Celebrity Big Brother Season 21 (Year of the Woman!)

Yay! Another season of Celebrity Big Brother (Season 21): Year of the Woman! I live for trashy reality tv (don’t judge me), especially if they happen to be based in the UK! Marking the 100 year anniversary of women getting the vote, the first 8 housemates to enter the house were all women. I’m not sure if Emma (the host) was joking, but she mentioned that even the live audience (outside) were all female as well. However, the men will be joining them on Friday (next week?). So far, I really like most of them (aside from Malika and India) and found them to be quite charming! As soon as the ladies were all settled in “the power went out” in the Celebrity Big Brother House and the housemates got their first task, which was to “fix the fuse board” -_-

Continue reading to see more photos, as well as my first impressions of each housemate.

Ann Widdecombe (former Member of Parliament) – Initially I thought she was very quick (witty) and funny (dry sense of humor). I mean she even made Emma literally laugh out loud. Her hairstyle was pretty cute too! I was all set to like her, but then I noticed how she’ll just talk over people (pet peeve of mine), seems very opinionated (which truthfully, is to be expected, given her previous occupation), as well as easily irritable. For now, I’m leaning more towards liking her, rather than disliking her, but I’m pretty sure that’s going to change (given her personality type). I predict that Ann is going to clash with a lot of housemates, particularly the boys, because they don’t take well to being told what to do. I know it’s horrible of me… but I can’t wait!

Malika Haqq (Khloe Kardashian’s bestie) – From a distance, Malika strongly resembles Brandi Norwood (main star of the show Moesha). It bugged me because I couldn’t quite place her at first, but I just knew that she reminded me of someone. Once she opened her mouth though, she could easily pass for any of the Kardashian Klan er, Clan. She talks exactly like them! It was positively uncanny! She seems stylish as well, showing up to live launch of Celebrity Big Brother in a pretty gown (see photo above). I mean it’s not something I’d wear but it is pretty, er, pretty. Her makeup seems nice and soft as well. Between the way she talks and the way she styles herself (or a stylist styles her) it seems Malika has picked up more than just a few habits from the Kardashians. To me, she was an unknown variable. I didn’t go into this liking her, nor disliking her… up until the first challenge. Even before the challenge was over, she started whining about her broken nail and made the whole thing all about her. That’s when I made up my mind to dislike her. I could be wrong but I feel like she’s going to be the leader (for now) because in a celebrity-obsessed world, she’s got the most cred (out of all the housemates) for rubbing shoulders with the Kardashians on the reg. As such, everyone will turn to her for all the big decision-making. In fact, I think she’s expecting everyone to look to her, for her opinions and such. Once everyone gets settled in the house, she’s just going to slide into place as “Queen Bee”. Basically, I’m saying she comes across as self-absorbed.

Rachel Johnson (Novelist) – I felt an instant connection to Rachel. From her wild hair, shaggy bangs (fringe for you Brits) that fall over her eyes and all, to her utilitarian/office-wear/menswear-inspired style (jumpsuits, pantsuits, even those leather leggings paired with a blazer), down to her tribal jewelry (are those cuffs I spy?) she just comes across as effortlessly cool! She might not have the prettiest face in the world (kinda’ looks like Owen Wilson actually) and yet I find myself not only gravitating towards her, but actually looking for her, whenever the housemates are all gathered together. She comes across as a bit awkward but also extremely likable (at least to me). I find that she just has this open charm! If I’m being honest, she’s also quite nosy (having an inquisitive nature goes hand in hand with being a writer) so I predict she’ll be the house’s biggest gossip (which is definitely going to fuel fights between the other housemates, or might even put Rachel herself in some hot water once Big Brother plays back whatever she’s said to to the rest of the housemates). I really hope she’s careful about whom she gossips with, because I don’t want her to get voted out or worse, hated by the public. She’s pretty funny too! So far, Rachel is my favorite, by far, and I really hope she wins this season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Ashley James (DJ, Model) – The girl looks like she literally just flew down from Heaven, she’s so beautiful! She has the face of an angel, and it practically hurts to look at her (it’s like looking directly at the sun)! I didn’t know they still made humans like that! She has that Siberian Husky Beauty that I keep referring to whenever I mention Emma (the host of Big Brother). I hated the pink jumpsuit she was wearing in her VT but the white pantsuit was absolutely gorgeous (the pictures above do not even begin to do it justice, the trousers just had the most beautiful flare ever)! The way she talks strongly reminds me Sanza Stark (on Game of Thrones played by Sophie Turner). I could be wrong but their accents sound so similar. Plus the way they talk without fully opening their mouths is quite similar too. She seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders (she’ll speak up in a crowd and defend her views regardless of whether the majority agrees with her or not), but I don’t think she’s going to last long in the Celebrity Big Brother House because she’s too pretty, and as such, the girls will most likely vote her out (because they’re secretly jealous of her). For a DJ, she seems quite reserved. I predict that her quiet nature is going to clash with the boys (because men don’t understand “quiet and reserved”), and Ashley will end up in a fight with one or two of them. Based on my experience, girls who are abnormally beautiful (faces of angels) never get the chance to fully develop their personalities (whether it’s a conscious or subconscious decision is something else altogether) because everyone just fawns over them and hands them whatever they want. As such, in environments where beauty doesn’t account for much, the abnormally beautiful people (like, next level beautiful) tend to come across as awkward (stunted EQ) and consequentially get labeled as Ice Queens (to say the least). By that same token, obese people are the most jovial and funniest humans on earth, because they’ve only got their personalities to rely on.

India Willoughby (TV Presenter) – The only thing I liked about India was her mom (who looked adorable)… I absolutely have zero issue with India being transgender. I do however have a huge issue with anyone at all, who happens to have a self-indulgent, entitled attitude (that’s rich coming from a Kuwaity lawl). Again, India was an unknown variable to me. I did not go into this deciding to like or dislike her. I’m pro-gay rights, pro-LGBT, pro-whatever else. I fully support all their causes. However, the over-the-top, drama-queen antics bug me. You don’t have to overcompensate for all those years you lived as a man, by shedding a tear now over every little thing. Being extra-catty (generally a trait found in gay men) is equally repelling to me. That incessant whining thing (ooh I’m so helpless, somebody help) isn’t cute when teenage girls do it, let alone a grown woman (middle-aged woman, respectively). At this very moment in time, I do not like India. I feel for her but I’m not feelin’ her… just yet. With that being said, if India gets her act together (readjusts her attitude), maybe even opens up some more, I might grow to like her, before the season is over.

Maggie Oliver (Detective Constable) – Oh. My. God. Guys, GUYS! It’s the real-life Carole (from The Walking Dead)! The pictures do not do her any justice. She looks so cute on the show! I just wanna’ give her a cuddle! She’s so kind and so warm to everyone, and just so very very endearing! This sweet, soft-spoken creature also has a very strong morale compass (exposing a child sex abuse ring, for real, google it). To top it all off, she’s quite humble too! I feel like she’s going to be the “mother” of the house. Such a sweetie! If Rachel gets voted out, I hope Maggie wins this season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Jess Impiazi (Glamour Model) – I remember her! Awhile ago, Jess was on another reality tv show called Ex on the Beach. I don’t believe I’ve seen another human being more beautiful than Jess Impiazi. Please disregard the photos above. She’s wearing way too much makeup (which ages her) in the blue dress photos, whereas the photos of her at the live launch in the red gown are just unfortunate. Honestly, most of the photos of the housemates at the live launch are pretty horrible. Whoever is taking those pictures is really really bad at their job because literally all of those photos are atrocious. Jess is a trillion times more beautiful with nothing but a pair of falsies (lashes). She’s just got one of those faces you never get tired of looking at. As an added bonus, she’s got the funniest little accent that her (ex)boyfriend on Ex on the Beach accurately described as an old-timey chimney sweep (little boys who used to clean chimneys, back in the day). Everything about her is effortlessly charming and it seems like she’s got a heart of gold, to boot! Unfortunately, she does perpetuate the stereotype that pretty girls are airheads but nobody is perfect. I’m not saying she’s an airhead but I’m not saying she’s exactly the smartest of the bunch. I feel like the other housemates would make subtle digs at Jess and she’d just blink and smile back at them. By that same token, I feel like the other housemates might say something completely innocuous to her and she’d cry or tell them off. At least she’s interested and actually willing to learn, unlike Malika and India who feel like they already know everything. That said, I truly hope she makes it all the way to the end (and doesn’t quit on her own, once things get too tough) because other than being lovely to look at (literally the most beautiful human to ever walk the earth) and funny to listen to (that accent makes me giggle), Jess is an absolute delight!

Amanda Barrie (Actress)- I can’t quite pinpoint whom she resembles but Amanda reminds me of a certain famous Egyptian Actress (it’s the eyes). At 82 years old, Amanda is quite possibly the oldest housemate to grace Celebrity Big Brother and yet you wouldn’t know it from watching her. She’s quite energetic, has a delicious sense of humor, and unlike Ann, always seems to be in a jovial mood! Even when she says something that isn’t all that funny, it’ll still elicit a laugh from me, because she’s just one of those people that makes everything sound hilarious! Amanda just gives off this naughty vibe, like she’s always up to some mischief, and in my eyes, that makes her oh-so-fun! If Rachel doesn’t win, I’d be happy if either Maggie or Amanda won.

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