Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 (more housemates)

So… the guys are here and I never ever thought I’d say this… but I wish that for this season, they would’ve just stuck with an all-female household instead. I just about love all the women (aside from India and Malika) and find every single one of them to be pretty funny (again, aside from India and Malika). No offense to the men, but the majority of the guys seem pretty vanilla, especially in comparison to the more colorful lineup of women. So far, I absolutely adore Wayne and enjoy watching the 2 Shanes! The rest (of the men) are easily replaceable, as far as I’m concerned.

John Barnes (Footballer) – This dude talks too much and too fast. Despite what he says, he kinda’ comes across as chauvinistic (like he’ll expect his “woman” to go make him a sandwich, at the snap of his fingers). I know he comes across as a sweetie and just a big ol’ teddy-bear at the moment, but I can read people and this dude doesn’t fool me. He’s definitely going to snap at some point and it is going to be glorious… unless he gets voted out before then.

Shane Jenek/Courtney Act (Australian Drag Queen) – I recognized Courtney almost immediately from RuPaul’s Drag Race (review of that show coming soon). Courtney comes across as a typical Drag Queen (glamorous, heart of gold, and bawdy sense of humor) and so far I’m leaning more towards liking her. Shane J seems pretty nice too. I like that Shane J/Courtney isn’t afraid to speak his/her mind, and gets his/her point across (facts and all) without having to resort to childish behavior (name-calling, sulking, etc… unlike India).

Shane Lynch (Boyzone) – He’s cute… in a dirty way (like someone needs to give him a shower, asap) and that magical accent is everything! I just love an Irish accent (so cute)! It seems like he’s over-exaggerating about being a “feminist”, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t seem like someone you’d wanna cross… so hopefully, Malika will get on his nerves and he’ll tell her off (for me). I vaguely remember him from Boyzone (I think I was a teenager back then) but my favorite was the late Stephen Gately (who passed away in 2009 at the age of 33) :(

Jonny Mitchell (reality tv “star”) – I recognized him instantly from another British Reality tv show called Love Island (review of that show coming soon). He really is as obnoxious, chauvinistic, and all around douche-y, as he appears to be on the show. Also, that lisp is not cute (I know, I know, I’m a horrible person, but what can I say? I find some lisps adorable and some lisps annoying). I predict Jonny is going to anger the house, at some point (if he lasts long enough and doesn’t get voted out), and most of them are going to freeze him out and basically ignore him, up until he apologizes (which he won’t do right away because he’s stubborn).

Daniel O’Reilly (Comedian) – This dude is so not funny. Not for a comedian, but even just as a regular person. I find him to be so lame! I feel like the rest of the housemates are gonna break him and he’s gonna’ end up in tears at some point (horrible people are usually the ones that break the quickest). He just got here but already I can’t stand the guy. In fact, he’s giving India a run for her money, as the most draining, attention-seeking, and all around most obnoxious housemate of the season… at least in my book. Every season, someone ends up banging on the door in the Diary Room, screaming to be let out of the house. There’s a very high chance that if it’s not India that does that this season, then it’s definitely going to be Daniel. Actually scratch that. India wouldn’t want to risk her place in the house (she loves the attention too much) so it seems more likely that Daniel might be the one (except he won’t really mean it and once someone from the staff calms him down, he’ll return with his tail between his legs). You heard it here first, folks!

Wayne Sleep – This tiny man, makes up for his dimunitive size with his larger than life personality! What a a cute little mischievous pocket rocket! He’s got a bawdy sense of humor with a side of sass and he seems like he’d be down for a good old-fashioned gossip sesh as well! Wayne also comes across as pretty feisty too (like, if you step on his toes, he will come for you). I absolutely adore him already!

Andrew Brady (reality tv star) – Apparently, this dude was on The Apprentice (which I don’t follow). He seems cute and he’s got a nice smile veneers… but that’s pretty much it. So vanilla. He can be sweet (at times) but I feel like he’s only playing it up for the cameras (flirting with Ann of all people). I mean he is cute and all but the fact that he calls himself “Clark Kent” (meaning he knows he’s cute) is a turn-off. That said, the men literally just walked in the door so I hope he’s hiding an insanely awesome sense of humor or brings something, anything really, to the table (aside from just being cute).

Ginuwine (Singer) – ugh! Possibly, the biggest diva of the house! Everyone is going to kowtow to him… at first, because of his fame. Once the first person gets voted out of the house (nobody wants to be first because helloooo, embarrassing!) and everyone starts showing their true colors, I feel like this dude is going to give the rest of the housemates a headache (due to his selfish behavior). I predict that the electricity and hot water is going to be turned off several times (as Big Brother is wont to do whenever a housemate breaks the rules), all because this dude wants to sleep in, or do something equally self-serving. In fact, I think he’ll straight up choose to not participate in tasks and whatever else (if he deems them beneath him), which might end up costing his team, if not the entire house. Best of all, he’s probably going to say something incredibly chauvinistic at some point (showing his true colors), that’ll turn everyone against him (forever), making India seem like a saint!

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