ColourPop July Haul

ColourPop came out with a bunch of new products (Pressed Powder Shadows and Ultra Blotted Lips). They also came out with several new collections and collaborations that included newer shades of their pre-existing products.

I really wanted to try out some of the newer items as well as some things that were new to just me (for example their Precision Brow Pencil). I mean, I’ve had my heart set on Baby Talk Super Shock Pressed Pigment (the red one) and Short and Sweet Mini Lip Kit since they were released on Valentine’s Day, whereas Animal Super Shock Pressed Pigment (the broken one) has been in and out of my online shopping cart from Day 1. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about Luckfully Super Shock Shadow (the dark blue one) even though it’s clearly not the most easily wearable and I don’t do blue, in general. Also, I was worried I’d miss out on Mwah Ultra Matte Lip (the one with kisses all over the packaging) since it was a collab, and therefore probably limited edition (still not quite sure how ColourPop operates). Then there’s Bumble Ultra Matte Lip which everyone swears by and Tuesday Ultra Matte Lip (which has also been in and out of my online shopping cart more times than I can count) and was the only shade I was really interested in from the Moment of Weekness Liquid Lip Set. After playing around with the other ColourPop products that I’d purchased previously, I also wanted to pick up some neutrals (shadows, liquid lips, etc…) especially Firefly Pressed Powder Shadow (which I was so sure would look super complimentary).

Once the Short and Sweet Mini Lip Kit went on sale, I decided to go ahead and place my order, keeping it under $100. I mean I can afford to go crazy, but I always try to keep it at $100 or lower, for whatever reason, sorta’ like a personal challenge (my total this time was $99.40) Plus, it’s a good way to keep me in check, because it’s so easy to go overboard and not even be aware of it, since their price point is so low. It’s just something that I’ve been doing since my days and kept it going with Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, E.L.F. and all the other super inexpensive online stores.

1 Pressed Powder Shadows ($4)
1 Pressed Powder Pigment ($4)
1 Brow Pencil ($5)
3 Super Shock Pressed Pigments ($5 each)
3 Super Shock Shadows ($5 each)
2 Ultra Satin Lips ($6 each)
4 Ultra Matte Lips ($6 each)
1 Ultra Blotted Lip ($6)
1 Mini Lip Kit (assorted) (originally $18 down to $14.40)

As always, the order arrived with a fun little card that depicted a melting Popsicle and read, “Hey love… I’ll stop the world and melt with you… xoxo ColourPop”, which I thought was cute and seasonally appropriate since the melting Popsicle was a reference to the summer heat (again, my order was placed in July).

Mwah Ultra Matte Lip is a the result of a partnership between ColourPop and for National Kissing Day. I really wanted Mwah because I was hoping it would be a dupe for my beloved, long-discontinued Revlon Strawberry Suede Matte Lipstick since Mwah is literally described as a gorgeous Raspberry Red. Also, Mwah Ultra Matte Lip came with very cute limited edition packaging and its own card!

Happy National Kissing Day!

To celebrate, we have partnered with to create Mwah, a gorgeous Raspberry Red Ultra Matte Lip!

Not only will your lips be smooch “red-dy” and totally kiss-proof, but we’re also gifting every customer who purchases Mwah 7 FREE days on Match*!

In addition to stunning lips and the chance for awesome dates, we are also donating $1 from every purchase of Mwah to the GLAM4GOOD Foundation, a non-profit
organization that creates and celebrates social impact and empowerment through beauty and style.

I’m glad that $1 from every purchase of Mwah will be donated to GLAM4Good Foundation but I couldn’t care less about the 7 Free days on that you get as a gift when purchasing Mwah. Cute idea, nonetheless! I love that ColourPop are always trying out new things!

The lip print in red, pink and gold is pretty cute! If it was me though, I would’ve gone with anything other than white (so the print would stand out) but I guess that would cost more money and then they’d have to raise their prices so nevermind. From the shade of the Ultra Matte Lip itself, as well as the name Mwah and even the packaging with kiss print, everything revolves around the theme (which in this case is National Kissing Day) and you know how I obsessed I am with anything theme-related. It’s just all so very cuuute!

Mwah Ultra Matte Lip: a gorgeous raspberry red

Isn’t she a beaut? So stinkin’ pretty! If you’re interested, Mwah Ultra Matte Lip just went down from $6.00 to $4.80 on the ColourPop website. With that being said, if you haven’t tried any of the Ultra Matte Lips before, don’t expect them to be the most comfortable formula on the lips as they can be quite drying and actually tend to crumble and flake off according to a lot of people.

Micro-tip precision and a long-wearing formula for sculpted definition in one little pencil.

I also picked up a Precision Brow Pencil in the shade Dope Taupe. I’ve never tried a ColourPop Precision Brow Pencil before, but looking at it now, it kinda’ reminds of my beloved (long-discontinued) Maybelline DEFINE-A-Brow Brow Pencil (reviewed here) which was pretty much my Holy Grail Brow Product. Sure that one had a comb and this one has a brush, and the size (width?) might be off by a bit, but essentially they’re both twist-up mechanical pencils.

A soft taupe – the most versatile of them all (this one really gets around)

Precision Brow Pencil is available in the shades: Blondie, Honey Blonde, Dope Taupe, Arched Auburn, Red Head, Bangin’ Brunette, Black N’ Brown, Jet Set Black. I went with Dope Taupe because I didn’t want to get stuck with anything too dark or too warm, which can look… odd. Now that my hair is darker, I prefer something a little more cool-toned for my brows. Here’s a little swatch for you guys.

L-R Love Muffin Ultra Satin Lip, Sugar Lips Ultra Glossy Lip, Schnookums Ultra Satin Lip, Pooky Bear Ultra Matte Lip, Honey Pie Ultra Matte Lip

Love Muffin: Ultra Satin Lip; pastel baby pink

Sugar Lips: Ultra Glossy Lip; golden pink with gold, silver, copper and hot pink glitter

Schnookums: Ultra Satin Lip; mid- tone warm rose

Pooky Bear: Ultra Matte Lip; true coral

Honey Pie: Ultra Matte Lip; bright pinky red

I’ve had my eye on the Short and Sweet Mini Lip Kit because first of all anything mini-sized immediately grabs my attention (too cute!) and also every single shade in this little kit looks not only wearable but is actually pretty! Plus, how adorable are the names? I believe this Mini Lip Kit was released around Valentine’s Day (hence the pretty shades and adorable shade names) and although I wanted to get my hands on it right away, I waited and waited and waited. Finally it went on sale from $18 down to $14.40 (which is pretty decent). I figured if I waited any longer, they’d discontinue the Short and Sweet Mini Lip Kit and I really didn’t want to miss out because just like The Good Times Ultra Matte Mini Lip Kit (hauled here) all the shades looked appealing to me, except these came in different finishes (2 pinks, one light, one dark, in a satin finish, a coral and a red in a matte finish, and a glittery gloss which isn’t really my thing, but it came with the set regardless, and if I’m being honest, it ‘aint half-bad) so I went for it.

I picked up a Pressed Powder Shadow in the shade Firefly and Pressed Powder Pigment in the shade Best Coast Scenario. Initially, I wanted Paper Tiger and Stay Golden (but Paper Tiger, specifically) because those were the ones I’d been lusting after from the moment ColourPop came out with them. However, I was completely smitten with Fire Fly and so worried it might be discontinued that I decided to go with it instead. I could’ve picked up several more Pressed Powder Shadows and Pressed Powder Pigments but I wanted to see how they performed first (before going ham) and if they arrived in a decent state (not broken) which is why I only sprung for two, to start with. These two are my first Pressed Powder purchases from ColourPop but I’m definitely going to get more.

Fire Fly: You betta glow in this matte pale beige

Normally, I would never covet a… Beige (I mean just look at it… it looks so boring in the pan) but after watching someone on YouTube swatch Fire Fly, I was completely smitten! It occurred to me that Fire Fly would be perfect as an all-over lid color, paired with some black liner and mascara. I’m happy to report that my suspicions were correct! On myself, it almost has the tiniest hint of lavender. Depending on your skintone, you can use Fire Fly not just as an all-over lid shade but also as a transition shade (when paired with other colors), or even as a base for other bright and bolder colors. I’m so obsessed with Fire Fly that I’m already debating whether I should purchase a backup!

Best Coast Scenario: This matte bright tangerine is the only way to go

Best Coast Scenario was one of the newer shades that ColourPop had released for the summer. I picked it up because I was curious about the performance of ColourPop Pressed Powder Pigments (this was my first!) and I was infatuated with the notion of pairing Best Coast Scenario with the other more glitter-y Super Shock Shadows and Super Shock Pigments in the same color family, which might be a bit over-the-top for everyday use but I could just as easily pop some of Best Coast Scenario in the crease paired with other shades for a sunset-inspired look, or line my lower lashes with it for a fun pop of color, or even apply it by itself as a light wash of color all-over the lid, for a more subtle look.

Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip: this warm peachy nude is perfect, whether you are cruising to Chinatown or Downtown

Like I said earlier, I really wanted to get my hands on some neutrals but seeing as how fussy the Ultra Matte Lip formula could be, I went for the Ultra Satin Lip formula, because I felt it would be more forgiving when it came to nudes. After not being able to decide between Echo Park (cute name!) or Bare Necessities I ended up just getting both.

Bare Necessities Ultra Satin Lip: a peachy pink nude (Alexis Ren collab)

I’ve got Baloo from The Jungle Book (animated version) singing “The Bare Necessities” stuck in my head now (lawl). Looking at them side by side, Echo Park and Bare Necessities look way too similar to warrant owning both. If you were debating between the two, I’d say go for Bare Necessities. First of all, super cool packaging! I just love the black! Then there’s the copper which is stunning paired with black (honestly, anything paired with black looks gorgeous to me)! No clue who Alexis Ren is but way to go, mama, because the packaging is fiya!

Bumble Ultra Matte Lip: everyone will bee buzzing when you wear this warm rose

Literally everyone sings Bumble praises. Supposedly, it’s quite flattering on W.O.C., tan skin and brown skin. I don’t know how to phrase this without offending anyone but basically Bumble looked stunning on several Indian girls (according to the title of their videos on YouTube that stated they were Indian) so I figure Indian and Arab complexions are sorta’ similar and I might as well go for it. Unfortunately, Bumble looked so dark on my small lips and pulled way too brown for my taste (not unlike MAC Whirl Lipstick hauled here). From now on, I’m definitely staying away from all the “rose” shades. They just do not work, for me.

Tuesday Ultra Matte Lip: got the club goin’ up in this bright coral red

As soon as ColourPop came out with the Moment of Weekness Lip Kit ($43) which contained 7 Ultra Matte Lips, each named after a day of the week, I quickly added it to my online shopping cart. Sunday and Monday were nudes. Tuesday was a coral and Wednesday was a hot pink. Thursday was a red violet. Friday was a black and Saturday was a vampy blackberry. It sat in my shopping cart for about a week before I deleted it, because I realized that most of those shades were just not my thing (and for that price, I needed every single shade to be wearable). Thursday and Saturday seem like they would be unflattering on myself. Sunday and Monday seemed nice enough, but not exciting by any means. I kinda’ wanted Friday because I collect black lip products (lipstick, lipgloss, etc…) but I wanted something more wearable for an everyday basis. So it was down to just Tuesday which was a pretty coral and Wednesday a hot pink. Initially, I was gonna’ get Wednesday but despite the description and swatches online, I guessed it would be more of a fuchsia on me and I absolutely despise fuchsia (on my lips). That left only Tuesday. Since then, Tuesday has been in and out of my cart more times than I can count. I finally bit the bullet and went for it and I’m so glad I did!

Out of Beach Ultra Blotted Lip: You’ll never want to run out of this bright pinky coral

I’ve been itching to get my hands on some of the Ultra Blotted Lip shades as soon as they were released. I’ve always adored the blotted lip look (so subtle yet pretty!) and the concept itself is just so fun! Honestly, I was going to purchase every single shade that was available on the ColourPop website, but it occurred to me that I should slow my roll and just try out the one, for now. Just to see how I liked it, how it performed, and such. I went with the prettiest one, Out of Beach! I was expecting them to be somewhat similar to Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams (Holy Grail Status y’all) but these are nowhere near as comfortable. However, I liked the ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip well enough to go for more.

Saigon Ultra Matte Lip: a vibrant warm-toned true red (Karrueche collab)

Not quite sure what’s with me and all things red, this year, but I’m very much obsessed! Everyone keeps gushing over how complimentary Creeper Ultra Matte Lip (hauled here) looks on me so I guess I can pull of warmer reds after all. Looking for something similar, I narrowed it down to either Saigon (warm red from the Karrueche collab) or Little Weapon (orange red from the Alexis Ren collab). I figured I’d get more wear out of a warm red rather than an orange red so I went with Saigon. I’m not loving the packaging (gold, blech) but it is a pretty shade of red so whatevs. It’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway.

The Nudes or Neutrals

The Brights

It might seem like a bit much, but my last order from ColourPop was in January and I’d been going back and forth between several of these Liquid Lips for quite some time (particularly Tuesday Ultra Matte Lip).

All the lip stuff in this haul, side by side. As always, just click on the pic for a close-up.

Lastly, I picked up some Super Shock Pigments (top row) and some Super Shock Shadows (bottom row).

I’ve had my eye on Animal (broken one in the middle) since Day 1 and when Baby Talk (red) came out (around V-day) I was obsessed! Kelp Me (glittery orange) on the other hand, wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I couldn’t quite get over the notion of popping it over Best Coast Scenario because it seemed like it would be such a pretty combo!

I like how all of them say “NOT FOR EYE AREA” and I’m like “That’s exactly where I’m going to wear them!” lol I mean I guess Baby Talk can double as a blush… possibly the others too. We’ll see.

I also needed a couple of neutrals which is why I picked up Reversible and Sunset Blvd (also from the Karrueche Collab). Luckfully came out of left field, for me. I don’t even like nor wear blues but for whatever reason, I was smitten with Luckfully and just had to have it.

Animal Super Shock Pressed Pigment: electric bright neon coral with a subtle flash of gold in ultra-glitter finish, this coralicious shade is so yummy you just wanna eat it

I don’t know about eating it but it really is pretty which is why I’ve been lusting after it from the moment I saw it on the ColourPop website more than a year ago. I e-mailed them about it being damaged (I never did that with any of the other ColourPop products even when they arrived really really damaged but this one got to me) but they said that they’re not responsible for the condition that my products arrive in, because I’m in another country and some damage is to be expected and that’s on me, so whatevs. I’m just glad I can order from ColourPop and that they accept my credit card (unlike, E.L.F., MAC, etc…).

Kelp Me Super Shock Pressed Pigment: send all the right signals in this bright melon with pink duochrome finish

Now imagine Best Coast Scenario Pressed Powder Pigment lightly dusted all over the lid and a little bit of Kelp Me Super Shock Pressed Pigment patted on top of that. Sickening… or so I imagine lol Haven’t gotten around to trying it yet because of… you know… life.

I know they kinda’ look the same but they’re not. They kinda’ remind me of MAC Neo-Orange Pigment (hauled here). Apparently, I’m still just as obsessed with oranges and corals!

Baby Talk Super Shock Pressed Pigment: we wuv dis matte blue red

Wuv dis indeed! Baby Talk is another product that’s been in and out of my shopping cart more times than I can count. Red eyeshadows are always either too pink or too orange or have way too much glitter, which I find very annoying. Baby Talk seems like the perfect red and it’s a matte!

Reversible Super Shock Shadow: whether it’s inside-out or outside-in, there’s no wrong way to wear this satin goldy beige

I couldn’t decide between Reversible and Super Hardcore so I went with the darker one, because based on my previous experience with ColourPop, the swatches on their website are not quite… accurate. In any case, Reversible turned out to be yet another subtle gold. I don’t believe it’s available for purchase anymore though (sorry guys).

Sunset Blvd Super Shock Shadow: a satin warm golden bronze (Karrueche collab)

Another subtle gold with a satin finish. Sunset Blvd is part of the Karrueche collab (could her name be any harder to spell?). Sunset Blvd is a bit darker and less reflective than Reversible but they’re pretty similar. If Sunset Blvd is sold out as a single, you can still get it in the KaePop bundle. For someone who despises gold, once I added these to the rest of my ColourPop collection, I realized that the majority of my Super Shock Shadows were variations on a subtle gold. At least now that I’m aware of it, I can avoid doing it again in the future.

Luckfully Super Shock Shadow: you’ll be thankfully lucky in this deep cobalt blue satin

I don’t even know, maaaaaan. I can’t pull off blue. I don’t wear blue. Not sure if I even like blue. Yet, somehow I just could not stop thinking about Luckfully so I figured I might as well go for it. That said, the thought of Baby Talk paired with Luckfully seems very appealing to me. I guess since it was July when I placed this order and I’m easily influenced… I figured red and blue seemed appropriate (4th of July) and I could’ve snuck in a white somewhere… yeah, no clue where I’m going with this. I saw this. I liked it. I got it. End of.

Top: Kelp Me, Animal, Baby Talk
Bottom: Reversible, Sunset Blvd, Luckfully

same order, different angle

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the haulage (regardless of all the dupes… of each other lawl) and I’m stoked that all this was under $100 (which in Kuwaiti Dinars is around KD 30 give or take). Not bad. Not bad, at all. Pretty packaging! Cute names and descriptions (except for the collabs which apparently don’t get a funny description)! Fun products and gorgeous shades! So far, I’m still loving ColourPop, like, a lot!

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