Boots Sale Haul

I rarely stop by the Phase I or Avenues I branch of Boots (wedged in wall-to-wall with yet another Starbucks). Normally, I’d visit the Phase II or Avenues II branch of Boots (because it’s one store over from Bath & Body Works which is my usual haunting ground). However, I’ve been hitting up pretty much every single branch of Boots that I can think of, in search of Batiste Dry Shampoo – A Hint of Colour Medium & Brunette (featured here) because it seems to have vanished, country-wide (which makes me very, very sad). It had the nicest scent out of all of them, and the powder was tinted (matching my hair perfectly). That stuff was my favorite! So, if anyone happens to know where I can find it locally, please do share. I’d be much obliged to ya! Anyways, I was at Boots and opposed to just the Buy Two Get One Free deal that they’re usually promoting (which forces your hand into purchasing more stuff), they actually had a legitimate Sale going on (25% off most items), so I stocked up on a few “necessities”.

Lierac Purifying Cleanser purchased for KD 6.938

My tried and true favorite! I’ve been meaning to repurchase the Lierac Purifying Cleanser (previously reviewed here) for quite some time now, so it was serendipitous that I found it on sale. I love the scent (smells amazing)! It performs really well (cleanses my face without leaving any residue behind)! Plus, it looks quite appealing (apparently, I’m attracted to bright green packaging, when it comes to skincare)! They seem to have updated the packaging though (the blather is different) but effectively it’s still the same.

Maybelline Mascara Kit (Maybelline the Colossal Go Extreme! Mascara + Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water) purchased for KD 3.938

I just love mascara! I’m not sure if this Colossal Go Extreme! from Maybelline was new or not. However, I figured since it came in a Kit (which I hadn’t noticed before), the probability of the mascara being all dried out (from sitting out on the shelf for too long and possibly expiring) seemed slightly less (you never know in Kuwait, they’re so lax about that stuff). Plus, it came with a full-size Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier. Seems a bit random, unless perhaps both Maybelline and Garnier are owned by the same company? Generally, I don’t tend to get along well with any Micellar Cleansing Water (Bioderma, Garnier, or otherwise) but let’s give it another shot, shall we? This Mascara Kit was on sale, so even if both products suck, it’s still, like, whatever.

Blink Eye Drops purchased for KD 3.600

I wear colored contacts pretty frequently. In the past, I used to stick with Freshlook (I wore Green and only Green) and my eyes never ever bothered me. Eventually, I started branching out into different brands, and different colors even. After a certain amount of time, my eyes would get all bloodshot and fatigued, to the extent that I couldn’t open them up all the way up. Even after I’d gone back home and taken the contacts out, my eyes would still feel itchy as heck, and I’d get no respite unless I viciously rubbed my knuckles against them (which under no circumstances should you ever do, but I’m different lawl). It’s a bit annoying but nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix. I figured I should invest in some Eye Drops to soothe my peepers, instantly. Rohto are my favorite (they really, really burn… but then they cool and soothe and brighten!) but I used to order them online from (which has closed down) and I can’t seem to find them locally. As such, I decided to give Blink Eye Drops a shot.

Labello Strawberry Shine Caring Lip Balm purchased for KD .800

Labello (Nivea) Strawberry Shine was a repurchase (in-depth review here). It’s got a beautiful red tint that’s so subtle and fits in perfectly with the Blotted Lip trend. Personally, I love wearing this on its own! However, it’s also quite buildable for a less subtle look. Plus, it works as a primer for liquid lipstick, or regular lipstick, or whatever else you wanna’ put on your lips. Best of all, it smells absolutely deelish!

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara purchased for KD 3.750

I should’ve known better. I knew this mascara had been released a good long while ago, meaning the chances of this mascara being dry were very, very high. Yet, I bought it anyway. Sadly, I was correct. Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Mascara was so dry and flake-y. Plus, it smelled funky too. It had obviously expired ages ago and dried out. I know this because I’ve owned the original version of Maybelline Falsies Mascara, and it was my favorite for quite some time. The formula on the original was sufficiently “wet” and all around lovely, nowhere near this dried out, crumbly mess.

Seriously, I wonder how often Boots replace their stock?

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof 41 Black Party purchased for KD 2.812
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof 54 Ultra Black purchased for KD 2.812

The Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil (reviewed here) is my favorite Eyeliner of all time (Holy Grail status, yo!) which is why I purchase this stuff in bulk! It’s not stupid soft (where more than half of it ends up being eaten by your sharpener) but it’s soft enough for you to be able to freely manipulate the width of your eyeliner. It could be as thin as you want, or as thick and graphic as you want, or as tapered as you want, it’s whatever you want it to be! Also, it’s emollient enough to where it goes on all nice and pigmented, in one stroke (without you having to go back and forth half a dozen times).

Basically, this stuff is a dream! 41 Black Party used to be my go-to (reviewed here), despite not being as dark as I would’ve liked (it turns a bit blue-grey after some time). However, more recently, Bourjois released 54 Ultra Black (previously hauled here) which is super black! It performs exactly the same, except it’s much, much darker. I couldn’t decide which one to buy (in bulk), because it felt like I was cheating on 41 Black Party (which has been so, so good to me, throughout the years), despite the fact that 54 Ultra Black was clearly the superior of the two. So, I just got both (not in bulk) and decided to test them out (switching one out for the other, daily) before making a final decision. I mean I could’ve done that earlier (when I previously hauled the two) but it didn’t occur to me then, and I used them all up, without comparing them to each other, (well, aside from the obvious difference that 54 Ultra Black is much, much darker). Regardless of whether it’s Black Party or Ultra Black, this stuff is the best (budget-friendly too)!

I spent KD 24.650 in total, but I’m not sure why the prices on the receipt and the prices on the actual products don’t match up. I noticed that earlier with H&M as well. Peculiar.

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