H&M (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) Haul

H&M were having a promotion awhile ago (a couple months ago actually) for H&M Fashion Week where if you bought any two items you got the third free and also for every 10KD spent you got an entry coupon for the raffle draw (I think it was either KD1,000 or KD 10,000). I only found out about the promo after I decided to pop in to H&M (1st Avenue – the one facing Shake Shack, MAC, River Island, etc… and wall-to-wall with Zara). Right off the bat, I noticed that they’d revamped the store (moving all the makeup, skincare, hair stuff, shoes, handbags and other accessories from one of the entrances, all the way to that little area, that used to be reserved for childrens’ clothes, whereas the kids’ clothes have now been moved one floor up). I wasn’t really in the mood to try on any clothes but I couldn’t resist picking up a few brushes (as you can see) and once I found out about the buy two get one free deal, I decided to pick up a few more random items.

These might look a bit extra (which they are) but I’ve got similar Crawler Earrings in Pale Green (possibly from Forever 21 or Claire’s or Aldo or Topshop or New Look or even H&M, only thing I’m sure of was it was definitely High Street) and I get asked about them, like, all the time. You don’t necessarily have to showcase them by tying your hair back or throwing it up in a bun. I mean you could if you wanted to, but personally I like wearing these when my hair is down so they barely peek through. I guess it all depends on what you are wearing, your style and preference and such. I picked these up because I’m kinda’ having a moment with all things Red and also don’t own that many Red Earrings in general.

A couple of years ago, during a certain event (my younger brother’s graduation ceremony which took place around night-time) I opted for a classic Little Black Dress (granted it was midi-length lawl) and wanted to pair it with some Red Accessories (because I was going to wear MAC Russian Red Lipstick) which is when I noticed that most Red Accessories are usually combined with Gold (yuck). That’s another reason why I was so smitten with these Red Earrings, no gold in sight, yay! Also, I like the shape of the Faux Gems (what would you call that shape? Teardrop?) which kinda’ resembles flames, which kinda’ brings to mind Game of Thrones (no? just me?), which kinda’ makes me love them even more! Plus, they are ridiculously affordable which is perfect for those of you who would like to indulge in the Crawler Earrings Trend without investing too much. In a perfect world, I’d totally wear them with a crisp white long-sleeve shirt and an ultra-sleek super-high ponytail.

Red Crawler Earrings retail for KD 3/500

This was a last minute purchase (picked up at the check-out counter on a whim). Normally, I wouldn’t go for something like this but thanks to the 90’s Revival Trend, I’ve pretty much been seeing Red Paisley Bandannas and Red Paisley Headbands literally everywhere (so I was brainwashed into liking it). I’ve been resisting all things Red Paisley for so long (I put up a good fight) but I figured now was as good a time as any, to hop on the bandwagon.

That being said, I don’t even remember the last time I wore an elasticated, fabric-y (technical term lawl) Headband so I kinda’ forgot about how awkward they look on me; they simultaneously emphasize my widow’s peak while also making me look like I’m going bald on both sides of my widow’s peak, they enlarge my already ginormous forehead, they keep sliding down which makes me have to continuously adjust them and they create the weirdest kinks in my hair. As an added bonus, when I take them off, I’m left with a dull pain where the hair above the nape of my neck had been tugged by the Headband. I mean, if I don’t angle and fix this thing juuuust right, it can look pretty bad. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Red Paisley Headband that I got, had a knot in the middle, which comes with it’s own set of problems. Sadly, I’ll never be one of those girls who can throw on a stretch fabric Headband and just walk out the door (like I said, it has to be aligned juuuust right). After a few unsuccessful attempts at wearing this like a normal human, I’ve now taken to wearing it around my neck like a scarf… and I kinda’ like it that way (channeling my inner cowboy and all).

Red Paisley Headband retails for KD 2/500

Guys, this is straight up the coolest Hair Brush ever! The pics do not do it any justice (my fault). In real life, it’s so sleek and dare I say it, sexy! How can a Hair Brush be sexy, you ask? I don’t know. It just… is. Aesthetics aside, this thing is so handy! Dude, I didn’t even know that H&M made Hair Brushes, so I’m guessing this is new (well, new at the time, which was months ago lawl). Initially, I just got this because it looked cool (all black and glossy and sleek) but after using it, I’ve become pretty much obsessed!

Allow me to explain. I tend to use extremely high heat to blow-dry my poor hair (which is very very bad for your hair) which in turn melts whatever adhesive that’s used to glue the Brush to the Brush Handle on my Hair Brushes (yes, plural) which causes the Hair Brushes to actually fall apart (separate into two pieces; Brush and Brush Handle) in my hands. I’ve tried a lot (and I mean, a lot) of Round Hair Brushes (in all kinds of sizes, from extra-skinny to extra-large) from all kinds of brands (including the so-called superior German brand Trisa) but if the Brush and Brush Handle happen to be two separate pieces glued together, they always end up getting unglued, sometimes within the first use! It’s not their fault really. It’s because of the insanely high heat (It’s my Blow-Dryer, I wanna’ say Italian?) which again, I do not recommend anyone subjecting their hair to (mine is different, I have to beat it into submission… we have an understanding). The only Hair Brush that’s lasted (read: survived) was an Extra-Large Round Hair Brush (I’m sure it’s got a fancy-schmancy name but I got it from our local co-op ages ago) from the brand BaByliss, but even that one has eventually kicked it (rip). I tried salvaging it (read: Gorilla Glue) to no avail and using it in the current state it’s in is on par with writing your name with your non-dominant hand; frustrating, annoying and time-consuming. Despite all that, I still don’t have the heart to get rid of it (it’s my favorite).

In comes this Large Round Hair Brush from H&M! It’s nowhere near as large as my beloved BaByliss but it’s quite big, regardless. It looks so sleek! It’s got substantial weight to it (doesn’t feel cheap) and the handle fits nicely in my hand. The bristles are nice and stiff (which helps with tension). Best of all, the Brush and Brush Handle are NOT glued together (the whole thing is in one piece)! That, in and of itself, makes this thing worth ten times the asking price! Since this Large Round Hair Brush is such good quality and looks pretty cool (and at such a reasonable price too!) I’m definitely going to go back to pick up some of the other Hair Brushes in the range (Small Round Hair Brush, Large Paddle Brush and the Teasing Brush)! Obsessed!

Large Round Hair Brush retails for KD 4/990

I’m not quite sure when they came out with this but it was being showcased along with the other “new” Beauty Items that consisted of some gorgeous Copper-y Brushes, Rose-Gold Brushes, and Baby Pink Brushes including a Multi-Tasking Brush (which to me looked like a Nars Ita Brush dupe). Honestly, I don’t really have a particular use for this Makeup Brush in mind. I just found it aesthetically appealing (which is always a good reason to buy yet another makeup brush… not). I mean… look at it. It’s all chubby and cute, and that bronze-y color is gorge, and all those tightly packed bristles that are slightly domed at the top (certain cuts on makeup brushes just make my heart sing with joy!)… the whole thing was just so stinkin’ pretty!

Makeup Brush retails for KD 2/990

Again, no particular use for this itty-bity Kabuki in mind. It just looked stupid cute! I was gonna’ get one of the newer Rose-Gold Kabuki Brushes (same size and shape as the one shown except limited edition) but I decided to get the Natural White (from the permanent range) at the last minute. Some might think this looks plain but I quite like the no-frills aspect of the utilitarian aesthetic. Heck, I just like Makeup Brushes in general.

Kabuki Brush retails for KD 3/500

See what I mean? I have a problem. That said, this wasn’t just a Brush. This was a Brush Kit, huge difference (but not really). In all honesty, at a glance, it looked like something a Korean brand might have come out with (because who doesn’t love beauty products with a touch of anthropomorphism on the side?) but the pink bristles (I die!) was what made me purchase the Kit because as you can see, the little faces are only on the clear plastic packaging (outer packaging) and not actually on the tools themselves. Plus, I don’t recall ever trying out an H&M Makeup Sponge before and this thing came in a pretty violet color. Basically, the color scheme was what got me, this time. I mean, even the base of the tiny Kabuki Brush wasn’t gold (yay!). Also, I was worried that this In Motion Kabuki Kit might possibly be a Limited Edition item and if I passed on it now, I wouldn’t be able to get it later (#hoarderlogic).

In Motion Kabuki Kit which contains a Kabuki Brush and Makeup Sponge retails for KD 3/990

LIMITED EDITION. A versatile palette to enhance, define and add a fresh glow to your complexion. Contains six shades of sheer cream highlighter to complement all skin tones – wear them alone or layer them together for custom hues.

As I mentioned before (or maybe I didn’t? can’t remember) I don’t ‘x with cream or liquid makeup because… it’s too much of a commitment (no, seriously, lol). As much as I love makeup, I prefer it to be as low-maintenance as possible. I want to put it on my face, and with very little effort on my part (basically none, lol), I want it to be as impeccable as possible, as fast as possible (I don’t want to spend a year blending it out and faffing about and whatnot), and when the time comes to take it off, I want it gone even faster… and I want it to do my taxes too. See, I get all that from powder products, but cream or liquid products are much messier and fussier to work with. Unlike powder products, I can’t just wipe my brush on the back of my hands and use that same brush for a different product. If I’m using my fingers (more often than not, when it comes to cream blush) I’m constantly having to go back and forth to the bathroom to wash my hands (because I don’t want to get the cream blush on anything else, like the clothes I’m wearing or my furniture or even the packaging of other makeup products). Plus, it takes a little bit more elbow grease to take it all off (as opposed to powder products). With that being said, nothing but nothing, beats that glow you get from a cream or liquid product. I’m not talking visible-from-space glow. It’s more of that healthy, fresh-faced glow (that you get after a workout or from being out in the sun and such) that looks very “natural”.

The Strobing Palette came in sleek packaging also in Natural White (seems too 80’s to me for some reason) with a nice large mirror and six sheer un-named shades inside. The top row consisted of an Icy Pink, a Rose Gold, and a Deep Tan. The bottom row had a Bronze, a Gold, and a Silver. After taking a quick peek at the tester in-store, I decided I could work with these shades. If not, it’s not like I was breaking the bank for this palette.

Strobing Palette retails for KD 5/990

So instead of spending KD 27/460 due to the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal I only spent KD 20/450 on a pair of gorgeous earrings, a stupid headband, the coolest hair brush (ever), a strobing palette and all these adorable makeup brushes! Plus, I got two entries in the raffle (spoiler alert: I didn’t win lol). The one thing I wholeheartedly recommend in this haul is the Large Round Hair Brush which is just such good quality! If you’ve got medium-length to long-length hair, the H&M Large Round Hair Brush is perfect for blow-drying your hair! I’m aware that I keep gushing about it but I promise you I’m not sponsored or anything like that (in fact, I doubt H&M even know I exist) but these Large Round Hair Brushes are just so good that I felt obligated to let you guys know. You need it your life! If you’ve got shorter hair, they’ve even got the same brush in a smaller size (brush-wise). Plus, all the Hair Brushes come in sleek, glossy, black packaging which I think looks so cool! Do yourself a favor and pick one up for yourself (or as a gift for a friend)!

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