ColourPop 5 Million Instagram Followers Haul

Once again, ColourPop came out with a whole slew of new products (Pressed Powder Blushes, Pressed Powder Bronzers, Pressed Powder Highlighters, Crystal Liquid Highlighters, Crystal Setting Sprays, Crystal Priming Sprays, Crystal Lip Balms, Brow Products, Concealers, Makeup Brushes)!!!! What’s more, they even updated their website with more accurate photos (infinitely better than the previous ones, at least) of all their products! They also came out with some new shades in the Super Shock Shadows range. The Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on all their Liquid Lipsticks was still ongoing, as was the Free Empty Eyeshadow Palette you got with every purchase of 4 Pressed Powder Shadows. I wasn’t planning on placing yet another order… up until ColourPop hit 5 million followers on Instagram and they decided to celebrate by coming out with 5 Limited Edition products that you got for free (well, technically as a gift with purchase)!

We are celebrating reaching 5 million on Instagram with limited edition items for a grab bag starting tomorrow at 10am PST!
Fab Five Lippie Stix, Nine to Five Ultra Glossy, Take Five Ultra Matte, High Five Super Shock Highlighter, Party of Five Super Shock Shadow

Spend $10 + Get 1
Spend $25 + Get 2
Spend $40 + Get 3
Spend $55 + Get 4
Spend $70 + Get all 5

My order was $100 exactly, so I qualified for all 5 but didn’t get the Fab Five Lippie Stix so I’m assuming that they ran out of stock by then (my order was placed on August 30th). Despite that, it’s a really cool deal and I appreciate the fact that ColourPop are constantly coming up with new shades, all-new products, interesting collaborations, and all kinds of promotions! Basically, I love that ColourPop are always trying to keep things exciting!

Here’s my entire order, along with 2 more cards, a pink invoice, and yet another brochure.

I picked up;

– 5 Pressed Powder Shadows (4 of which qualified me for another free Empty Eyeshadow Palette)
– 3 Liquid Lipsticks (1 of 3 was free because of the Buy Two Get One Free deal)
– 3 Super Shock Shadows (2 from the newer collections, at the time)
– 3 Makeup Brushes (all new)
– 3 Brow Products (I thought I was ordering the newer Brow Poss Pencils that were just released, but apparently I’d accidentally ordered the older Precision Brow Pencils instead, but at least I managed to snag the new Brow Boss Gel, the one in the striped packaging in the photo above)
– 3 Concealers (also in the striped packaging in the photo above).
– 4 products at the forefront (Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, Super Shock Highlighter, Super Shock Shadow), which I got for free, are the Limited Edition ones that ColourPop came out with for reaching 5 Million Instagram Followers.

Lastly, I got another card with an apology note and a free gift, which this time turned out to be an Eyeshadow Brush.

The Pink Invoice

Cute card that read “Hey Love! We ♥ You a Waffle lot” with a detailed drawing of a stack of waffles.

Another card with an apology and a free gift, (so thoughtful!) for my order being late. If I’m being honest, as someone who uses a mail forwarding service (Aramex), my orders are always late anyway, but thank you, ColourPop! I appreciate it!

The free gift I got this time was a cute (soft pink with rose-gold!) Shader Brush. Since it’s flat, and on the small side, I believe this would be great for applying pressed pigments or glitters to the lid. Due to the the bristles being synthetic, you can even use this brush with wet or creamy products (for example, concealer). Heck, with a little spritz of Fix+ I’ll bet this brush would be fantastic at applying foiled shadows! However, for the time being, I’m probably going to reserve it solely for use with my Super Shock Shadows.

I feel like I’ve seen these Pink Makeup Brushes at ColourPop before, either for sale or as part of a promo (for example; Buy a certain amount of Super Shock Shadows and Get a Free Brush). Yeah, so I just googled it and I was right. ColourPop came out with 2 Pink Makeup Brushes (a Blending Brush and a Shader Brush) which you couldn’t actually purchase on their own. You had had to purchase 2 Super Shock Shadows to qualify for 1 Pink Makeup Brush or 4 Super Shock Shadows to get the 2 Pink Makeup Brushes… or something like that. It was part of another promotion that they had going on awhile ago and once the promo was over, the Pink Makeup Brushes were just… gone. They were never available for individual purchase anyway, but they weren’t even brought back as part of another promo or anything like that. They were never to be seen again… up til now.

Technically, they’re still gone, but I’m glad I randomly got one of the Pink Makeup Brushes (I would’ve been happy with either of the two) as a free gift due to my order being late.

More recently, ColourPop came out with 12 White Makeup Brushes, that you could either purchase as a 12 piece set or individually. I refer to all the Makeup Brushes by color (White, Pink, etc…) to avoid confusion… even though that’s not what they’re actually called. I do that because ColourPop are constantly discontinuing certain items, and bringing back other long-discontinued items, and sometimes the names of certain products might overlap (so as opposed to Shader Brush and Shader Brush, I can be like Pink Shader Brush and White Shader Brush, get it?) Anyways, there was a pretty decent discount on the the brushes (if you bought them as a 12 piece set) and I was going to go for it, but then the promo ended, so for now, I narrowed it down to just these three; (06) Small Fluff Brush, (08) Medium Shader Brush, (09) Blending Brush.

– 06 – Small Fluff Brush retails for $7
– 08 – Medium Shader Brush retails for $6
– 09 – Blending Brush retails for $6
Brush Set (12 White Makeup Brushes) retail for $50

06 – Small Fluff Brush retails for $7

It’s small, fluffy, and super versatile. Use it to highlight, shade, or set your under eyes with cream or powder formulas. This little guy does it all!

Yeah so I dunno’ if you’ve noticed, but my past few ColourPop orders didn’t include any more of those Super Shock Highlighters. The reason for that being, I found those Super Shock Highlighters extremely troublesome, like, in every aspect. In fact, I’m actually too embarrassed to go out in public wearing any of them. I totally regret buying like a million of them, but that’s what happens when instead of waiting for your first order to arrive (so you could actually test the product), you double down and order even more of the stuff (in different shades, obvi). I figure I could use this ColourPop 06 Small Fluff Brush to hopefully, maybe, possibly, help me out with those Super Shock Highlighters. If that doesn’t work out, I can always just use it with any other of my many, many highlighters.

08 – Medium Shader Brush retails for $6

Cover your bases with this medium flat tip, firm shader brush. For powder, cream, or liquid eyeshadows or concealers.

This specific style of brush is a true workhorse (at least for me) because more often that not, I’ll only apply a single eyeshadow color on my lids, before moving on to liner and mascara. For one, I’m always short on time and two, I’m not always in the mood to be “creative” (apply 50,000 different shades on what little lid space that I do have, meticulously blending each shade into the next, until I’m just about ready to give up on life). My mantra has always been less is more… unless we’re talking about mascara (eyelashes) or volume (hair) in which case, more is more.

I’m just very fond of the single-color-all-over-the-lid “look” and my favorite brush for that is my MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush. It’s super fast and easy, a couple swipes and I’m done. It isn’t a particularly unique brush. In fact, I think it’s quite easily dupeable (you can find something similar from any given brand) but it happens to be my favorite brush for all-over-lid shades. That said, I was hoping this ColourPop 08 Medium Shader Brush might be a dupe for my beloved MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush. Looking at them side by side now, it’s actually significantly larger and much fluffier. Normally, I’d apply Super Shock Shadows with my pinky, but sometimes I’ll want a less sloppy application, which is the main reason why I got this 08 Medium Shader Brush. If you have smaller eyes or are interested in doing more detailed work, they’ve also got a 11 Small Shader Brush and if you’ve got ample lid space, they added a Large Shader Brush (E13) to their brush line, just recently.

09 – Blending Brush retails for $6

Buff it out! For eyeshadows and even concealers, this small fluffy brush applies and blends out cream or powder formulas easily.

My MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush (which I use for errythang) along with my long-discontinued The Body Shop Angled Brush (which I use mainly for my brows) are my very favorite makeup brushes (Holy Grail status, yo!) and I would not want to live in a world without them. Makeup Brushes, like fair-weather friends, may come and go, but those two brushes, like true-blue friends, are for life! I use my MAC 224 for pretty much everything, from putting down some color on my lid (when I can’t find my MAC 239), to tidying up my crease-work, and even smoking out my lower lash line. I’m also quite fond of using it to apply highlight to my cheekbones. Occasionally, I’ll even use it to contour my nose. Rarer still, I’ll use it to apply concealer and sometimes even setting powder, to my under-eye area.

Again, it’s easily dupeable (you can find one from literally any other brand) but I’m more partial to my MAC 224 in particular. I just really, really, really love my MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush so if this ColourPop 09 Blending Brush performs even half as well, I’d consider myself blessed! That said, I picked this 09 Blending Brush specifically for use with some of my darker Super Shock Shadows (to diffuse the color, blend out any harsh lines, etc…) but they’ve also got a 10 Tapered Blending Brush, if you’re interested.

L-R 06 Small Fluff Brush, 08 Medium Shader Brush, 09 Blending Brush

Here’s a few close-ups of the brushes. Hopefully you’ll be able to notice the size, cut, shape, and density, of the bristles.

Here are all the Makeup Brushes in this haul

06 – Small Fluff Brush ($7)
08 – Medium Shader Brush ($6)
09 – Blending Brush ($6)
Pink Shader Brush (free).

L-R 06 Small Fluff Brush, 08 Medium Shader Brush, 09 Blending Brush, Pink Shader Brush

Some more closeups.

All the Makeup Brushes in this haul, side by side.

Take Five Ultra Matte Lip
Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip
High Five Super Shock Highlighter
Party of Five Super Shock Shadow

These are the Limited Edition products that ColourPop came out with to celebrate reaching the 5 Million Followers benchmark on Instagram (and what convinced me to place this order). They’re meant to be 5 products in total (I’m only missing the Lippie Stix in the shade Fab Five) which just goes to show how popular it was, but I’m not too bothered about it. I am however annoyed that some of these arrived cracked, again. If I’m being completely honest, aside from the Ultra Matte Lip, the rest of the shades didn’t really appeal to me all that much… at first.

High Five Super Shock Cheek (pearlized)

Looks to be too dark… *sigh*

Party of Five Super Shock Shadow (ultra glitter)

Hmm… interesting.

Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip

No. Just no.

Take Five Ultra Matte Lip

Oooh pretty!

L-R High Five Super Shock Cheek (pearlized), Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip, Take Five Ultra Matte Lip, Party of Five Super Shock Shadow (ultra glitter)

Like I said earlier, the shades weren’t all that exciting, but I wasn’t too bothered, especially when you factor in that I got them all for “free”. That said, once I got to play around with all 4 of them, I quickly changed my stance on most of them. Take Five Ultra Matte Lip was really dark on my lips (unexpected) but I kinda’ don’t hate it. In fact, I think it compliments my complexion quite nicely! Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip was still a hideous (glittery brown) mess! Meanwhile, Party of Five Super Shock Shadow (ultra glitter) was a beautiful glittery pinky-purple! Most surprising of all was High Five Super Shock Cheek (pearlized) and how it applied much lighter than the way it looked in the pan! It was a charming, duochrome-y peach with tons of glitter! I was very pleasantly surprised by most of the 5 Mill products that I’d received! Good job, ColourPop!

The Buy 2 get 1 free on all Liquid Lips deal was still going on, so I picked up 2 Ultra Blotted Lips (in the shades Double Scoop and Bit-O Sunny) and ended up getting 1 more Ultra Matte Matte Lip (in the shade Sunday) for free!

Ultra Matte Lips retails for $6 each
Ultra Blotted Lips retails for $6 each

Even though these retail for $6 each, thanks to the promo on all Liquid Lips, I only had to pay for 2 Liquid Lips and got the third Liquid Lip for free!

Sunday Ultra Matte Lip (Moment of Weekness Collection)

Movement is optional in this soft dusty pink

I’d gone ahead and added the other 2 Ultra Blotted Lips to my online shopping cart already, so I knew whatever I got next was going to end up being free. Everything about Sunday Ultra Matte Lip, from how it looked in the tube, down to the swatches, even its name and description, all seemed so pretty! After much deliberation (about all 2 seconds) I decided on getting it. Sunday was also from the Moment of Weekness Collection (just like Tuesday which I’d purchased earlier, here). As you might’ve already discerned, I kinda’ have a soft spot for nudes and Sunday seemed like such a nice nude, despite the fact that it was a matte (I generally tend to go for satins, particularly when it comes to nudes), but I purchased it anyway.

I was pretty disappointed the first time I wore this, because I was expecting a pink-y nude, but ended up with a rosy purple instead… I mean it looks pretty light in the tube, but on my lips, it’s actually dark. I’m thinkin’ maybe ColourPop reformulated it due to people’s complaints about Sunday being too light and what I got was the end result? Maybe “dusty pink” means something completely different in the U.S. and something got lost in the translation? I say that because Sunday is definitely one of those dark rosy shades I despise so much (such as, MAC Whirl Lipstick) and there’s nothing about this shade that might possibly be mistaken for a “soft dusty pink”. If anything, Sunday Ultra Matte Lip kinda’ looks like a more subdued version of Take Five Ultra Matte Lip (same color family). I even wore both of them together (Sunday on my top lip, Take Five on my lower lip) and could barely tell them apart. Sunday was slightly lighter and grayer, whereas Take Five was straight up vampy, but otherwise pretty much the same. I don’t like being misled, but I guess I can try to make this work.

Double Scoop Ultra Blotted Lip

Because one scoop just isn’t enough for this bright coral

Like I mentioned in my previous ColourPop haul posts, I’m trying to collect most of the Ultra Blotted Lip shades because they feel comfy on the lips, they look cute, and they vaguely remind me of my beloved Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams (Holy Grail Status, yo!) Also, I’m actually quite charmed by the whole concept of a “Blotted Lip“. That said, I wasn’t too keen on getting Double Scoop. However, the only other shades available were Cherry On Top (blackened plum) and Split (violet fuchsia) both of which seemed too dark, whereas Zuma (warm nude) and Doozy (warm rose) both seemed too light. I’m probably going to get Zuma and Doozy at some point down the line, but for now they seemed… boring. I’m definitely never going to purchase Cherry On Top and Split though, because those two shades do not appeal to me at all. In fact, those two are the shades I mentioned earlier (here), saying that I was going to skip them altogether.

Back to the point I was trying to make, I wasn’t ecstatic about getting Double Scoop. Even once it arrived, I couldn’t muster up any excitement (it looked pretty meh in the tube). However, once I put this stuff on, my world changed… forever! I couldn’t quite place it, at first, but it finally came to me. ColourPop Double Scoop Ultra Blotted Lip was a spot-on dupe for MAC Toxic Tale Lipstick (from the MAC Venomous Villains Disney Collection, waaay back when)! It was the perfect blend of pink, red, and orange (at least on myself) and I could not be happier! It’s so stinkin’ pretty! I just love, love, love shades like this! Also, I know why they named it Double Scoop. You don’t get much (barely a hint of color) with just one layer. Once you go back in with another layer, BAM! that’s when you get the full effect! At least that’s my theory. I’m super happy with Double Scoop!

Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip

Slightly sunny with a chance of bright cherry red

I was slightly anxious because “cherry” was mentioned in the description and in my experience, anything “cherry” usually has a slight fuchsia tint to it, and I just so happen to despise all things fuchsia. With the first layer, Bit-O Sunny did have a slight fuchsia tint to it (as I had feared) but I kept layering it on, and it rapidly turned into a much more palatable red! As comfortable as these Ultra Blotted Lips are, your lips have got to be in tip top shape to be able to rock them, otherwise they’ll cling to any texture (I tend to chew on my lower lip a lot) or whatever else. I’ve still gotta play around with it some more, so I can figure out all its quirks. However, I’ll usually end up reaching for something else instead (when I’m going out), because it’s kind of hard to get a precise application when it comes to these Ultra Blotted Lips. It’s fine if you just apply a single layer, but when you pile it on, due to the liquid-y consistency, it kinda’ gets all over the place. I’m just horrible at applying Liquid Lipsticks in general so… yeah. Regardless, Bit-O Sunny is a beautiful red in its own right!

So far, I’ve got my hands on Out of Beach Ultra Blotted Lip (hauled here), Slide Blotted Lip (hauled here) and now I can add Double Scoop Ultra Blotted Lip and Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip to the list. I’m really happy with all the ones I’ve got (so pretty!) and I wish ColourPop would come out with even more Ultra Blotted Lip shades in 2018.

L-R Sunday Ultra Matte Lip, Double Scoop Ultra Blotted Lip, Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip

L-R Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip, Sunday Ultra Matte Lip, Take Five Ultra Matte Lip, Double Scoop Ultra Blotted Lip, Bit-O Sunny Ultra Blotted Lip

On one hand, these aren’t exactly my most favorite lip shades ever. On the other, I got 3 out of all 5 Liquid Lips for free. Notice how similar Sunday (2nd) and Take Five (3rd) are to each other? Somehow, I’m more partial to Take Five than I am to Sunday. Nine to Five (1st) is an all around glittery brown mess (absolutely hideous on me)! Double Scoop (4th) and Bit-O Sunny (5th) are however quite lovely! Double Scoop in particular is breathtakingly beautiful!!!!

Since the Free Empty Eyeshadow Palette with every purchase of 4 Pressed Powder Shadows deal was still going, I picked up a few more of the Pressed Powder Shadow singles to qualify for the deal. I couldn’t decide on what to get, so I just went for the more duochrome-y shades (metallics) because they seemed fun! At first, I only got 4. I added the 5th and last one (matte) that’s off to the side (all by its lonesome) to my online shopping cart at the very last minute, because it just stole my heart.

Pressed Powder Shadows retail for $4 each

Let Me Explain Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic ivory)
Save It For Later Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic amber)
Come and Get It Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic rose with gold flip)
High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic dusty rose)
Soft Core Pressed Powder Shadow (matte warm pink)

The first 4 are the ones with a metallic finish while the 5th and last one has a matte finish.

Let Me Explain Pressed Powder Shadow

We have a valid reason for this metallic ivory

I believe Let Me Explain was part of the earliest Pressed Powder Shadow release from ColourPop. In fact, I’m pretty sure that all 4 of the metallics were part of that same release. Based on the description, Let Me Explain sounded easily dupeable (literally every single brand has at least one metallic ivory eyeshadow) so I didn’t really feel the need to own it… up until now. It’s a glow-y neutral shade (not glittery, not frosty, just perfectly glow-y!) that I find so pretty!

You can wear it the obvious way, as an inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight. You can wear it the less obvious way and pair it with something darker for a cut-crease look, or even hit the middle of the lid with it for a “halo” effect. Surprisingly, you can even wear this on its own, as an all over lid shade (paired with black liner and mascara) and not have to worry about it appearing frosty, or emphasizing any texture, or clinging to dry patches, or doing any of that other weird stuff that certain metallics tend to do because Let Me Explain is so soft, smooth and creamy! It applies like a dream and just looks so flattering any which way you choose to wear it! I, however, purchased Let Me Explain because I became infatuated with the idea of using it as a highlight on my cheekbones.

Upon closer inspection, Let Me Explain Pressed Powder Shadow is an exact dupe of Ladylike Pressed Powder Shadow from the She Pressed Powder Shadow Palette (hauled here). Whoops. Like I said, easily dupeable (to the extent that even ColourPop has more than one offering… of the exact same shade). I’m not bothered because the texture of Let Me Explain is an absolute dream!

Save It For Later Pressed Powder Shadow

Save the best for last with this metallic amber

Certain copper eyeshadows tend to make me look sickly. However, way back in the day, I came across a lovely metallic copper eyeshadow from the brand Ninna Ricci at VaVaVoom (Marina Mall) that looked lovely (as an all over wash of color on the lid), especially when paired with my FreshLook colored contacts in Green. I believe that shade was called Copper Raffia and I kid you not, it was the perfect blend of copper and yellow! I would love to find something similar, but I can’t just keep snatching up copper eyeshadows (of which there are many, out on the market, from any given brand), left and right, because as I said earlier, they tend to make me look sickly. I am nothing if not a gambling woman, so I picked up ColourPop Save It For Later Pressed Powder Shadow in the hopes that it might be similar to Nina Ricci Copper Raffia Eyeshadow. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it yet, because right after I took photos of Save It For Later (for this post) it just up and disappeared on me and I just can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually. Maybe it’s playing up to its name and wants me to… Save It For Later XD

Come and Get It Pressed Powder Shadow

When you’re ready come and get this duochrome rose with a gold flip

Come and Get It is an absolutely lovely douchrome shade! In fact, I made sure that the 4 shades I got were all duochromes. That said, Come and Get It is not a particularly unique color combo, because at this point, lots of brands have some sort of pink with a gold flip eyeshadow (even blush and highlight) but that doesn’t take away from how beautiful this particular eyeshadow is! Plus, unlike those others, that can tend to lean slightly orange-y, or only show up as gold, Come and Get It stays pink (rose, respectively) while maintaining its duochrome quality. So in that sense, it is in fact a unique shade. It’s not the smoothest of eyeshadows in the world but it is lovely! I believe Come and Get It would look great on anyone and everyone, across the board! If you can only get one eyeshadow from ColourPop, make it this one!

High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow

This metallic dusty rose is on another level

I’m really not happy with High Strung. First of all, it’s really, really dark and looks nothing at all like swatches up on the ColourPop website (I’m starting to suspect that they used flash photography to make everything look lighter, which is misleading). In fact, High Strung could easily pass for one of the limited edition 5 Million Insta Followers Collection (same color family) because it’s a metallic bronze-y purple. I don’t do metallic purple (blech) let alone metallic bronze-y purple. It’s not my kind of shade, at all! I guess I should mention that just like a lot of other duochromes, High Strung can vary depending on your skintone. If you’ve got dark skin or tan skin, this might very well look like a pretty rose-gold on you.

Second, it’s not smooth and creamy like the rest of the Pressed Powder Shadows in this haul. Even if I wanted to make this work, it just goes on all chunky and weird! I feel like I’d be better off cutting out the middleman altogether (makeup brush), and just using my fingers to apply this to lids. Maybe not so much swiping, as much as just patting it on. It really is such a fussy shade! I mean if it was a beautiful shade (on myself), I wouldn’t really mind going through all that extra effort but High Strung isn’t even that pretty (on me). If you’ve got medium skin (like me) and you were thinking about getting High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow, I’d say “skip it”.

Again with this pesky “dusty rose” business. I already know that I don’t do well with “rosy” shades (just can’t seem to make them work for me) but I really wanted to try out some of the duochrome shades from ColourPop so I went for High Strung anyway. From now on, I guess I’m going to have to add “dusty” to the do-not-buy list (because between Sunday Ultra Matte Lip and High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow I’m convinced that anything “dusty” is just not for me), in addition to anything “rosy”. You can be purchase High Strung either as a single, or as part of the Hi-Maintenance Pressed Powder Shadow Palette that includes; Just In Time (soft gold), High Strung (metallic dusty rose), Get Out (matte cool raspberry), Cute Alert (matte deep burgundy).

Soft Core Pressed Powder Shadow (Spring 2017 Collection)

For the days when you don’t feel like being hard core, grab this matte warm pink

I added Soft Core to my online shopping cart at the very last minute (bringing my total up to $100 exactly). I love a warm pink on the cheeks, lips, and nails, so why not on the eyes? Logic! I feel like this would look pretty cute in the crease, or as an all over lid color, either on its own, or with something more sparkly (one of the Super Shock Shadows or Super Shock Pigments, mayhaps?) patted over top. Plus, the name Soft Core makes me giggle because I only play Hardcore Team Deathmatch on COD (my friends literally beg me to switch over to Core, but I never budge because I find Hardcore a bit more “realistic”).

Soft Core Pressed Powder Shadow was from three-part monochromatic collection (Nectar, Pink, and Sand) that ColourPop released for Spring 2017. Soft Core was also available for purchase in the Belle of the Ball Pressed Powder Palette (*discontinued) or as a single, both from the Pink Collection. Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip (previously hauled here) was also part of the Pink Collection. Incidentally, ColourPop Soft Core Pressed Powder Shadow is an exact dupe of MAC Full of Flavor Eyeshadow (hauled here) from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection.

Let Me Explain Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic ivory)
Save It For Later Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic amber)
Come and Get It Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic rose with gold flip)
High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic dusty rose)
Soft Core Pressed Powder Shadow (matte warm pink)

Buy 4 Pressed Powder Shadows and you get a free Empty Eyeshadow Palette

Let Me Explain Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic ivory)
Save It For Later Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic amber)
Come and Get It Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic rose with gold flip)
High Strung Pressed Powder Shadow (metallic dusty rose)

This is my second Empty Eyeshadow Palette that I got for free (first one, hauled here) that is meant to store the Pressed Powder Shadows. However, I’ve discovered that the plastic packaging that the Pressed Powder Shadows come in, actually does a wonderful job at that! I’ll just reach for whichever eyeshadow I’m going to be using, flip open the plastic casing, use the eyeshadow, and close it back up. It’s faster, easier, and overall more efficient. Also, you don’t get fallout from one shade all over the next (which is what tends to happen with eyeshadow palettes). Plus, these plastic cases are very slim (barely take up any space at all, even if you stacked them all on top of each other) and portable (light as a feather and yet durable too because I have dropped them a few times, but my shadows were virtually unharmed) and super easy to maintain (just wipe down the fallout on the sides with a tissue to keep it clean). Best of all the plastic casing is clear (so you can see which shade you’re reaching for without the need to open all of them up)! It’s just so practical! I love it! Forget the Empty Eyeshadow Palettes. These clear, plastic casings are infinitely better, in every aspect! In fact, each of my Pressed Powder Shadows are still housed in the plastic packaging that they arrived in! Just a quick money-saving tip there for ya’.

I also picked up a few Super Shock Shadows because they’d just released a bunch of newer shades.

Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 each

Obsessed with the neon orange on the packaging, very summer-y and cute!

KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow (Kathleen Lights Collection)

A satin bright golden copper

As I mentioned in my previous ColourPop posts, I wish they’d come out with cuter or funnier descriptions for their collabs, but in this case, I found the description quite apt and helpful! I was really jonesing for a good copper and KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow from the collab with er, Kathleen Lights fit the bill (or at least seemed like it did). I’m not quite sure if it’s a dupe for the Nina Ricci Copper Raffia Eyeshadow, just yet because I haven’t played around with it enough. I have worn it out and about though (on its own with a little liner and some mascara) and surprisingly, it looked quite subtle (I was afraid of it being too show-y). I think it’s due to KathleenLights having a satin finish (as opposed to having an ultra-metallic finish or an ultra-glitter finish) but it just looks so so so flattering on (to the extent that I don’t even need any foundation, which isn’t usually the case with most metallics or ultra-glitters)! I do believe I’m going to start looking more into the satins from now on. They’re so wearable, even during the daytime!

KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow has been available for purchase, up on the ColourPop website since forever (way before I ever started ordering from them) but it’s not hard to see why they’ve made this a permanent fixture. Truth be told, I was a bit anxious about getting it, because as I’ve stated earlier, copper shades tend to make me look sickly, but I’m so glad I went for it! KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow is a perfectly subtle, yet glow-y, pop of color that’s quite lovely (even in the unforgiving light of day)!

Sundance Super Shock Shadow (Summer 2017 Collection)

You’ll worship this soft metallic peach all summer long

I’ll be honest, I only got this because the name Sundance charmed me. You know, how when the sun dances on water and makes everything look all sparkly and pretty! Following that logic, I thought this would look all sparkly and pretty on my lids, like the sun was dancing on them, hence the name Sundance! Now that’s a pretty tall order to fill and yet… Sundance delivers! There’s only one caveat though, you have to be in actual sunlight to witness the magic. Otherwise, this just looks like a whole lotta nothin.

When my order first arrived, I was most excited for Sundance and Snakebite (I just love my neutrals and nudes!) so I quickly applied one on each eye (using the very hi-tech method of swiping them on with my pinky finger). They both looked like a whole lotta nothing on each eye, Sundance being a darker nothing and Snakebite being a lighter (yet somehow, not brighter) nothing. Just like the swatches up on their website, Sundance will look; darker and rosier on lighter skin, almost invisible on medium skin (me), and lighter, brighter and peachier on darker skin. On myself, it looks like a barely visible rose-gold. As with certain metallics, it does emphasize texture a little bit, but nothing too serious. However, in actual daylight, this truly does look like the sun is dancing on your lids! It’s super, super, super pretty!

When the Summer 2017 Collection was first released on the ColourPop website, I skipped Sundance Super Shock Shadow the first time around and went for Noontide Super Shadow (hauled here) instead. If you’re interested, you can still purchase Sundance Super Shock Shadow individually, or as part of the Summer Solstice Super Shock Foursome that includes; Sundance (soft metallic peach), Summer Side (rich red brown matte), Lightning Bug (glittery golden copper), Noontide (deep metallic chocolate brown).

Snakebite Super Shock Shadow

Sink your fangs into this metallic warm copper

Snakebite was another one of the newer Super Shock Shadows (at the time). Like I said, I tried Snakebite Super Shock Shadow on as soon as it arrived, and if not for it emphasizing a little bit of texture (sinking into the creases and folds of the lids), you wouldn’t know I had anything on. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating (just a little) but it wasn’t a very vibrant shade. It was a very, very, very, soft copper (much lighter and peachier than KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow) that practically disappeared on my lids. It’s actually more comparable to Sunset Blvd Super Shock Shadow (hauled here), if anything, in the sense that they’re both reflective metallics. With that being said, all this was done indoors (artificial lighting). Once I set foot outside, it was a whole other story. Snakebite was a pretty peachy copper (almost gold) that added a barely perceptible glow to the lids. That said, I feel like Snakebite is one of those shades that would benefit from being paired with a darker shade in the crease. Despite what it sounds like, I’m really pleased with Snakebite because I love my neutrals and this is most definitely a neutral. As an added bonus, Snakebite makes my browns eyes look almost green!

KathleenLights (bright golden copper satin)
Sundance (soft metallic peach)
Snakebite (metallic warm copper)
Party of Five (glittery pinky purple)

Here’s all the Super Shock Shadows in this haul, side by side. I haven’t played with Party of Five yet but I have worn the rest out and about and can attest to their beauty! I love how KathleenLights and Sundance and Snakebite, are all very daytime-friendly. In fact, they look even better during the day! KathleenLights in particular was a very pleasant surprise! It’s such a beautiful pop of color! Sundance adds some color as well, but it’s quite subtle (more like a tint, really) but in natural daylight, it turns into magic! Snakebite was a bit too subtle for my liking, up until I noticed how everyone kept asking me over and over again, if I was wearing green colored contacts (which I tend to do, but not at the time). Once I noticed how it pulled green from my natural eye color (because Snakebite is more copper-y than it is gold and coppers enhance greens), Snakebite went up in my estimation. Truth be told, Sundance and Snakebite, heck even KathleenLights, are all brightening shades that tend to look all lovely and glow-y on the lids! You could further enhance their “glowy-ness” by popping a contrasting matte shade in the crease. There’s an endless amount of combinations you could go for really, because shades like these are the sort that pair nicely with others. I’m really pleased with all the Super Shock Shadows in this haul, especially Sundance!

KathleenLights (bright golden copper satin)
Sundance (soft metallic peach)
Snakebite (metallic warm copper)
Party of Five (glittery pinky purple)

Precision Brow Pencil retails for $5 each

Black N’ Brown Precision Brow Pencil: Be fierce in this deep blackened brown
Jet Set Black Precision Brow Pencil: Take off in this rich onyx black

ColourPop came out with some new Brow Products; namely a clear brow gel called Brow Boss Gel and some brow-definers (available in all the same shades as their Precision Brow Pencil) called Brow Boss Pencils, so I thought I’d give them a try. I couldn’t decide between Black ‘N Brown and Jet Set Black so I got both. Instead of the newer Brow Boss Pencils, I got the Precision Brow Pencils that were released forever ago. Could’ve sworn I ordered the newer Brow Boss Pencils but whatevs. At least I managed to order the Brow Boss Gel correctly lawl Plus, aside from the tip snapping off if you applied too much pressure, these Precision Brow Pencils ‘aint half bad. In fact, they strongly remind me of my beloved (sadly, discontinued) Maybelline Define-a-brow. I’ve purchased a Precision Brow Pencil before, in the shade Dope Taupe (hauled here) and so far, it’s held its own, so I’m happy to use these two, despite the mix-up. It really is a good product and at such an affordable price too!

Brow Boss Gel (clear) retails for $6

Conditioning, comfy, non-crunchy hold that lasts all day ..did we just become best friends?

Nope. We didn’t become besties. Please know your limits and don’t get too familiar (ya3ny ilzim 7doodik uw latila9ag lawl), Brow Boss Gel. My bestie was the long-discontinued H&M Eyebrow Fix (rip).

This Brow Boss Gel is part of the newer Brow Products that ColourPop had just released. You can tell it’s new from the stripe-y packaging. This thing is really tiny and cute, with and an even tinier brush! I like the reflective packaging but I’m not loving the white cap (wish it was brown or black or grey or anything other than white). So far, this stuff is only available in “clear” (even though it’s white) but I predict that ColourPop will come out with a range of shades for their Brow Bross Gel in the future (it’s the next logical step).

I don’t know about conditioning (bear in mind that I’ve only used this stuff twice) but it really is non-crunchy! My brows happen to be of the sparse, thin, and shapeless variety, that tend to sprout every which way (which is why I carry a spoolie on my person, at all times). I’ll brush them into place (which’ll instantly make me look way more put together, sans-makeup) but they eventually end up getting disturbed (read: messy) throughout the activities of the day. That’s where I find Brow Gels to be the most useful. I can do whatever, whenever, without having to worry about my brows looking all haphazard. Some Brow Gels have a pretty decent hold, except they’re crunchy, meaning you can’t apply makeup over them (namely eyeshadow, in my case, which is what I regularly use to fill in my brows), if you so choose. Others never fully dry, which is just plain annoying. This stuff doesn’t feel wet nor does it get overly stiff. In fact, it doesn’t feel like you’ve got anything on. So far, I like it. I haven’t worn it with makeup yet though. The true test for the Brow Boss Gel will be during Kuwait’s unforgiving summers! So let’s just leave it at to be continued…

No Filter Concealer retails for $6

Our lightweight, creamy concealer was formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a creaseproof, matte finish. No filter needed.

Light 20 Light with warm undertones
Recommended for light skin tones.

Medium 30 Medium with warm undertones
Recommended for medium skin tones.

Golden 40 Golden with warm undertones
Recommended for medium dark skin tones.

ColourPop came out with some new concealers. You can tell they are new from the stripe-y packaging as well. They released 15 concealer shades in total (5 for lighter skin, 5 for medium skin, and 5 for darker skin).

Shades for Light Skin
– Fair 5
– Fair Neutral 10
– Light Neutral 15
– Light 20
– Beige 25

Shades for Medium Skin
Medium 30
Medium Tan 35
Golden 40
Deep Beige 45
Tan 50

Shades for Dark Skin
Deep Tan 55
Deep Golden 60
Rich Tan 65
Deep 70
Rich 75

My under-eye area has been giving me grief as of late. Whether it’s lack of water, sleep, or peace (stress) or just the fact that I’m getting older, I don’t know. However, what I do know is that I’ve got bags under my eyes, dark circles, fine lines, and some texture to round it all up, and all of the above combined is really messing up my “no-makeup” makeup looks. I can’t very well wear a “neutral” eyeshadow if my under-eye area is darker than the actual eyeshadow I’m wearing, ya feel me? Plus, it takes away from the overall effect. So I figured it was time to invest in a concealer. I didn’t know which shade to get so I got 3 (Light 20, Medium 30, Golden 40) hoping that one of them would suit me. Now I don’t do the whole stripes all over the forehead, down the nose, triangle underneath the eyes thing because it seems like… madness. Normally, I’ll just apply 3 tiny dots underneath each eye and use my pinky finger to blend them out. That’s exactly how I’ve always applied concealer in the past and exactly how I’ve been applying these No Filter Concealers.

I happen to prefer very liquid-y (ultra wet) concealers and these happen to be sufficiently creamy. They provide some pretty decent coverage, but my under eye bags are still proving to be an issue (until I can get a good night’s sleep?). Also, unless I use more even more products before and after, these concealers can and will sink into my fine lines (which is no fault of theirs, I mean I have got fine lines underneath my eyes, so logically whatever I apply there is eventually going to sink into them, consequentially highlighting them (making them even more obvious). It’s just an issue I face with most concealers, which is partially why I don’t usually wear concealer. Also, no time. So for now, I’ve got to decide between having darkness underneath my eyes (no concealer) or emphasized fine lines underneath my eyes (due to the concealer).

I haven’t used these concealers as much, so I can’t do a full review on them just yet, but at $6 a pop, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve been alternating between all 3 concealers (whenever I do wear concealer, which isn’t that often) and so far, I’m pretty happy with their performance. Definitely give them a shot!

11 thoughts on “ColourPop 5 Million Instagram Followers Haul

  1. Thanks! A bunch of stuff was free though (the shader brush for my order being late, the empty eyeshadow palette for buying 4 powder shadows, the liquid lip because of the buy 2 get 1 free deal, and all 4 out of 5 limited edition products from the Colourpop 5 Mill Collection). Still, I can’t believe the entire order was only KD 30 (exactly $100)! So affordable!

    ColourPop is awesome <3


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