Miaow Miaow Green Peas Snack

These Miaow Miaow Green Peas Snack are so addictive!

Case in point, I’ve been buying them in packs, ever since this past Ramadan, which is around the same time I discovered the Lay’s Forno Lemon & Black Pepper Baked Potato Chips (reviewed here) but unlike the Lay’s ones, I haven’t grown sick of the Miaow Miaow ones… yet. I came across these Miaow Miaow Green Peas Snack at the Faiha Co-op, of all places, and decided to grab just two, to try them out. After finishing an entire bag in a single sitting, I promptly went back to Faiha to purchase a pack (10 bags per pack) of this stuff, ‘cuz basically it’s kinda’ like crack (except it’s Halal). Shortly after, this stuff started popping up in all the local co-ops and now I can find it almost anywhere. Strangely enough, I’ve never spotted it at The Sultan Center though. If you ever happen to come across the Miaow Miaow Green Peas Snack, try it (I’ll add you to the list of people who are already upset with me for getting them addicted to this stuff). That said, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing remotely healthy about this stuff, so, if you’re into… you know… living, then don’t try it.

I believe I spotted other flavors from Miaow Miaow at my local co-op including:

-Fried Chicken

However, I’m only interested in the Green Peas flavor.

Honestly, it tastes like corn (almost sweet but not quite) at first, but once you keep munching, it changes into something more savory. So basically, edamame.

They look like Cheetos (or Pufak) except these are Green! Initially, the fun Green color (all over this thing, from the packaging to the actual chips) is what made me buy this stuff. The taste is what got me addicted! They’re nice and crunchy, and definitely nowhere near as messy as say Cheetos (nothing worse than cheetoh-dust).

Made in Malaysia

Yeah, so the packaging sucks. As in, it is next to impossible to open these bags the “normal way”. I’ve found the best way to get at what’s inside is to tear it open from one of the corners (test out which corner is the weakest and rip it open, but not too wide) and up-end the entire thing in my mouth… like a lady.

Like I said, I buy this stuff in bulk so I can share it with everyone because it’s just that good! Obviously, I can’t share the actual bag that I’m eating from, due to the… manner, of how I inhale eat this stuff. Also, I don’t like sharing the same bag, ever. Popcorn, Potato Chips, whatever else, you name it. Either each one of us has their own, or I’d rather not have any… ‘cuz people are gross (says the girl who gorges on this stuff by tearing a hole in a corner and upending the entire thing – albeit in small increments – in her mouth). This way, I can hand out a bag to every person so we can stuff our faces together, and give them a few extras they can take back home to their other friends and family, so they can get addicted too (One of us! One of us! One of us!) and join the cult of Miaow Miaow!

Y’all might think I’m joking but I’ve successfully managed to get 4 of my xbox buddies (as in online, as in we’ve never actually met face-to-face) from neighboring countries (a girl from Saudi Arabia, a boy from Saudi, a boy from Iraq living in Qatar, and another boy from Iran living in Bahrain) all addicted to this stuff, purely by munching into the headset (no time to eat during the game, don’t wanna’ get the controller dirty either, so the whole not using your hands thing due to the hole in a corner of the bag is super convenient; fast and easy) while we play COD together into the early hours of morning (during the weekend). I’d never even think about doing do that (munching into a headset) if we had non-Arabs in the party ‘cuz I don’t wanna be obnoxious… but I find most Arabs to be obnoxious in general, so I don’t mind being obnoxious around other Arabs (makes sense? yes? no? maybe?)

Anywho, I kept commenting on how yummy it tasted, up until they all went out and got their own (exact same brand and everything). That’s the power of subliminal messages for ya’. Now all 5 of us suffer from the same stomach cramps together (from gorging ourselves on the stuff). In addition to my friends in real life (as in people I actually hang out with face-to-face) and my favorite cousin (I gave her 3 bags back in November, she promptly got hooked on the stuff and now actually buys it in bulk for her hubby and herself – but doesn’t share it with their kids, ‘cuz of the preservatives or whatever – and hasn’t forgiven me since). While we were watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead together in the Cinema Room, my younger brother had some (I poured some out for him in a bowl before I poured the rest down my throat) and even though he said “not bad”, he believes in stuff like discipline (not even in my vocabulary) and exercising self-restraint (which to me seems like too much effort), etc… We could not be more different lol Anyways, people who ended up getting addicted have been pretty miffed at me but whatevs. That’s on them (you make your own decisions, people).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This stuff is Halal Crack!

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