ColourPop Liquid Lips Sale Haulage

So ColourPop were having this deal on all the Liquid Lips (Buy Two get One Free) and I’d been eyeing up several of them for awhile so I decided to jump on it. They were also having another deal where if you bought 4 Pressed Powder Shadows, you got an empty Eyeshadow Palette for free. So I grabbed some Pressed Powder Shadows and a few Super Shock Shadows as well. I also got 2 palettes one called $aucey from the collab with Iluvsarahiii (which I actually suggested to ColourPop (because I seriously appreciate her makeup skills) and the other called She from the Karrueuche collab because it looked so pretty! I guess I inadvertently stocked up on Pressed Powder Shadows (palettes and singles) as well as Liquid Lips. Everything shown in this haul came up to a total $100 exactly. They even tossed in a free mini Ultra Satin Lip (in the shade Frick N’Frack) with an apology note, for my order being late! My previous order (hauled here) was placed on July 17 whereas this order was placed on July 20… meaning the first order hadn’t even arrived, before I got suckered into placing yet another order. In my defense, ColourPop is awesome!

The order was mostly Liquid Lipsticks though. I picked up another Ultra Blotted Lip, some Ultra Satin Lips, and some Ultra Matte Lips.

Once again, I had some issues with the packaging, as per usual. It’s always a struggle to open the thing lol

Cute card as per usual (love the puns!) that reads “Hey there! Lettuce Celebrate!” with a badly drawn funny-lookin’ smiling Iceberg Lettuce underneath hehe

I also got another card with a free gift and an apology note (for my order being late). It was a Mini Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Frick n’ Frack. I didn’t even notice it was late (when you’re ordering via Aramex you kinda’ get used to everything always being late) but still, nice touch. At this point, ColourPop can do no wrong in my eyes! I mean talk about excellent customer service…

Frick n’ Frack Ultra Satin Lip (mini)

You be Frick and we’ll be Frack and we’ll both look good in this rosy terracotta

I actually wanted to purchase this at some point, but didn’t want to invest in the full size, just in case it wasn’t flattering on me, so getting Frick n’ Frack Ultra Satin Lip, in a mini size, for free, was pretty convenient!

Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip (Kathleen Lights collab)

Meet Aquarius’ new sister, a soft pinky nude

Like I mentioned in the previous ColourPop haul (here) that was placed only days before this one, I was on the hunt for some nice nudes but wanted them in a satin finish, in the hopes that a satin finish would be more forgiving than a matte finish, when it comes to Liquid Lips. Also, out of all the swatches of Aquarius in all its many forms (Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Satin Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, Lippie Stix, and Lippie Pencil), it seemed like Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip was the lightest and prettiest (I absolutely did not want another “rosey brown” a la MAC Whirl Lipstick). If you’re interested, Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip is also available for purchase as part of the Aquarius Lip Bundle (Aquarius 2 Ultra Matte Lip, Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip, Aquarius Ultra Glossy Lip).

Alyssa Ultra Satin Lip (Kathleen Lights collab)

A muted pink

So I couldn’t decide between Alyssa Ultra Satin Lip and November Ultra Satin Lip the first time around (both of which are from ColourPop collabs with Kathleen Lights), but eventually ended up going with November (hauled here), but I just couldn’t forget about Alyssa and so when the Buy Two Get One Free deal on all Liquid Lips popped up, I went for Alyssa almost immediately. Again, I was on the hunt for nudes in a satin finish, as opposed to nudes in a matte finish (which can be unforgiving). Plus, it seems like Kathleen knows what she’s doing, otherwise ColourPop wouldn’t constantly be collabing with her.

Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip

You’ll be swinging from the ceiling in this true salmon pink

ColourPop released a three-part monochromatic collection for Spring 2017 (Nectar, Pink, and Sand) that included 3 Lip Bundles:

Phase 1 from the Nectar Collection (The Twirl Ultra Matte Lip, Likely Ultra Satin Lip, Up Do Ultra Glossy Lip)
Phase 2 from the Pink Collection (Fresh Cut Ultra Matte Lip, Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip, Curtsy Ultra Glossy Lip)
Phase 3 from the Sand Collection (Knotty Ultra Matte Lip, Strip Ultra Satin Lip, Game On Ultra Glossy Lip).

Naturally, at first I wanted everything, especially considering that each lip bundle included a mix of different finishes (ultra-matte, ultra-satin, ultra-gloss). Once I gave it some time, I realized that I wasn’t so much obsessed with the shades themselves, as I was with the concept itself (monochromatic). In fact, only a single shade would appeal to me, out of each lip bundle. Phase 3 (Sand) just wasn’t for me (looked like it might possibly wash me out). Phase 2 (Pink) although covetable, seemed like one or two products might pull fuchsia on me (which irks me to no end) so I nixed the idea of getting it, which left only Phase 1 (Nectar) which I didn’t end up getting. If I’m being honest, none of the Ultra Glossy Lips in any of the lip bundles appealed to me all that much either. They were cute but not all that special, ya’ feel me?

That said, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip (from the Phase 2 lip bundle). I’m well aware of how tricky it can be to accurately depict shades like Chandelier in photos; certain quirks, nuances, brightness and all. As such, most of the photos people post of themselves wearing shades like Chandelier are effectively useless (because they’re not true to life). That said, I’m not sure if it’s because of how it looks when swatched in comparison with the other two Pink products in the Phase 2 lip bundle, or if it’s simply because I adore all things salmon pink, but I just had to get it. Most of the reviews mention that it’s very streaky, but I figure since it comes in a satin finish, how bad could it be really? I’m glad that ColourPop made purchasing Chandelier as a single (not part of a bundle) an option, because I would’ve ended up purchasing the Phase 2 lip bundle (and regretting) because I wanted Chandelier that badly.

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

Donut Ultra Matte Lip

Donut let b*tches kill your vibe while wearing this bright salmon

Despite the fact that Donut Ultra Matte Lip has gotten really bad reviews on the ColourPop website, once the Buy Two Get One Free deal on Liquid Lips popped up, I finally added Donut to my online shopping cart. Apparently, this shade in a matte finish is a nightmare (very dry and even cracks when worn on the lips) but I don’t care because it’s so pretty and I’ve been eyeing it from Day 1 (when I decided to place my first order with ColourPop). I really can’t say no to a warm pink (maybe because I know that they’ll never ever pull fuchsia on me)! However, what really sold me was that one of the comments described Donut as a neon (it was meant in a negative way, but I can’t think of any lip shade that’s prettier than a neon flamingo/salmon/coral pink)! Donut seemed like another one of those shades that might be difficult to capture in photos, so I decided to take a chance on it anyway. That shade description though. I mean… LOL

The Twirl Ultra Matte Lip (*discontinued)

Shake, shimmy, and shout in this pinky coral

Initially, The Twirl Ultra Matte Lip was part of the Phase 1 (Nectar) lip bundle. Truth be told, I was this close to purchasing the Phase 1 (Nectar) lip bundle because it included the most wearable shades (for me at least). However, Up Do Ultra Glossy Lip seemed cute but easily dupe-able, and Likely Ultra Satin Lip seemed like it might be too something (either too light, or too brown, or too peachy, or just not as easily wearable). I didn’t feel like I wanted nor needed all 3 lippies in the Nectar (Phase 1) Lip Bundle, but I really had my heart set on The Twirl. I mean, that’s the way it goes with me and coral pinks, yellow pinks, salmon pinks, flamingo pinks, etc… Once again, this got mostly bad reviews. Once again, I ignored them and went for it anyway. Just like Chandelier and Donut, I have a feeling that The Twirl is another of those shades that you have to actually see in real life before judging, because photos might not do it justice. Unlike Chandelier which comes in a satin finish, The Twirl comes in a matte finish. At the very least, it’ll be a good opportunity to compare the similar shades, in two different finishes. Like I said, I’d been eyeing these two for a minute now. Unfortunately, it seems that The Twirl Ultra Matte Lip is no longer available for purchase (discontinued?).

Slide Ultra Blotted Lip

Don’t run, don’t waltz, just slide into this true cool-toned pink

Since I’d just purchased Out of Beach Ultra Blotted Lip in the previous haul (here), I figured I should choose something different and so I went with a cool-toned pink (despite my every instinct) called Slide. If I’m being honest, I would’ve gone with another coral-y lip from the Ultra Blotted Lip range, but since the Buy Two Get One Free deal had been going on for a minute, by the time I’d actually placed my order, most of the ones I wanted were already sold out. I’m going to be unhappy, if on my lips, Slide turns into a much darker pink, or worse, yet another fuchsia. That said, I really like the concept of these Ultra Blotted Lips, and out of all 8 shades available, I think I’m only going to skip 1 or 2 of the darker shades (Cherry on Top Ultra Blotted Lip is definitely one of them, because it looks way too similar to The Body Shop Lip Stain which I already own), but plan on collecting all the rest. Here’s hoping ColourPop will come out with even more shades in the Ultra Blotted Lips range in 2018!

Sizzle Ultra Matte Lip (Summer Collection)

Daaaamn this warm berry is hot!

ColourPop came out with 6 new Ultra Matte Lips for Summer 2017. Aside from the arm swatches on fair skin, medium skin, and dark skin up on the ColourPop website, I couldn’t find anything else on these online (no reviews, no previews, no nothing), which is usually the case with the newest of the new ColourPop releases. I narrowed it down to just 3, but couldn’t decide between the 3 of them, so I just went ahead and got all 3, since ColourPop had a Buy Two Get One Free deal on all Liquid Lips. Shade-wise, Sizzle Ultra Matte Lip is everything I wanted Bumble Ultra Matte Lip (hauled here) to be. Sizzle is yet another addition to my flamingo/salmon/coral/warm/yellow pink family. If you’re interested, Sizzle is also available for purchase in the Sun Seeker Lip Bundle (Sizzle Ultra Matte Lip, Tidal Ultra Satin Lip, Cabana Boy Ultra Glossy Lip).

Extra Toppings Ultra Matte Lip (Summer Collection)

Add a little more of this deep orangey red to spice it up!

Truthfully, I only purchased this because it had a cute name that automatically made me think of pizza… With that being said, I felt like Extra Toppings Ultra Matte Lip would pair nicely with a Mustard-Yellow Sweater (which I don’t own lol) or any other Fall-inspired color-scheme (basically, anything Autumnal). On the other end of the spectrum, I feel like Extra Toppings would look quite complimentary worn on the lips, paired with summery yellows and oranges, maybe even golds and coppers, on the eyes. Truthfully, I’ve been over obnoxious Orange lipsticks (a la MAC Morange and such) for a minute now, but I’m slowly being consumed by an insatiable appetite for all things Red (no clue where this is coming from). Alls I know is, I’m fixin’ to get me a Red in every shade (orange-red, pink-red, blue-red, red-red, black-red, brown-red and whatever else) in every tone (cool, warm, neutral). Extra Toppings was also part of the Summer 2017 Collection.

Circles Ultra Matte Lip (Summer Collection)

This cool-toned burgundy has been running through our mind all day

Apparently, in Colourpop‘s world, shades like this burgundy are considered summer-y lol They’re always doing that, giving the shades names that have absolutely nothing to do with the color itself. Quite frankly, I think it’s hilarious and love them all the more for it! In arabic, we have a word for that, isti3baa6. The closest I can come to explaining it is trolling (isti’baat = trolling). So basically ColourPop are trolling us, which shows that they’ve got a sense of humor, which I find absolutely delightful! Anyhow, I picked up Circles because now, with my darker hair, shades like this are apparently quite flattering on me. Plus, they tend to emphasize lighter colored eyes!

Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip, Alyssa Ultra Satin Lip, Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip, Donut Ultra Matte Lip, The Twirl Ultra Matte Lip, Slide Ultra Blotted Lip, Sizzle Ultra Matte Lip, Extra Toppings Ultra Matte Lip, Circles Ultra Matte Lip

Here they are in the same order, plus Frick’n’Frack Ultra Satin Lip (mini) on the side.

Nudes, Pinks, and “Reds” <3

Obligatory close up shot.

There we go, I feel like this photo is the most true to life (depicts the shades most accurately). Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick up on all the different little nuances of each shade and notice how they differ from each other.

I kinda’ went cray but it was a pretty good deal (3 out of the 9 were free). Not to mention the mini Ultra-Satin Lip which was also free. Plus, I got to pick out a bunch of stuff that I’d been lusting after (all the salmon-y pinks in the middle) for minute now. ColourPop is quite fond of discontinuing their products all willy-nilly, which is why I’m especially thankful that I managed to snag those warmer pinks before they were gone for good.

Ultra Matte Lips retail for $6 each
Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6 each
Ultra Blotted Lips retail for $6 each

Basically all the Liquid Lips retail for $6 per pop

Annoyed with how similar most of my ColourPop Super Shock Shadow picks seemed to each other, I got a handful of Super Shock Shadows in extremely dark shades; Noontide (brown), Far Side (bronze), 3 (bronze) and Hammered (green).

Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 each

Noontide Super Shock Shadow (Ultra-Metallic) (Summer Collection)

This deep metallic chocolate brown has the perfect ebb and flow

Noontide was also part of the Summer 2017 release (along with the Liquid Lips Circles, Extra Toppings, and Sizzle). I got this because I wanted a nice, deep, dark brown to ground my more colorful eye looks. Due to the fact that Noontide has an ultra-metallic finish, I figured it would look lovely as a diffused wash of color all over the lid. I could maybe even pop a brighter color (like Baby Talk SSS, for example) in the crease for a more fun eye look, or swipe some of Noontide on my lower lash line to make my eyes look more green-y. Sadly, the swatches up on the ColourPop website are very inaccurate and in real life Noontide isn’t as dark as I was expecting. In fact, it’s a bit too warm-toned (dashing all my hopes of wearing it in the aforementioned eye looks). With that being said, I’ll have to play around with it first before passing judgement. If you’re interested, Noontide is still available for purchase as a single, as well as part of the Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Foursome Bundle (Noontide SSS, Summer Side SSS, Sundance SSS, Lightning Bug SSS).

Far Side Super Shock Shadow (Ultra-Glitter)

No conspiracies here, there’s life in this deepened bronze undertone sprinkled with lots of gold glitter and subtle pink and silver highlights

I’ve been going back and forth between Blaze and Far Side for a minute now. What settled it for me was seeing Far Side (on Google Images) being used as a light wash of color all over the lid. It almost seemed taupe-y! I mean mixing and matching shades is all good and fun but sometimes (read: most of the time) I just wanna pop a single color on my lids, add some liner, mascara, and be done with it. Also, since Far Side comes in an ultra glitter finish, it’s all nice and sparkly! Just look at how festive it looks in the pan! Far Side did arrive cracked, but collateral damage is to be expected when it comes to international shipping.

3 Super Shock Shadow (Ultra-Glitter)

Cool-toned bronze with a flash of multi-coloured glitter just because

I wanted 3 from the first time I logged on to the ColourPop website… solely because of its name. Something about the fact that all the other shades had names, whereas this one was the only one that had a number, just appealed to me. However, if all the other shades had numbers instead of names, I don’t believe I’d be as interested in 3 Super Shock Shadow. Name aside, 3 is another pretty bronze that comes in an ultra glitter finish. Truth be told, sparkly or not, I’m not big on bronze but 3 is cool-toned and I personally happen to be quite partial to most cool-toned shades. Again, I’m not sure if it’s because of all the glitters but 3 seems to have that taupe-y quality as well.

Hammered Super Shock Shadow (Ultra-Glitter)

Get turnt up with this blackened olive with gold ultra-glitter

Since I’d gotten a blatant blue (Luckfully Super Shock Shadow) in my previous ColourPop haul (here), I figured I’d get something blatantly green, just to round out my ColourPop collection. ColourPop had some lovely darker greens in a matte finish (High Rise Super Shock Shadow and Head Rush Super Shock Shadow) but I slept on getting them and now they’ve been discontinued. So it was between So Quiche (soft olive) and Hammered (blackened olive). Even though So Quiche seems to be one of their main bestsellers (it’s almost always on the list), I just can’t seem to warm up to it. Somehow So Quiche has offended me lol and I really don’t like it, at all. As such, I went with Hammered Super Shock Shadow instead, despite the fact that Olives can be very tricky to wear, because I feel that they tend to… kinda’ wash you out. That said, it’s nothing a darker base (matte forest green eyeshadow, for example) can’t fix.

Noontide Super Shock Shadow (ultra-metallic), Far Side Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter), 3 Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter), Hammered Super Shock Shadow (ultra-glitter)

I didn’t realize that most of the Super Shock Shadows (3 out of 4) in this haul were ultra-glitters, until now.

Same order as above. Look at how sparkly they are! They’ll look lovely on their own, or as toppers over other stuff!

I also picked up 4 Pressed Powder Shadows, which qualified me for a free empty eyeshadow palette to house them.

Pressed Powder Shadows retail for $4 a pop

Paper Tiger Pressed Powder Shadow

Lions, matte mustards, and bears ..OH MY!

Paper Tiger is everything! I love, love, love a good mustard-y eyeshadow. Right off the bat, I can tell it’ll be a great transition shade! It’ll also look ridiculously lovely in the crease, when paired with browns, greens, corals, burgundies, neutrals, and maybe even blues! This is one of those shades that plays really well with others and I’m so glad I managed to get my hands on it. I mean, I’ve wanted Paper Tiger from the moment it was released, but exercised severe self-restraint by only purchasing it now (even skipped it in my previous haul, only days before this one… now that’s some serious willpower). Even its description is cute!

Stay Golden Pressed Powder Shadow

Be a ponyboy in this matte raspberry

Stay Golden as a name for a matte raspberry LOL ColourPop are trolling us again. Stay Golden seems like it would be lovely in the crease, or as a wash of color all over the lid, or even on the lower lash-line. I kinda’ wanted Stay Golden from the moment it was released as well, but not as much as I wanted Paper Tiger (which I was practically drooling over from the get-go).

Take the Lead Pressed Powder Shadow

Throw on your dancing shoes and bust a move with this matte dusty medium grey

What can I say? I have a soft spot for all things grey. I don’t even have any plans for this. I just knew I had to get it. Off the top of my head, I’m thinkin’ maybe… a cut-crease look? We’ll see.

Boxer Pressed Powder Shadow

We’re usually lovers, not fighters, but this metallic deep bronze is the only exception

While all the other Pressed Powder Shadows (singles) I got in this haul were matte, Boxer was the only one that was a metallic. I didn’t realize that I’d gotten so many bronze eyeshadows (Far Side Super Shock Shadow, 3 Super Shock Shadow, Boxer Pressed Powder Shadow)… I guess I’m having a moment with Bronze eyeshadows. Anywho, the other Pressed Powder Shadows that I actually wanted were sold out (remember the Buy Two Get One Free deal on Liquid Lips had inspired so many people to place an order, and that deal had been going on for quite some time, at this point) and out of all the ones left, Boxer was the one that seemed the most practical.

Empty Eyeshadow Palette for free

I also picked up $aucey Pressed Powder Shadow Palette because I’d actually suggested that ColourPop collaborate with ILUVSARAHII (right around the time I suggested they come out with a collection called Reds & Berries). Technically, this is my first Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette from ColourPop (since the empty eyeshadow palette I got for free doesn’t count).

$aucey Pressed Powder Shadow Palette retails for $12

Not gonna lie, I was pretty disappointed when I found out that aside from the outer sleeve, the packaging was pretty much identical to the regular empty Eyeshadow Palettes.

Heavy Glam: A vibrant duochrome orange with a pink flip
Chic Happens: A matte cool mauve
Lit: A vibrant metallic purple
Razy: A matte blackened plum

I wasn’t really obsessed with any of the shades, but I wanted to get at least one thing from the ILUVSARAHII collab to support the girl, especially since I was one (of many, many people, probably) who suggested the collab.

Lastly, I picked up this stunning Shadow Palette called She which was yet another collab with Karrueche.

She Pressed Powder Shadow Palette retails for $16

It’s coming up roses in soft mauve tones and buttery metallic finishes. Romantic shades make it easy to transition from sweet damsel to femme fatale.

Sleek, slim, pretty!

Ladylike: metallic soft ivory
Babe: satin light peachy pink
Dainty: metallic pinky taupe
Chick: metallic subtle gold
Mademoiselle: metallic rose gold
Gal: metallic red with copper duochrome
Empress: metallic mid-tone pink plum
Filly: metallic rusty orange
Dear: matte warm rose
Missy: matte deep burgundy
Damsel: matte smokey violet
Duchess: matte dusty coral

Here’s a close up

Truth be told, I only got She because of the packaging (stun-ning!) despite the fact that I can’t stand flowers or any botanical themes. That said, the selection of shadows in She are pretty stellar! The top row are all soft subtle shades (my favorite), the middle row is all fun sparkly colors, while the last row is all colorful mattes. So cute!

The love-affair with ColourPop continues…

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