MAC Snow Ball Collection Part 1

M∙A∙C Snow Ball. Find your rhythm. All eyes are on the cool kids, hanging out, swaying to the beat, showing off with a little festive flirtation. You’re the sleighbelle of the ball, dancing until morning, feeling alive, reveling in the new generation. The lights catch a crystal and glitter snowflake adornment, all the bling you’ll ever need – everyone goes starstruck. See you on the dance floor.

Yes, MAC, Yaaas!

The MAC Holiday 2017 Collection is a thing of dreams! From the crushed champagne metallic packaging to the snowflake-embossed design on the actual products themselves (kinda’ like the pretty lids on the Bath & Body Work mini candles, hauled here), the whole collection is absolutely stunning! Not only is the festive packaging the epitome of holiday-appropriate (reflects the Holiday Season oh-so-perfectly), not only is it heartbreakingly gorgeous (definitely a collector’s item), but it’s also very elegant and sophisticated (nowhere near the previous MAC Holiday Collections some of which were quite juvenile)! Whoever dreamed this up seriously deserves a raise (or a big fat bonus, at the very least)! The last MAC Collection that took my breath away like this was the Alluring Aquatic Collection (previewed here), (hauled here), (reviewed here). Even the name of this collection, Snow Ball, is deliciously appropriate! I cannot wait for MAC Snow Ball Collection to become available in Kuwait (it’s already out, world-wide) and I’m definitely going to be picking up a few choice pieces!

Snow Ball Collection includes:

2 Opalescent Highlighters
5 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows
6 Lipsticks
2 Lashes

2 Highlighters (new Opalescent formula) in the shades:

Happy Go Dazzlingly (gold with sparkle)
Here Comes Joy (peachy gold with shimmer)

I need to get both! It’s not a matter of want. I physically need to have both. I mean they’re both beautiful highlighters in even more beautiful packaging, need I say more? I guess I’ll have to play around with them in-store (swatch them and stuff) to narrow it down to just one. I’m leaning more towards Happy Go Dazzlingly at the moment but based on the swatches online, Here Comes Joy seems like it would be more flattering. I dunno. It also depends on their availability. If I can only find one, I’ll just get that one.

5 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in the shades:

It’s Snowing (pink-purple shimmer)
Frostwinked (white with silver pearl)
Starry Starry Nights (black with silver sparkle)
Stylishly Merry (gold shimmer)
Delicate Drift (light pink with sparkle)

If I had to pick just one, it would be It’s Snowing because to me it’s the most practical shade (everyday wearable). Starry Starry Nights seems boring. Frostwinked looks so beautiful in the pan but I doubt I’d get any usage out of it. I’m kinda’ interested in Delicate Drift but everyone is making such a fuss over Stylishly Merry (being all duo-chrome-y and whatnot) so I might just get Stylishly Merry instead of Delicate Drift. I feel like I might already have something similar in my collection, so I’ll have to swatch them before I make a decision. I’m definitely getting It’s Snowing though.

6 Lipsticks in the shades:

Elle Belle (deep red) (amplified finish)
Warm Ice (dull light pink with silver sparkle) (frost finish)
Holiday Crush (muted pink with sparkle) (frost finish)
I’m Glistening (light pink with purple sparkle) (frost finish)
Rouge en Snow (apple red) (matte finish)
Shimmer & Spice (dusty rose with shimmer) (frost finish)

Yeah I don’t do well with frost-y lipsticks so I’m definitely skipping all of these except for Rouge en Snow. It’s a basic matte red lipstick but I’ve been eyeing it for a while and I’m so glad I didn’t purchase it earlier because now I get to buy it in this stunning, limited edition packaging! Elle Belle looks gorgeous too (and more like my kind of red) but it’s an amplified finish and unfortunately I can’t pull of darker colors when they happen to be shiny. I might just go ahead and get Elle Belle anyway if Rouge en Snow happens to be sold out, just so I could own a lipstick that came in this particular packaging.

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