Zara Winter Mini Haul

I don’t shop at Zara much but whenever I do, I always come across one or two pieces from the haul, that end up becoming staples in my wardrobe! I’ve never been to the Avenues branch of Zara before, but I decided to check it out (on a whim), and ended getting a really cool Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes, a gorgeous Navy Blue Chenille Sweater, and the same Chenille Sweater in Dusty Pink. I’m pretty much obsessed with everything I got, the Chenille Sweaters especially (feels like I’m walking around snuggled up in an ultra-luxe, fluffy, cloud of softness)!

Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes retails for KD 15/900

As we’ve already established, I’m clearly obsessed with the Navy/Burgundy/White Stripes Print (Dark Blue, Red, and White, respectively), as evident by past purchases of the H&M Striped Pajama Pants (hauled here), Forever21 Striped Maxi Dress (hauled here), and Mango Flowy Striped Dress (hauled here). For whatever reason, I seem to find Navy and Burgundy combined, absolutely irresistible! That’s why I totally skipped the Bright Green Midi Skirt (exact same design, different color, no stripes) and was immediately drawn to this gorgeous Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes (I mean I’d call them Burgundy Stripes but whatevs Zara, you do you).

It was lust at first sight! The Skirt was mostly Navy (which I love, because Navy is subtle, but also, cool), with two “contrasting” stripes (that were also sufficiently dark, subtle, and blended in nicely) as the only small inclusion of color. From the glitter-y elasticated waistband (you can barely see it in the photos because, again, subtle) that came across as playful and fun, down to the pleats, that elevated the over all “look” of the Skirt, I was obsessed with every single detail on this thing! I can’t seem to let go of the notion that this Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes would look even cooler, when paired with non-prescription reading glasses for that whole geek-chic aesthetic!

I still haven’t worn this Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes out and about yet (too cold), but I’ve already got an H&M Burgundy Long-Sleeve Jersey Top (hauled here) and a Mango Black Glitter Top (hauled here) lined up, to pair with it, not to mention, the Zara Navy Blue Chenille Sweater (also in this haul). However, footwear (that actually compliments this Skirt, unlike the Boots in the photo, blech) might prove to be a bit more troublesome (which is typical for me when it comes to midi-skirts, such an awkward height). Any suggestions?

Navy Blue Chenille Sweater retails for KD 12/900

I’ve always loved wearing Navy (almost as much as I love wearing Black) because I associate Navy with intellect, academia, and such. So, I was immediately obsessed with this thing, as soon as I spotted it! It was neatly stacked on one of the tables (by the entrance), and available in several colors; this Navy Blue (almost black) which I got, Dusty Pink (kinda’ bronze but whatevs) which I also got, and Ecru (basically, white). They were all loose-fit (I had to get a size Small which still ended up being over-sized on me), with rounded necklines, and lovely long sleeves!

Here’s why I was so obsessed with this Chenille Sweater. It changes color! I don’t mean it changes color like a Mood Ring or or whatever. Chenille, kinda’ like Velvet and Suede, reflects light (which is why they seem to change color, when viewed from different angles). That in and of itself was insanely cool! However, to the touch, the Chenille Sweater felt like an absolute dream! It was the softest, coziest, and comfiest thing I’ve ever worn! It legit felt like I was being hugged by a cloud (yes I know clouds are visible particles that leave you damp, if you ever happen to pass through them, but in my mind, clouds are ultra-soft, cotton-like, fluffs… that taste like cotton candy… and smell like vanilla)!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, I purchased this Navy Blue Chenille Sweater to pair it with the Navy Blue Midi Skirt with Contrasting Stripes (wouldn’t this Navy Blue Sweater look so cute, haphazardly tucked into the Navy Blue Skirt?) but haven’t gotten around to wearing them together, just yet. Since Chenille is a bit on the fluffier side, and the design of this particular Sweater is over-sized, it does add a bit of bulk to the frame (I’m 5’1). However, Navy is just as slimming as Black… so there’s that. Honestly, it’s nothing an extra inch or two can’t fix (shoe-wise). I’ve worn the Navy Blue Chenille Sweater (with a Dark Grey Tank Top, underneath) paired with several of my Jeans, more than a handful of times already, and plan on getting a lot more wear out of it, for as long as the weather will allow.

The Navy Blue Chenille Sweater looks ridiculously cool (almost duochrome-y), feels amazing (ultra soft) and has been keeping me warm and cozy, all through-out this Winter!

Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater retails for KD 12/900

I was so impressed by the light-reflecting quality and super softness of the Navy Blue Chenille Sweater that I just couldn’t resist getting another Chenille Sweater (exact same design) in a different color. I went for something that looked Bronze-y, to my eyes, but according to (where I nicked the pics) it’s actually a Dusty Pink (again with this whole “dusty pink” business?) but whatevs. I tried on both Chenille Sweaters by their display (couldn’t be bothered with going back to the changing room) and despite trying them on over what I was already wearing, and going with the smallest size available, they were still quite over-sized. I asked for an x-small (which is the size I went for with the Skirt) but apparently these Sweaters don’t come in that size.

I’ll be honest, while paying at the cash register for this Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater, I was mentally flipping through a Rolodex of “Rose-Gold Eyeshadow Looks”, practically floating with glee at the prospect of all the future “Rose-Gold Eye Looks” I was going to try, paired with it! I have worn this it all throughout Winter as well, but have yet to pair it with a particularly “Rose Gold-y Look” just yet. Incidentally, when I’m wearing the Dusty Pink Sweater completely bare-faced (not even moisturizer) while I’m out and about, I get a lot of compliments about how healthy my skin looks, or how bright my eyes look, or how pretty my hair looks, as opposed to the usual, “Dude, you look tired”. So I guess “Dusty Pinkdoes, in fact, compliment my odd, sallow skin.

I’ve given up on trying to find anything that matches the Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater and basically just pair it with my Blue Jeans all the time. When I’m not wearing them with my Black Wedge Sneakers, I’ll more often than not, pair them with my Forest Green Ugg-inspired Boots from M&S (reviewed here) which in no way matches anything (not the dusty pink sweater, not the blue jeans, nothing) but like I said, I’ve pretty much given up. The objective is to stay warm, cozy, and comfy. As far as I’m concerned, this Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater does just that! I even wore this Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater on my birthday (granted I had no less than three “surprise” birthday parties; one thrown by my immediate family, one thrown by my girls, and one thrown by my favorite cousin). The one thrown by my cousin was a whole week earlier than my actual birthday and was therefore unexpected (ergo surprise) and I happened to be wearing this Dusty Pink Chenille Sweater (paired with blue jeans and black wedge sneakers, no makeup) because it was an outdoor BBQ kinda’ deal. Aside from my nose, which was slightly red from the cold, I felt completely warm and cozy!

Obsessed with these Chenille Sweaters! Obsessed!

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