Lewis Del Mar – 14 Faces

I’ve never heard of this song before, but they played it during a scene in the Good Doctor (such a good show, which is no surprise, since it’s based on one of the many, many, endearing Korean Dramas, which are some of my all-time favorite shows to watch in general, as I mentioned earlier, here). Anyways, the clip was too short to gauge whether it was a nice song or not, but once I found it on YouTube and listened to the whole thing, I still wasn’t impressed. I played it in my car anyway with the kids in tow (my nieces and nephew) on our way to visit my uncle (who lives halfway across the country) and that’s where this song shined! Blaring full blast on Fahaheel Expressway – Road 30, with the cold wind whooshing in through the half-way open windows and blowing our hair in our faces (mostly my eyes), with the sea-side glittering to our left, as we headed away from the city. It took so much willpower to not speed (along with the song) ‘cuz of the speed limit, and lack of visibility (on account of my hair blinding me and all). Plus, you know, kids and stuff. Basically, this is a pretty cool song!

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