Sultan Center (Shuwaikh) Collective Haul

It was towards the end of summer…

I was starving and I was in a spend-y mood (deadly combination). Now, despite the huge haulage (as evident by the photo above), I was actually very, very, very disappointed with the Shuwaikh branch of The Sultan Center! There were bugs having a party on all the exposed fruits and veggies, fridge doors were left open (meaning the frozen food items like burger patties, seafood, and whatever else were just left to melt), every single tub of ice-cream I picked up was sticky (gross!), the seal was broken on a lot of food items, other food items (an entire row of Lay’s Forno Lemon & Black Pepper Baked Potato Chips in the smallest size) had expired months ago (yet still remained on the shelves), the whole place was a mess! Some areas (with the most traffic) were relatively alright but for the most part, the entire place looked like a scene from Mad Max… lol imagine how much larger this haul would’ve been if I hadn’t been grossed out.

I picked up two of the Lay’s Forno Lemon & Black Pepper Baked Potato Chips in the larger size (unexpired ones) and a few Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips but I inhaled them almost as soon as I got them, so aside from the one photo above, they’re all gone.

Same goes for the drinks. In the same order as shown in the above photo; Freez Pomegranate Mix Carbonated Flavored Drink, Freez Strawberry Mix Carbonated Flavored Drink, Freez Pineapple & Coconut Mix Carbonated Flavored Drink, Natureland Coconut Water, Ceasar Green Apple (x2), Rauch White Grape, Rauch Apple Drink, Almarai Strawberry Laban (x2).

Back in the day, I used to enjoy Freez Lemon so when I saw all these different flavors, and what looked to be like Limited Edition Packaging, and all those fun bright colors, I picked up Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Pineapple & Coconut. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I bought them at this particular branch of TSC or what exactly, but these all tasted pretty bad! I only ended up finishing the Pomegranate! The other two were awful! The Strawberry was particularly vile! I’ve been trying to avoid carbonated drinks for awhile (to be skinny… like Negan) but since I’ve surpassed my goal (I’m literally under-weight now, like, people keep asking me if I’m sick) I figured I could treat myself.

Despite my affinity for Coconut Water and other Coconut-y Drinks, I’m pretty sure Natureland is a local brand, and I trust local brands about as much as I trust the government. As such, I’m too scared to drink it now. I did finish up the Apple Juice from the brand Ceasar which was delightful (thankfully). My niece took the other Apple Drink by the brand Rauch. I also finished up the Almarai Strawberry Laban which was pretty good, but doesn’t hold a candle to my beloved Actimel – Strawberry Flavored Dairy Drink. As for the White Grape drink by the brand Rauch, it never popped once I twisted it open, which I thought was suspicious but drank it anyway. It smelled and tasted very… odd. I felt a warmth in my tummy and I felt my face flush. So I surmised that someone had opened it in-store, closed it tightly, and set it back on the shelf and consequentially, the drink had gone bad (turned alcoholic?) and so I poured it down the drain (kitchen sink).

I also picked up some more Candy, Chocolates (‘cuz that time of the month), and Gum

I couldn’t resist getting a few Personal Care items as well (didn’t know if I was going to find them in other branches of TSC).

Lastly, I got some Puff Pastries, Cereal, Cookies, and Cupcakes. Normally, when I’m craving a savory snack (something not sweet) I’d go for Roumi Cheese Croissants but I’ve never even heard of the brand L’usine before and yet they seem to have invaded the Shuwaikh branch of Sultan Center (rows upon rows, and stacks upon stacks, of every food item imaginable) so I decided to give a few of their snacks a try.

L’usine Cheese & Zaater Puff

Aside from the Lay’s Potato Chips, this was the only other savory snack in this haul. I’m particularly fond of cheese (in all its many forms) and Cheese & Zaater (just go ahead and name it Thyme already, you guys) is one of those tried and true combos, at least in this part of the world.

L’usine Chocolate Puff

I don’t know if we’re meant to pronounce it L’usine as in Lousiana, or L’usine with an accent like Negan’s beloved bat Lucille, or L’usine as in Lutian (like hand lootion lawl). In any case, this was too chocolate-y for me. If they’d mixed in any sort of fruit or even some form of yogurt, I would’ve like it way more. As it stands, I don’t do chocolate-y chocolate (something has to break up all the chocolate-y-ness, like crispy wafers, or chunks of dried fruit and possibly a few nuts, or even some other flavor of filling).

L’usine Chocolate Cupcake

This was okay paired with some Tea (here) and (here) but I’m quite wary of anything that crumples apart… because it creates a mess.

L’usine Vanilla Cupcake

Despite the fact that it might seem like overkill, this was actually pretty nice with my Vanilla Nescafe (here). Generally, I don’t particularly enjoy eating (only drinking) anything vanilla-flavored but this was pretty okay.

Nesquik Chocolate Cereal

I go through these phases where the thought of having breakfast makes me wanna hurl (no hangover, just my natural disposition) and then at other times, all I wanna’ do is have breakfast, like, all day long. I’m not loyal to any one brand because I’ll crave one thing now and then another a few months (or years later… I don’t have cereal often) and so on.

Oreo Milk Chocolate Wafer Sticks

These were new to me so I quickly grabbed a box of the stuff to share with the fam.

Devon Digestive Creams with Blackcurrant Yoghurt

I really love dunking cookies and biscuits and whatever else (sometimes even half a sandwich) in my ginormous coffee mug when drinking any sort of hot beverage (vanilla nescafe, tea, hot chocolate, etc…) and my favorite biscuit of choice (very loyal to for years and years) happens to be the regular ol’ Digestive Biscuits that come in the red box. I’ve never tried, nor am I interested in trying, the ones with a chocolate glaze on top (ugh), or the ones with chocolate chips inside, or even the fruit shortcake version. I like my Digestives plain. However, when I came across these Digestive Creams I just about died! The flavors available were Plain Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, and Blackcurrant Yogurt. I wanted them all, but decided to get just the one, and see how it would dissolve in my Nescafe Vanilla first and if I actually liked it or not before going back for the rest. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to try it because it seems to have up and disappeared on me. As much as I’d love to try these, I’m never going back to the Shuwaikh branch again (guys, it was hella’ gross).

Wrigley’s Extra Strawberry Gum (60 Pellets) Bottle + Car Holder

I’ve never even flirted with the idea of setting up something like this in my car (because it just looks so cheesy) but now that I’m sporting smaller handbags, I can’t waste precious retail space all willy-nilly. However, chewing gum is a necessity (I politely insist that people try it because “it tastes so good!” but really their breath has been slowly killing me for the past however many minutes) and rather than telling them point blank (because everyone is a precious snowflake), this stuff saves me the trouble… and also just saves me.

tictac The Simpsons Edition Donut flavored

I got this for myself (to share with everyone else), but my nephew stole it and didn’t even give me a single tictac… just to try the new donut flavor :( Whatevs, I don’t even like The Simpsons (I don’t like South Park either. I’ll watch a little bit of Family Guy now and then, but American Dad is the only one that’ll actually make me lol).

Kinder Bueno

My favorite kind of chocolate (when I can actually stand chocolate, which is usually that time of the month) because it’s not very chocolate-y


Another favorite, because of the aerated bubbles inside, so it’s not as heavy or rich as some of the other chocolate bars (as mentioned here).

Haribo Goldbears

Not my favorite but fun to snack on regardless.

Haribo Happy Cola

I love these!

Haribo Worms

However, these right here are my all-time favorites! That’s why I got 2 in the largest size available (if there was a larger size, I’d buy that instead). I love love love Haribo Worms! I’ve purchased them in the past (here) and (here) and will continue to repurchase them forever! They’re just sooo good!

Colgate Plax Peppermint Mouthwash (2-Pack)

After all that diabetes-inducing haulage, I figure some Mouthwash is a must and there was a deal on this stuff (Buy One Get One Half Off) so there ya’ go. Understandably, the Peppermint a bit more (ok, a lot more) fire-y than the Fresh Tea (hauled here) but I kinda’ love it!

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover + Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (value pack)

I was almost out of my all-time favorite makeup remover (reviewed here) so I had to repurchase another one pronto. They had the Makeup Remover and Exfoliating Daily Wash stacked together as part of a value deal (Buy One Get One Free) so I decided to pick it up.

Garnier Wholeblends Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Hydrating Shampoo
Garnier Wholeblends Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Hydrating Conditioner

There was no deal on this stuff but I loved the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk Hydrating Mask (hauled here) so much, that I decided to get any other product that was available in the Coconut Water & Vanilla Milk range, which happened to be this Shampoo and Conditioner. I’d buy anything from that range, I loved it so much!

Aqua Massage (Sport)

I enjoy exfoliating. I like synthetic loofahs. I liked the color of this thing. I liked its name. So, I got it. I’m still using my beloved Riffi Exfoliating Massage Strap (reviewed here) at the moment but once it dies (as exfoliating loofahs are prone to do, obvi) I’m going to switch it out with this one. Hopefully, it’ll be nice and rough… and make me bleed (issues)!

Palmolive Naturals Soaps

I like soaps. I just do. I’ve already found my all-time favorite (Nivea Lemongrass & Oil) but I can’t help wanting to try out new soaps all the time. It just is. As such, I picked up these 2 soaps from the brand Palmolive (which has always treated me well).

Palmolive Naturals Radiant Softness with Strawberry & Yogurt

If I’m being honest, this was completely unmemorable. I don’t remember a single thing about using this. Not the scent. Not the color. Not a single thing.

Palmolive Naturals Health Radiance with Habba Saouda

This however was so cool! Habba can mean a lot of things in Arabic, but I’m assuming in this instance it means Seed whereas Saouda literally translates to Black. So Habba Saouda roughly translates to Black Seed. As you can tell from the photo above, the soap is speckled with black seeds. I’m not quite sure why the soap has got a purple tinge (maybe because of the flower depicted on the packaging) but I think the overall effect is pretty (kinda’ like constellations… or actually, kinda’ like that Galaxy Print that’s so popular at the moment). Anyways, I’m pretty pleased with this soap because it doesn’t have any form of “hydrating” residue. That for me, automatically made this a win. However, the little black beads actually do a pretty good job at exfoliating the hands too! Good job, Palmolive! I’m definitely going to repurchase this stuff (if I ever come across it again).

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace

I legit started squealing in-store, eliciting more than just a few wary looks from people, when I first laid eyes on this baby. I’ve been wanting to get this for years (and years, and years, and years) but Aramex doesn’t ship blades (stupid Aramex) and we never got this in stores, up til now. How cute is this thing? It even sounds ridiculously adorable, Venus Snap! Does this seem practical? Nope. Does it matter? Not one bit. Why? Because it’s stupid cute! My tried and true favorites also happen to be by Gillette (reviewed here) so I pretty much got this adorable little portable razor just for the sake of having it.

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