Boots Collective Haul (mostly pink stuff)

Also at Soug Sharq, I stopped by Boots. I wasn’t planning on getting anything especially since I literally just bought some makeup-y bits at Debenhams (hauled here), but then I saw that they had so many cool new products and several new brands too.

For starters, they had the SpaWax (stripless wax warming kit) by the brand Veet which I’d been lusting after, ever since I saw one of my favorite YouTubers plugging it in one of her videos… years ago. Second, I noticed two new brands which were House of Lashes (which I’d been dying to try) and GOSH Cosmetics, and even though I don’t particularly enjoy Soap & Glory (reviews here), they had the cutest Gift Set that was shaped like an actual Christmas Cracker, which I just couldn’t resist. Also, they had a Buy Two Get One Free deal on all Hair Care, and my hair was in dire need of some serious TLC. I only got one makeup-y item which was a mascara, but the rest are all personal care, hair care and body care stuff. Plus, they even tossed in a free makeup bag.

Soap & Glory What a Cracker! Gift Set retails for KD 8/000

Clean On Me Creamy Clarify Shower Gel
Clean Girls Body Wash
The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer
The Righteous Butter Body Lotion
Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream
Heel Genius Foot Cream

Like I mentioned earlier, I generally do not get along with Soap & Glory products (previous reviews here) but it’s been a good looong while since then, and I wanted to give them another chance. There were several other Holiday Sets but I had my heart set on this one because it was legit shaped like a Christmas Cracker (despite the unfortunate name lawl) which I thought was just too cute! Plus, it came with 6 different products all in cute, portable, travel-size, each individually packaged like a Christmas Cracker as well! Aside from Clean Girls Body Wash I’ve tried all of them before, but who knows? I just might enjoy them and change my stance on Soap & Glory, this time around.

I’ve talked about all the different methods of hair removal (here), and despite my aversion to the more painful methods, I get really excited about products like this Wax Warming Kit. It’s actually the main reason why I’m so hesitant to get laser treatments. If I get all the unwanted hair permanently removed, I won’t have an excuse to try out any of the newer hair removal tools, hair removal products and hair removal methods. In fact, FOMO starts to kick in the moment I even flirt with the idea of getting laser treatments. Also, despite how mind-numbing, annoying, and boring shaving can be, and despite the excruciating pain of hair being ripped out by the root, I strongly believe that the act of hair removal (either of the ones I just mentioned or any other) is just part and parcel of being a woman, just like getting your period once a month (which I doubt anyone actually enjoys). I’m saying I don’t enjoy it but I feel like I’d actually miss it, if it was no longer an option. You get me?

Anyways, certain methods of hair removal are easier to master than others, such as waxing (so intimidating) which is why I prefer leaving it to the professionals. I just book an appointment, get waxed, wash up, pay them, and leave. It’s the waiting in line for my turn that gets to me more than the pain itself. I always, always psyche myself out, so by the time my name comes up, I’m filled with dread and anxiety, and waxing isn’t exactly the most painless experience, which just compounds the horrible feeling. Which is why I wish I could just do it on my own and get it over with as quickly as possible. Sadly, my skill set does not extend to being handy with wax. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to work with me. Even while I’ve got a professional at the salon literally standing over me and overlooking the entire process while talking me through it, I’ll still manage to botch it all up. After two tries, I sorta’ gave up on the whole thing, like, forever, preferring to leave it to the pros instead, and I in turn would pay them for their services.

Then someone on YouTube reviewed this thing and that rekindled my interest in the whole thing all over again. First of all, no messy strips. Second of all, I could do it in the privacy of my own home. Third, everything looks so cute and girly! Fourth, the wax is actually scented (I die!) which is so cool! The whole thing seems very straight-forward. Heat up a wax disc in the warmer. Apply it to the skin. Let it dry. Rip it off.

I looked for this baby in stores for a good long while but could never find it. Even finding it online was a challenge. Eventually, when I did find it (random seller on Amazon UK) I was worried about the compatibility of the wiring and stuff. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, defective or not, returning anything is a whole lotta’ headache. So I just gave up on it and with time, even forgot about it, so imagine my delight when I randomly stumbled upon it at Boots!

Experience salon-perfect smoothness with Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit

The professional quality wax warming system that melts the wax and maintains it at the ideal temperature, giving you salon-perfect results at home.

What are the benefits of using Veet Spawax?

– No strips are required – it is stripless wax
– Long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days
– The wax removes hairs as short as 2mm
– The ideal temperature is maintained throughout the session
– Enjoy a pampering spa experience at home

Box Contents:

1 Wax Warming Pot and Lid
1 Veet Spatula
1 Electrical Cable
6 Stripless Wax Discs (150g)
1 User Manual

Formulated for smooth application, simply apply the wax and allow it to become dry to the touch. The wax can easily be removed in one go, removing hairs as short as 2mm – no strips are required. The wax is suitable for the legs, underarms and bikini line.

The Veet Spawax device does not require internal cleaning as any remaining wax can be reheated during the next waxing session. The Veet Spawax Kit includes Purple Lily & Sugar Fig fragranced wax discs which help to create a pampering spa experience.

Further Refills are available in packs of 6 discs: purple lily and sugar fig or white orchid and vanilla fragrances.

As you can see, I picked up a Refill in the same Purple Lily and Sugar Fig fragrance (6 in the Spawax Kit and 6 in the Refill Pack equals 12 discs in total) but that’s only because I couldn’t find them in the White Orchid and Vanilla scent. Now that I think about it, I wonder what I’m going to do when I can’t find the Refills in stores anymore (which is a very plausible scenario what with Kuwait being Kuwait) rendering the Spawax Kit useless.

Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit retails for KD 18/100
Veet Stripless Wax Refill retails for KD 5/200

Phyto PhytoKératine Ultra Repairing Mask (weakened, damaged hair) free
Phyto PhytoJoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask (dry hair) KD 14/500
Phyto PhytoLisse Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum (unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair) KD 14/000

As I mentioned earlier, there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on Hair Care brands so I picked up a few things from the brand Phyto (which is kinda’ pricey) to take advantage of that deal, and hopefully help me manage my pitiful hair. I’ve purchased Phyto products in the past (hauled here) and they seem to be marginally better than drugstore brands (the cheaper stuff you can find at the local co-op and such). I got two hair masks and a serum, nothing fancy.

PhytoKératine Ultra Repairing Mask is for weakened, damaged hair. I picked this up because I’m hoping it’ll fix my hair.

PhytoJoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask is for dry hair. Honestly, I only got this because it had the word Jojoba. I mean, having shiny locks was never a goal of mine. That said, if it can replenish even a whisper of moisture into my brittle hair, then I’m totally down.

PhytoLisse Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum is for unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair. My hair is all of those things and more, therefore I had to get this. Truth be told, I’m kinda’ getting back into using hair serums again.

Again, I love the utilitarian aesthetic (so effortlessly cool)!

I’m currently working my way through a hair mask from another brand (I go through those pretty quick since my hair is kinda’ long now) but I can’t wait to use the PhytoKeratine Ultra Repairing Mask, once I’m done. There was another Phyto leave-in treatment that caught my eye but purchasing it would’ve negated any benefits I would’ve gained from the Buy Two Get One Free deal. My suggestion is to wait for any sort of deal before purchasing any Phyto products, since they’re kinda’ pricey.

Mark Hill Extreme Root Lift Spray free
Mark Hill MiracOILous Hydrating 2 Minute Mask KD 4/250
Mark Hill XL Volume Amplifying Serum KD 3/500

None of these were really necessary, especially since I already had the good stuff from Phyto in my shopping basket, but I had my heart set on getting the XL Volume Amplifying Serum (which both looked and sounded intriguing). Since the Buy Two Get One Free deal applied to Mark Hill products, I picked up a Hair Spray for variety and yet another Hair Mask, to take advantage of the deal. That said, Mark Hill products are pretty inexpensive, so you can just pick them up at any time, regardless of whether there’s a deal on them or not.

I’m currently working my way through the MiracOILous Hydrating 2 Minute Mask but once it’s completely used up, I’m going to move on to the PhytoKeratine Mask. The Mark Hill Serum and Mark Hill Spray are both meant for volumizing the hair and I’m all about that life so I’m super stoked about those as well. Honestly, I’ve had my eye on Mark Hill products every since they released a whole slew of Argan-based products but never bit the bullet ’til now. Also, how adorbs is the packaging? Too cute, maaaan!

Here’s all the Hair Care stuff side by side. All the Hair Masks are on one side, and the serums and spray on the other. Normally, I wouldn’t go this crazy but like I said, there was a Buy Two Get One Free deal on Hair Care stuff ergo the photo above.

House of Lashes Noir Fairy BLK KD 6/000
House of Lashes Iconic KD 6/000

I can’t even remember the last time I popped on some falsies but I keep buying them, regardless (for that special occasion, when the planets are in perfect alignment, etc…) and I’ve only head great things (not just good, but great things) about House of Lashes, so I’ve been dying to get my hands on them since… forever. Many, many, many years later, they finally made it to our little shores of Kuwait (yay)! Truth be told, they’ve been here for a minute (I wanna’ say I saw them at Debenhams but I could be wrong). I might’ve even purchased a pair before, from Boots no less, but since I don’t use them (for now), it’s not really all that memorable. The one thing I have noticed though, is that despite all the constant promotions and sales at Boots, the lashes from House of Lashes are never, ever on sale, and never, ever part of any deal, whatsoever. You always gotta’ pay full price for them, and at KD 6/000 a pop, that’s kinda’ steep.

GOSH Crazy Volume Mascara KD 7/000

I actually wanted Boombastic Mascara from the brand GOSH because everyone raves about it but I couldn’t find it and settled for this one, for now. I was surprised that it cost KD 7/000 because I’d always assumed that GOSH was sorta’ like Barry M (read: super inexpensive) or that one brand… can’t remember what it’s called… Essence. I mean even the packaging looks cheap. I’m currently using this mascara in conjunction with a bunch of others and so far… I’m undecided.

Lastly, I got a free Makeup Bag.

I like that it comes in pebbled leather (so cool) despite the hideous gold hardware… not that I need yet another makeup bag.

I payed KD 86/550 which might seem like a lot, but only because it was all in one go. I would’ve spent the same amount anyway had I purchased these items individually (over several separate trips) and this way I manged to save KD 17/000 to boot!

Soap & Glory What a Cracker! Gift Set (six scent-sations for ultimate pamper perfection…) KD 8/000

Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit KD 18/100
Veet Stripless Wax Refill KD 5/200

Phyto PhytoKératine Ultra Repairing Mask (weakened, damaged hair) free
Phyto PhytoJoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask (dry hair) KD 14/500
Phyto PhytoLisse Ultra Glossing Finishing Serum (unruly, frizzy and rebellious hair) KD 14/000

Mark Hill XL Volume Amplifying Serum KD 3/500
Mark Hill Extreme Root Lift Spray free
Mark Hill MiracOILous Hydrating 2 Minute Mask KD 4/250

House of Lashes Noir Fairy BLK KD 6/000
House of Lashes Iconic KD 6/000

GOSH Crazy Volume Mascara KD 7/000

Makeup Bag free

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