, I was glad to see the back of him (in a triple eviction). I loved it when they played back all the clips of him acting like a brat (including calling Ann the C-word), during his exit interview with Emma and he had to sit there and watch it (awks)!

They did bring back Andrew for a “secret task”, to be carried out by Courtney / Shane J which involved Andrew’s wall photo being interactive (kinda’ like something out of Harry Potter, which I thought was so cool)!

Jonny was the biggest surprise for me! He totally won me over!

I predicted him ostracizing himself from the group (which technically he did, at first) and being an all around… brat. I didn’t take into consideration the fact that it could all just be a self-defense mechanism. People who are socially awkward or shy or whatever, tend to separate themselves from the group, and I believe that’s what this guy was doing. He was just shy. Honestly, I completely misjudged him based on what I saw of him during his stint on Love Island (another British Reality TV Show), but I’m woman enough to admit when I’m wrong.

Jonny struck up a friendship with Daniel (pretty much becoming besties) almost immediately. At first, I thought “birds of a feather”, but then it became apparent that those two had only buddied up out of necessity (everyone else was wary of them, because those two had entered the CBB House as “villains”).

With time, Jonny let his walls down, opened up more, and started getting along with everyone. I grew to like him and even began looked forward to hearing his lisp (which sounded cuter by the minute). The moment he won me over though, was when he defended Ann (unbeknownst to her).

Day by day, I found Jonny to be considerate, sweet, and actually charming! That smile didn’t hurt, either.

So, I was pretty bummed when Jonny Mitchell was sent packing, in a triple elimination. Bye Bye, Cutie Pie!

Ugh! Apparently, Daniel is a comedian (except, he’s sooo not funny). Supposedly, he was pretty popular at one point, but fell from grace (hated by the entire nation) when he joked about rape. He entered the Celebrity Big Brother House to “redeem” himself (show people that he made a mistake, learned his lesson, and that he’s older and wiser now).

Only five seconds into the house, he made yet another obscene and extremely offensive joke -_-

His constant need for attention (almost giving India a run for her money) really got on my nerves. When he wasn’t being obnoxious and vulgar, all he did was cry and cry… and cry some more (just as I’d predicted here).

I was relieved to see him go (in a triple elimination)!

Daniel actually proposed to his pregnant girlfriend (using a fake ring made by Ginuwine) during his exit interview with Emma. Call me a cynic but I think it’s all just for show and he’s going to end up cheating on her… because that’s just the kind of guy he is.

So Andrew, Jonny, and Daniel left the house sixth, seventh, and eighth in a triple eviction.

Amanda was an absolute delight! She is the very definition of marching to the beat of your own drum! She might be 82 years old in body but her spirit was so youthful and carefree! She had such an amazing sense of humor too! Every time she’d open her mouth, I’d die laughing! It was hard not to fall in love with Amanda!

The friendship between Amanda and Wayne was particularly endearing!

I was genuinely sad to see Amanda leave (ninth out of the house).

Ashley was surprisingly disappointing. I expected more from her (anything, really) but she was very blah. In fact, she strongly reminded me of Bianca (Season 19), all style, no substance. Even her accent (which I thought sounded similar to Sanza Stark from Game of Thrones) was fake, which she’d only adopted to sound more “posh”. Her personality was blah. Her conversations were blah. Her sense of humor was blah. Almost everything about her was blah, except for her looks.

Ashley was strikingly beautiful!

As predicted, the women did not take too well to Ashley (namely Rachel, Ann, and Amanda of all people LOL) because Ashley was too pretty and women tend to get competitive with one another, regardless of age. They’d never admit it though. They just claimed that she talked too much and was overly sensitive. Even the guys thought she was “fake” but I believe that it’s because she never got to develop her personality, and so it takes longer for people to understand her. Once Ashley started her “thing” with Ginuwine, they sorta’ backed off. I believe that’s what saved her (let her stay longer in the house). Over time, people warmed up to her and she, in turn, to them.

I could not believe my eyes when Ashley hopped in the bath with Andrew and Shane J / Courtney and asked them to shave her underarms for her. Compounded with her not quite charming, little story about “doing her business” on her ex-boyfriend’s couch… that she was regaling everyone with over breakfast… I was so done.

When Shane J / Courtney gave Ashley a makeover (to look more like him when he was in drag) she looked ridiculously cute (that wig is everything!) and oh-so-pretty (vampy makeup suits her)! To the extent that even Andrew set his sights on her (for like a millisecond before turning his attention back to Shane J / Courtney).

I was pretty neutral when Ashley got evicted in a double elimination. I was neither sad nor happy to see her go. As I said earlier, aside from being nice to look at, Ashley didn’t bring much to the house.

Malika means lame in Arabic which I found to be quite an apt description of the girl. Truthfully, depending on how you pronounce it, Malika can also mean Queen. The way she herself pronounces it (Maleekah) sounds much closer to lame, so we’ll just go with that. Between India and Malika and Daniel and Ginuwine and Andrew… I could not decide whom (who? whom?) was the most obnoxious of the lot. Just kidding. Definitely India, like, hands down. Malika was a close second, in the obnoxiousness department, but I believe everyone let her get away with stuff just because she rubs shoulders with the Kardashians.

Malika was just as boring as Ashley, if not more so. At least Ash made an effort. Malika never bothered to dress up, or even fix her hair, or anything like that. Ashley actually got involved in stuff, whereas Malika just lounged around in her pajamas, only coming out of isolation every once in awhile to complain about how she couldn’t stand being around so many people, and how it was all just “too much”. It was always “me, me, me, I, I, I” with Malika. The only time she would get animated was when she was gossiping about people (usually Ann) otherwise Malika was pretty much a zombie.

I thought it was immensely amusing when Malika threw a fit and wanted to quit… over food! Porridge and tinned sardines is “not food”, according to Malika. Ginuwine wasn’t too happy about it either, but he didn’t moan and groan about it as much she did. She straight up wanted to quit over it! Diva much?

I was so sure it would be Daniel who would threaten to leave the CBB House (just for show) or India, but not all my predictions were correct.

Shane J / Courtney was somewhat fine with Ann, but what with Andrew whispering in one ear, and Malika whispering in the other, about how awful Ann was, they managed to brainwash Shane J / Courtney into disliking Ann.

I was pretty stoked when Malika left the house (double eviction with Ashley) being the tenth and eleventh out.

Final 5

Back Row: Shane J / Courtney (in drag) and Shane L
Front Row: Jess and Ann and Wayne

Wayne could not be more adorable if he tried! This little pocket-rocket was always ready with a quick quip (usually something very naughty) or a funny anecdote from his past (he was constantly name-dropping which just made him even funnier) or a full-on dance! Wayne was one of my absolute favorites this season!

He’d lead the housemates (everyone except for India and Malika and Ginuwine would participate) in a dance, that he’d choreographed, in the living room…

in the kitchen…

even in the sauna!

Wayne definitely didn’t act like your typical 69 year old. I mean at one point,
Wayne actually flashed Amanda and Maggie, which was quite funny! Both women would not stop giggling like schoolgirls! It truly was heart-warming to see the older set acting like little kids!

His friendship with Amanda was especially endearing! Those two were pretty funny on their own, but together they were hilarious! #friendshipgoals

Wayne was so likable, he even managed to get the strict, rigid, and ever-proper Ann in the hot tub!

Wayne was such a good sport too! As evident by the task where him and Ashley had to get 10 coats of spray tan.

Also, when he dressed up as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls for another task.

I was so hoping Wayne would win, but he was the first to get evicted during the Celebrity Big Brother Finale (making him the twelfth housemate out of the house). Even then, he took it all in stride and was just a tiny ball of energy!

Jess was fun to watch and even more fun to listen to (reminiscent of an old-timey chimney-sweep). She was ridiculously adorable! She won everyone over in no time (myself included)!

Literally. Prettiest. Human. On. Earth.

As I said earlier (here), she was hurt by totally innocent comments, but completely disregarded the not-so-subtle digs at her. So… not the smartest of of the bunch, but hands down the cutest!

It seemed like she only had two modes; happy-go-lucky or tearing up. On more than one occasion, I really, really, really wished I could reach out and just give her a hug.

She had this playful energy, like a puppy! So cute!

Jess even won over Ann! They discussed politics several times and Jess walked away from it “enlightened” (pretty sure she forgot everything five seconds later lol). Her willingness to learn was quite charming though!

Jess had Amanda, Ann, and Andrew in absolute hysterics when she mentioned that “cucumbers had salmonella”, and later changed it to an STD.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Jess to win, but I was happy for her that she’d made it to the final five. She was the thirteenth housemate to leave the house.

Shane L was… quite strange. He mostly kept to himself but I didn’t find him boring, because even though he was usually quiet, he had a very strong presence. When he talked, everyone listened. To me, it felt like he really didn’t belong in the CBB House, because he seemed sane and down to earth (unlike the rest).

Despite his tough exterior…

I felt Shane L was quite goofy.

He was a good sport too, as demonstrated during one of the earlier tasks for the men.

Or when Maggie, Malika and Shane L had to dress up as Destiny’s Child and perform as them.

Another super funny moment this season, was when the entire house was fighting in the living room (literally every single person went crazy) while Shane L was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich (with a huge grin on his face) observing the madness from a safe distance.

I’m glad he lasted up until the finale. Shane L was fourteenth out of the house.

Ann was arguably the most controversial housemate this season! She was never afraid to share her views and opinions, and absolutely refused to budge on them, regardless of how wildly unpopular they were.

More noticeably, Ann was all about decorum and acting proper. Even though she wasn’t the eldest (oldest?), everyone including Amanda (who was, in fact, the eldest) held Ann in regard. Every time they swore or said something crude, it would immediately be followed by “Sorry, Ann“. When she wasn’t busy being indignant over their behavior, she was either lecturing them on something or other, or rolling her eyes. At one point, she even got upset with Big Brother and told Big Brother off in the Diary Room! It was pretty funny, actually!

What was even funnier was her reaction, when they were woken up to breakfast… with a side of male strippers! She went back to the bedroom, threw on a towel over her head (to drown out the music), and waited for the strippers to leave.

Whether they had her dress as a 90’s raver and dance to techno music…

or dress up as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls and perform one of their songs…

or kick a ball around during the Football Challenge (courtesy of John Barnes, post eviction), Ann was a good sport, and dutifully finished each task.

It was super cute when they finally managed to get her in the hot tub! Ann had her moments.

Ann was the runner up (oh-so-close) making her the fifteenth housemate out of the house! I’d grown quite fond of Ann so I really wish she’d won.

The winner of Celebrity Big Brother (Season 21) was Courtney / Shane J. Kinda’ ironic that a dude who dresses in drag won during the “Year of the Woman” season.

From the moment he sashayed into the CBB House in all his/her iridescent mermaid-y glory, Shane J who went by Courtney Act when he was in drag, was one to watch.

God, it’s hard enough keeping up with the common him and her pronouns, never mind all the newer ones like zim and zer and whatnot.

Shane J was such a sweetie!

Even taking the time out of his day to have a serious conversation with India (who is an emotionally draining human, as we’ve already established) and breaking stuff down for her, in a very eloquent manner, I might add.

Watching Shane J transform into Courtney made me feel so inadequate as a woman!
The amount of time and effort it took was quite admirable… I mean, I get bored halfway though straightening my hair and can barely muster up enough care to slap on some minimal makeup afterwards. Meanwhile, this dude is padding, tucking, and taping… and that’s just the body-ody-ody. There’s the wigs and the makeup and the outfit and the accessories, and God knows what else.

Like I said, admirable!

The end result (Courtney) was quite beautiful!

Heck, at times, Courtney (dude dressed in drag) looked prettier than Ashley (who looked stunning, normally). Look at the photo. Now tell me, who looks more feminine? Exactly.

Shane J / Courtney had a sweet friendship with Andrew

As a guy (Shane J)…

As a girl (Courtney)…

and was over all, quite entertaining, except from when he turned on Ann, because of Andrew and Malika constantly trashing Ann). So he did have a petty side, but we’re all human and nobody is perfect, so whatevs. Shane J / Courtney for the most part was pretty nice with everyone.

So I guess Courtney / Shane J deserved to win.

I’ll be the first to admit, it was quite sweet when Courtney hugged Andrew, after it was announced that she’d won Celebrity Big Brother.

I really can’t get enough of trashy, UK-based, reality tv shows!

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