MAC Snow Ball Collection Part 2 (Kits & Sets)

Equally as exciting as the Snow Ball (core) Collection (previewed here) is the Snow Ball Kits & Sets Collection! As you can tell from the promo shots, the metallic theme of the Snow Ball (core) Collection is still going strong in the Snow Ball (Kits & Sets) Collection as evident from the sequined bags with disco-ball charms dangling off of them (personally, I’m more partial to the glossy bags because they look so sleek and I find the furry charms to be absolutely adorable), everything being either in Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold. I’m an advocate for Holiday Kits & Sets (from any brand really) because A) great value for money and B) you get to try out and discover different products (that you normally wouldn’t purchase on their own) and finally C) limited edition products/packaging.

The MAC Snow Ball (Kits & Sets) Collection is huge! I’ll be going over everything in this post. Hopefully, you’ll find something that interests you, either for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. If anything catches your fancy, just google it for actual swatches (MAC Snow Ball Collection was released world-wide, in October, meaning everyone and their mother has already swatched the entire collection, at this point). Sorry for not having any proper swatches but MAC Snow Ball hasn’t been released in Kuwait yet (and probably won’t be, for a very long time lawl). Until then, I gotta’ make do with the promo shots and what passes for “swatches”. First, here’s a general over-view (I’ll go more in-depth afterwards) of all the Kits & Sets, and what they include. Enjoy!

Snow Ball Collection (Kits & Sets) includes:

2 Face Bags (Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter + 140SE Synthetic Full Fan Brush + Sequined Bag)
3 Brush Kits: 2 Full Size Kits (Silver, Gold) and 1 Mini Brush Kit (Rose Gold)
3 Shadescents Kits (Lipstick + Rollerball Fragrance + Silver Drawstring Pouch)
3 Mini Lip Gloss Kits (2 mini Cremesheen Glass + 1 Vamplify + Rose Gold Glossy Bag)
1 Mini Mascara Kit (mini Mascara + mini Mascara Primer + Brow Gel + Black Glossy Bag)
2 Mini Pigment & Glitter Kits (2 mini Pigments + 1 Glitter + Mini Rose Gold Sequin Bag)
2 Eye & Lip Bags (Potted Lip Gloss + Glittery Liquid Liner + Foiled Eyeshadow + Gold Bag)
2 Eye Bags (Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Duo + Technakohl + Extreme Dimension Mascara + Silver Bag)
1 Mini Lipstick Kit (12 Lipsticks + Large Case)
4 Mini Lipstick Kits (3 mini Lipsticks + Silver Sequined Pouch)
2 Lip Bags (1 Lipstick + 1 Lipglass + 1 Lip Pencil + Bag)
2 Eyeshadow Palettes (6 Shadows + 1 Dual-Ended Brush)

Like I said, the MAC Snow Ball Collection (Kits & Sets) is huge!

These are the 2 Eyeshadow Palettes: The Silver one is called the Rose Gold Compact (because that’s not confusing) and the Gold one is called Gold Eye Compact. I’m not really interested in either of the two because I’ve been underwhelmed by the quality of MAC Eyeshadow Palettes from their past Holiday Collections (the singles are great, but the palettes always leave a lot to be desired) and you know what they say, “once bitten, twice shy“.

Rose Gold Eye Compact includes:

Dual-Ended Brush (547SE Flat Shader and 546SE Fluff Eye)
Winterlude (high frost peachy white) (Satin)
No Curfew (muted pinkish nude) (Matte)
She Sparkles (light grey with silver sparkles) (Dazzleshadow)
Shiver of Delight (rose gold copper sparkle) (Dazzleshadow)
Budding Passion (copper) (Frost)
Drama in the Snow (deep warm brown) (Satin)

Gold Eye Compact includes:

Dual-Ended Brush (547SE Flat Shader and 546SE Fluff Eye)
Frosted Fizz (peachy nude with gold frost) (Satin)
Dazzle The Night Away (white with gold sparkling reflects) (Dazzleshadow)
Spun From Gold (yellow gold with heavy gold reflects) (Dazzleshadow)
Evening Light (mid-tone brown with gold pearl) (Veluxe Pearl)
Well Past Midnight (black with high silver and gold pearl) (Lustre)
Cinder (dark charcoal) (Matte)

Next up are the Brush Kits

The Rose Gold Mini Brush Kit is er, mini-sized. The Silver (Basic) and Gold (Advanced) Brush Kits are full-sized. I think I’m going to skip all of them because I don’t need any more brushes and quite frankly, none of these seem unique to me. That said, the mini Rose Gold Brushes are kinda’ adorable, as is the little glossy bag (complete with a fur charm) that they come in. I’m not a huge fan of the foiled effect that the other two bags have got going on. The Silver Brushes do not appeal to me at all whereas the Gold Brushes are Gold (’nuff said). The Gold Brush Kit does include some pretty decent brushes… if only they weren’t Gold (blech). Despite all that, I believe either one of the larger Brush Kits would make a lovely gift for someone who is new to the makeup world (little sister, niece, daughter, or even for yourself).

The Mini Brush Kit (Rose Gold) includes:

421SE Full Powder Brush
535SE Rounded Shadow Brush
560SE Angled Liner Brush
Glossy Rose Gold Bag (with an adorable little fur charm)

I’m tempted to get this just for the cute packaging (even the brushes are Rose Gold)! On the practical side of things, the Shadow Brush would come in pretty handy (to diffuse sharp lines or just blending in general) and I’m a fan of using powder shadows both to line my eyes and fill in my brows so the Liner Brush would be good for that but I doubt I’d get any use out of the Powder Brush. I can even stash my lipbalm and other lip stuff in the little glossy bag before tossing them in my much larger handbag, to protect them from things like this. Hmm… decisions, decisions.

Silver Brush Kit – Basic (their words, not mine lawl) includes:

420SE Powder Brush
490SE Pointed Foundation Brush
530SE All-Over Shadow Brush
515SE Smudging Liner Brush
505SE Brow Groomer Brush
Large Foiled Silver Flat Bag

Gold Brush Kit – Advanced includes:

460SE Angled Powder Brush
491SE Angled Foundation Brush
570SE Angled Larger Shadow Brush
575SE Angled Small Shadow Brush
507SE Bent Pointed Liner Brush
Large Foiled Gold Flat Bag

Mini Lipstick Kit (MAC Classics) is arguably the best Kit out of the entire MAC Snow Ball Collection. It includes 12 Matte Mini Lipsticks (all of which are best-sellers) in matching, color-coordinated packaging! It would make an excellent gift for someone, or a treat for yourself. You could even go halfsies and split it with a friend, each of you taking 6 Mini Lipsticks (ensuring none of them go to waste, just make sure to agree on the shades beforehand). These are not full-sized meaning you’ve got a higher chance of using them all up regardless. I would have love-love-loved getting something like this Mini Lipstick Kit back when my MAC obsession was at its peak (2009-2012) because it’s got a wide variety of shades to play around and experiment with (corals, pinks, plums, reds, and browns), the color-coordinated packaging is so fun yet also quite practical (not unlike the Giambattista Valli Collection), and as I said earlier these are mini-sized, so you will end up finishing quite a few (if not all) of them, eventually. I mean, it just doesn’t get any cuter than Mini MAC Lipsticks. As adorable as this is, I think I’m going to have to pass on getting it. I’ve already got Please Me Lipstick, Velvet Teddy Lipstick, and Whirl Lipstick in their full sizes, whereas with the other shades in the Kit, I’m either not interested (if I can’t pull of Whirl Lipstick, I definitely should stay away from Stone Lipstick) or I’ve already got dupes for them (from MAC itself even).

Mini Lipstick Kit (MAC Classics) includes:

Party Commencing (clean light neutral pink) (matte)
Little Darling (clean light nude) (matte)
Please Me (muted rosy-tinted pink) (matte)
Mangrove (hot bright red) (matte)
Ruby Woo (very vivid blue-red) (matte)
Rebel (mid-tone cream plum) (satin)
Flat Out Fab (bright plum) (matte)
Good Kisser (mid-tone fuchsia) (matte)
Diva (intense reddish-burgundy) (matte)
Velvet Teddy (deep-tone beige) (matte)
Whirl (dirty rose) (matte)
Stone (muted greyish taupe brown) (matte)

Even more Mini Lipstick Kits (yay!), these are available in 4 Sets (Warm, Rose, Cool, Pink) that include 3 Mini Lipsticks each, all housed in a mini sequined silver bag with a disco-ball charm. I’m going to get the Warm Kit for sure, because I’ve had my eye on Candy Cane Lipstick since… forever. I might get either the Cool Kit or Pink Kit as well (depends on what they look like once I swatch them) but I’m definitely skipping the Rose Kit. I feel like these would be perfect if you happened to be someone’s Secret Santa (at school or work or whatever). It would be a great stocking stuffer too! As I said earlier, since these are Mini Lipsticks, it’s less of a commitment (doesn’t take forever to finish up) so you could get one or more of these curated kits for yourself as well. I mean the idea of a Mini MAC Lipstick is just too cute!

Get the Warm Kit if you like reds.
Get the Rose Kit if you like dark shades.
Get the Cool Kit if you like muted shades.
Get the Pink Kit if you like, er, pinks (lawl)

Warm Mini Lipstick Kit includes:

Just Beaming (frosty pale gold) (Frost)
Tenor Voice (true classic red) (Matte)
Candy Cane (intense blue red) (Matte)
Silver Sequin Bag

The Warm Mini Lipstick Kit has my name all over! I’ve been obsessed with Reds lately and this includes two gorgeous Reds, one of which I’d been eyeing for a good long while now. Candy Cane looks beautiful, has such a cute name, and comes in an adorable mini size! Also, I’ve figured out why that deep husky voice with a southern drawl saying “Candy Caaaaane” over a CB Radio has been so deeply ingrained in my memory. It’s from a slasher flick called Joy Ride (2001 movie starring the late Paul Walker and LeeLee Sobieski) and I believe Candy Cane was someone’s handle in the movie. Tenor Voice seems like a pretty shade as well and has a nice name too so I’m pleased about that. Not sure what I’m going to do about Just Beaming though because I don’t do frosty and I don’t do gold (certainly not on the lips). I wonder if I can smear it on my cheekbones and use it as a highlight instead? Anyways, I really hope the Warm Mini Lipstick Kit doesn’t sell out before I get a chance to snag one for myself.

Rose Mini Lipstick Kit includes:

Whirl (dirty rose) (Matte)
Charlotte (rich yellow red) (Matte)
Supersmooch (intense blue red deep burgundy) (Matte)
Silver Sequin Bag

I’ve already got Whirl (full-sized, hauled here) and Charlotte (full-sized, hauled here) so even though Supersmooch looks enticing, I’m going to skip this Rose Mini Lipstick Kit.

Cool Mini Lipstick Kit includes:

Boca (soft pink nude) (Satin)
Kinda Sexy (neutral pinky-rose) (Matte)
Cocktail Kiss (dirty rose) (Matte)
Silver Sequin Bag

The Cool Mini Lipstick Kit seems like a good investment because personally, I know I’d get a lot of wear out of Boca and Kinda Sexy, both of which seem everyday-wearable. In fact, I tried purchasing Kinda Sexy several times in the past, but could never manage to snag it in time. However, I’m not quite sure about Cocktail Kiss (I’m very weary of darker “rose” lipsticks now, thanks to Whirl). Two out of three ‘aint bad, except I’ve got so many dupes for Kinda Sexy due to my obsession with corals in the past and quite frankly, they’re not as complimentary on me now that my hair isn’t blonde anymore. I guess I’ll have to see them in person before making a final decision but if this kit happens to be sold out before then, I wouldn’t be too upset.

Pink Mini Lipstick Kit includes:

Tease Maker (light frosty nude) (Frost)
Lovebuddy (mid-tone pinky nude) (Matte)
Dangerously Red (blue fuchsia) (Matte)
Silver Sequin Bag

The Pink Mini Lipstick Kit is definitely not going to work on my Olive/Brown/Arab/Tan complexion yet I’m kinda’ interested in seeing it in person. I mean Tease Maker is a straight up frosty pink (washes me out) and Dangerously Red is a fuchsia, which always look awkward on me. I can’t help but hope that Tease Maker will be a subtle sheen-y lipstick with a hint of color and mostly glow on the lips and Dangerously Red might be a dupe for my beloved Revlon Strawberry Suede Lipstick (fingers crossed). Lovebuddy is a warm pink which is my favorite kind of pink (they almost lean coral on me) so I’m particularly curious about Lovebuddy. We shall see…

Next up are the Mini Lip Gloss Kits (Nude, Pink, Rose) that come in a sleek glossy Rose Gold Bag with a (pinecone?) sequined charm with three glosses (two cremesheens + 1 vamplify) per bag. I’m kinda’ over lipgloss in general and these are way too sparkly for my taste but I would’ve loved having them when I was younger. If you’re big on lipgloss, this is a great way to try out some different shades. I feel like this would make such a cute gift for a teenager or someone who would love a little sparkle.

Nude Mini Lip Gloss Kit includes:

Below Freezing (light beige with pink pearl) (Cremesheen)
Iced Over (rose gold copper) (Vamplify)
Winter Warmer (mid-tone brown nude) (Cremesheen)
Glossy Rose Gold Bag

Pink Mini Lip Gloss Kit includes:

Tinsellated (clear with silver and pink pearl) (Cremesheen)
Gilded Frost (metallic silver) (Vamplify)
Japanese Spring (pale dirty pink) (Cremesheen)
Glossy Rose Gold Bag

Rose Mini Lip Gloss Kit includes:

Holiday Darling (mid-tone pinky nude) (Cremesheen)
Go for Pretty (metallic pale pink) (Vamplify)
Be a Little Naughty (deep wine) (Cremesheen)
Glossy Rose Gold Bag

The Mini Pigment & Glitter Kits are pretty much standard for a MAC Holiday Collection. This year, they’ve come out with two kits (Gold and Pink) that come with a mini sequined Rose Gold bag with a little disco-ball charm that houses two pigments and one glitter per bag. I feel like MAC had way more mini pigments in their previous Holiday Collection which if I’m being honest, was a bit overwhelming. Three per bag (with two different kits to choose from) seems way better. With that being said, I’m kinda’ over MAC Pigments (mini or otherwise). In fact, I’m over Pigments in general (unless it’s a really unique shade or in anything other than loose form) because they’re messy (it gets all over everything). Back in the day, if you wanted a little bit of sparkle or glitter, MAC Pigments were the way to go but nowadays so many brands (including MAC) have come out with much better alternatives. Colourpop alone has a vast array of glitter-y Super Shock Shadows that far outperform MAC Pigments in every single way (smoother application, last longer, not messy at all, and all around easier to work with, for a fraction of the price!) which is why I’m not getting any of the MAC Mini Pigment & Glitter Kits this year.

Gold Mini Pigment & Glitter Kit includes:

Vanilla (soft ivory white) (Pigment)
Gold (sparkling chunky gold) (Glitter)
English Gilt (bright champagne) (Pigment)

Pink Mini Pigment & Glitter Kit includes:

Whisper Pink (soft beigey pink with pearl) (Pigment)
Pink (bright pink) (Glitter)
Copper Sparkle (smooth, high-shine copper) (Pigment)

Mascara Kit includes:

False Lash Maximizer (sized to go)
False Lash Mascara (sized to go)
Clear Brow Set
Glossy Black Bag

I gotta’ admit, I’m really into the Glossy Black Bag (so sleek!) with the little (pinecone?) sequined charm! As far as I know, this is the only kit that comes with a Black Bag. Whoever decided on what products to include in this kit did a really good job, because all the products are well selected (not a single dud). I use a mascara every time I wear makeup. I use a clear brow gel even when I’m not wearing any makeup. A lash primer or “maximizer” is always fun to play around with. Honestly, every single product in the Mascara Kit is not only practical (will definitely be put to good use) but is also quite cute (comes in mini size, or as MAC calls it, “sized to go”)! I wouldn’t recommend getting it as a gift for someone unless you’re positive that they are going to like it (mascara is a personal thing, not every mascara works the same for everyone and once someone finds their favorite mascara or what works for them, they sorta’ become set in their ways so they might not fully appreciate this kit). As for me, I’m getting the Mascara Kit for sure!

Prep & Prime Fix+ Set (sized to go) includes:

Rose Fix+ (sized to go)
Lavender Fix+ (sized to go)
Coconut Fix+ (sized to go)

I really really really want to get this Prep & Prime Fix+ Set because they’re all mini-sized (so cute!) but I already own Rose Fix+ (full size, hauled here) and it wasn’t a powder-y rose scent that I’m quite fond of but it performed well regardless. Lavender Fix+ however, sounds utterly disgusting to me (can’t stand anything lavender scented) so that makes me not want to get this. Then again, the set does include Coconut Fix+ which I missed out on, first time around. Even if I did get this, kept the Coconut Fix+ for myself, and gave away the other two, my friends and family wouldn’t even know what to do with it (because they’re not as product-obsessed as I am), and it would probably end up sitting on a shelf, up until it expires. I don’t believe the average person would get much use out of this but it would make such a cute gift for a die-hard makeup junkie (which thanks to YouTube are multiplying exponentially, by the second). Again, these are “sized to go” (mini) so it’s not that much of a commitment but still, I’m of two minds with this set. It’s just too cute to pass up!

Last year, MAC came out with six different Fragrances, named and packaged after best-selling MAC Lipsticks and called that collection Shadescents (reviewed here). MAC re-released three of the original six fragrances, in Rollerball form this time, complete with its Lipstick namesake, all housed in an adorable (if a bit juvenile) Silver little drawstring pouch Bag with a cute little furry charm. I’m actually very surprised that Velvet Teddy didn’t make the cut because that scent is gorgeous (people won’t stop complimenting me on my perfume whenever I wear it… I keep telling them it’s Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille at first lawl but then I fess up and it shocks them when I say it’s from MAC). Just to clarify, you get a Silver Drawstring Pouch, a full-size MAC Lipstick in limited edition packaging that reflects its color, and a Rollerball of whichever lipstick/scent you chose also in packaging that reflects the lipstick’s color, all in this Shadescents Kit.

Creme D’Nude Shadescent Kit includes:

Creme D’Nude Lipstick (pale muted peach beige) (Matte)
Creme D’Nude Rollerball (a scent capturing the vibrant sexiness of clean, radiant, glowing skin through a cocoon of velvet musk)
Silver Pouch

I already own Creme D’Nude Lipstick but now that I’m no longer a blonde, I don’t believe I can pull this off. Also, concealer-nude lips just aren’t my thing anymore, so based on that alone, I think I’m going to skip this, regardless of the whether the scent is actually decent or not (can’t actually remember).

Ruby Woo Shadescent Kit includes:

Ruby Woo Lipstick (very matte vivid blue red) (Retro Matte)
Ruby Woo Rollerball (arresting rouge-red fragrance featuring a sultry deep red leather note that commands attention)
Silver Pouch

Everyone I know swears up and down that Ruby Woo is the best red of all time (I’m always like “nuh” just to annoy them which usually drives them crazy). No joke, everyone loves this! Except for me of course. I cut my teeth on Russian Red so even though it might no longer be as dark as it once was on me, my loyalty lies with Russian Red. That said, I wouldn’t turn Ruby Woo down but I remember the fragrance being off-putting… and for that reason, I’m out.

Candy Yum Yum Shadescent Kit includes:

Candy Yum Yum Lipstick (neon pink) (matte)
Candy Yum Yum Rollerball (flirty fragrance with electric fruits, like pink guava at the heart)
Silver Pouch

There we go. Finally something I can get behind. So my Candy Yum Yum (hauled here) is ancient at this point, but I’m very wary of the sales assistants at MAC and rightly so because I always suspect that they might hand me an even older tube (because they lack that little thing called… a conscience). This way, I ensure that I’m getting a fresh tube of lipstick. Plus, it comes in cute packaging to match the shade. Also, the matching fragrance aint half-bad. I mean it’s not great, but it’s not off-putting as some of the others. From what I remember, it was sweet and fruity (kinda’ like something you’d find at Bath & Body Works). Also, it’s not like I’m getting a full-sized perfume bottle because these come in little Rollerballs which is perfect, since I’m not as obsessed with the scent (but I don’t dislike it either). The little silver Pouch with a furry charm is pretty adorbs as well! I really hope these Shadescent Kits make it to Kuwait so I can pick one up in Candy Yum Yum.

Next up are the Lip Bags which include a Lipstick, Lipgloss and Lip Pencil (all full sized) in each Foiled Metallic Bag of which there are two, a Nude Lip Bag and a Red Lip Bag. It’s pretty clear cut. If you like your nudes, go for the Nude Lip Bag. If you’re into reds, go for the Red Lip Bag. The old me would’ve totally gotten the Nude Lip Bag but the new me wants to get the Red Lip Bag. However, I don’t use Lip Pencils anymore (like, at all). They’re time-consuming and also they’re just not my thing. I’ve got literally every single Lip Pencil from Nyx as well as a handful from MAC, Rimmel, etc… and honestly, they’re just weighing on me (“use us, we feel neglected”) so I kinda’ wanna’ get rid of all of them. Purchasing any more at this point would be silly. I’m also not feeling lipgloss at the moment but if I was, I definitely wouldn’t wear a shiny red (can’t pull it off). That’s why I’m going to have to pass on both Lip Bags.

Nude Lip Bag includes:

Sending Love Lipstick (pink nude) (Cremesheen)
Iced Dream Lipglass (pinky nude with pink and gold pearl)
Doubletime PLW Lip Pencil (pinky brown)
Metallic Rose Gold Bag

Red Lip Bag includes:

Hooray for Holiday Lipstick (intense cool red) (Matte)
Joy to Enjoy Lipglass (deep intense red)
Kiss Me Quick PLW Lip Pencil (yellow red)
Metallic Gold Bag

Next up are the Eye Bags (what an unfortunate name) which include an Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Duo, Technakohl Liner, and Mascara (all full sized) in each metallic Silver Bag of which there are two, Smoky Gold and Smoky Pink. I’ve tried the In Extreme Dimension Mascara before (review here) and it pretty much hates me. That said, I’m willing to set our differences aside and give it another chance (let bygones be bygones, what say you, mascara?) and either Technakohl (such a cute name for a Kohl Pencil Liner!) is a practical shade. Plus I absolutely adore the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (a dream to work with!), never mind the fact that these come with a gorgeous snowflake design embossed on them, so the only question is which kit should I go for, or should I just get both?

Smoky Gold Eye Bag includes:

Just Gleaming Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (peachy nude) +
Snowdusk Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (silvery warm taupe)
Black Extreme In Extreme Dimension Mascara (black)
Photogravure Technakohl (soft black with brown undertone)
Silver Bag

Smoky Pink Eye Bag includes:

Ready to Party Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (pale lilac) +
Light of the Silvery Moon Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (metallic silver charcoal)
Black Extreme In Extreme Dimension Mascara (black)
Graphblack Technakohl (rich graphic black)
Silver Bag

I’m not sure if these Eye & Lip Bags are going to make it to Kuwait (because I’ve seen next to nothing about them online), but I really hope we get them, because I’ve got my heart set on one of the two. Each metallic Bag with a sequin ball charm, houses a Crystal Glaze, a Foiled Shadow, and a Dazzleliner. Quite frankly, the actual bags are hands down the ugliest bags in the entire collection but that’s okay because it’s what’s on the inside that matters. One is called Rose Gold Eye & Lip Bag with a matching Rose Gold Bag and the other is called Pink Eye & Lip Bag which comes in a Gold Bag. Generally, people use their fingers to apply a potted lip balm and as much as I love potted balms, using my fingers to apply them just makes me so anxious (even though I’m constantly washing my hands) which is why I just sorta smush the balm directly from the pot onto my lips (which can get tricky once you’ve worn down the sides). So I’m not really sure how much use I’m going to get from a shimmery potted balm or as MAC calls it, Crystal Glaze, as I prefer mine to be either flat (cream finish, no shimmer or glitter) or sheer. I don’t recall owning a Dazzeliner before and although liquid liners can be tricky, glittery liquid liners can be quite fun especially when lining the lower lashes (inner corner) and such. That said, I can live without those two (Crystal Glaze and Dazzleliner) but I really want to get one of the Eye & Lip Bags because of the Foiled Shadow. I am absolutely head over heels for my Enchanted Forest Foiled Shadow (reviewed here) so I’d love to get my hands on another Foiled Shadow (preferably with a metallic finish, as opposed to a frost). If you get a chance to purchase Eye & Lip Bag, I’d say get it as a gift for someone (including yourself!) who would love a little glitz’n’glam in their life!

Rose Gold Eye & Lip Bag includes:

Snow Dazzle Crystal Glaze (mid-tone rose with gold pearl)
Joy Toy Foiled Shadow (pink copper)
A Little Moonlight Dazzleliner (black with silver and gold pearl)
Rose Gold Bag

I really want get this set in particular because of Joy Toy Foiled Shadow (so pretty!) but I wish I could switch out the other two products (with the the ones from the other set). As I said, I don’t like using shimmery/pearly/glittery potted lip balms but if I must, I’d rather they be clear. Plus, I’m very wary of any “rose” lip products (another lesson learned from Whirl Lipstick), especially when combined with gold pearl (on the lips?!?!), it just does not sound like my cup of tea, at all. Then there’s the Dazzleliner which seems very basic (black + other stuff) and therefore, not fun. If I’m going to be using a glitter-y or pearl-y or shimmer-y liner, I’d want it to be green or purple or anything fun. It’s bad enough that the bags that come with this kit are by far the ugliest ones in the entire collection. Oh well, it’s worth it, just for Joy Toy.

Pink Eye & Lip Bag includes:

Ice Time Crystal Glaze (clear with silver and pink pearl)
Feminine Wiles Foiled Shadow (light pearly pink)
Feel Like Dancing Dazzleliner (deep plum with pearl)
Gold Bag

I’d love to get Feminine Wiles Foiled Shadow as well (I’m telling you guys, these Foiled Shadows are awesome!) except I don’t want to go too crazy, especially since MAC are known for re-releasing their products eventually, as evident by the original launch of the Foiled Shadows (here). I wish they’d just go ahead and make the Foiled Shadows permanent already :/ You might be thinking, if I like like the shades of the Crystal Glaze and Dazzleliner in this kit (over the shades in the other kit), why not just get the Pink Eye & Lip Bag? Well, it’s because I would love to get my hands on Joy Toy Foiled Shadow. So the shades of the Crystal Glaze and Dazzeliners are irrelevant, especially since I don’t tend to reach for glitter-y stuff on the daily. What I meant by my earlier comment of switching them out, was that since I was purchasing the Rose Gold Eye & Lip Bag anyway, it would’ve been nicer to have the other two products be in shades that I might actually get some use out of (despite the fact that I rarely use a glitter-y balm and glitter liquid liner).

Finally, the pièce de résistance of the MAC Snow Ball (Sets & Kits) Collection, the Face Bags! In my eyes, the Face Bags are the best items in the entire MAC Snow Ball Collection! That’s why I’ve saved the best for last. You get a stunning Highlight (complimentary shades across the board) that comes in the form of an Extra Dimension Skinfinish (absolute dream to work with!) in a heartbreakingly gorgeous limited edition packaging (everything just looks so beautiful, from the packaging, down to the intricate snowflake design on the actual product)! That in an of itself makes the Face Bags an absolute must-have for me. You also get a Fan Brush (that doesn’t work that well with the Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlight, according to people who’ve already purchased these Face Bags) which also comes in the limited edition Holiday packaging. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. It looks kinda’ cute and a Fan Brush is good to have, in general. I could use it with my other products so that’s not really an issue. Both products (Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Fan Brush) come housed in a metallic sequined Bag with a little furry charm. One set is Gold and the other is Peach. I’m definitely getting the Gold… but I kinda’ wanna’ get the Peach as well (just for the Highlight). It might seem like a bit much, especially since I’m planning on purchasing the other two Opalescent Highlights from the Snow Ball (core) Collection (here) but I’ll really have to see these in person before deciding on whether I’m getting both or just one. Either Face Bag would make an absolutely lovely gift for someone near and dear to your heart (who doesn’t love a good highlighter?) or even just as a treat for yourself!

Peach Face Bag includes:

Show Gold Extra Dimension Skinfinish (peach that breaks pink)
140 Rose Gold Synthetic Fan Brush
Rose Gold Sequined Bag

Show Gold Extra Dimension Skinfinish is a permanent shade (minus the festive limited edition packaging and gorgeous snowflake design). Honestly, I could do without the Rose Gold Fan Brush and Sequined Rose Gold Bag but whatevs. I mean, if that’s what it takes to get my hands on this beautiful, intricately designed highlighter, then I’m totally down. So stinkin’ pretty!

Gold Face Bag includes:

Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish (pale gold shimmer)
140 Rose Gold Synthetic Fan Brush
Rose Gold Sequined Bag

I don’t even need to swatch this. As soon as I found out that MAC was coming out with another Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish, I was like, “mine”. To this day, I’m absolutely in love with my Whisper of Gilt (hauled here) and have been kicking myself for not getting a backup. I was this close to purchasing it in a Duo from a previous Holiday Collection (Nutcracker Sweet) but stayed my hand (thankfully) which turned out to be serendipitous because I would have ended up neglecting the other half of that Duo (too dark) and I really hated the packaging, and more importantly, I would have had to pass on getting the Gold Face Bag from the Snow Ball Collection. I mean this version of Whisper of Gilt (Snow Ball Collection) is a work of art! So. Much. Yes. This right here is the main reason why I’m going to be stalking each and every MAC store in the country up until the Snow Ball Collection is released. Let the stalking commence!

You know what would be funny? If after this whole post (me proclaiming that I’m getting this and that), the Snow Ball Collection ends up being sold out before I get a chance to purchase anything. Well… it wouldn’t be funny. I’d cry.

3 thoughts on “MAC Snow Ball Collection Part 2 (Kits & Sets)

  1. Hi Brooke!

    Sadly the Brush/Highlighter Bag was sold out in my country before I could get them :(

    but I did manage to grab Here Comes Joy face powder :)

    Totally agree, everything looks sooo pretty!



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