MAC Faerie Whispers Collection

Let your innocence roam free. Transcend seasons with charmed hues inspired by the secret, wondrous world of fairies. Eyes flutter impishly in new Foiled Shadows, in luminous wet or dry shades that flicker like morning mist. Feathery pinks for cheeks brighten the day, imbuing you with a spritely glow. Cast a spell with rosy metallics for nails and pearl-lit nudes for lips, spinning glamour ’til the moon turns to sun.

I never thought I’d say this, but MAC rarely excites me anymore. I no longer feel the need to own every single new product from MAC. I don’t even feel the need to own at least one product from each new collection of theirs. If I’m next to a MAC store, I might take a quick peek to check out whatever collection happens to be on display at the time (out of habit), but that’s pretty much it. Gone are the days of me checking online, compulsively, for swatches, like a madman (madwoman?), of the upcoming MAC releases. Gone are the days of me stalking each and every MAC branch for a certain MAC collection. Sure, I’ll pop in to a MAC store if I happen to be in the general vicinity of one (I won’t go out of my way though) but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll definitely be making a purchase. I’ll only buy something if I’m “feeling it” but with the the recent MAC collections, I just haven’t been “feeling it”.

However, when promo shots of the Faerie Whispers Collection was released, at first, I wanted the entire collection, because, well, I mean… it was straight up called Faerie Whispers (enough said, dontcha’ think?). Apparently, I still can’t resist MAC Holiday Collections because I wanted every single product from the Faerie Whispers Collection. After I got over my initial lusting-after-the-entire-collection phase, I narrowed it down to just the Foiled Shadows. In general, MAC Beauty Powders don’t seem to show up on my skin (when I swatch them in-store) so I never really bother with those. The two MAC Blushes and MAC Iridescent Pressed Powder didn’t seem all that exciting, so I was going to skip those as well. I’ve got way too many MAC Cremesheen Glass er, glosses, as is, so I didn’t need any more, regardless of how cute three out of all four of them looked to me. As for the MAC Brushes and MAC Nail Lacquers, the chances of those ever getting to Kuwait was pretty much 50/50 (based on my experience with previous collections) so I’ve learned not to have my heart set on either.

At first, I wanted all the lipsticks in the Faerie Whispers Collection but over time, talked myself out of it. I already have a lipstick “topper” from MAC called Secret Lover (hauled here) so I didn’t really need Gossamer Wing Lipstick (dirty beige with gold pearl, lustre finish). Among The Fireflies Lipstick (soft mocha, cremesheen finish) seemed too dark for me. A Sprinkle of Magic Lipstick (dirty orange nude, frost finish) seemed cute but I was pretty sure the frost finish would be tricky (especially since it looked gold-y which I can’t pull off). I’m already stuck with another troublesome MAC Lipstick (Little Buddha Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick hauled here) so unless I was sure this was 100% wearable, I wasn’t going to get it, making the last lipstick in the Faerie Whispers Collection called Midsummer Night (mid-tone coral nude, cremesheen finish) seem like the most practical possibility, except I’ve already got a million and one coral-y lipsticks. Which left me with the Foiled Shadows to obsess over. First of all these were new (new texture, new errythang)! Second of all, they were releasing them in EIGHT shades. I narrowed it down to Joy Toy and Faerie Fayre… maybe Fly By. Again, keep in mind that this was only based on MAC‘s descriptions and the online swatches (as they became available).

Magic In Your Eyes: Soft lilac (looked way too dark)
Feminine Wiles: Light pearly pink (I already own way too many shades that are similar)
Sweet Illusion: Light color neutral (seemed sub-par quality and not quite as pigmented as the rest)
Fairy Land: Warm champagne (most champagnes tend to be tricky to pull off against my skintone)
Enchanted Forest: Warm rich brown (seemed too gold)
Joy Toy: Pink copper (pretty!)
Faerie Fayre: Mid-tone peach terracotta (strongly reminded me of the Viera race…well, just Fran really, from Final Fantasy X for some reason)
Fly By: Twilight taupe (also seemed liked it would be tricky to pull off)

The more time passed, the more detached I felt from the collection (Did I need really want to deal with the hassle that comes with using foiled shadows? Was this “new” texture easy to work with? Were the shades unique enough to warrant purchase? etc…) Eventually, I’d managed to convince myself to skip the entire collection and that was my “final” decision. Since Faerie Whispers was a Holiday Collection (2015) and I happened to be at Souq Sharg – for completely unrelated reasons – towards the end of January (2016), which is when MAC Holiday Collections normally start trickling into local MAC stores, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a quick peek (might as well, since I was already there and everything). After all the swatching and playing around with the collection, I ended up getting my first MAC Beauty Powder (KD 11/000) in the shade Pearl Sunshine (soft peach with pink pearl), two of the new MAC Foiled Shadows (KD 10/750 each) in the shades Magic In Your Eyes (soft lilac) and Enchanted Forest (warm rich brown) and MAC Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick (KD 8/750).

Foiled Shadow in the shade Magic In Your Eyes is described as a soft lilac (KD 10/750)
Foiled Shadow in the shade Enchanted Forest is described as a warm rich brown (KD 10/750)
Beauty Powder in the shade Pearl Sunshine is described as a soft peach with pink pearl (KD 11/000)

Just look at how glow-y it is! Just look! I’m pretty sure I’ve never purchased a full-sized MAC Beauty Powder before, because as I mentioned earlier, they rarely show up on my olive/brown/tan skin. I mean, I’ve owned a Magically Cool Liquid Powder in the shade Cajun (from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection, reviewed here) and a MAC Sheer Mystery Powder (from MAC Marcel Wanders Collection, hauled here) but those aren’t the same. The only MAC Beauty Powder I ever had was called Smooth Harmony but that came as part of a palette (A Triumphant Blush Face Kit from the MAC Tartan Tale Collection, reviewed here). So technically, Pearl Sunshine is my first MAC Beauty Powder ever.

Pearl Sunshine is described as a soft peach with pink pearl which didn’t sound that exciting. Quite frankly, it looked pretty blah in the pan, as well. Even the name Pearl Sunshine, did nothing for me (pearl, blech). Once I swatched it though… Wow, just wow! Pearl Sunshine gave my skin the most beautiful sheen ever! I couldn’t get over how it transformed from boring (in the pan) to stunning (on the skin)! It wasn’t glittery. It wasn’t metallic. It was just perfectly glow-y! Most peach blushes tend to be flattering on me, in general, but this particular peachy blush literally gave me the coveted lit-from-within glow! With that being said, Pearl Sunshine is a bit too subtle for night-time as a blush. So I either use it as glow-y blush during the day-time, or a sophisticated topper over other blushes during night-time. What I mean by sophisticated, is that Pearl Sunshine doesn’t have that BAM! in-yo-face-highlight effect (a la strobing), nor does it emphasize pores (as most glitter-y or cheap highlights tend to do). It’s a powder but it’s so finely milled that it practically melts into the skin and might as well be a cream! I’m so thankful that I walked into that MAC store and decided to play around with the Faerie Whispers Collection and ended up purchasing Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder because this thing is an absolute beaut!

Enchanted Forest is described as a warm rich brown. Initially, based on the swatches, I dismissed it as just another gold shadow but once I saw it in person, I was completely won over! I’ve got a lot of brown eyeshadows, bronze eyeshadows, and gold eyeshadows in all kinds of different textures and finishes, but none of them are even remotely similar to Enchanted Forest which is a light, glow-y, golden bronze-brown.

The thing that attracted me to Enchanted Forest was that just like Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder, it had the most heartbreakingly gorgeous glow! Actually, it also really reminds of another similarly beautiful glow-y eyeshadow called Summer Haze Mineralize Eyeshadow (from the Naturally Collection reviewed here, just give it a sec to load). I feel like they’re all in the same glow-y family (subtle sheen-y glow). I’m not sure if it’s because of the texture but Enchanted Forest is highly pigmented yet applies like a dream (so smooth). All that with nary a speck of glitter in sight and unlike most metallic eyeshadows that warrant the use of foundation (because they can look quite stark against the skin without foundation), Enchanted Forest looks ridiculously complimentary on me, even without foundation. I’ll just pop some of this on the lid (using the very hi-tech method of patting it on with my pinky), add some black liner and mascara, fill in my brows and walk out the door. For special occasions (mostly Ramadan stuff), I tend to pair it with Colourpop Creeper Ultra Matte Lip (which usually garners lots of compliments) but I prefer pairing it with MAC Freckletone Lipstick (my favorite nude!) for everything else, because it’s more subtle, and that’s just what I prefer. That’s also why I’m so in love with Enchanted Forest, it’s very subtle, adding a hint of color, accompanied by a beautiful glow! I’m so so so thankful I walked into MAC that day and managed to get my hands on this little stunner!

Magic In Your Eyes is described as a soft lilac. I picked this up because I thought it would be a pretty, silver-y, taupe-y, purple. With that being said, every time I’d go to apply it, I’d change my mind at the last minute and use Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (from the Alluring Aquatic Collection) instead, because they’re both equally dark and glitter-y, except Legendary Lure is easier to sheer out. Magic In Your Eyes is not my favorite and I honestly regret getting it now because it almost always gives me that unflattering bruised-eye(s) look, which means I have to apply even more makeup (darker brows, extended liner, some concealer, way more mascara, some blush or bronzer, etc…) to counter-act that effect, ending up with an exaggerated makeup look (usually a smokey eye) which looks really stupid when paired with jeans and sneakers/trainers, meaning I have to wear something slightly more dressier even though I’m only going to the movies with a few of my girls and it’s just a bit of a faff really (so unnecessary). Don’t get me wrong. It’s a lovely sparkly shade. It just takes a little bit more work to make it, er, work. It’s not quick, nor easy, nor subtle. That’s why I’m always hesitant to use it. Like I said, I regret getting Magic In Your Eyes but I’m still thankful I walked into MAC that day because I’m so in love with the other two items I got from the Faerie Whispers Collection.

Left-Right Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder (soft peach with pink pearl), Enchanted Forest Foiled Shadow (warm rich brown), Magic In Your Eyes Foiled Shadow (soft lilac)

I feel like this photo shows all the different finishes the best; satin, metallic and frost.

Top-Bottom Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder (soft peach with pink pearl), Enchanted Forest Foiled Shadow (warm rich brown), Magic In Your Eyes Foiled Shadow (soft lilac)

You can really see how glow-y the top two are, I mean… the way they catch the light is absolutely beautiful!

Left-Right Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder (soft peach with pink pearl), Enchanted Forest Foiled Shadow (warm rich brown), Magic In Your Eyes Foiled Shadow (soft lilac)

Enchanted Forest is hands down the prettiest gold/bronze/brown eyeshadow I own, to date! Something about this specific shade just really, really works on my skin. It’s not frosty and it doesn’t make me look sickly. It’s such a subtle color against my skin but at the same time also quite glow-y. It’s just perfection! Then there’s Pearl Sunshine which practically melts on to the skin, it’s so sophisticated!

I love the formula of these new (well, new at the time) MAC Foiled Eyeshadows! If Enchanted Forest is anything to go by, the metallics are superb! If I could go back, I’d totally pick up more of the metallics. That said, I don’t really care for Magic In Your Eyes (my fault for choosing such a dark shade). As for Pearl Sunshine, it’s my first MAC Beauty Powder but after this, certainly not going to be the last. Faerie Whispers was such cute, whimsical collection… I just wish the packaging reflected that (as opposed to the standard MAC packaging). Lastly, sorry for the quality of the photos (taken awhile ago with my old camera).

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