The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 “Monsters”

Oh no! Our group are the monsters!

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Between Tara, Daryl and Morgan, who were all pretty trigger-happy (if not blood-thirsty), it’s kinda’ the vibe I got from this episode. That’s pretty much been Carol‘s MO from early on (she gets a pass because she’s awesome), but even King Ezekiel came across as being that way too. It seems like the “good guys” were all in “kill first, ask questions later” mode. I love how the guy with the moral high-ground (moral compass, if you will) is called Jesus (also, how beautiful is he?). The stand-off between Rick and Morales was intense… for about all two seconds (“Hi Morales… Bye Morales also “Hi Mouth… Bye Mouth”). I really, really wanted to feel something for Aaron and Eric but that didn’t happen. I just never got attached to either of the two, so I felt nothing (yes, I’m a monster) but it seems the dude got over it pretty quickly, once he had Baby Gracie in his arms. Speaking of which, that’s two babies too many. I feel like I’m leaning more towards my earlier prediction of someone killing Baby Judith (… toddler, at this point really) and possibly Carl as well, mayhaps at the mid-season finale? Obviously, I don’t want that to happen but it really seems that things are shaping up that way. Also, I refused to acknowledge the fact that my beloved Carol might very well be dead (she’s not, I won’t allow it)! This whole ending each episode with a cliff-hanger is getting pretty old, guys. That said, out of all 3 episodes we’ve seen of Season 8, this one has been the most exciting… so far.

Now where’s my damn Negan already?

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